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Using Online Forums To Promote Website Traffic

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Many web users frequently involve themselves in at least one online forum. Online forums are a great way to connect with others on a more personal level. Some forums are very informal and involve discussion on everyday issues, while others are more informational. If you are trying to find free ways to advertise your own website, using online forums to promote website traffic is a great idea. There are several ways you can use online forums to promote website traffic. You should carefully consider the various different approaches and how you want your company to be viewed before using a forum as a means of advertising.

The easiest way you can use an online forum to promote your website, is by simply adding a link to your website in your forum "signature". Many forums allow each member to create a "signature" that is added to the bottom of each of their posts. If you include your website address, it is likely that others you chat with in the forums will become more familiar with the website name and probably even check it out. This is one of the most reserved ways to promote website traffic in online forums. This is a great option for someone who does not want to be as pushy about the advertising aspect. You can be more natural with the ad delivery by using forums in this manner. You can even begin visiting forums that you usually don't, just to get your "signature" out there more frequently across the web. Many blogs also allow comment sections where you can leave your website in your "signature", so take advantage of these avenues as well.

You can also simply post advertisements into online forums. This is a more direct way of reaching those that read the forum. It is free indeed, however you need to be aware of a few things before using this approach. First, some online forum moderators do not allow direct advertisements on their boards. They usually don't do this to be mean or unreasonable; they do it to avoid the entire forum being filled with advertisements. It is possible that you may be able to sneak an advertisement in without being scolded, but it is better to follow the rules.

Another thing to consider when using direct advertisements in online forums is that the entire approach may seem a little pushy. Many people consider online forums as a place that is personal and free from annoying ads. Therefore, they may not respond well to a direct advertisement as they may see it as being made by an intruder that is not part of the normal forum "family". Being bold enough to go this route however will most definitely give your site more traffic, because some of the readers will be prompted to check out more information from your post.

When deciding to use online forums to promote website traffic you need to consider what types of forums would be most appropriate for your posts. You can certainly use forums that you regularly comment within, even if they have nothing to do with your website. People who are use to seeing your comments will likely respond warmly to your website just because they consider you familiar. In addition to your regular forums, consider searching for forums that have some sort of a link to the content on your website.

For example, if you have a website about exercise, consider looking for a fitness forum to post within. After posting at the sites that are directly related to the content of your website, consider going to those that are somewhat related. Using the same example for the exercise website, consider also posting on sites that are about overall health or dieting. This will attract a broader audience. Overall, the more people you reach with your use of online forums to promote website traffic, the more positive results you will see. Using forums are perfect for those on a tight budget who still want to promote their site. Just be sure to consider forum rules and choose an appropriate approach before posting. You don't want to ruin your website's reputation or even the reputation of your business.

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8 Surefire Ways To Advertise Your Web Site For Free

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Can you ever avail of free website promotion? Is that even feasible?

Of course yes! Nowadays, your baby website can amass huge traffic in no time thanks to free website promotion.

How does this free website promotion go anyway? What are things to be done?

1. Enlist your website.

Look for the hottest Internet directories and enlist your site there. This is the easiest and most effective free website promotion tactic. Start with this step and the rest of the good things will follow.

Just don't forget to prep your website and make it all spruced up for a higher chance to get accepted in your directory of choice.

2. Know your forums.

One reason why forums are created is for free website promotion for everyone. Log in, post actively, let them know about your site in every post and you attract instant visitors right there.

3. Write a press release.

Release your writing prowess and start up a press release that advertises your site! This is a free website promotion tactic that you can do anytime. Type a brief paragraph or two and email it to your friends, colleagues, internet e-zines, newspapers and other media and massive traffic will come to you pronto!

4. Be friendly online.

Free website promotion means you need to be friendly to other webmasters. Why, you ask? So they can link you immediately! Establish contacts and never tire of link requests and exchanges.

5. Write an article.

Say, your website is about your travel agency. Write an article about the perks of traveling or the hottest travel spots in the world. On the concluding paragraph, mention your website in passing. This article works as an advertorial and doubles as a free website promotion approach.

