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Shriners Oldest Poster Boy

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Although comedian and actor Pat Morita has passed away, his influence on Shriners Hospitals for Children will continue to live on. Morita, perhaps best known for his role of Mr. Miyagi in "The Karate Kid" movies, was an active supporter of Shriners Hospitals throughout his life. Now his family has established the "Pat Morita Memorial Fund" of SHC in his honor.

Morita was born in California on June 28, 1932, and his connection with Shriners Hospitals began at a young age. When Morita was 2 years old, he was afflicted with spinal tuberculosis and his family was told he would never walk again. At the age of 9, Morita entered the San Francisco Shriners Hospital where he had extensive spinal surgery and learned to walk again. He was released at age 11 and immediately transported to reunite with his Japanese-American family at an internment camp in Arizona, where they were held for the duration of World War II.

Despite these challenges, he compiled an impressive list of "firsts" during his career in show business. He had a recurring role as Arnold on "Happy Days" and later starred in his own sitcom. Morita was the first Asian American nominated for an Academy Award, for Best Supporting Actor as Mr. Miyagi in "The Karate Kid."

Morita always credited Shriners Hospitals with providing the specialized care that allowed him to walk. Joking that he was the Shriners' "oldest poster boy," he appeared at many of their events to thank them for the help he received.

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Neighbours Aren T There For One Another

(category: Society, Word count: 319)
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Latest research has shown that 15 per cent of Britons do not trust their neighbours at all, despite the fact that most neighbourhood watch schemes can help reduce crime in the area and the need to make possibly preventable home insurance claims.

Cornhill Direct Home Insurance polled around 3,000 people, of which just over a third said they would ideally like to live in a more isolated area.

Furthermore, almost a fifth said they would actively try and avoid contact with their neighbours and nine out of ten said it was no longer "important" to be friendly with their neighbours.

A spokesman for Cornhill Direct Home Insurance remarked: "Having neighbours you know and trust is important. A real sense of community helps to reduce crime and vandalism and makes for a much safer place to live."

"Getting to know your neighbours and doing things for them like taking in their post when they are away definitely helps reduce crime," he added.

Reducing crime in an area by forming neighbourhood watch schemes and additional security measures could be beneficial to home insurance premium costs.

The National Neighbourhood Watch Association looks to broaden the appeal of Neighbourhood Watch schemes to all areas of a community. This includes raising the awareness of the watch movement, starting project work and providing help and support in sometimes problematic areas such as ethnic and diverse communities, high crime areas and young people.

The National Neighbourhood Watch Association tries to represent the interests of the movement nationally to government and other agencies. National Neighbourhood Watch Association strives to promote, help, support, advise and develop the watch scheme, and to improve the communications and co-ordination on a national scale by ensuring consistent and effective structures are put in place. The National Neighbourhood Watch Association provides information and training for all; and promotes the exchange of good ideas and best practice.

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Lions Clubs Encourage Early Childhood Vision Screenings

(category: Society, Word count: 337)
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Health screenings are a traditional part of the back-to- school season throughout the country. Eye screenings in particular are important for children entering school for the first time, since vision and learning are inextricably linked.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, vision problems affect one in every 20 preschoolers and one in four school-aged children. Unfortunately, most children do not receive proper eye screenings prior to entering school. Studies show that only about 20 percent of preschool children have their vision screened through government or private programs.

Photoscreening is a screening method that uses a camera to photograph a child's eye. It can detect conditions such as lazy eye, farsightedness and nearsightedness, cataracts and misalignment of the eyes.

More than 430,000 pre-literate children in the U.S. between the ages of 6 months and 5 years have been photoscreened for such vision problems through their local Lions clubs. Nearly 26,500 of them have been referred for treatment.

These photoscreenings, which are done by trained volunteers, are a cost-effective way to identify vision problems in children and have been shown to be 85 percent to 90 percent accurate.

Vision disorders are the fourth most common disability among children in the U.S. The earlier children are screened, the better the chance of preventing permanent vision loss.

