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Promoting Your Industrial Website Outside The Internet For Premium Exposure

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How Industrial Suppliers can promote their website off the Internet to increase traffic and sales opportunities

By Conrad Bailey

According to a survey conducted by, most buyers today of industrial products use the Web to source for supplies, equipment and machinery. However, the same survey has showed that over 92% of industrial and technical buyers that log on-line to source for products or services have no particular supplier in mind.

Experienced online marketers understand how to reach these people when they go online via pay-per-click, targeted banner ads, relevant link building and other Web marketing methods. But the smartest marketers realize the best time to actually reach these buyers is offline. This gives them a significant advantage over their competitors that are in constant battle with one another for keywords, page rank, link popularity, etc. This article was written to give you the same competitive advantage.

Make Your Website The First Place They'll Visit

Few internet marketers realize or will admit that promoting a website offline is just as important - and sometimes even more important than online. How you decide to promote your site off the Internet depends on your budget, needs, target market, industry and other criteria.

Nevertheless, the first important part of any offline promotion campaign is to take an inventory of the things in your office that can display and promote your website address, including:

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How To Win The Race Between Search Engines And Search Engine Optimizers

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The Search engine's purpose is to provide useful, high quality and relevant information for any search term. There is a real war between the search engines' methods and algorithms and search engine optimizers. The result must be the user's satisfaction: high quality web sites in high positions on the search engines lists.

Page Rank is an indicator that Google is using to measure web sites popularity. The algorithm to establish it is a secret, but it is easy to find that the most important factors can be the number of links leading to the website page and the Page Rank of the link's source.

It looks like the most popular search engines are counting the links (incoming or outgoing) and considering their number like a vote for quality. In reality, not each link is equal in quality to the others.

Search engines are considering the link's quality as very important; maybe this is the determinant factor to establish a page rank. Google is the first search engine taking this factor into account.

Search engine optimizers are trying to do their best to find the top quality links for their web sites. But there are many types of links. They must find the ones giving high ranks all the time. Everybody agrees that links from high quality web sites are a major gain for a page rank. There is also the possibility to build links from related sites. In this situation, the sites must have many topics in common.

Google is developing clusters for specific topics. These clusters are hosting pages having inbound links from the sites having the same keywords. The best a search engine optimizer can do is to establish a link to one of these sites. The reason why it can be the best kind of link we can get is that the search engine will find the reference site relevant for the keywords demanded in this category.

If the search engine optimizer can include useful keywords in the text of the inbound link, he is in luck.

Reciprocal linking can be realized finding the non competitive and topic related web sites. If the search engine optimizer can realize an emails campaign, he can have good results in reciprocal links building.

The search engine optimizer has the possibility to write a personal email to a contact address or to the website's owner. He can tell them that he appreciated their website so much that he included a review about it in his own website.

This is a very agreeable letter for anybody, even finding that, near the review, there is also the web site address. The possibility to have a reciprocal link, in this case, is 9%.

To increase your chances of getting reciprocal links with higher PRs, you should consider joining a linking directory. This can be achieved by exchanging links with other websites of similar content to your own. A great example of a linking directory is:


Another great resource to achieving higher PR for your website is to submit articles to article directories. You can include a link to your website in your article and the resource box. A great directory you may want to consider to submit your articles is:


If you are looking for a faster and easier way to submit your articles, a great resource is an automatic article submitter. It will submit an article to over 30 directories in a half an hour. To watch a video on how to do this, go to:

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Spreading A Secret Promotion That Infects The Internet

(category: Site-Promotion, Word count: 357)
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The internet is loaded with unique and interesting information, ideas, suggestions, and promotional gigs. All of the stuff you can find on the internet is fine and dandy, but does it really meet the need of putting cash into your pockets? Some are good, others are better, some spread wildly infecting everyone it touches. Sound familiar? Maybe it doesn't, or maybe it does? Puzzling, as infections spread they wreak havoc on every one it touches. Infections effect how you live, where you live, and so on.

Free E-Books

Viral promotions do the same thing to your business, only in a positive way. You create a situation so that you can infect as many people as possible. Devising and creating schemes to lure your reader into your snare, and than wrapping them up into you viral spiral. Some promote free ebooks.

Free E-Books and Re sale Rights

You create and compile free ebooks that give your victims large amounts of compelling, and highly useful information. Your victims are compelled to remember your business and name from the satisfaction they have received from the virus you have infected them with. Your victims spread your virus by using your e-book to give to others. Your victims want their brand on the e-book; you can offer them re-sale rights giving them permission to pass the virus onto their victims.

Free Newsletter

The virus you have created requires continuous feeding of knowledge to your infected victims motivated. Offer them another source of compelling, and highly useful information by devising a free newsletter and continue to feed your virus.

