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The Woman In The Mirror My Personal Story

(category: Time-Management, Word count: 638)
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How many times have you looked in the mirror and seen something you don't like? It happens to the best of us, we get caught up in what we 'should' look like. Thighs are too big, hair is too straight, too many freckles, breasts are too small... the list could go on, and for many of us it does. The question is, are you loving who you are and keen to further improve yourself, or are you getting caught in the old "I'll be happy when..."? "I'll be happy when I weigh only X kg", "I'll be happy when I get a boob job", I'll be happy when I have this or that done".

The truth is that happiness isn't a place, person, operation, destination or weight goal. Happiness is a feeling, and it's entirely within our control as to if, and when, we feel it or not. The challenge many of us face is that we're always searching for something externally to make us feel good rather than finding it within.

I know this, because I spent most of my life not liking what I saw in the mirror. I was Bulimic for 8 years and ALWAYS thought I was too fat. It wasn't until I was looking back in hindsight, that I realised my problems never had anything to do with my weight. I'm 5'2? and at my very heaviest I was only 55kg (121lb), but I thought I was a huge, hideous monster. I was never happy unless I was down to 48kg (106lb), which - funnily enough - only seemed to happen when I was even more depressed, or on the 'break up diet' when I'd split with a partner. Most of the time I was never more than about 50kg (110lb) yet I absolutely believed that I would only be happy when these last 2kg (4.4lb) had dropped.

2kg? How could 2 measly kilograms really dictate whether or not I was happy? From the outside in, it was easy to see that I had a problem unrelated to my weight, but as the person experiencing this, it was all I could think about. In fact 'think' is too mild a word. I was obsessed. I would starve myself for days, only to binge on huge amounts of food which I would then purge, several times a day. This was a destructive, cyclic pattern and it was ruining my life, my relationships and my health. Even now, years later, my digestive system doesn't function properly and I have irrepairable damage to my teeth from all the purging.

I tried everything I could think of to make the changes I knew I needed. I went to counselors, support groups, psychiatrists, nutritionists, everything... you name it, I tried it. What I hadn't tried at that point, is to truly understand that I needed to fall in love with me, just the way I was. When I was 26, I started working one on one with Nina, a very intuitive life coach who helped me search inside myself to find the answers I was looking for.

There were many months of tears, frustration and soul searching... but eventually there was peace. I was able to understand why I was using food as an emotional crutch and what the real cause of my behaviour was. You see, the eating disorder was simply a vehicle for dealing with the real issues, and once I knew what they were, I was able to address them directly.

Today I am happy, healthy and loving who I am. I'm still human, I still have bad days, and I still have an 'ideal weight' that I'd like to get to... but it doesn't dictate my life and I love myself regardless... squishy bits and all.

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Expressing Gratitude The Key To Success

(category: Time-Management, Word count: 455)
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Those who are interested in using the power of attraction to their benefit already know they need to be ready to accept what is attracted to their new found positive way of thinking. However, opening your eyes to all the opportunity around you can be difficult, especially if you live a busy life. Really engaging with the process of recognizing and expressing gratitude will allow you to systematically become aware of where all your gifts have come from in the past and, give you ideas where to look for future gifts.

It is not that the Universe requires you to make some sort of penance for your success - it's not a punitive system. However, just like training negativity out of your mind, training yourself to be a "receiver" requires a systematic approach to retraining your mind into new patterns of thought. Whether it's slouching or constantly focusing on what you don't want, retraining your self to see what is available to you from all possible angles is a skill that can only be acquired through practice.

Consider how improbable it is that you've come even this far. Not only do you have your parents to thank for actually being here in the first place, but there are no doubt a great many people that made it possible for you to the curious, thinking person you are today. The act of thinking back on your life and just realizing the monumental contributions others have made towards even your most modest successes is just as valuable as actually acknowledging and feeling sincere gratitude.

Even if the person in question was, "just doing their job," you know you'd not be even as far as you are today if they hadn't done their job that day or that year. Our society is an interconnected web of billions of people doing their jobs. Now, imagine how many more ties there are between people on a more fundamental level.

