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The Importance Of Human Needs

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Human Needs And Their Fulfillment

Even though we are all different, we each have the same 6 basic human needs. These needs must be satisfied, otherwise we feel uncomfortable where we are, with our lives and ultimately with ourselves. Each of these 6 needs therefore have a very strong influence on your behavior, and even affect the type of success you achieve in life.


The first and most fundamental human need, is the need for security. This need can come in many forms, such as the need for financial security, physical security or emotional security.

Before any other need is fulfilled people always seek to obtain a minimum amount of security in their lives. For example, if you were being chased by a tiger, your first concern would be finding safety. You would then think about other things such as finding something to eat. Providing you didn't get eaten first!

The amount of security we settle for will vary, although in general people make sure that they have a minimum amount of security first (such as finding a house to live in) before they move onto fulfilling other needs. Later this need may be returned to, and greater security may be sought after.


Once you have an acceptable level of security in your life, the next natural human need is that of comfort. So once you have that house to live in, you will now want to decorate and add furniture to it. So that it is comfortable to live in.

The need for comfort can be an extremely powerful motivator of human behavior, as quite simply, people like to feel comfortable! However this need always comes after you feel secure where you are.


Once you have obtained an acceptable level of security and comfort, your next need is for leisure. People value leisure time very highly, and so behavior is strongly motivated to achieve it. However leisure is a double edged sword.

People who value leisure too much may fail to fulfill other needs, such as by becoming lazy and lacking ambition. Conversely people may become highly productive in order to be able to experience leisure, such as by going on holiday.


Love is perhaps one of the most strongest human needs, and can make people do all kinds of things. We all value love, and go to great lengths to obtain it. Without love, we feel lonely and our self esteem suffers.


Everyone desires to be respected by others. As children we often do things to impress our friends in order to gain their respect, and we do the same although in different ways, as adults.

Respects makes a person feel important and valuable. Without respect you will question your worth and importance as a person.


Without purpose you will lack direction and meaning in life. Purpose is something that you believe you were put here to accomplish. It is why you exist and what you work for.

However many people struggle to find their true purpose in life, but for those that do, there can be perhaps no other stronger human need that will inspire and motivate behavior.

Importance Of Our Human Needs

As you can see, people all have the same basic human needs. However we are all different in how we choose to fulfill those needs. Some people may be happy with just security, comfort and leisure. Whilst others strive to fulfill all their needs.

For those who choose to fulfill only a few needs, they usually experience lots of fulfillment in one area of their life, such as comfort. However this is ultimately affected by the lack of fulfillment in other areas of their life, such as security.

For example, if all you are concerned about is comfort, and don't bother to get a job, ultimately your security will be threatened as you will no longer be able to pay the bills. Therefore in order to experience true fulfillment and satisfaction in life, it is essential to work on fulfilling all your basic needs.

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What Was Albert Einstein Thinking

(category: Success, Word count: 122)
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Albert Einstein once said, "You can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it."

To solve a problem you've obviously helped to create, you need to start with a new and fresh mind. For example, a woman thinks, "If I can change my job, my life will be better." Possibly. But life doesn't usually work that way. That woman is likely doing and thinking the same thoughts as always. Nothing new or fresh gets in. If you want to effect a change, get outside yourself and look at the situation with fresh eyes. See how you might assess your problem using a different mindset.

Try these six ways to think with a different mind

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Five Steps To Success In Everything You Do

(category: Success, Word count: 392)
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If you follow these 5 steps, no doubt you will get everything you want!

1.What you need first is to have a strong desire. A desire like a fire! Not like a little flame you have to stir to get some heat going. No, you need a strong desire, you must really want to have what you long for! If you want something badly, but you didn't get it until now, it is your desire was not strong enough! You must really feel the desire to have it in your bones, in your flesh, in your heart. The desire is the starting point, because without passion nothing can happen.

2.Now you need to set goals. Why? To know where to go! Without goals your desire will get you nowhere and you will turn around in circles like a dog who runs after his own tail. A goal gives you a reason, a purpose. The word goal means to GO ALl the way to get there! Your goal is your direction where your desire will take you. If you're able to see with your mind's eye what you want, you will have it. So the more details you see, the more concrete is your mental image, the more likely you will get exactly what you long for! Goals get your energy running. Goals generate the necessary activity to bring you towards the realization of your dream. A good goal is a statement of what you want, in a positive, clear, concrete way and with emotion (remember the fire! Without emotion, without fire, no outcome!). A goal should be written down, to give it more energy, and should be stated in the present time. You write your goal down as if you got it already. And start to act as if you were

already there!

3.You must believe in yourself. You must really be conscious of the fact that you are worth to have what you desire and that you are able to get it, that you got everything you need to realize your dream. Yes you can! Maybe you do not know for now how to get there, but believe in the fact that you will learn step by step how to do it and that you will be guided on your way by co

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Self Improvement What The Samurai Can Teach Us About It

(category: Success, Word count: 660)
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A Seventeenth Century Samurai maxim states:

"A man who has attained mastery of an art reveals it in his every action"

This saying is one of my personal favorites. There is so much depth to its meaning. Allow me to discuss it a little and explain how it will be able to benefit you.

