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The Benefits Of Natural Vitamins And Supplements

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While there are many reports that have been released by health, nutrition and medical experts in the last several years that discuss the fact that a good number of men, women and children are obese and not eating properly, there is also a strong segment of the population that is concerned about their health and with nutrition issues. If you are a person who is concerned about what he or she eats, who is interested in understanding the connection between food and health, you will want to have some basic information about the basic benefits of natural vitamins and nutritional supplements.

Some research has suggested that synthetic chemicals that are utilized in more traditional forms of vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements can have some residual effects that might not be healthy over time. Therefore, a growing number of experts are suggesting that a person who is interested in the best possible effects from vitamins and supplements avoid synthetic products because of the potential long term effects that might be inherent in the use of synthetic products.

Another benefit of natural vitamins and supplements is found in the fact that they are absorbed into the body quicker and more readily than are synthetic counterparts. In addition to being absorbed into the body faster, natural products also are absorbed more fully into the body than are synthetic products, as a general rule. As a consequence, you will be able to obtain a greater benefit from a natural product than you might from a synthetic cousin.

While a more tradition, synthetic vitamin or nutritional supplement product might be less expensive, you may very well end up saving money over time. Because there is some evidence to suggest that natural products interact better and more fully with the body, you literally get more bang for your cash when you use a natural product. By developing more healthy living style, you will be sick less and may even avoid some major illnesses.

In the final analysis, if you are interested in developing a truly meaningful plan for healthy living, you will want to take in the best possible foods, beverages, vitamins and nutritional supplements. To this end, using natural products as opposed to chemicals and nutritional products will have more beneficial effects on a person's wellbeing and overall health.

As you go about considering vitamin and nutritional supplement choices, take the time to visit with your doctor or nutritionist to determine what products will best serve your particular needs.

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Vitamins Fat Or Water Soluble

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Vitamins are organic substances essential in small amounts for the body's normal growth and activity. They are obtained naturally from plant and animal foods. Vitamins have two classifications, fat- or water-soluble, depending on the materials in which they dissolve.

Fat-Soluble Vitamins:

Fat-soluble vitamins include A, D, E and K. These vitamins are stored in the body's fat tissues before they are absorbed in the blood stream. Because the body stores these vitamins, it is not always necessary to get a fresh supply each day. Caution should be used when taking fat-soluble vitamins to avoid the potential of harmful, toxic levels.

Fat-soluble vitamins are required for the maintenance of healthy bones, skin and hair and for bringing nourishment to the cells. Vitamin A is essential for vision, especially night vision. Vitamin K is essential for the formation of blood-clotting proteins.

The major dietary sources of these vitamins are green leafy vegetables, deep orange or yellow fruits and vegetables, cod liver oil, sardines, butter, egg yolks, fortified milk, almonds, wheat germ, peanut butter, corn oil, sunflower seeds, and liver.

Water-Soluble Vitamins:

Water-soluble vitamins include B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and vitamin C, as well as folic acid and biotin. Water-soluble vitamins, unlike fat-soluble vitamins, are not easily stored in the body and are often lost from foods in the cooking process. It is therefore important to include these vitamins in a daily dietary regimen.

B vitamins are involved in fat and protein breakdown. The B vitamins are required for healthy nervous system function, healthy skin, hair, eyes and liver function. Some of the B vitamins require other B vitamins to work correctly in the body.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is important to the body in the production of collagen, creating connective tissue and supporting our organs. Other functions include protecting the fat-soluble vitamins and preventing scurvy.

The major dietary sources of these vitamins are cereal grains, meat, poultry, eggs, fish, milk, legumes and fresh vegetables. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, guava, red bell pepper, papaya, orange juice, broccoli, green bell pepper, strawberries, cantaloupe, tomato juice, mango, potato,

cabbage, tomato, collard greens, spinach, Brussels sprouts, turnip greens, cauliflower, blackberries, and blueberries.

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Hair Growth Vitamins And Minerals

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There is some evidence from a few small studies that the western diet has changed significantly in the last 20 years and there are certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies likely to be found in a typical American diet.