6. Just let the whole world know about your site.

What is free website promotion without the word of mouth? Insert your website, its URL and features in daily conversations and let the good news spread from one mouth to another!

7. Make a banner ad.

Make a banner ad for your site and ask another webmaster to do the same for his site. Then swap!

8. Take up a free website promotion course online.

Yes, there are free website promotion tutorials. But don't you know that you can actually take a free website promotion course that can help you out further? Part of the free website promotion program is signing up for newsletters.

When you make a website, you need not pay anything to promote it. You just read it - there is such a thing as free website promotion!

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How To Jam Your Website With Traffic

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"Traffic! Traffic! I need traffic to my website! I have been trying so hard to write articles and submit them to article directories but still can't see traffic flowing in to my website. Why?"....hear the screaming voice of many website owners who are hungry of internet traffic.

"Article" had been recognized as internet #1 marketing strategy and the most effective way to generate tons of traffic to a website. You heard about this statement before and putting a lot of efforts to write "articles" and working very hard to submit them to many article directories which you can find from internet; while waiting for your articles to be approved by these article directories, you start to imagine with smiling face:

"If those 200 articles directories which I submitted with my 3 articles, each one bring me 200 internet traffic to my website, then I will have 120,000 targeted traffic and If 10% of those visitors buy my product or click on my Adsense ads, then I will earn $$$.........".

You wait with patient and with full of hopes for your articles to be approved and drive tons of internet traffic to your website. Finally, your articles are lived on internet and you start to monitor your website internet traffic from time to time. This is the situation you may face:

Day one: 0 visitor drop by to your website. You give yourself an excuse that it only one day you articles live on internet, let wait for some times.

Day Two: again 0 visitors.

Day three has two visitors; day four has 3 visitors; day five has none by day past.....where are those 120,000 targeted traffic? You wonder!

This time failed never mind, you try the same process again: Writing a few articles, submit them to hundreds of article directories, waiting with hopes for approval, monitor your website traffic from time to time.

"What's goes wrong.....why my articles can't drive traffic to my website?" This must be the questions come up to your mind after a few failures. If this is your case, the first thing that you need to do is review your articles. Are your articles attractive enough to lead your article readers to complete reading your article and curious enough to get further information by visiting your website through the link from your article.

In order to drive traffic to your website using articles, these steps must happen:

1. Internet surfer looks for information from internet or ezines directories. Hundreds or thousands of search results or related articles list up for the internet surfer to choose from; he or she will selectively click on the links from search results based on the summary of each search result or article which he or she thinks the links will bring him or her to the useful information he/she needs.

At this first step, you need to have an eye catching article title and summary which will draws the attention of your potential website visitors.

2. Next, your article needs to drive your readers to complete reading your article and create the anxiousness to get more or further information by visiting your website. According to the experts, good articles are articles which can connect to your audience with emotion beside provide them with necessary information.

Facts and Statistics are fine but what makes us take action is emotion. If your articles are all fact and create no emotion then who cares about going on to find more dry facts at your web site. Your articles will fall into the depths of article directories everywhere and be a big fat waste of your time and efforts.

There are many tips and tricks available from internet on how to write a killer article that will flood your website with traffic. Simply search on this article directory with keyword "Killer Article" or "Quality Article" will give you many results with useful information.

If there is a need, you might want to get help from a professional writer to write you a quality article and private label it to yours for submission. There are many good writers around where you can use their service; off course fee normally incur, but it's may gives you a good return in investment (ROI).

Do waste your time just to write articles but put your effort to write quality articles. It's true that "Article" is the internet #1 marketing strategy. Just good & bad articles that make the different.

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Stealth Web Advertising Tactics Of Illegal Sites

(category: Traffic-Generation, Word count: 522)
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Advertising a website is never easy. But imagine how much harder it would be if advertising your website were illegal.

Gambling websites face just that challenge in reaching US and Canadian audiences. In both countries, the government has put media outlets on notice that accepting advertising from gambling websites is illegal. (Note: in the US, at least, the industry disputes this, and charges have never been filed by the US or Canadian federal governments.)

