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Are You Interested In Increasing Your Google Pagerank

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You should be. If you have never heard of Google PageRank and you have established a website, it is high time you learned about Google PageRank and what it means to you and the success of your website. Having an excellent Google PageRank can either make or break a website in terms of overall success. Let's take a look at what Google PageRank is and why it is so important to every website owner.

First, a word about the Google Search engine: Google is one of the most popular search engines on the Internet. Not only is Google's search engine the absolute largest of its kind, the company focuses on making web information easy to access and even easier to find. Google has designed a unique system and the search engine has yet to be surpassed in terms of the information it provides. Google has grown immensely since its early beginning in 1996 and it will continue to be a predominant force on the Internet. Furthermore, because Google offers easy access to immediate information, they own one of the top Internet search engines in the world. Thus, it would serve a webmaster well to become familiar with the Google PageRank process-the Google PageRank is an algorithm that is based on inbound links and other factors and will ultimately determine the location of listing of your website in the Google Search Engine.

What precisely is Google PageRank?

Google PageRank is a process the search engine's uses as a way of selecting sites to answer specific queries. Basically, when an Internet user submits a query, the Google search engine will attempt to match websites to the query that has been posed. Yet, there is a bit more to this simple science than the act of submitting a query suggests. Rather, behind the scenes, Google uses specific algorithms to determine if a site specifically address a web user's needs by analyzing the content of a site by keyword and by the number of inbound links associated with the site-every inbound link is viewed as a vote and the more votes one has, in conjunction with the more keywords one has, the higher their Google PageRank is.

Why is Your Google PageRank Significant?

What does it mean to you when your Google PageRank is increased? Does it really matter what your Google PageRank is at all? You bet it does-the higher your Google PageRank is the higher on a search engine's listing your website will appear. Thus, if you are looking for top billing, especially in a search engine as popular as the one Google offers, you will definitely want to maximize your efforts of getting your website visible and improving your PageRank is the best way to accomplish such a task. Moreover, the higher you appear on the search engine listing offered by Google, or many other search engines, the easier your website is to find. Essentially this equates to more web traffic for your website and if you are running an online business, more web traffic ultimately means more profit for you.

Making Google PageRank Improvements

If you are looking to improve your Google PageRank you can do so by starting a link campaign. A link campaign can help you increase more inbound links to your website and in turn, more inbound links will increase your Google PageRank. How do you start a link campaign? Well, you can go the hard route by scouring the Internet to find websites similar to your own. Or, you can make your link campaign a far easier process by using the services afforded to you by PageRank Browser and locate all of the best, themed websites on the Internet with relative ease.

Of course, there are few things you must bear in mind when you begin your link campaign. Google actually rates various links and holds some links higher than others. In other words, if you link to 100 less than popular sites you may increase your Google PageRank. Conversely, if you link to 50 extremely popular sites and you get inbound links in return, you may significantly increase your Google PageRank because the most popular sites on the Internet are linking directly too you. Thus, when you begin your link campaign, keep this popularity issue in the back of your mind. Further, know that in using PageRank Browser, you will be able to locate the popular sites with ease, and thereby significantly increase your Google PageRank.

About Inbound Links

Quite frankly, some links that you will establish will be better than others. You goal will be to establish the best links possible by examining the quality of inbound links. Various webmaster tools can help you determine the quality of the reciprocal links you establish. You will want to work hard at establishing direct inbound links to your site-direct links from already popular websites. You will also need to establish links to websites that are similar to yours-remember the search engine algorithm used by Google to determine your page rank is based on relevance. You will also find that the location of inbound links is of significant importance. For example, when you establish inbound links, those links that are buried deep within a website will have less influence on the ranking of your website in Google's search engine.

What is clear is that your Google PageRank is of significant importance. Thus, every effort should be used to improve your Google PageRank-with the use of webmaster tools and the use of sites like PageRank Browser you should have little difficulty getting your PageRank right where it should be. Therefore, you will not only improve your PageRank you will improve the web traffic you receive by leaps and bounds. Moreover, your improved PageRank will make you a force on the Internet to be reckoned with-you will have a highly recognizable website for all your efforts and you will ultimately improve your online business' bottom line.