There are nutrients and herbs that have the potential to affect hair growth in a positive or negative way.

There are three basic ways that nutritional diet vitamin supplements and amino acid supplements may act influence the hair follicles. The mineral rich and vitamin supplements may act directly on hair stimulating or inhibiting growth activity or they may act indirectly through other intermediaries. For example, a vitamin supplement or herb may influence the production of a hormone to which hair follicles are sensitive. This change in hormone activity in turn may change the activity of the hair follicles.

Some minerals and vitamins can influence the activity levels of another vitamin and minerals. For example, intake of lysine, vitamin B12 and vitamin C help in absorption of other factors like iron. It is worth bearing in mind that the complexity of the body means there are many potential interactions for even the simplest nutrient.

Vitamins for hair & hair growth

Since Vitamin C, helps the absorption of other factors, it is of some significance. Others are of secondary importance to hair growth like vitamin E. Vitamin E is necessary to provide good blood circulation to the scalp by increasing the uptake of oxygen. Not fundamentally required in a hair growth supplement, vitamin E is often present largely because people expect to see it in the ingredients - and the customer is always right!

Other common ingredients like the amino acids - L-Cysteine and L-methioine are of questionable value. Although they are fundamentally required for good hair growth, even a rather unhealthy diet should provide enough of these amino acids and supplementation is rarely required.

Vitamin supplements' vitamins

The supplement industry is worth several billion dollars a year and it is still growing rapidly. Vitamin supplements, mineral supplements and herbal supplements available on net come in all shapes and forms, many of which are specifically advertised to promote healthy hair growth.

These 'vitamin supplements' vitamins are marketed by different names such as liquid vitamin supplements, natural vitamin supplements, daily vitamin supplements, nutritional vitamin supplements and also by such names as mail order vitamin supplements or best vitamins supplements.

But the for the most part, with a few notable exceptions like vitamin A & Folic acid, taking these supplements probably does not harm hair growth. But whether they can really help promote hair growth depends on what the actual cause of the hair loss is and how the supplements or active ingredients in herbs interact with the hair follicles.

Vitamin and herbal supplements

To buy online health supplements or herbal treatment requires you to go for quality. Unfortunately there is no universal method by which quality supplements can be identified. So it is best to depend upon the natural vitamins supplements or fresh foods.

Typically, vitamins and minerals are most concentrated in fresh foods, the older the food is, and the more processed it is, the less nutritious it is. So in principle, the average diet of the early twenty first century may be more deficient in certain nutrients required for healthy hair growth compared to the average diet of the mid to late twentieth century, but it should be emphasized that vitamin and mineral deficiency is still rarely a cause of hair loss.

Hair loss vitamins & minerals

In other words, do not waste your time on searching for vitamin supplements on net unless you have a deficiency detected by a blood test. A comprehensive test for vitamin and mineral levels when one or more is suspected as a cause of hair loss would include; serum iron, serum ferritin, and total iron binding capacity, serum zinc. The deficiency which directly affects hair growth can be related to vitamin (H) biotin, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12. You can go for testing for others if they are on offer, but biotin and B6 testing is enough to cover 95% of vitamin deficiencies related to hair loss. And only when such a deficiency is detected by the tests that you need to buy and eat the 'vitamin supplements' vitamins. So the bottom line is that it is better to have the natural supplements through a balanced diet.

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New Effort To Verify Supplement Labels

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There's news that may make concerns about the safety of dietary supplements easier to swallow. While millions take them each year, many consumers don't realize that supplements, which include vitamins, minerals and other nutritional products, are not regulated by the government as stringently as medications.

Fortunately, steps are being taken to make sure that what's stated on the label is what's actually contained in the product.

To help consumers make good purchasing decisions, United States Pharmacopeia (USP), a leading organization that verifies dietary supplements, has created a program to help inform consumers who use dietary supplements.

The verification program evaluates and verifies dietary supplements according to stringent requirements for purity, accuracy of ingredient labeling and proper and sanitary manufacturing practices. Once supplements meet these requirements, USP allows manufacturers to prominently display the verified mark on the label.