First, a question: What is the single greatest thing that you can do with mastery and excellence? Don't say: "nothing." Everybody is good at something. Just think for a moment.

There will be one thing that you can do perfectly time and time again. It is the thing that is so ridiculously easy for you to do that you can do it with your eyes closed, almost standing on your head - so to speak. It may be a simple thing or it may be something quite complex, but whatever it is you make it look easy.

In fact, you are so good at it you make other people think that they can do it easily too - until they try. It might be a sport like tennis or something as mundane as making scones or cupcakes.

It's amazing how a champion tennis player can make the game look so simple. Or how a master cook can seemingly slap ingredients together and come up with an absolute masterpiece of culinary delight.

So what is it? What are you a master at? Keep that thing in mind while I diverge back to the samurai for a moment - a little bit of history.

The samurai lived by the sword and died by it. They were so adept at reading body movement that they were able to draw their swords and use them with deadly effect against opponents in the mere blink of an eye. Their observations and reflexes were finely honed, principally because their very existence depended on it. But did you know that they were able to transcend their ability with the sword into other arts? Many of them were also master poets. Others were highly skilled calligraphers. Others became very skilled in the art of the tea ceremony. Some became master carpenters.

Have you noticed how these "ancillary" skills are so diametrically opposed to their military expertise with the sword? So how and why did they engage in these things? Could it be that they were "balancing" their lives? Were they following the concept of "yin and yang?"

If you are not sure what yin and yang is I will outline it briefly for you. Basically, it a Japanese recognition of the duality of all things in nature. For instance, night and day, female and male, black and white and so on. Further, there is some night within day and some day within night and so on.

Time for another question. Are you so set in your ways that you refuse to develop other skills? Can you not broaden your horizons? Might you be able to "balance" your life a little more?

Think back to that one thing that you are able to do very well. Why not take that mindset and transfer it to something else? You can create a persona that shows other people that you are a special person. Others have done it. You even know them. Some of them might even be your close friends. They are the people who seem to be good at everything they turn their minds to. I'll bet you are thinking of somebody like that right now.

Now you know how they do it. They are using the samurai maxim.

And just to balance the genders (yin and yang):

"A woman who has attained mastery of an art reveals it in her every action"

Develop yourself. Improve your abilities. You can do it. All it takes is discipline and a willingness to expand your mind. The samurai did it. So can you.

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How To Know Whether You Will Be Successful Or Not

(category: Success, Word count: 515)
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Did you know that... you can instantly know whether you will be successful or not?

All of us want to be successful, but there is a big difference between what we want and what we have.

Today, I will give you the clue to know whether what you are doing now in your life will lead you to a successful future or not.

You will not be anymore moving around without confidence in what your future will be. You will know without any doubt whether you are on the right track or you are moving towards a disappointing future.

Here is the secret revealed by Michael Korda: "Your chances of success are directly proportional to the degree of pleasure you derive from what you do."

Yes, your success in life is measured by the degree of pleasure you are experiencing with what you are doing.

No real success can be achieved without loving what you do. You can only really excel when you love what you do, you can't achieve maximum performance until you love what you do, and you will not have enough motivation to persist on your goals without loving what you do.

If you hate what you do now, whatever it is, then you have very low chances of success.

Just think of it.

I know that you may tell me, "What can I do? I am in a college that I hate but must finish?" or "I have a job that I can't leave due to a lot of responsibilities; especially financial ones"

I agree with all of that and will not tell you to go now and leave what you are doing whatever it is because you will not be successful at the end.

What I want to tell you is that you must be on a path where you love what you do. And to do that you have to start now to define your life purpose.

Defining your life purpose is the first step towards a satisfactory and successful life. You have to know the path that will let you live with passion and make a difference to other people's life.

When you discover your life purpose you will have the power to do little changes, one at a time, until you are aligned with the right direction; the direction of your life purpose and your ultimate destiny.

You will not change your path in a night. But you can start now under your current situation doing the necessary preparation and doing very small changes that will build up and at a certain time with another small change you will be on the right track.

Here is the secret again "Your chances of success are directly proportional to the degree of pleasure you derive from what you do."

Past is past. Search for your life purpose now to survive your future and live with passion.

Don't you agree with me that you will only succeed when you do what you love?

My friend you can make a difference.

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Overcome The Number One Fear

(category: Success, Word count: 201)
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"Don't worry about what others think of you... They don't! They're too busy worrying about what you think of them." Rich DeVos

Fear of Failure Itself

It took me a long time to realize that the majority of fear is based on the possibilty of failure. The problem was never the fear itself, but what the fear made me feel. Imagined feelings that compounded the more I dwelled on them.

If you have ever pondered for long on something you fear you know the effect it can have. It doesn't take long for the irrational feeling of dread to take control. The more time spent dwelling on the negative, the further in despair you become.

