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The Island Ios In Greece

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Ios island is one of the islands in the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea. Ios is a hilly island with many mountains and cliffs down to the sea, which create terrific view. the island of Ios is situated halfway between Naxos and Santorini. the island attracts many tourist from all over the world that come to enjoy its magnificent view and traditional vibe. The Greek Island of Ios has many beautiful sights to offer to visitors, and various quiet and peaceful places.

Ormos is the natural harbour of Ios Island, Ormos boats are leaving regularly for day trips on the island's beaches as well as to other neighbouring islands. The Port of Ios located in the northwest is near to the village of Chora. it is an authentic village built amphitheatrically with an outstanding landscape, very picturesque cycladic village full of stairs and narrow walks. Today, the main path through this village contains many restaurants, shops, boutiques, bars, discotheques and souvenir shops. the island is well organize for all of the tourists whises. It easily charms everyone with its little cube houses with flat-roofed houses and its narrow stone paved streets.

The main settlements are around the port and the village of Chora, and beside thoes, Ios has only a few small settlements just a group of spread out houses in the background of major beaches: Theodoti, Kalamos, Manganari. the beaches of Ios are sandy with beautiful deep blue crystal-clear waters. many beaches offers sun beds, umbrellas, beach bars, cafes, restaurants and a great variety of sea sport. despite the great tourism, many secluded and deserted beaches can be found, if you are looking for a more relax beach Kalamos is the place for you.

Ios attracts very large numbers of young tourists due to it's beautiful beaches. the popular Beach in the island of Ios is Milopotas which has wonderful and magical atmosphere. Ios is one of the busiest and must touristy island of the Cyclades. Ios has many beautiful beaches among which a lot are still calm and unexploited by young tourists. Ios is the perfect place for all kind of turists. if you are seeking for a quiet or more intense entertainment.

The nightlife of Ios is famous for its intensity and its variety clubs and bars. "Orange Bar" and "Ios Club" are the right for those of you who want's to enjoy good drink and nice music it is a more relax place. if you are young people or feel like one you should check one of the neat club in Ios play R&B and Hip Hop music.

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An Oregon Coast Ghost Hunting Guide

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The winds cut deeper and make progressively louder noises as the days shorten. Fog creeps in from the sea more often. And then Halloween shows up, as if to really remind us about things otherworldly. It's no wonder Oregon's northern coast has a load of ghostly tales swirling about. It's no wonder the remake of "The Fog" currently in release is set in a fictional North Oregon Coast town. From flying pots and specters who've moved from one building to another in Seaside, the ghostly legends of a hotel in the Nehalem Bay, to the myriad of hauntings in ancient Astoria - there's plenty for the ghost-hunting tourist in this pristine and stunning area.


Tales of things creepy abound in Seaside - but they're hard to find. It's almost as if they've been swept under the carpet.

For almost 100 years, the old Hotel Seaside (later named The Seasider) was a grandiose, beautiful building that was a sort of centerpiece to Seaside, at the Turnaround. So it's no surprise that place acquired tales of apparitions and otherworldly guests over the years. There were numerous spirits that purportedly haunted it.

These days, the Shilo Inn sits in that spot. But when the old hotel was torn down, the spooks moved to Girtle's Restaurant, just down the street on Broadway, according to owner Bob Girtle. He recounted numerous stories of otherworldly happenings in the restaurant, having seen them himself or coming from various employees who tell their own tales. They talk of seeing the mysterious shadows of feet walking behind the door of a closed-off area of the kitchen, visible from the small space between the floor and the door. This happens when it's not possible anyone else is in there, say Bob and his crew. They don't even check that room anymore when they see the shadows.

Then there is the notorious flying coffee pot in the galley area between the kitchen and the main dining room. Bob and others on his staff have experienced this more than once. Sometimes it moves a bit, others it literally flies across the hallway.

Bob said he inherited some employees of the old Seasider back in the 80's, and at least one said they saw some of the same ghosts.

John Sowa, owner of the New Orleans-style eatery Lil' Bayou, also related tales of moving objects in the kitchen and a strange sense of someone being near him while alone in his office. Kitchen utensils are found in different places than employees have left them, or an object suddenly falls off a hook or a shelf.