Articles Archive page

Allow your victims to feed at their own will by creating a repository of compelling information articles archive for you victims to fester further your virus. Give them permission to spread this information to other victims freely.

Allow your victims to share in the fruits of your virus by devising an Affiliate Program and allow them to join your affiliate program. Devise schemes, and tantalize your victims to spread your virus for you.

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What To Remember When Writing Ad Copies

(category: Site-Promotion, Word count: 250)
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Before you write down that very first word in your ad copy, especially if it's for your advertising newsletter, be sure to read the following tips to help you develop the right and proper message in your marketing tool.

Always remember to write carefully.

This means that when writing your piece, be very careful of what you'll say in your ad copy. Once something is written, it is very hard to take it back. This is the reason why lawyers always put everything in black and white. A written statement always stands in court. And it is always more tangible than any verbal declaration. Hence, writers should always be careful to avoid creating mistakes in their spelling, grammar, punctuation and word usage. One wrong word can mean a whole document of errors and misinterpretation.

A Sense of Style.

Style can go a long way in making yourself easily understood by your target readers. But style can also make your message ambiguous and prone to numerous misconceptions of your intent. Thus, when you write using a unique and creative style, you have to steer clear of jargons and slang words, first and foremost. You have to understand that everyone, even the common guy, should be able to comprehend your message. Using jargon and slang words can often confuse rather than explain your message further. Try not to use abbreviations unless you've defined it beforehand, and never use symbols if you can help it. Clich

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Website Promotion Exposure Through Trade Journals

(category: Site-Promotion, Word count: 427)
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By Anne Marie Baugh

For instance if you are a web designer begin cultivating relationships through specific industries such as the gourmet food industry, private pilot industry, etc. Every single business has its trade organizations and publications for which they stay on top of their own trends. Break into these arenas and you will find rich resources for building your sales.

Begin by deciding which arenas you can be most effective. For instance if you are a search engine doctor it is certainly possible to work with anyone coming online. However, if you have a certain love of animals, a natural connection will be made through the pet industry. These industries have publications that are read by these types of business owners. Begin targeting these publications for advertising, article submissions, etc. By speaking their language and sharing their passion, you will have an instant connection.

Set yourself up as the expert in the niche industry of your choice. Look for publicity avenues that might be available through those trades. It is often much easier to get recognized in a trade than it is in a mainstream publication. Trades are constantly looking for content that will educate and inspire their business readers. Keep in mind when pitching that you are indeed speaking to business people and not the average consumer off the street. This means that your approach must be more sophisticated and educational. It is vital that you provide content that will make a significant difference in their everyday business ventures.

Create a specialized press kit that targets each niche trade publication and will speak "their" language. Make one-page pitches to the editors with a follow up call in about one week. Be polite and helpful. Offer your expertise and don't be afraid to share trade secrets. It will endear you to the editor and create more opportunities to get you into print. The fact is that some readers will take your trade secrets and actually use them, but the majority will be dazzled by your knowledge and choose to hire you to do the work. Most business owners recognize that they cannot do everything and wise one stick with what they do best and hire experts to do the rest. So become the expert they cannot do without. What do experts have? Knowledge and visibility.

Trade journals are the most overlooked publicity avenue in the business. This creates a dynamic opportunity for you to make a big impact and bring in mega loads of business while increasing your media attention.

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Industrial Grade Software Submission System For Only 44 A Month

(category: Site-Promotion, Word count: 458)
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ROSTOCK, Germany. - October 18, 2007: GSA Rostock today announces the immediate availability of GSA Auto SoftSubmit 4.90. Developed specifically for submission to software archives, directories, and search engines, GSA Auto SoftSubmit offers a complete professional software submission system that is easy to use. A professional PAD editor is also included into the program, which eliminates the need for external editors, such as PADGen.

"The "build it and they will come" strategy doesn't work unless you promote your software proactively, says Sven Bansemer, managing director, GSA Rostock. "Submission of applications to online archives is an essential part of effective Internet marketing. It gives more visibility to your product, drives traffic to your website and increases sales. What's more, you gain better ranking in search engines thanks to the backlinks to your site. But engaging someone to do the submission can be costly and ineffective. I myself has been through this too many times and want to spare you from sharing that same bad experience by offering GSA Auto SoftSubmit so that you could take full control over submission and results you get."

Submitting an application is as easy as making a few clicks. You have everything a professional submission service has: the database, contacts, tools to target your submission campaign - everything already inside one small application sitting on your desktop and ready to submit. This way you just click "Submit" and move on with the next thing.