The sites have come up with some pretty creative ways around the law. Are their tactics worthy of imitation? Or do they threaten to drag down the image of ecommerce faster than a wave of no-prescription online pharmacies dispensing questionable images of minors via browser-hijacking adware?

Have a look at some of these stealth web advertising tactics:

Domain Name Games

A while ago I saw a TV commercial for a poker-related website. The commercial carried the prominent warning "not a gambling website." Curious how such a site could make money, I typed in the domain name. What did I see? Gambling!

I later realized I had typed in the dot-com version of the domain name rather than the dot-net. The dot-net version, the one advertised, has only play gambling with no money. The dot-com version is the real moneymaker.

Web experts have long said that any serious business website needs a dot-com domain name. Many consumers won't remember any other extension such as dot-biz or dot-net, and will instead simply type in the much better known dot-com. You can call them stupid, but they'll spend their money on the other site.

It seems the marketers of that poker website were definitely not stupid. But is this ethical? Worse, could this open up a can of worms for other websites that have a dot-com and dot-net version, if policymakers try to close this loophole?


One casino website has taken to buying items on eBay that have generated a lot of media coverage already. The items have included a grilled cheese sandwich with the supposed image of the Madonna on one side. The site has managed to ride the wave of publicity of items such items by buying them. They thereby get their company name (which contains their domain name) in any story about the bizarre auction item (well, except this story).


Gambling websites have tried hard to get their domain names plastered over as much sports-related real estate as possible. It hasn't been easy. Professional sports world has long been wary of anything relating to gambling. Billboards in major stadiums and arenas are out of the question. So, some sites have started sponsoring rodeos and other smaller events. One site even bought advertising space on a female model's midriff.

Are any of these tactics working? There are some gambling websites that say it's all more hype than substance. They stick to buying ads on other websites.

The battered image of the internet, meanwhile, seems to have suffered relatively little from all this. After all, even the strongest gambling opponent has to admit there are more dangerous things online than poker.

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Fantastic New Solution For All Your Traffic Troubles

(category: Traffic-Generation, Word count: 59)
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Author: Bert Colijn

The most unique and revolutionary targeted traffic system is called The Best Traffic Of Your Life. Just imagine that there is a way for ANY website owner now to get unlimited massive traffic. It is this NEW traffic generation system that I want to let you know about.

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How To Get All The Traffic You Can Use

(category: Traffic-Generation, Word count: 407)
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The best traffic-generation ideas combine the better sources of free traffic with some paid advertising. I propose three methods that will boost your traffic. If you remain dedicated to these three methods of advertising, you will get all the traffic you need.

1. Writing and distributing articles

This is my favourite way of driving traffic to my sites. Articles have the ability to become viral, and that can be a huge plus for you, and a great reason to write articles. Focus on creating a 300 word article related to the theme of your site or business. Include a resource box at the end of your article that features a link back to your site. Then, distribute your article to article distribution sites (like and email groups (like You will see traffic from this method.

2. Contributing to forums

The key word here is "contributing." Recently, too many good forums have been besieged by "marketers" posting ads. This is considered to be forum spam, and is not in good taste. Instead, visit forums, read posts, and when you have a good, well-thought-out question or reply, post it to the forum. This type of question or reply allows you to build credibility in that forum, and will earn interest in your business from other readers. Most forums allow you to post a link at the end of your post, or in a signature file, and you can promote your business there. As you build credibility, you will build traffic.

3. Buying ezine ads

This is a paid method of advertising, but it works, because it is the most targeted of these approaches. Write a concise ad for your business, then begin contacting ezines to place your ad. (Do a search for "ezine directories," and you will find enough lists to keep you busy.) When you contact an ezine, look for rates for both classified ads and solo ads. The advantage to a solo ad is that your ad goes out by itself in a separate email, but they can be more expensive. Because these ads are targeted (you should NOT advertise in an unrelated ezine), you will definitely see traffic, but you will need to track your results to see which ezines bring you the most and best traffic.

These three sources of traffic will keep you busy and will bring you all the traffic you need.

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Where Does Your Website Traffic Come From

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"Unlimited monies are available for you to grab through online business, it's easy to start your online business today. What you need to do is set up a website and watches the money flow into your account".