Lil' Bayou lies in the historic Gilbert District of Seaside, which is filled with old buildings, almost all with upstairs areas that are often unused. The charming, atmospheric area has gone through a rebirth in recent years, and often there are whispers of ghosts coinciding with many of the renewed buildings.

The Seaside Aquarium may have a closet containing something - or rather, an upstairs that could be haunted. When the building was a natatorium back about 80 years ago, there were apartments at the top floor. That area isn't used much at all now, but manager Keith Chandler says he's heard whispers over the years the top floor is haunted. Various stories have been handed down through the generations about noises coming from there.


Manzanita, which caps the north end of the Nehalem Bay, is shrouded in mists and mystery, with Neahkahnie Mountain looming overhead and legends of a galleon and its buried treasures. Some versions of that tale contain atrocities, like purportedly burying their African slaves alive with the treasure to keep the natives away.

On its beaches, there are mysterious piles of rocks that have appeared over the years, apparently overnight. Sometimes they appear as single piles or stacks. No one has ever figured out who is responsible, creating speculation of an otherworldly artist.

In nearby Wheeler, facing the Nehalem Bay, Old Wheeler Hotel owner Winston Laszlo says he's encountered several things in that old building he couldn't really explain. Sometimes, he said, he believes he sees someone in the corner of his eye, only to discover there's no one there.

Once, Winston was looking in a mirror in the hotel's public area and saw the reflection of a man sitting in a chair behind him. Winston says he turned around to look at the man, whom he didn't recognize as a guest, and there was no one there.

A pair of ghost hunters even came to the visit the place and took photos of what they believed could be "spirit orbs" just outside the basement area. Winston still has copies of these.

Winston and wife Maranne Doyle-Laszlo say the entire building seemed to be against them during the process of remodeling the ragged old construct into the first-rate hotel it is now. They had a nagging feeling a presence seemed to arrange one disaster and setback after another, such as when a window blew out in a storm. Then, one day, they say the building seemed to accept them, and reconstruction proceeded smoothly thereafter. ( 877-653-4683.)

In an email just before her visit, ghost hunter Martina DeLude told Winston that made sense. "Ghosts that haunt residential and business locations become very threatened when someone starts changing things that they are accustomed to. Some spirits actually become incensed when furniture is moved around. Just like the living, most spirits do not like change. Possibly, as soon as they realized that it was once again going to become a hotel - perhaps something they may remember - they decided to help you along instead of stifling your efforts." There's more on their investigation of the Old Wheeler Hotel at

In other tales, Wheeler Antiques owner Garry Gitzen says a Wheeler woman, descended from local tribes, actually burned down her own house in recent years because disturbing spirits haunted it. She did this in lieu of tearing the thing down, never rebuilding it, with rumors floating about that Native American children had died in a fire in that spot in ancient times.

Not all is creepy here. According to Winston and Garry, there is a host of well-meaning spirits there known as the "Good Spirits of Wheeler," and Ekahni Books owner Peg Miller says the place is a sort of "spiritual vortex lite." They all point to something they call a "Wheeler Moment," where serendipity seems to suddenly rear its head. Locals talk of numerous circumstances where pleasant, happy coincidences popped up, assisting folks in some way. They all note various incidents where someone is discussing wanting to do something, and someone or some opportunity arises that helps things along - like the time the Garry and Winston were talking about creating a film festival, and they discovered a documentary filmmaker was staying in town.


At the very tip of Oregon, Astoria is full of major ghost stories of one sort or another. That's no surprise, considering it's the oldest settlement west of the Mississippi.

The Liberty Theater is widely regarded as haunted. It was once a haven for the likes of Duke Ellington, Jack Benny, Guy Lombardo and supposedly even gangster Al Capone. Purportedly, it's also occupied by someone named Paul. One employee was quoted as saying that Paul is "quite handsome," giving him the nickname Handsome Paul. He apparently wears a "white tuxedo and a panama hat," according to the Clatsop County Historical Society.

Cast and crews over the years have talked about spotting him. While mostly just an apparition, he's been known to slam doors and make other unruly noises. Other tales from the theater include objects gliding through the air, knobs unscrewing themselves from appliances and utilities, as well as two or three other inhabitants from beyond.

Also famous for being haunted is the firehouse there, plus the town has a brutal history of men being "shanghaied" in the early part of the century.