The program assures consumers that a product:

(*) Contains the ingredients stated on the label;

(*) Has the declared amount of strength of ingredients;

(*) Will dissolve to release the contents of the dietary supplement for absorption into the body;

(*) Was tested for harmful contaminants, such as heavy metals, E-coli and pesticides; and

(*) Has been manufactured using safe, sanitary and well-controlled procedures.

Many believe USP is uniquely suited to verify dietary supplements since its public health mission is to create standards that help ensure the quality of prescription and over-the-counter medicines, dietary supplements and other health care technologies.

Once a product has been certified, the program will periodically conduct random tests on verified supplements to ensure that the products continue to meet the standards on an ongoing basis.

Dietary supplement products bearing the USP verification mark have appeared on retailer and pharmacy shelves since December 2002.

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Rosemary A New Treatment For Low Blood Pressure

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Rudolf Weiss, the German herbalist, has some interesting ideas on low blood pressure. He describes it as being simply an aspect of a more deep seated problem. He also believes that when people have low blood pressure but no symptoms, that it does not require treatment. I do not suggest that this should replace your doctor's advice though! But I find it interesting, as a possible complementary treatment option, to consider his view that low blood pressure is the product of a weak circulation. As such, gentle herbs that support circulation may be a useful adjunct to whatever other therapy is suggested.

He stresses the underlying factor of a regulatory imbalance. And he suggests herbs like rosemary, that have a tonic effect, would be a useful support. Particularly in times of mental or physical stress, or after surgery, or some other illness that may have weakened the body, like the flu. He does say that treatment should only be for a limited time. He makes the point that life insurance statistics indicate that people with hypotension on average live longer than people with blood pressure in the normal range. (Weiss, p185)

Rosemary is quite a diverse herb. It is used effectively for headaches, particularly migraine. The herbalist Michael Tierra writes that many headaches are caused by stomach problems, and that the volatile oils in rosemary have a very beneficial and calming effect on the stomach. Rosemary also contains salicylic acid, which is the precursor of aspirin. Though being in plant form it doesn't have the long term side effects.

Rosemary is excellent for the circulation, and is often prescribed by herbalists for circulatory weakness (Fisher & Painter). The active constituents known as the flavanoids are heart and blood vessel tonics. So, as well as hypotension, rosemary is suggested for poor circulation, hypertensive headaches, and arrhythmias.

Externally, rosemary spirit is used for rheumatic problems (Weiss). It can also be massaged into the heart area.

Another active constituent of rosemary is rosemarinic acid, which is a phenolic acid. Rosemarinic acid has an anti-inflammatory effect. A study found that a rosemarinic preparation was effective in treating allergic asthma. It has also been found to suppress synovitis in mice. Synovitis is an inflammation of the lining of the joints, with swelling, which is quite painful. It is involved in rheumatoid arthritis. Rosemarinic acid can also prevent the activation of prostacyclin and complement, which leads to hypotension (Fisher & Painter).

Overall, this suggests that scientific research supports the herbalist's uses of rosemary for hypotension, poor circulation, and rheumatic problems such as rheumatoid arthritis. One problem has been that products which contained rosemary had quite low concentrations, although some supplement manufacturers have begun to make a very concentrated rosemary product. Concentrations of rosemarinic acid in these range from 5% to 70%. And given that rosemarinic acid is an incredibly powerful antioxidant as well, this would make it a good choice for preventing heart disease.

References: 1.

2. C Fisher & G Painter, Materia Medica Of Western Herbs For The Southern Hemisphere

3. R Weiss, Herbal Medicine

4. M Tierra, Planetary Herbology

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Glyconutrients The Mystery Revealed

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I recently read a lengthy article on Glyconutrients. The author of the article (who shall remain nameless), incorrectly and falsely made statements about glyconutrients and cures.

The reality is that glyconutrients are GREAT; and they seriously help people that have compromised immune systems. Glyconutrients have the ability to feed our body at the cellular level. The end result of this is that your body acts and responds more efficiently. This means your body will naturally fight off and address current illnesses and ailments BETTER than if you did not take glyconutrients.