A child might be exhibiting signs of a vision problem if he or she:

* rubs his or her eyes often;

* has trouble focusing;

* blinks more than usual;

* squints when focusing on

distant objects;

* frowns excessively;

* stumbles over small objects;

* is sensitive to light;

* has inflamed or watery eyes.

If you notice any of these signs in your child, contact your doctor or check with your child's school or your local Lions club for screenings in your area.

Lions Clubs International - recognized worldwide for its service to the blind and visually impaired - also dedicates itself to helping those less fortunate in communities around the world.

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Biodiesel The Alternative Fuel

(category: Society, Word count: 326)
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What Is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a fuel made from vegetable oils. Rapeseed and soybean oils are the most commonly used, although other vegetables oils such as mustard, palm oil, hemp and jatropha have been tried and seem to show a lot of potential. These are listed or called Virgin Oil Feedstock.

Then we have the waste vegetable oils which are byproducts from animal fats like tallow, lard and yellow grease. It is suggested by many that waste vegetable oil is the best source of oil to produce biodiesel.

Biodiesel is an environmentally friendly alternative to the petroleum diesel we use today which as higher emissions that pollute our towns, cities and environment.

Biodiesel however is old news in one sense because Dr Rudolf Diesel the inventor of the diesel engine was showing his newly invented engine at the Paris exhibition, it was running on peanut oil.

During a speech at the same exhibition he was quoted as saying "the diesel engine can be fed with vegetable oils and will help considerably in the development of the agriculture of the countries which use it." So it seems that the diesel engine was designed to run on biodiesel fuel right from the beginning.

Biodiesel is a clean burning fuel which would reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of todays vehicles by up to 100%. Biodiesel is also biodegradable and non-toxic.

The use of biodiesel is definitely becoming more popular in America and the UK, more and more petrol stations are beginning to sell biodiesel in the UK. Even celebrities like Willy Nelson, is not only using it to run his tour buses, he as also opened a chain of petrol stations to sell biodiesel too.

So to summarize some of the benefits of using biodiesel:

1. Biodiesel is an environmentally friendly fuel.

2. It is a clean burning fuel.

3. It will reduce carbon dioxide emissions

4. Biodiesel is made from waste vegetable oils

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Choosing A Theme For Your Next Event

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One important aspect of event planning is choosing a theme for your party or gathering. Unless you are planning a wedding or a baby shower, the theme might not be obvious. The theme can be anything you choose, but it's important to remember your guests' comfort and therefore plan with that in mind. It's wise to have a theme that all guests can easily adapt to. Having to go out and purchase a new outfit or rent an elaborate costume is a burden for some people, and attending an event should be something that people look forward to.

One theme that lasts year after year is of course, the birthday party. Birthday parties are a wonderful cause for celebration and they can be enjoyed by people of virtually any age. If you are planning a youngster's birthday you might choose to have an additional theme. Two ideas are a sleep-over or a backwards party, where the children all put on their clothes backwards and the cake is served before dinner. In circumstances like this, event planning is fun for both the parents and the child. It's wonderfully rewarding for the child to be involved in every aspect of the planning of their birthday celebration; unless of course, you opt for a surprise party. Planning a surprise birthday party gets to be a bit trickier but with a little help and a great deal of patience, it can be an enormous success.

A popular theme for parties is having the guests wear costumes. This can be fun for everyone involved and children especially enjoy it during the Halloween season. It gives them an opportunity to put on something fun and act differently for a day. Event planning for a Halloween or costume party is much the same as any other event. You need to first contact the guests and tell them that they'll need to find a costume to wear. Then it's time to choose a menu and decorations. Although the theme is a bit different than your average cocktail party, the event planning aspect is very much the same. It is attention to detail that is most important.

Other popular themes that people enjoy for gatherings are:

Hawaiian or a beach theme. All the guests dress up in swimsuits and straw hats and drink tropical drinks. This is especially enjoyable during the colder, winter months.