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Your Own Private Paradise

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You've battled packed parking lots and frazzled parents desperately seeking an Xbox 360, not to mention your overly inquisitive relatives, now it's time to follow the psychiatrist's... er, doctor's, orders and book a relaxing all-about-you vacation.

But the last thing you want is to surround yourself with boisterous throngs of people. Imagine relaxing beachfront on your own veranda, next to your private pool. Watch the sun rise and set, take soothing walks on the sandy beach, sip pina coladas and dine on traditional local cuisine. Cabo Villas, a division of Earth, Sea & Sky Vacations, have the perfect remedy for winter ailments: private beachfront villas, houses and estates in sunny Cabo San Lucas.

With more than 70 beachfront properties, you're sure to find one to fit your lifestyle and budget. Cabo Villas arranges special onsite services, from chef-prepared meals to spa treatments, to make your escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life complete. Basically, you won't have to lift a finger (that is, unless you need to break up the slush at the bottom of your margarita glass). Each property is unique, lending to a one-of-a-kind experience. The Villa Maria offers unparalleled ocean and mountain views from its hillside location. You'll forget all about the shoving match at the mall once you set foot in one of the elegant hacienda-style rooms, with marble and Cantera tile floors, ceiling fans, and colonial furnishings. Fall asleep in your king size bed with the doors to your terrace open, letting the warm ocean breeze wash away holiday stress. Wake up to the sun rising over the Bay of San Lucas and then head downstairs for a swim in your private swimming pool while your personal chef prepares a breakfast fit for royalty. This 6,000 square foot, 4-bedroom villa (sleeps 10) is available for $1,440-$1,800 a night.

If the holidays really got you down, Villa las Flores offers countless opportunities to undue the damage done by harsh winter weather and cruel holiday shoppers. Watch the whales swim by as you soak off negative vibes in your private Jacuzzi, or enjoy a massage or steam-bath in your master bedroom suite. Forget about overdone rump roast and lumpy mashed potatoes as you savor a gourmet dinner prepared by a chef on your spacious patio, surrounded by magnificent ocean and mountain views. You'll have plenty of room to roam among Villas las Flores- 12,344 square feet. This 7- bedroom estate is available for $1,440 - $2,200 a night.

Finding your own private hideaway is easy. Just log on to and search their listings- you can even view streaming videos of the properties online and make your reservations right then and there. You'll get all the amenities and prompt service you'd get at a luxury resort, with the benefit of having your own private space. Reserve your villa today.

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Partners In Life Partners On Vacation Peace Of Mind In Travel

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It may be months away from spring and summer but now is the time to plan the adventure of a lifetime with your partner. First, did you know that there are tours, cruises and adventures all over the world that are tailored for the LGBT? Second, planning strategies are suggested that can make your vacation stress free and give you the peace of mind you need. Lastly, a variety of travel destinations, events and research strategies are mentioned to help you plan that perfect vacation with your partner. By the way, some of what I offer here is sound advice for preparation in business travel too.


American LGBT persons spent 54 billion dollars in travel in 2004

UK LGBT persons spent nearly 44.8 billion dollars on travel in 2004

(These estimates include travel within and outside their respective countries, what part of the UK's $$ are coming to America or vice-versa is not reported.)

All over the world travel industry specialists have developed great cruises and travel packages specifically designed for the LGBT traveler and their partner. These travel accommodations/packages include, but are not limited to, gay friendly cruises that include travel with others that are gay and vacations packaged for gay pride festivals.

There is a wide variety of cruise destinations available to the LGBT traveler. The new 2006 itinerary and offerings for gay cruises are available throughout the internet. Destinations include Costa Rica, Ireland, Alaska and the Mediterranean to name a few. Cruise liners/companies such as Atlantis and Windjammer West specialize in accommodating you and your partner a cruise you will never forget. Consulting the many gay magazines online will also be a great resource to find your perfect vacation.

Gay pride festivals provide a vacation that is not only fun and inspiring, they also offer a time of mutual exchanges in social solidarity. Worldwide from the United States to the UK and other localities, gay pride festivals are being organized. For example, one of the largest and most popular gay pride festivals (GPF) is being held this summer in Paris, France. Contacting the Paris office of Tourism will enable you to locate the best gay friendly accommodations. Through research on the internet, you can find websites specific to booking flights and travel packages to this and other GPF events.