At this point in the research with glyconutrients, it is INCORRECT to make statements that glyconutrients heal. However, the research is far enough along that people who are battling auto immune disorders should SERIOUSLY consider taking glyconutrients.

My other beef with glyconutrient advertising is that it is NOT a silver bullet. There are many good things everybody should be doing for their bodies on a daily basis. These things are even more important when you are fighting a major autoimmune disorder.

For example, everybody should be doing the following:

Taking a good multivitamin

Drinking eight classes of water a day, preferably distilled.

Taking Co-enzyme Q10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid

Taking Priobiotics

Taking a high quality Vitamin C

Think about this. When your body is under stress; and it is failing to fight off a disease properly, wouldn't you want to give your body all the raw materials it needs to assist in the healing process? Glyconutrients are one MAJOR step in this process; but they are not the entire process.

My advice to people who are looking for ways to improve their health is TO DO THEIR homework first. Secondly, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Not all products and companies are the same. For example, there is only one glyconutrient on the market today that has 20 world wide patents and manufactures a complete glyconutrient supplement that contains all EIGHT sugars.

You can locate information about this glyconutrient at

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Natural Cholesterol Control Supplements

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The body needs cholesterol for digesting dietary fats, making hormones, building cell walls, and other important processes. The bloodstream carries cholesterol in particles called lipoproteins that are like blood-borne cargo trucks delivering cholesterol to various body tissues to be used, stored or excreted. But too much of this circulating cholesterol can injure arteries, especially the coronary ones that supply the heart. This leads to accumulation of cholesterol-laden "plaque" in vessel linings, a condition called atherosclerosis.

When blood flow to the heart is impeded, the heart muscle becomes starved for oxygen, causing chest pain (angina). If a blood clot completely obstructs a coronary artery affected by atherosclerosis, a heart attack (myocardial infarction) or death can occur.

Heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women in the United States. More than 90 million American adults, or about 50 percent, have elevated blood cholesterol levels, one of the key risk factors for heart disease, according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's National Cholesterol Education Program.

Cholesterol lowering supplements containing Policosanol or Red Yeast Rice are known to assist in lowering cholesterol levels.


Policosanol is a natural supplement derived from sugar cane. It is a mixture of eight higher primary aliphatic alcohols isolated and purified from sugar cane wax. One of the newest and more successful substances that benefits those suffering from high cholesterol is Policosanol, which is a safe and natural extract from sugar cane wax. It works by helping the liver control production and breakdown of cholesterol. Policosanol promotes healthy platelet function and helps to maintain cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range.

Red Yeast Rice is the product of yeast ( Monascus purpureus ) grown on rice, and is served as a dietary staple in some Asian countries. It contains several compounds collectively known as Monacolins, substances known to inhibit cholesterol synthesis. Red Yeast Rice is proposed to be a mild aid for gastric problems (indigestion, diarrhea), blood circulation and spleen and stomach health.

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Moringa Leaf Powder The World S Greatest Unknown Supplement

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There is no doubt that the pure Moringa Tree leaf is the source of incredible health benefits. It's the ultimate, natural, organic, energy and endurance health supplement. There are plenty of studies that describe these benefits and the pure, powdered, moringa leaf is the most potent part of the plant.

India's ancient tradition of ayurveda medicine sites 300 diseases that are treated with the leaves of the Moringa tree. Gram for gram, Moringa leaves contain:

7 times the vitamin C in oranges

4 times the calcium in milk

4 times the vitamin A in carrots

2 times the protein in milk

3 times the potassium in bananas

Moringa Tree Leaf is organic and absolutely safe. There are no known side effects. It's gentle enough to be given to babies in Africa to overcome malnourishment. It's one of the most secret performance enhancing products taken by athletes today who ingest mega-doses that help them physically and mentally. It's great for people of all ages, especially oldsters who are losing their alertness.

Although there have been references to the Moringa Tree that go back a couple thousand years, and the World Health Organization has been studying and using the plant for the last forty years as a low cost health enhancer in the poorest countries around the world, there is a reason why the moringa leaf is still relatively unknown.