Do you heard about the above statement before? Many online entrepreneurs do and start working on it by getting their website up and waiting with full of hopes to see the money "flying" into their account, but unfortunately, many are disappointed.

In fact, the above statement is true with one missing element between "set up a website" and "watch money flow into your account". The missing element is "Website Traffic". After you have getting your website up and before you are able to watch the money flow into your account, you need to put a lot of efforts in driving the traffic to your website.

If you are interested in online business and your goal is to become a success online entrepreneur, then it is important to know where does website traffic comes from.

According to research published by GVU (Graphic, Visualization and Usability Center), most users - novice, expert, young, old, male and female - find new websites from two main sources: hyperlinks and search engines. In average, about 60% of online users use search engines to find information from the internet. This means that most of traffic is generated through search engines; hence, if your website is ranked at high position by the search engines means that more people will find your website when they are looking for the product, service or information you provide at your website.

One of the key factors that determine your website has a good position in search engines is "back links", which are links provide by other websites to your website. When websites provide a link to your site, the search engines deem your site as valuable and this affects your position in the listings.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are among the two most popular methods to drive website traffic from search engines. PPC is the quickest way to get top position of the keyword search listed by in the search engine; as long as your bid price is higher than your competitors in your selected search keywords, your website will be ranked higher than theirs. But PPC is not the cheapest method and it may cost more than what you earn if you do not put some strategies in place.

While PPC advertising is the quickest way to drive website traffic from search engines to your website, SEO optimization for better placement in the search engines should be your ultimate goal to drive unlimited & free traffic to your website. One of the ways to optimize your website to be search engines friendly is by generating back links from other websites to your website. If your website is new, you may find it hard to get others website to contribute their links to you. But, there is one exception, whether your website is new or old, you can always generate back links through articles.

Article writing & submission is one the most effective and cheapest way to generate back links to your website while providing exposure on your products & services to millions of internet surfers who are looking for information. By writing short articles on the topic related to your website, products or services, you can offer these articles for other website owners or newsletter publishers to use by submitting them to article directories, forums or blogs. Publishers who use your articles for their ezines or websites will remain your bio information with 1 to 3 hyperlinks to your website. Article marketing is said to be a "One Stone Kills Two Birds" method that driving website traffic through hyperlinks at your articles while generating back links to your website for search engine optimization.

In Summary

The success and failure of your internet business is determined by website traffic. Without the website traffic, nobody will ever find your website and your products or services will not get exposure to those people who are looking for it. Hence, optimizing your website properly for better placement in the search engines for driving natural website traffic is a technique that you should become familiar with and use to your advantage.

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10 Tips To Generate Traffic To Realtors Websites

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In today's technological era, you can't afford not to have a presence in cyberspace as there are an ever-increasing number of people referring to the web as their major source of their information and research.

Without doubt, your website represents a great opportunity to promote your properties for sale or to rent, in addition to your business generally, to the whole wide world.

This is a real "no brainer" - you must regularly update content on your site and you need visitors.

To optimize the number of visitors to your website, you need to promote your site with some, if not all of these strategies:-

1. Your web address should appear on all business stationery, promotional material including your newsletter and all advertising especially signage.

It also makes good sense to refer to your website in your on hold and after business hours telephone messages.

2. You should ensure that you make mention of your web address in all press releases, editorials or articles you write. Any readers will then be able to check your agency out via your website.

Similarly, if you have the good fortune to be interviewed on radio, you should ask the interviewer to mention your web address or you should drop it into the interview yourself - with some subtlety, of course.

3. Incorporate your web and e-mail addresses in your e-mail signature message. This may satisfy the curiosity of your e-mail recipients and encourage them to check you out

You can also refer to specific properties or forthcoming auctions in your e-mail signature message - however that's another story!

4. Include your web address in your '30 second networking commercial'when you meet people and you have an opportunity to talk about your business. Then make sure that you give them a business card to reinforce the message.

5. The web address should be included with your logo and company name on any business t shirts. The visibility with t shirts is difficult to beat.

6. Similarly, staff name badges should incorporate the web address on the name badge. Again this represents excellent visibility.