Thankfully, being grateful is easy. We attract opportunity to ourselves, first by thinking positively about what we want but more fundamentally; opportunities are created when someone feels good about you. Telling someone you appreciate how his or her efforts have helped you out is a powerful way to become someone that people want to help out.

Therefore, the power that is inherent when you practice sincere gratitude is two-fold. Firstly, you'll learn to spot benefit where you may not have even recognized it before. It will allow you to be more proactive about seizing opportunities as they arise. Secondly, letting people know you appreciate them will re-enforce the existing energetic connection between yourself and others who can help you in realizing your goals.

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Spirituality Information John Harricharan S Interview With Terri Marie Q8

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Terri Marie: Wow John, you just answered about three of my questions all-in-one. I was going to ask you, how you guide yourself, what you tell yourself, but you just answered so beautifully and I know that when people go to the Spiritual simplicity site, there will be a lots of resources, when they do get feeling down and need a little help, because we all need a little help somewhere along the path. If there were - I've got a little bit different question for you now, John.

John Harricharan: Okay.

Terri Marie: And I know your answer could be anywhere, I just can't wait to hear what you have to say.

A. Vishwanath: Me too.

Terri Marie: If there were a John Harricharan university, what courses would be required?

John Harricharan: I would think - now I must admit this is unique. I have never, never had that question. And so you got me there for a while. To form the curriculum, I would have to sit with my counsel of advisors, who would be possibly a whole bunch of discarnates and then invisibles and the few from earth life 21st century. But we'd have to think very carefully because I think there will be certain courses that would be extremely, extremely required for graduation. One is "Silence 203?, there would be a "Prayer 101?, there would be "Understanding 401? because that's a senior level course.

Terri Marie: Okay.

John Harricharan: We really don't get there until we are about ready to graduate and then we say my goodness. If I knew what I know now, if I knew it when I was in my 20s or 30s or in my teens, what a different life it would be that's precisely why you don't take that course until much later you were supposed to evolve into it. But there are certain ones like "Prayer 101? Silence, whatever number I gave it...

Terri Marie: 102 maybe?

John Harricharan: Yeah.

A. Vishwanath: 203.

Terri Marie: Yeah. Okay. Vish is writing them down.

John Harricharan: "Compassion 201? or and "Compassion 202?, that's a one year course and this is a four-year University you're talking about. And there would be "Tolerance 101? because that's one of the first ones we need to do, to be able to tolerate every different idea not to agree with them. But to look at them and say maybe, maybe there is something there, and tolerate them, which means, Every branch of Hinduism, every branch of Islam, every branch of Sikhism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism or atheism and to look at the person and say that's only a belief, that's only a structured belief, but who is this person, who has this beliefs?

And this person is that shining light, remember the little drop of water in the wave in the ocean? That's what that person is and that person is connected to me through eternity, through all time and all space. And if I don't understand that person I cannot understand me, which brings "Understanding" and a course "Life sacrifice", which means not sacrificing comfort, but sacrificing ideas, which we don't need any longer, when you cut your finger nails, clip your finger nails or have a haircut, you are not sacrificing the hair on your head or your finger nails.

You are just evolving you are just growing because you don't need that piece of nail or that hair any longer. So we get rid of out worn ideas and to teach those things at the university make elective classes also where one could take walk on water, that's a post graduate course. You don't get there until you do all the others and you might say well, see, I want to be able to walk on water. Well, when I was a little boy when I was five or six years old, I would see the guy who was driving the bus on the main road and say I want to drive that bus, I want to be just like that man. Naturally there came a time when I could have done that and went way beyond to being just a bus driver.

So this is how we will evolve into it, you will get to the walk on water course. So after you've done all the others, because it comes naturally, one leads to the other. So that's the university, that's quite a thought you have there, Terri Marie I might have to explore that a little bit more and to talk to my friend Vish about, "hey how about a university?

Terri Marie: Yes expanding the site.

John Harricharan: Yeah. A university without walls, where we do give these courses, where there will be lectures, where I will give just like a professor, give a lecture and there will be assignments and they are all self-directed anyway. And then after so many courses and so forth some one will have an invisible degree, which is called A Life Degree.

Terri Marie: I love that, John.

A. Vishwanath: That's a terrific, you know, school of thought.

Terri Marie: Right. Right. Well today John, a lot of people think to be really concerned about the time that we have

John Harricharan: We're hearing.