The sale of all forms of vitamins, minerals, and health supplements is a big business. If you were a company selling hundreds of nutritional products, why would you sell one product that could potentially wipe out all your other products! This would be true for the pharmaceutical

industry as well. These industries, with huge marketing budgets, would rather the general public remains ignorant about the moringa leaf.

Soothing Moringa helps lower blood pressure and is a sleep aid. Its detoxifying effect may come from Moringa's ability to purify water. Moringa acts as a coagulant attaching itself to harmful material and bacteria. It is believed that this process takes place in the body as well.

The result is long-lasting energy without hyperactivity, a nerve system at rest, a blood system not under pressure, and a gland and hormone system in balance. Here are some of the uses around the world for the fantastic Moringa Leaf:

Detoxification - Studies have shown Moringa's ability to remove hazardous materials from water.

Antibiotic - Moringa is used as a topical treatment for minor infections. Its antibiotic property is identified as Pterygospermin, a bacterial and fungicidal compound. Studies have shown an agueous extract made from seeds was

equally effective against the skin infecting bacteria Staphylococcus aureus as the antibiotic Neomycin.

Skin Treatment - Moringa has great healing benefits for the skin, curing cuts, scrapes, sores, and rashes as well as cracking and other signs of aging.

Diabetes - An extract from the Moringa leaf has been shown to be effective in lowering blood sugar levels within 3 hours of ingestion, though less effectively than the standard hypoglycemic drug, glibenclamide. The effects increased with larger doses.

The most popular way of using Moringa is as a tea or a spice in cooking. But the most potent way to ingest it is through capsules that are readily available on the internet by searching under "Moringa Tree Leaf Capsules."

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Supplement Your Diet With Vitamin B12

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Lack of a proper blood level in human beings is the major cause of the condition known as anemia.

Shortage of blood means erythrocytes or red blood cells will not be produced in the correct quantity.

The anomaly can be rectified with diets. Specifically, diets containing large amount of Vitamin B12 (cobalamin).

Studies show that some cases of Vitamin B12 anemic condition can lead to permanent brain damage.

The good news however, is vitamin B12 is present in almost all varieties of foods.

So long as you eat meat regularly, even just once a week, you are getting vitamin B12 in your diet.

Eggs, cheese, and dairy products are other examples of foods that contain this essential nutrient.

For vegetarians, fortified cereals and soy products offer plenty of vitamin B12.

But tarry a while, experts say the class of people most susceptible to low level of vitamin B12 intake are vegetarians.

The reason?

These people do not eat any kind of animal products. And some, apart from their disdain of animal products, do not eat fortified grains or cereals.

It is highly recommended that vegetarians should take vitamin B12 supplements regularly to compensate for its absence in their diets.

Don't be among those who live under the illusion that certain vegetables have vitamin B12. The fact is only one plant has been proven to have a form of vitamin B12 that can be utilized by humans.

That plant is a Chinese herb known as Dang Guy. And it is not available in appreciable quantity everywhere.

So most vegetarians don't really have any option than to take supplements.

The decision to change your diet to that of a vegetarian is not one only you can make. It's a good idea to talk it over with your physician.

If you've been a vegetarian for sometime and haven't had a medical check up and a blood test, then it's about time you go in for one as soon as possible, even if you are feeling fine.

This is because vitamin B12 deficiency can take years to develop, and by the time you start to experience the anemia symptoms, you might already be in danger of permanent brain damage.

People, who due to surgery have had parts of their stomach removed are also very susceptible to deficiency of vitamin B12.

The parietal cells in your stomach (the same one that produces the acid which aids digestion) also produces a glycoprotein called "intrinsic factor". This "factor" must be present in the body for vitamin B12 to be absorbed.

In the absence of the intrinsic factor, you will require diets that contain a large quantity of vitamin B12 to avoid anemia.

People in this situation should also take vitamin B12 rich foods like liver for instance, to get the right amount of the nutrient.

If these suggestions don't appeal to you, then you can take vitamin B12 injections.

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