How bad can it really be? What would happen if you spent as much time thinking positively about the obstacle. What if what made you fearful was really an opportunity to prove how powerful you are. Your fear is personal growth waiting to happen, you just need an attitude adjustment.

With the proper thinking, fear is only a challenge. In fact it can lead you to personal development that leads to a greater happiness and well being.

Keys to Conquering Fear

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Seize The Opportunity And Master Your Life

(category: Success, Word count: 443)
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Your life is essentially a movie. You've got lead characters, a supporting cast, dramatic events, and quite a few twists in the plot.

It's obvious you are the main character in your life movie. Just as important though, is you're the director. The director can either make the movie - or break it. Why? Because a director's job is to edit, review, and revise.

Sadly, many people have hired everyone else but themselves for the role. These people often end up a "victim of life." However, it's never too late to fire that guy and hire yourself!

As the director, you get the exciting opportunity to keep the things in your life you love, and change the things you're not so happy about. You get to add a little comedy, action, romance, adventure - whatever it takes to make a life-movie you're proud of.

Let's Talk Salary

Congratulations! You have just offered yourself the position of directing your life - and accepted it!

It's no wonder big-time, Hollywood directors make anywhere between $3,000,000 and $250,000,000 per movie! Yes, you read right - 3 to 250 million dollars. All that for a two hour movie.

Now let's apply that to you. As the director of your life (because it's a non-stop job), you will have directed 4380 2-hour movies. Just for fun, let's say you get paid a mere 2 million per movie. Your annual income would be $8,760,000,000,000!

OK, now let's be serious. If you're making a quality movie - one that you're proud of and audiences will love - don't you deserve to be paid for it? After all, if every movie of your life is filled with great things, not only do you improve your life, but your family's and those around you. You are truly making the world a better place.

Who's Going to Pay Me?

The realist in you is screaming this question at the top of its lungs. The answer: YOU. How? By investing in yourself. In your life movie, if it's your financial situation you're not satisfied with, start by finding another stream of income - preferably one that generates income 24 hours a day. If it's your health, make a change in your diet or exercise routine. Or maybe you don't feel there's enough time for you in your day. As the director, you get the authority to add some "you-time" in your schedule.

The common thread here is to try something new. You're going to keep getting what you've always gotten if you keep doing what you've always done. You're in charge!

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Self Improvement At Success University

(category: Success, Word count: 337)
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Almost everyone is striving to improve some facet of our lives whether it is our image, spirituality, financial status, health or just our self-respect. Billions of dollars each year are spent on weight control, stress management, health and wellness products, self-improvement resources, you name it. Over $8.5 billion a year and growing to be more explicit.

We constantly strive for more, or better. It is our desire to succeed that drives us.

There are Books, CD's, AudioCassettes, Infomercials, Seminars, even personal coaches. And how 'bout the hundreds and hundreds of motivational speakers. All, to help us achieve our goal to succeed. Whether we are striving to lose weight, get more exercise, improve our relationships or business skills, reduce stress or gain financial independence, there is some one or some thing out there to help us.

Another venue for self-improvement is the Internet. Many web sites are available to offer articles and self help guides. But, I would like to bring your attention to Success University. At SU, they have assembled over 50 of the most amazing minds on the planet who collectively have helped millions of people achieve astounding levels of success. Success University now brings you the most advanced online courses on SUCCESS ever assembled. You will soon discover the secret attitudes, techniques, methods and strategies that, when you learn, will skyrocket your success in virtually every area of your life.

Success University is also growing in momentum. Their "earn while you learn" program is unheard of in today's self-improvement market. Offering courses in Personal Development, Leadership, Motivation and Financial disciplines just to name a few. Success University also offers a 14-day free trial program, although they do request a $2 donation to "Feed the Children."

All in all, I believe that Success University is the best value. A free trial period, content, expert advice, and you can even make money while enrolled.

Wishing you well and much success,

Ray Skeen

Resources: World Fact Book, Market

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Lessons From Reality Tv A Peak Behind The Mask Of Humanity

(category: Success, Word count: 237)
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When Reality Shows first appeared on television they were a breath of fresh air from the same old formulaic programming that many of the networks had fallen into. Sitcoms had reaching the end of a creative cycle with the conclusion of Seinfeld, Friends, and Everybody Loves Raymond. Dramas were stagnating. The field was open for the new kid on the block.

Shows like Survivor, Amazing Race, The Bachelor and eventually The Apprentice grabbed viewers interest at an astonishing pace. The Reality Show format was so successful that not only were new ones coming out almost weekly but actors and producers of fictional shows were getting worried. As with all good things, excess spawned contempt and it wasn't long before all reality shows were painted with the same brush.

Quality programs endured the backlash and are still going strong. They help to inform as well as entertain millions of viewers weekly. Reality Shows give us a rare glimpse into the human psyche. We see people with their guard down, openly confessing their motives, inner thoughts and feelings. More than simply catering to the voyeuristic tendencies in us all, they help enlighten us.

Survivor is the grand daddy of Reality Shows. Who will ever forget the first season when Richard Hatch played the game brilliantly and showed us how manipulation and deviousness does get rewarded? For the na

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