Terri Marie: Hello. Oh that's a nice music. Anyway we were talking about music.

John Harricharan: I just think they are telling us that our time for the interview is about over.

Terri Marie: Is it over, Vish?

A. Vishwanath: Yeah. No, I don't know where is it coming from actually.

Terri Marie: Okay. Well it's just one of that, we were talking about getting a degree and maybe this is a celebration to it.

John Harricharan: Well, it's a wonderful way any way to say good-bye to all of you. And we can continue this again when we don't have the music.

Terri Marie: Okay. Thank you so much, John. Thank you, Vish. I am very, very pleased with all your answers and so happy that you are both putting this site together "Spiritual Simplicity".

John Harricharan: Thank you very much.

A. Vishwanath: Yeah. Thanks, Terri and thanks, John for being part of it. Thank you very much.

Terri Marie: You're welcome. Bye.

John Harricharan: Bye.

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The Secret When You Can Walk On Water Take The Boat Part 31

(category: Time-Management, Word count: 165)
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"You can interrupt me at anytime and ask questions. Don't be afraid to speak. Because I am God, I don't become offended or feel insulted.I wish my children would interrupt me more often. Now, as I was saying, in this world of change you have chosen to be here... ."

"Chosen to be here, Lord? How could we possibly have chosen to be born?"

"Do you think for one instant that you appeared out of nothingness into the body you currently have? No, you existed before and will continue to exist after your body is gone. And as to the choosing process... ."

I interrupted Him again. "Pardon me, but are you saying that we were living, thinking beings before we were born? And that we chose to be here? I mean, how come we don't remember?"

"First," God answered, "If you insist on the framework of time as you understand it

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Treat Snoring Without Surgery

(category: Time-Management, Word count: 594)
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Snoring is an inconvenience and a health hazard for both the snorer, and his or her spouse. Many people will turn to surgery in a desperate attempt to cure the snoring, but non-surgical treatments are available.

While undertaking any non-surgical treatment for snoring, it's important to establish a baseline to measure the effectiveness of the treatment. This can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Those with willing partners to assist them can ask for feedback as to whether or not they notice an improvement once a treatment is under way. Those who live alone can make nightly recordings to assess the effectiveness of any treatments they try.

Drug treatments fall into three groups. The first works to stimulate respiration, the second opens the airways and the third works to keep the patient from entering REM sleep. All stages of sleep have been proven to benefit health and well being, so one must question the validity of taking a drug that interferes with natural sleep patterns.

Some over-the-counter decongestant inhalers can be beneficial in keeping nasal passageways open. Simple saline nasal sprays will work to keep the mucous membranes moist and unclogged, thus reducing vibration noise.

People who sleep on their backs are more likely to snore; so numerous devices have been designed to manipulate the sleeping position.

Specially designed pillows force the snorer to sleep on his or her side. Snoring balls can be useful if you try sleeping on your side but always roll to your back. This little wonder is sewn into a pocket on the back of a pyjama shirt, making it uncomfortable to sleep on your back. Snoring balls can be purchased in stores, or fashioned from materials readily available in the home. Sleep position monitors are also available. These electronic devices emit a beeping alarm when the sleeper rolls from back to side. The premise is that the snorer becomes conditioned to sleeping on his or her side.

Nasal strips applied externally to the nose will act to widen the nasal passages. Athletes also use nasal strips to improve their respiratory efficiency. Another device based on the same principle is a dilator. This plastic or metal coil is inserted into the nostrils before sleep, keeping the nasal passages open during sleep. Both of these gadgets seem to cut down on the vibratory noise of snoring.

There is a huge market of appliances devised to help desperate snorers. Other choices include oral appliances, tongue trainers and even a little device that emits an electric shock when it senses snoring.

Diet and food allergies or intolerances can also contribute to snoring. Allergies can cause mucous membranes to become inflamed and congested. The congestion blocks the airway and snoring occurs. Some people have reported that avoiding dairy products can improve snoring, while others have found that vitamin C can worsen their condition.

Weight is another contributing factor to snoring. There is a direct link between snoring and obesity or even excess weight. Once other underlying causes can be ruled out, weight loss should be the first treatment considered for snoring. Of course, reduced snoring is only one of countless benefits you'll receive from attaining a healthy weight.