A 1950s or 1960s flashback party. You can request that the guests dress from the era you've chosen and with the music that was popular back in the day playing, it will really be a blast from the past!

It's important when you are working on the event planning of any party, to choose a theme that people will enjoy and can be fit into any and all budgets. Once the party starts, don't forget to join in the fun with your guests. Whether it's a birthday party or a New Year's Eve party if you plan accordingly, you can make it an event that will long be remembered.

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Death Penalty For Or Against

(category: Society, Word count: 562)
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Every evening when we sit back on our sofas and relax, we watch TV. In the evening action is on mostly. Daily we see how someone is murdered, but we find it exciting and watch such films with pleasure. What could the consequences be if some of these episodes could be taken into the real life? A verdict can be very strict, the most cruel verdict at all. Murderers are charged death penalty. But nowadays we have a conflict on this basis. Should one be condemned to death or just get a life sentence and that's it?

Those who stand for death penalty always use the famous Bible quotation "An eye for an eye". They also refer to the Bible when they say that someone breaks one of the Ten Commitments which is "Don't kill", and the punishment is death. Revenge is a powerful motivator to take actions. Those whose relative was killed want the criminal to suffer as much as their beloved has suffered. Death penalty was widely used in the past and for different purposes. For example your head could be cut of for stealing the cattle in Frankish Empire, you could be tortured and killed for betrayal in Old England, and you could be fed to the dogs for killing a lord in Old Germany and so on. The examples can be numerous. But the question is: do we possess the authority of God to take somebody's life even if he/she took somebody else's? Are we to judge other people? This can be a good topic for a custom term paper if to go deeper into the problem. God tells to forgive, this is also one of the Ten Commandments and we are not to break it. Nowadays a saying "An eye for an eye" is a bit old-fashioned. You will not kill a cat because he accidentally scratched you. We live in a democratic, free state where everybody is equal before the law and have to behave as such. In Europe there is no country left where death penalty still exists. It is rather hard to believe, for Europe was eager to execute everybody who went against the law. The ways to punish became milder, easier, and faster. Then, step by step, death penalty was canceled because of victory of humanism over revenge.

What is worse: death penalty or life sentence? A lot of students perform a term paper order on this topic. This idea can bring a good grade to the owner if closely researched. Of course life is the main value and there is nothing more valuable, but what is life, spent in for walls with those who were originated in the gutter of society, thinking about what a fool you were to do such a fatal mistake. But people who deserve to die have to be kept in very severe conditions. Unfortunately, our society can create real monsters that will not consider killing somebody an awful sin and crime. But no matter how guilty a person is, humans have no right to kill others to revenge; we have no right to do so. We are not to judge, this is God's authority to decide. And who knows, maybe killers are suffering more when they are locked in four walls than when they peacefully pass away to the other world.

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Ways That Can Speed Up Divorce

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A long and protracted divorce or matrimonial litigation is a great harassment to the parties of the dispute. Without a proper plan, many people commit mistake when getting divorced and ultimately fail and suffer serious stressful situation. Many people, after decided to break the relationship enter into expensive and ugly battle and end up in hurting all involved parties, making the divorce and life more miserable.

A plan should be well laid and executed for a divorce just like anything in life. Only by knowing and planning what you exactly want, you can actually get it. First of all the amount of finance required should be decided for getting divorce. If there are any children out of the wedlock, the frequency of your visit to the children should also be decided. Before initiating the divorce litigation, it has to be determined whether the divorce will be no-fault or uncontested or at-fault, all out battle. You should also determine when you actually want divorce. After doing this exercise you should realistically write down possessions wanted by you and any other details that are to be established in the divorce. After making the list they should be thoroughly reviewed and examined whether the items in the list are worth doing hard work or fighting litigation. You can save many hassles by merely knowing what is to be fought for and what is really worth for you to address your worries. A time line and schedule should be worked out by taking help from the calculated figure and list. An expert lawyer can be contacted in case you desire divorce within a period of three months. Choosing a bad lawyer can disturb the whole divorce process.