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The Fastest Way To Build Your List

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Online, buyers don't often buy the first time. On the Internet, first impressions are not lasting. You need to keep a list so that you can sell to your customers. Like Gary North said, "There is a reason why most sites are not making any money. They violate this fundamental law of marketing: it takes more than one contact to generate a sale." It has been proven that more than 70% of sales are made after the third, fourth or fifth contact. Hence your site should have an Autoresponder.

Autoresponder is a script that you place on your site where visitors can sign in their names and emails. It stores it for you and even delivers message you want to the list, any time, any day. Forrester Research said autoresponders are the greatest marketing invention ever created for the Internet.

People run into millions of sites daily, they will forget yours easily. So you have to collect their name and email address so that you can communicate with them regularly. Site visitors need to be turned into regular visitors and directed to other sites or products over time. The list is where the money is. Make people sign up for your newsletter, free download, or free course. Sign up people into your list which entitles them to discounts, freebies and you can finally lock them in as faithful customers.

Online, you don't make money on ticket sales, but when you give people a free class, get them into the door first, you can then sell to them later. But building a list of 10,000 loyal subscribers is not easy-almost impossible for most sites. Those days it is easy to build a list. Today how do you get the people to your site in the first place so that they can sign up? Even if you force them to sign up, probably because you are giving them freebies, they don't want your follow up. People usually use phony email address to sign up for free stuffs. Perhaps you have an e-book and they want it. They will sign up and download it, then unsubscribe, or report you it as spam, and block your mail from coming in.

Paypal did not force people to sign up with them. They have over 50 million accounts and transact about $70 million per day. Yahoo and other big site have loyal subscribes because the offer quality service and they don't abuse the privilege.

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Reasons Why The Best Things In Advertising Are Free

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With small businesses, you can't help but wonder how you can market your enterprise without having to use up your entire budget. As much as you want to stop thinking about it, the fact remains that most of the advertising tools are just too costly for your taste.

Take for example tv and radio commercials. You know for a fact that such medium can cost an arm and a leg that's why these two are definitely out of the list.

But not all advertising methods are expensive. In fact, some of the most cost effective tools are being used often by most business owners and marketers alike. And these include print ads such as your brochure printing materials, which showcase all the products and services in your list.

As they say, most of the time, the best things in life are free. In advertising, the same adage is true. Many business owners in fact, even the big ones, utilize these marketing tactics because they believe that there are such things that can actually do the job without having to pay so much.

Here are some of the reasons why the best things in advertising are most often free:

- Print ads such as your flyers and brochures can be made without having to hire a professional brochure printing company to do it for you. Lessen the costs; reduce the hassle.

- It never fails to spread out the good word regarding your product or service - word of mouth that is. Having your clients to put in a good word for you to their relatives and friends are the best free advertising there ever is. And remember, a good word can build your reputation steadily; but one bad comment and it'll spread like wildfire.

- Preparing a special gift for some of your most popular clients can go a long way in endearing you to them. Bring your business cards with you so you can provide them with your contact information while you're being appreciated.

- Exchanging links with other websites are basically free and you don't even need to do extra effort in looking for most searched sites.

- Posting your print ads at your local bulletin board helps reduce your costs of posting it by mail.

- When giving tips at a restaurant, include your business cards or brochures. Nowadays, it's very common to see glass bowls in the cashier area for putting your business cards.

- Press releases in your local newspaper and newsletter can help you advertise your business without having to spend a penny on your advertising campaign.

Lastly, give out free samples or promotional products to your target audience and they'll definitely gobble up your promo. It may be the one thing that you'll surely spend your money on but the outcome produces great rewards.

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Get More Out Of Adsense Tips To Improve Contextual Targeting On Your Site

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As an Adsense publisher, I am often annoyed to find my web pages filled with public service announcements (PSA) and ads unrelated to the content of my site. Fewer relevant ads means fewer click-throughs and ultimately lower Adsense revenues. However advanced Google's contextual ad serving algorithm may be, it is still a computer program (as opposed to a human being) trying to figure out what a web page is about.

Below are some tips to help you optimize your pages to make them more Adsense-friendly. Note that these tips deal with ad delivery rather than ad formatting or placement. While ad formatting and placement may affect ad click-through rates, they have nothing to do with the delivery of relevant ads to your site. Your site must display relevant ads before they have any chance of being clicked on.