The core of GSA Auto SoftSubmit is the database, which is the largest and most current in the market - over 3,900 sites and it keeps on growing. Today, there are no services that can offer the database like that. Another best thing in GSA software is speed. Because it handles multiple threads, the program submits to multiple sites simultaneously, which in practice is as many as over 100 submissions a minute. The URL addresses in the database never grow old as the program is updated several times a month via the Internet.

The program allows you to bypass antispam technologies like image code verification. Once it detects a CAPTCHA form, it asks you to enter the letters and digits and then submits.

GSA Auto SoftSubmit is pretty easy to use. Just run the program and in the window with a list of websites, check all or any of the listed sites and click the Submit button. The program will then begin submitting your software.

Pricing & Availability

GSA Auto SoftSubmit 4.90 runs on Microsoft Windows 95 and upwards and starts at $44 (USD) a month. Licensed users get free technical support and upgrades. More information on the product, as well as its free evaluation copy is available from

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Hunting For Online Directories The In Depth Strategy

(category: Site-Promotion, Word count: 1310)
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Directory marketing can help boost your companies performance a great deal. Not only will you get qualified leads for your business, your web site will also increase it's traffic ranking a tremendous amount.

Here are a couple basic advantages to online directories,

- Substantial staying power

- Repetitive marketing

- Your listing grows with the entire site

- No updating unless necessary

- Not necessary to link back to the directory

Please Note: This article is meant to discuss and implement marketing strategies for local business directories online, not link exchange, a.k.a swapping links with other websites.

For many people, one/two directories always come to mind,




With web marketing, you want to have ever lasting staying power, online directories can provide you with this and more.

Many people who DO NOT use the internet everyday stick with the basics when they come online. Many people are usually looking for a specific service or product that they want to check up on within their local community. This is why it is so crucial that you get noticed locally online.

Every major city has at least one or two good business directories for you to submit your business to. Many of these directories don't even require that you have a website.


Tips on how to find local directories online:

Try being very specific when you search. There are two methods that work really good.

A) "Hamilton" Business Directory < Search for "Your City" plus "business directory". This should typically bring you to local business directories that usually are competing against one another. Don't be afraid to keep digging through this important search term.

B) Be VERY specific:

If in the case that you can't find anything, try searching for something general within your local area. For instance, if you "cut hair", try searching for "Hair Salons In (your area)".

Ex. "Hair Salons in hamilton, Ontario".

Doing a specific search like this should typically bring up local directories that are really trying to get the most exposure as possible. The reason why you should find a directory this way is because if you don't find anything by doing specific searches for specific products or services locally, you might as well reap the rewards of having your own local business directory and get all the advertising exposure that comes with it.

Directories online are there for one thing and one thing only. To give the owner of the directory massive exposure while helping his/her local, regionally, national community. That's it.

There are few people out there that just create a local directory just for something to do. These people typically have too much time on their hands and they probably take great pride in their directory online.


How To Prepare For Directory Submissions

There are certain key bullets of information that 90% of directories ask for, here they are in no particular order.




Type Of Business

Phone Number

Fax Number

Email: - (may need to be validated)

Web Site

Title Of Your Site: - (keep it within 70 char)

Description: - (keep it within 200 char)

Search Terms:

If you are asked for search terms, don't disregard them. This is just there so that the directory you are submitting to can add these search terms to their "search engine" in order to find your business.

So if a directory asks you for search terms, add in as many as you can that you would want people to find your business by.

and... Category

That's typically about all that most directories will ask for. Very straight forward. I would recommend opening up "Note Pad" or "Word Document" and fill in these requirements on your own before you start submitting your company. It may save you a lot of time in the end.


Targeting Regional & International:

If your business is better off targeting people outside your local community, you might want to consider implementing a link exchange program. This is where you will find extremely competitive directories online that want to get as much exposure as you do.

Once you start targeting internationally, many of the directories you will find will most likely want to swap information with you. The good ol' barter system, an eye for an eye. Nothing wrong with this. Just make sure that the directory you link to doesn't "feel wrong".

... and I mean "feel wrong".

Someone came to me the other day and asked me to take a look at something. They said that they weren't sure if they should swap links with this other company. I simply asked them, what kind of feeling do you get from this other company?

This person said that the website was a little fishy and felt a little cold. What is the best course of action here???

Go with your gut instinct. You never want to link to websites that you don't even feel right about it. Besides, if you link to it from your site, you might as well put up a banner sign outside your window saying that you fully support this other company.

If an online directory asks you to exchange information and you don't feel that it would be valuable to your visitors, move onto another directory. If you feel fishy about it, so will others.


Finding International Directories:

For this you'll want to implement the same strategy as before when you learned about searching for "local directories". Try using the "country, state/provice" added with online directory or business directory.