Don't inform your spouse about divorce unless you cover all the bases and take right steps for a divorce plan ahead. Some financial things have to be taken care of before giving notice about divorce. It is better to change registration of names on checking account, mortgage, car, etc. If you are already in the divorce process still things can be properly planned and ways and options can be determined. Negotiating skills and employment of strong tactics are key factors, by which spouse can be made to believe that they are deriving better out of the deal. The divorce should be planned with a right method using the list made with special techniques to accelerate the results of plan.

You should decide whether you are going to represent yourself or hiring an attorney for divorce. If you are going to represent yourself, then you should have thorough knowledge about the laws of the State where you live. Review the amount and location of all your assets and remove the money, if necessary, from bank and place it in security, without depriving necessary funds for the life of your spouse. Credit cards and other sources of credit can be reviewed and if necessary cards with joint account can be cancelled by removing the name of the spouse from the card.

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Caskets How To Choose The Right Casket

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When you are in the process of choosing a funeral casket it can be overwhelming at times. When buy a casket there is such a selection of to choose from these days. You have wood, metal, and many different gauges of steel caskets to select from.

The most important part of buying a casket first off is to make sure that the casket is a Batesville Casket. Batesville is the number #1 supplier of caskets to funeral homes in the US. Don't let someone try to talk you into some cheap overseas casket. Quality is from Batesville!

Start with the basics, would you prefer a wood or metal casket. After this look at your budget and see what price range will better suite your financial situation, and then you can pick accordingly. After that it is just a matter of personal preference. Think of the colors that your lost loved one enjoyed, and what kind of personality did they have. Were they reserved or exotic in taste, this will help you in choosing the right funeral casket for there personality. Also, there are special caskets for veterans, which show that pride of the armed forces in the artwork on the casket.

Today, you have more options than ever before when looking for the perfect casket, so I would suggest sitting down and talking to a funeral director and have them explain to you the options. Most of the time the funeral home will have a casket room that can help show you the differences between the caskets, and all the options you can add to your casket order.

When it comes down to it the only thing you need to remember is to pick the casket that you think is best for your family, never let a funeral director or anyone else try to make you purchase a casket you are not happy with. Once you find the perfect casket to honor you loved, you can rest knowing that you have done what in your heart was best, and that is what is most important.

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What Al Qaeda Will Never Understand About The Katrina Disaster

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There are rumors that Bin Laden and his minions are sitting around laughing at the spectacle of the mighty United States bungling the relief efforts for the Gulf Coast. It is certainly ironic, and would be laughable if not for the tragedy it caused, that for disasters anywhere in the world, cargo planes laden with relief supplies are in the air in a matter of hours and ships change course instantaneously to bring aid and comfort, yet it takes us more than a week to reach our own victims.

The terrorists will never see, nor ever comprehend, the real story. They have no interest in individual heroic efforts in the face of total chaos. They pay no attention to the thousands of families who are opening their homes, and their hearts, to the dazed, the poor, the dispossessed.

They chortle at destruction, whether caused by nature or their own design. But they cannot fathom the people who dig themselves out and get on with their lives: the flood victims who find a dry haven and go out to find a job; the subway riders who return to work the following day on a different train; the financial workers who move into new quarters and return to their duties; the families who grow in strength because of the horror they have endured.

The terrorists believe that America is powerful because of its military, its technology, and its wealth. They will never understand that the West's power is in its people. They see a politically divided nation but are blind to its unity and cohesiveness as a community. They fail to appreciate that in the face of catastrophe, all Britons are Londoners, and all Americans call New Orleans home.

The anarchists' subjugation of individual importance to their overriding cause, and their misinterpretation of religious fervor, has forever blurred their vision, concealing the rugged, optimistic, and unfailingly generous individualism that created and maintains the America we know.

And because they don't understand us, they'll keep on heaping terror on us, never realizing that they cannot, ever, win.

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