1. Avoid too much content on a page

If Adsense does not understand what is your page is about, it cannot deliver ads targeted to its content. Although a human being can easily tell what a web page is about by taking a glance at it, computer algorithms are no so intelligent. If your page contains too much content, chances are that it also contains too many seemingly unrelated keywords. Adsense becomes confused and displays PSAs or ads unrelated to the topic of your page. Try dividing the page into smaller ones, each focusing on just a few related keywords.

2. Avoid too little content on a page

If your page contains lots of graphics and very little text, Adsense may have a hard time figuring out what it is about. This is especially true when the bulk of your content is derived from graphics and scripts. When possible, use text rather than graphics to display website names, page titles, and headline texts. Make certain to include your keywords in the title of your page and repeat them throughout the page. Avoid hiding your text through sneaky tactics, such as using tiny fonts or making your text the same color as the background. This may be construed by search engines as spam.

3. Repeat keywords that you are targeting

Keyword repetition makes it easier for Adsense to decipher what your page is about. Do this in moderation as excessive repetition may be considered spam by the search engines. Excessive repetition may also make your writing sound awkward to the human reader. Instead of repeating the same keyword more than 5 or 6 times on a page, use synonyms and related keywords. For example, instead of repeating "Adsense optimization" 20 times, you might try alternative phrases like "increase Adsense revenues" or "earn more from Adsense".

4. Avoid acronyms

I once wrote an article on pay-per-click advertising for one of my sites. When I uploaded the article to my site, I was surprised to find that all of the ads showing on the page were for Apple computer products and had nothing to do with pay-per-click. It later occurred to me that instead of repeating "pay-per-click" over and over in the article, I used the acronym "PPC" numerous times. As it turned out, "PPC" also stands for "PowerPC", Apple's line of Power Macintosh computers, which explained why I was getting all the Apple related ads. When I replaced all the "PPCs" with "pay-per-click" and "pay per click", the problem went away.

5. Choose keywords with commercial value

You may get public service announcements rather than paid ads if your page deals with a subject matter whose keywords no one bids on. A remedy for this is to incorporate keywords with commercial value into your manuscript. For instance, if your page is on some obscure medical condition, you might try sprinkling a few drug names into your document to make it display paid ads rather than PSAs.

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Going Back To The Village

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The lady on the phone insisted for the third time: "You will get a real good position and only for this price." After several calls, dozens of e-mails and talks she had with her manager for us, she offered 'her' reduction to me. All this service without being asked. She was selling 'positions' for a big search engine. For the good order: the positions are related to keywords, which people use when searching on the internet and which can be called the 'core' of the whole internet marketing.

"Well, let me see my position then" I said. Following the instructions given by her I typed in the keywords. And there I was. Having not been on this search engine for a long time, I was surprised.

Almost every part, every space of the result page was filled with links, banners, sponsored sites and 'hikis and fikis' or whatever it might be called. The results, for which a search engine is actually used for, looked like a land of borders: on the top, middle and bottom of the results were three sponsored links placed. I don't know why, but suddenly this chaos on the screen reminded me of the metropolitan suburbs of developing countries.

Only buildings next to each other; one higher or uglier than the other one. No matter if you have rented a room on the top, middle or on the first floor you easily get the feeling of suffocating only by watching. You would rather leave and never come back.

How come, I am having the same feeling now? How fast did this happen?

It was not long ago; maybe six or seven years, when the internet got integrated in daily life and I also started to use it. Without being disrupted I could go through to the tenth page of the results. While searching the feeling of being surprised by the expected results arose. It was like the results were your own, only yours. The cleanness of the pages surely supported such feelings.

Later, surfing on the internet diminished to five or six pages. And by now I do not surf more than two pages of the results. This is amazing! Although meanwhile the amount of sites that have been created by people and the data of search engines have been growing in high speed, people are now not going further than the second page. Why? Is it because the search engines give better results within the first two pages? Or is it because of the tiredness that afflicts you while searching? I suppose it is more the second option.

I would call this the effect of the 'urbanization of internet'. Like the cities, the internet has grown fast, uncoordinated and hungry. As a result web-buildings don't really differ from city-buildings in developing countries. You would like to leave as soon as possible.

Billions of keyword combinations are offered for sale. The more popular the keywords, or lets say the more commercial the keywords, the faster a result page grows and the more expensive a place is getting there.