Finally, avoiding alcohol and sedatives can greatly improve a snoring problem, as these substances can cause tissues to relax and obstruct the airways.

While immediate surgery might seem like the alternative to a snorer, or a snorer's bedmate, there are many alternative treatments to consider before going under the knife. Ask you doctor which treatment option might be best for you.

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What Is Trypanophobia Are You Afraid Of Injections

(category: Time-Management, Word count: 503)
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The fear of injections is called trypanophobia. This is not too uncommon. This fear can be related to needle phobia which is actually the fear of needles, only it involves actual penetration through the skin. This was officially recognized as a specific phobia in 1994 in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, 4th edition.

Types of Trypanophobia

Since trypanophobia is broadly classified as a fear of injections, there are actually four forms of this fear of injections. The four forms of trypanophobia are vaso-vagal, associative, resistive and hyperalgesic.

Vaso-Vagal Trypanophobia

A majority of the trypanophobes are classified under vaso-vagal. These are the people who have a fear of feeling, seeing or even thinking about needle-like objects. There are several changes that can occur because this fear of injections. Normally, the physical effects that they experience their blood pressure decrease or fainting. Physiological changes include panic attacks, sweating, nausea, ringing in their ears, feeling faint or turning pale at the moment that they are injected.

The dangerous thing about this is the fact that it can actually kill a person. This is because it can greatly and directly affect your heart rate and blood pressure which can cause severe shock leading to death.

Associative Trypanophobia

This type of fear of injections is the next most common trypanophobia. The needle phobes affected by this type is around 30%, while Vaso-Vagal trypanophobes are averaging about 50%. This is cause by a traumatic experience with a needle, directly or indirectly involving the trypanophobe. It could have occurred during a medical procedure that was extremely painful, or by witnessing someone who went through a painful event dealing with injections.

Associative trypanophobia is more of a psychological illness than physiological. The person classified under this type of fear of injections is more likely to feel anxiety and panic attacks. There are instances where they can be preoccupied with upcoming procedures dealing with getting injected, even leading to insomnia.

Resistive and Hyperalgesic Trypanophobia

These last two types of fear of injections take up the rest of the 30% of needle phobes, with resistive trypanophobia at 20% and hyperalgesic at 10%.

Resistive trypanophobia involves fear of injections but also being restrained or controlled. This normally comes from poor handling of needle procedures or repressive upbringing with forced restraint. Someone who has been deemed "hysterical" might experience this if they have to be handled in a forceful manner by being given a sedative via syringe.

Hyperalgesic is the fear of injections that does not really involve faring the actual needle. A person with this fear has probably inherited hyperalgesia which is extreme sensitivity to pain. The thought of getting an injection is extremely unbearable to them, let alone experiencing it.

Overcoming fear like this is one accomplishment and with the option of hypnosis, one should be able to get over the fear of injections. The process of hypnosis is by changing the way one is thinking and relaxation means to provide the necessary solution.

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Personal Development Courses Target More Than You D Think

(category: Time-Management, Word count: 485)
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When you think about personal development courses, you may think they are pretty cut and dry. You might think you already know everything a personal development coach would have to share with you. But, you are probably wrong!

Today's personal development courses cover much more than just how to feel good about yourself. Sure, having a high self-esteem can be extremely useful in life and in business, but today's courses go much further into detail. The details you can pick up from these courses are invaluable.

The truth is that when it comes to the subject of personal development, there are many forms. In each person, there are hundreds of things that could be worked on to develop them more. Various people have different needs in life and in business. Some people feel confident about public speaking, but don't feel confident about their motivation levels. Others may hate speaking in front of people, but can motivate greatly in smaller groups. There are personal development courses for everyone.

Take a look at some of the topics covered by many personal development courses:

1) Interview Anxiety: If you are trying to get a new job, a loan, or even a promotion, this could help you feel comfortable in delivering yourself in an interview.

2) Public Speaking: Programs that focus on this aspect will help you learn to relax and enjoy your experiences with public speaking.

3) Concentration: When you are focused, and able to retain your focus, great things can happen. These programs will help you learn to tune all outside noise out and keep your eye on your task and goal.