So do a search like this:

Canadian Business Directory - or - Online Directories In Canada

This style of searching should bring you specific directories. Please remember that there is NO quick way of doing this. You must have patience since, even now, there are still literally 1000's of directories I've never heard of.

Directories keep popping up every day. Don't be afraid to search for new directories once a month, or once every 90 days.


Placing Your Companies Directory Listing In The Right Spot:

This step could be one of the most important steps you take for advertising within online directories.

I say this is important because without careful positioning, your directory listing may never see a visitor again.

Steps you can take to get proper placements:

- Do a "general search":

Search within the directory for something general and related to your business. Place your company within that search result.

- Only 2 clicks away:

Try placing your company within a category that is only 2 clicks away from the main directory page. This will increase your results. Some directories can't offer you this, it's ok depending on the popularity of the directory you are submitting to.

- Watch out for spammers:

Watch out for directories that list 100 companies on one page. This is called "Link Farms" online and is frowned upon from search engines.

- Find empty categories:

Don't be afraid to click in once more in order to find a category that has been barely touched. Getting your own category is the ultimate listing for your business.

- Don't go "unrelated":

Do not submit your company to "unrelated" categories. If you can't find a category for your business, try contacting the directory administrator to implement a new category for your business.

- Was it too confusing?

Again, go with your gut feeling. If you found the directory way too confusing to find anything, 9/10 times other visitors will also find it confusing and leave.

That about wraps it up for online directories. There is enough knowledge here to help you find the right directories for your business. Some tips have been excluded because every person adapts to their own strategy and I hope you will too.

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10 Cost Effective Ways To Promote Your Website

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So what's the difference between promoting your website and a brick and mortar store? That's a common question asked by new internet marketers. It turns out the principles are the same but the methods are different. Let's take a look at how.

The main object of promoting either store is to first create awareness of the stores existence. Secondly you want them to know what you offer and why it will improve their life. Next you want to show them how yours is better than others in the market. This is all to achieve your final goal of visiting your store or site. Making the sale is another topic all together.

If you have real deep pockets you can start by advertising in the New York Times or on NBC for a brick and mortar store or on MSN or Yahoo sites if you're on the internet. Of course you have to remember your AOL users won't see you there just as your CBS watchers won't see you on NBC. Most start ups aren't going to worry about this problem as they don't have the money to do this kind of advertising.

So what method do you use to advertise and drive traffic cost effectively to your site?

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Efficient Strategy To Have Good Links

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Google is the most powerful search engine; more than 80% of users are finding high quality and relevant information with Google. This is the reason why maintaining high quality information is an essential condition for search engines. High quality sites must have the place they deserve.

There are some techniques allowing a site to have a high ranking; using inbound links is a very efficient way to do it. The more inbound links a site has, the higher its rank. But the inbound links number is a real factor to determine the site's quality. A low quality site can build an inbound links system to gain a high place in Google's lists. How do you make the difference between the normal and irregular inbound links?

The link farms must be avoided at any cost. Google has methods to detect them and punish the unnatural links owner. It is really difficult to be rehabilitated after a similar mistake. It is wrong to have links to sites that are not logically connected to the main one. Links from irrelevant sites to the main site can be followed by a warning sign from Google.

A penalty can arrive if Google detects the main site included in a group of interconnected sites. Another problem is to have reciprocal links; it is very probable that Google algorithms will disagree with this technique.

Google has a new paradigm when looking at linking relations. It seems that the quality of incoming and outgoing links is now very important. A smart campaign to have good links is vital for the web site's ranking. Search engines are making a distinction between links. There are important links, more valuable than the others.

The best choice is to have links from highly ranked web sites. There is one more essential condition: the highly ranked websites must also have topics related to the referenced site.

A popular solution is to build a links page; it is a page containing links to the other sites linking to the referenced site. Some web designers are also providing the HTML code that makes the links construction easy. It is also useful to create a links creation campaign.

This can be done using the non-competitive, high ranked sites. If there is a links page, the referenced site can add its link there too.

After building a links page, you may want to consider joining linking directories. By doing this you have access to thousands upon thousands of websites that may relate to your own as well as having a high PR. To start linking your websites to attain a higher PR, go to:


Downloading Google toolbar is a solution to see the page's rank when browsers are used for different purposes. If a page has a topic similar to the referenced site and if it also has a high rank, it is helpful to make a links page using this information.

You may also want to consider submitting articles to article directories. By doing this, you will increase your chances of your website getting noticed by Google and, therefore, getting a higher Page Rank. A great resource to submit your articles is:


If you are submitting articles to several directories and you're looking for a faster and easier way to do it, you may want to consider an automatic article submitter. To watch a video on how to do this, go to:

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