Now she was offering me the possibility of renting a good position in one of these "suburbs" of the internet. And this for a good price for the next 12 months!

The words, by themselves, flew out of my mouth: 'I would rather go back to the village,' I said. 'The country side, you know?', I repeated slowly.

Probably, she couldn't place my comments. She thought a bit and said: 'Yes, yes. That is what all of us want to do in the end. But till then think about the usage of the keyword position I offered to you."

Well, what can I say: let's think then about the keywords and positions that are so determined in our businesses and in our developments either as a company or as a daily user of this immense machine going on.

Before the end, well to remember!

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Testimonials For Business Success

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It's no secret that testimonials sell. Why should you believe me when I say my super-duper, new and improved, does-everything gizmo is the best of its kind? But if a celebrity puts her reputation on the line, or a real user gets all excited about how great my gizmo works for her, you are much more likely to trust the value of my product.

Here are ten ways you can use testimonials to expand your online business.

Use a snippet on your sales page. This is possibly the most common usage online. There you are, reading the sales copy, when all of a sudden you run into a box with a testimonial. This works well for product-specific testimonials. I used that technique several times here: .

Use a snippet on a separate testimonials page. People who are considering hiring you want to know if you are reliable, and this provides them a sense of security. This is best for overall reputation testimonials, such as the ones I have set up here:

Use whole letters. Sometimes whole letters are more effective, especially if customers need security, such as when making a large monetary commitment.

Recommend by email. Ezine publishers have a great credibility with their readership. Harness that to your advantage by getting them to make a recommendation to their readership. I don't often make recommendations to my A Daily Dose of Happiness readership, but when I do, people buy.

Get testimonials from users. These are best for product-specific testimonials. Before buying something, I want to know how well it works in real life. Only users can tell me that. Here is an example of where I gave a testimonial as a user This one actually promotes my business:

Here's another testimonial I gave as a user, but it doesn't promote my business. Why did I do it? Well, for starters, I really enjoyed the play. But also there is a link, and that doesn't hurt my search engine rankings. Plus, some people are bound to click on that link and find my site:

Get testimonials from experts. These are best when you absolutely need credibility on something people might feel skeptical about, especially something requiring a big investment, such as health or money. Here is a good example:

Place testimonials on the product. That's what I did on my book, Climb Your Stairway to Heaven: the 9 habits of maximum happiness. Right on the back cover are three book review snippets saying what a glorious and wonderful book it is.

Of course, the ultimate testimonial is media coverage. People say "You just can't believe what you read these days." But busy people don't have time to check everything out, and just assume that what they saw in the media is accurate. Build yourself a media relations plan.

The best testimonials strategy uses a combination of the techniques outlined above. How many of them do you have working for you?

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How Reinvention Can Render Your Brand Immortal

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It's always a good thing to start over when you don't get the results you expect from your marketing campaign. It might be that you're doing it wrong or maybe because you haven't been able to zero in on your brand the first time.

Whatever your reason, you however, must realize that a makeover of your brand can make or break your business. Re-branding is not always the right choice to increase your sales that have become too lethargic, or to surpass the competition. It all depends on the makeover itself.

Reinventing the wheel as they say with your brand can be vital if done right. On the other hand, it can be nothing short of dangerous when you create more mistakes than good. You have to remember that a makeover can only be effective if your kind of service is really something different from all the rest, and that customer experience is equal or worth more than what your clients expect from you. Without these factors, however which way you do it; your reinvention of your brand won't cut it.

Second, you should also remember that changes that are so different from the first can drastically change the kind of brand you would want to be known for. And it might eventually lose you your clients instead of generating new ones to add to the list. While this may be horrible to even consider, yet you cannot discount the fact that this result is inevitable. You will always lose clients even if you ensure that you gain new ones. Catching a wider set of clients and prospects with your re-branding will always have consequences that you might not be ready to accept.

So when is it the right time to do a makeover? When your image is not truly reflected in the first place, then reinventing your brand may just be the best thing to do for your business. A poor quality marketing tool, even if done by an expensive commercial color printing company, is of no value to you, and will do more damage than help you increase your sales.