7. When you are speaking in public, your speaker introduction should include reference to your web address and, wherever practicable, you should also refer to it in the course of your presentation. You can achieve this objective without being painfully obvious.

8. Some may believe that it's crass, but there's merit in including your web address in your motor vehicle signwriting. When you stuck in a long line of traffic, you never know who will see your message and record it for posterity or later use. Naturally, this could be a disadvantage if you're caught speeding, parked where you shouldn't be or involved in a road accident!

9. Establish reciprocal links with other websites that would appeal to your clients, referrers and prospective clients.

10. Publish a newsletter and regularly include details of new content, features and other changes to your web site.

You should allow visitors to sign up to receive an e-newsletter on your web site - you're sure to be pleasantly surprised by their interest.

The ability of the web site visitor to register for an e-mail newsletter also allows you to collect information regarding visitors.

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How To Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic To Your Site

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I have noticed in Many marketing forums How newbies give up in search of building traffic in less than 6 months. Building Long term targeted traffic takes time and dedication towards your website. You need to work towards getting Web site traffic and optimize accordingly.

Before You read anything about SEO or traffic building, You need to remember it takes time to get free and targeted traffic to your website. You might have heard some X guy getting 1000's of visitors in its first month. But Do not hasten the process of organic traffic.

In this article We'll discuss long term SEO building tips that'll help you build a profitable website.

Any website that wants to make money needs to get optimized, and stay that way. Running and SEO campaign once or twice isn't enough in this market: you need to consider long-term maintenance

of your SEO.

For Long term planning You do not need to chase search engine algorithms on daily basis. As Search engines improves their algorithms quite often. It'd be waste of time and effort to chase

them. Better You can do is understand basic SEO techniques and keep building a powerful resource in your niche.

Some tips for long term SEO.

1. Check on your pages regularly and make sure they're still listed. Your listings are the most important part of your SEO work. Whether the page is listed or not is vastly more important

than what key words you have etc. After all, if you aren't listed at all what good is it to optimize?

2. Watch for bad links or broken links in your site. Fix it as soon as possible. Any missing pages should be checked out thoroughly. Chances are that the system has run into a problem, but if you don't check it out you may very easily be wrong. I had one of my blogs PR dropped in matter of 24 hrs when I wasn't checking it. Somehow I recognize my mistake and worked towards

building it again. Now My blog got back its PR and traffic.

3. Resubmit your sitemap if you make major changes, but not for anything smaller. It's better to have a blog giving latest details on minor changes.

4. Create monthly ranking reports on your site, to see if any changes need to be made.

5. Keep submitting your site to the big directories, as spiders use these as a starting point. This point is not stressed more often. If you need traffic from MSN and Yahoo, You need to do

this. Some directories will provide you low cost listing for a year (sometimes lifetime). Normally they have High PR pages. So it'll help you a lot.

Besides from Basic SEO techniques You need not to worry a lot about regular fluctuations in your rankings. Though you need to keep an eye on your rankings and try to notice which factors

are giving your results.

6. While we are on building links, You need to work on getting lots of link backs regularly. Be it Link exchange or one way links through submitting articles. Do it regularly.

7. Watch your competitors and the methods they use. You'll learn a lot by watching and understanding what your competitors does.

8. Keep updated yourself on your niche. Issue press releases Often if possible. Press releases are not like articles. Make them "news". This will bring targeted traffic to your site. For

more info check

9. Update Your articles on regular basis. Most Experts suggest Updating it at least once a week. Write a 500-750 word article and publish it on your site. Go for low traffic keywords which are searched less than 400-500 times a month. If you are interested then read this page on writing articles that bring traffic With these tips alone You should be able to bring lots of free organic traffic to your site.

10. You need to know how to analyze your own website. Though You'll find lots of articles on Website Optimization but before you go Let me give you a link to one of the software which I use For obtaining High Rankings for my sites. With this Software You'll be able to spy on your competitors site and If need you can copy his exact methods which helped him gain into top rankings.

This might seem like a lot of work for a small website or company, but you need to do it to help your website grow. If you don't have growth, you have nothing. No business wants to stay

where it is forever, and SEO is a good way to get more business and stay in the race.

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