4) Creativity Help: The programs that include training in this will help you learn what you specifically need to boost your own personal creativity levels. Tips and tools will be shared that you can use in everyday life.

5) Self-Belief: If you don't have faith in yourself, no one else will have faith in you either. This will help you realistically see and utilize your abilities.

6) Problem Solving: One of the most important aspects of business is learning to effectively problem solve. Using the skills you already naturally possess, you can learn to be a great problem solver.

7) Decision Making: Being indecisive can be a major flaw in life and in business. This teaches you how to make a decision without needing loads of time or energy.

Various personal development courses target different needs, therefore finding one that suits you may take some searching. However, they are all quite valuable in life and in business. Any personal development course you choose to take will offer you information you can take and use immediately in your relationships with others. The lessons learned can pertain to both personal situations and business situations. They can help you become more successful and happier than you'd ever thought possible.

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Look Good Feel Good

(category: Time-Management, Word count: 473)
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I'm telling you, there really is something to this mind/body connection thing. Controlling how you feel can sometimes seem like an impossible task. When we are down, angry, indifferent, lazy, our posture takes on a totally different form. Our body reflects our inner mood. Wouldn't it be great if we could change those states and be fired up, upbeat, positive, more happy! Well its hard to keep it all together sometimes but we do have control over our emotions.

One trick I have discovered is that you can change your mood by changing your clothes. There is this one outfit I own that just makes me feel like a rock star. Everything about my posture, outlook and state changes every time I wear this outfit out. Its almost like putting on a mask or assuming a different role in this crazy play called life. Of course this is only good for the weekends. But I got to thinking maybe other outfits in my wardrobe can be used for other moods. And so now I'm building up a collection of mood clothes such as serious, focused, productive, handy, social, etc. Its good to know that your outlook on life is within your own control and that a walk to your closet can mean a change of state.

I encourage you to try this out but start slow. Its better to buy new outfits and associate them with new feelings than to try to use older stuff in your closet. Also you must make a commitment to make the desired feeling real. The first couple of times I wore my rock star clothes I made sure I was going out to have a great time. Recently I got this new stylish pinstripe shirt that I wear when I need to be extra productive. I take it and my laptop to the posh library downtown and just get to work.

You maybe saying its not the shirt but your actions that make you feel that way, but really I don't care as long as I get results. Yes it does take a little effort at first or luck to associate the right feelings with a new outfit but once its locked you can take it easy a bit. Last weekend I really was not in the party mood but once I put on my rock star outfit on, I couldn't help but feel outrageous and ready for fun. All the previous positive experiences just overwhelmed me when I slip that bad boy on.

So try associating some great positive moods to your new and stylish clothes. Make dressing up a statement of your style but also something that can benefit you personally by enhancing your mood. Look good - feel good. This direct positive mind/body link is amazing and works every time.

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The Secret Collection Of Inspirational Quotes Part 8

(category: Time-Management, Word count: 316)
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We come closest to God at our lowest moments.It's easiest to hear God when you are stripped of pride and arrogance, when you have nothing to rely on except God.It's pretty painful to get to that point, but when you do, God's there.

- Terry Anderson

If there were wisdom in beards, all goats would be prophets.

- Armenian Proverb

Religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell; spirituality is for those who have been there.

- Member of Alcoholics Anonymous

The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts.

- John Locke

Know a horse by riding him; a person by associating with him.

- Japanese Proverb

The dead take to the grave, clutched in their hands, only what they have given away.

- DeWitt Wallace

He who giveth to the poor lendeth to the Lord.

- Dutch Proverb

Remember my unalterable maxim, "When we love, we always have something to say."

- Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

Let your hook be always cast; in the pool where you least expect it, there will be a fish.

- Ovid

Common sense is instinct, and enough of it is genius.

- Josh Billings

There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer; no disease that enough love will not heal; no door that enough love will not open . . . It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble; how hopeless the outlook; how muddled the tangle; how great the mistake. A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all. If only you could love enough you would be the happiest and most powerful being in the world.

- Emmet Fox

The more faithfully you listen to the voice within you, the better you will hear what is sounding outside. And only he who listens can speak.

- Dag Hammerskj

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