Does your brand reflect your true image, your objective, and your values? Or your brand is a contradiction of what you actually uphold as your brand of customer service? Is your promise to deliver reflected in your brand?

If it doesn't match those of your product's benefits, then it would just be a waste of your time, money and effort to continue using your brand. It won't make any difference at all even if you utilize it for many years more.

Perhaps you really need a makeover. Or perhaps the original can be adapted and updated to make it look fresh again. The key is to make sure that your brand will not lose its appeal to your clients, and instead help you gain more for your business.

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Steps To Make Your Website Popular

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Everyone who has a website knows that to have sales you must have traffic, but not just any traffic it has to be targeted traffic .There is great value in true reciprocal links; however, if you manage your links pages properly, those pages can also bring you additional search engine traffic.

List on Free Top Web directories and search engines

Exchange link with your associates

get one way link by article submission and blogs

Using forums and including your sites link in your signature

Reciprocal link exchange

One way link exchange

Link exchange really work, A Link exchange is a clever way to get hundreds or thousands of visitors to your website for free. The concept is very simple and the exchange process is easy to put into action. First, you join a link exchange program that includes individuals with websites to promote

What is Link Exchange?

In Link Exchange basically, we exchange-add our site link in your site and your link in our site.

Get Listed on Free Top Web directories and search engine

get listed on open directory project and etc....

visit a big search engine and enter a keyword you feel is extremely related to your website. And related to your content and that have a list of partner links displayed on their website submit your website their.

Reciprocal link campaigns

There are many ways to get traffic. Reciprocal link campaigns are good.

Reciprocal Link Exchanges can increase your website's visibility in search engines... If they are true reciprocal links. When making Reciprocal Link Exchanges, Make it count!

For example, if your site is about web design, you will want to exchange links with other web site design, seo, web templates and resources related to the web

When visiting sites for link exchange, ensure there is a link from the main page to their directory.

If you cannot easily find their reciprocal link directory

Look for links that read:


-Link Exchange

-Link Partners

-Link to Us

-Add site


Partner sites

Traffic exchanges can expose your website to Internet users on a worldwide basis. As a result, the exchange can give your website a lot of hits

Traffic exchanges are one of the best methods of getting exposure to your site on a limited or zero budget. The more quality exchanges you sign up for the more viewers of your website you will have.

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Wording Up Your Website

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Are you losing business because of your website? More and more customers are logging on to the Web to decide where to spend their money because it is quick and convenient, and they can jump from site to site instead of walking from store to store.

Web savvy customers don't need to be patient, studies have shown that you need to engage a potential customer very quickly by giving them easy, fast access to the information they need. Otherwise they will simply move on to the next site.

Appealing design and speedy functionality are important but they don't ensure that your site is well structured (intuitive) or well written (clear).

Write First

The real message on most websites is in the writing, and so it makes sense that the writing should determine the structure. Unfortunately, this is not the usual case. Most businesses choose the structure and design of their site first and then try and fit the writing around that structure. This flies in the face of commonsense. When you speak to someone, you structure your speech around your message, you don't decide on a structure then change the message to suit. So you need to plan what you want to say before you create the site. Maybe even write the whole thing first and then use the message to determine the structure.

When deciding what to write, think about what your customer wants to know rather than what you want to say. It's a subtle difference, but it is the key to engaging a potential customer.

Most customers will want to know the basics:

- What do you do?

- What benefit can you offer them?

- Why should they choose your service or product?

- What does it cost?

- How can they contact you?

- Where are you located?

Brevity & Clarity

Your website has to communicate a lot of information and to make matters worse, you are going to have limited space. Ideally, your customer won't have to scroll on any page (all your information will fit in a single window) and that single view will need to contain more than just words. The design and navigation elements take up about a third of a window, and you should leave a bit of room for white space (you don't want to overwhelm the customer). As a rule of thumb you should expect to have about half the window free for text.

How you are going to fit all your information in such a confined space? This is where writing skills come in - choose your words very carefully.

Websites can be an extremely powerful piece of marketing collateral. You can reach millions of potential customers for as little as a few hundred dollars. Unfortunately, your competitors are all doing the same thing - it's a level playing field but there are a lot of players.

It is important that your message is structured and well thought out, otherwise your site will be a mess and no-one will bother to read about your business. If your message is clear, your site will be simple and easy to use. It's all in the words.

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