The best news I found was that you don't have to be wealthy to take advantage of the multitude of travel offers available.

On that note of affordability, much of the vast information I garnered from several research sources suggests that a huge percentage of LGBT persons are wealthy. Many so-called experts have perpetuated the myth and refer to the community as being "DINK" (dual income no kids). I don't know about you, but I am acquainted with several LGBT persons who aren't DINK. Thankfully, the travel industry doesn't play into this myth (well not most of them) and many offer "travel packages" that are affordable and inexpensive. So check out the internet, talk to friends who have traveled and can suggest a good travel package or destination (word of mouth is the best), watch for websites that are tailored to the LGBT community. Many states in the US and other countries have LGBT specific websites about travel and don't forget public and university libraries that have travel sections full of reference materials. After you have chosen your destination, its time to plan that vacation.

Aside from researching your trip for a destination and a price comparable to what you can afford, start planning your trip early. You will want to include in your plans arranging appropriate passports, hotel or rental car reservations, tickets, visa's and travel insurance. Make sure the travel insurance you purchase covers emergency assistance, job loss or transfers, uninhabitable accommodations, travel accidents, delays, lost or delayed luggage, weather-affected cancellation, medical and dental expenses, terrorism, and identity theft. For the LGBT community one more consideration needs to be taken into account. Be sure your travel insurance covers domestic partners. Travel specialists such as are one place to get useful information on the above mentioned insurance protections for travelers.

When planning your vacation find out if your hotel or B&B is gay friendly. Sometimes just asking the staff (or here's where that word of mouth from a friend comes in handy) will get you the information you need. Does your choice of vacation location have a variety of dining out options, exciting activities, local culture that you would love to explore? By doing some research you can choose a location that will be fun and affordable.

We have talked about research and choosing your vacation destination, strategies and advice on planning. Now comes a personal piece of advice. Don't forget to take the camcorder and two cameras. You two can decide who takes which camera but here's my point. Have you ever been on a trip, came home and there's pictures of everything but what you wanted pictures of?

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Stag Weekends In Cardiff Powerturn Buggies

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Cardiff, well known for the 1999 Rugby World Cup and the Millennium Stadium, is an ideal stag do venue. The sports crazy visitors have transformed Cardiff's stag nights into a bundle of fun filled stag activities. You can either go to the city center that will fuel you up with its local brew, or you can visit the new Cardiff Quayside where you can treat yourself at trendy bars with its outdoor seating and panoramic view of the town. When you are on a stag weekend in Cardiff, you can engage yourself in a wide array of outdoor stag activities. You can try the quad biking, paintball, high rope courses, karting and clay pigeon shooting. If you are looking for something more adventurous, you can definitely go for gorge scrambling, abseiling, climbing and such similar fun stag dos.

Stag Do in Cardiff - Powerturns

One of the most thrilling stag dos in Cardiff is the powerturn buggy. The unique powerturn buggy gives you a fun motor sport experience. With its twin-engines and twin-seat, the powerturn buggies guarantee to give people from all walks of life an exciting time. You can go around for a trial course pulling a series of 'wheelies'. The best part of this fun filled stag do is that you will feel as if you are both on land and in air at the same time - the front wheels are airborne!

Powerturn buggies in Cardiff, as a stag do, gives you the perfect opportunity to work in unison, as each driver has control of an engine. Only if you work together, you will be able to navigate your powerturn past all obstacles and win the race. This whole experience of riding a powerturn while you are enjoying a stag weekend in Cardiff lasts for 35 minutes. Since you work as a team, you will get at least 15 minutes of driving the powerturn yourself. The group comprises of 8 - 20 persons per session.

Benefits of Stag Dos in Cardiff

The best part of a stag weekend in Cardiff is that it is an excellent way to utilize your weekend to the fullest. Chillisauce ensures that your whole stag weekend in Cardiff turns out to be your best weekend ever. The whole purpose of a beautiful stag weekend is to ease your mind of all the worries of the week and to enliven you with a whole range of exciting stag dos.

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How To Get Fair Deal While Going For Timeshare Resale

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Timeshare bought through a resale cost very less than buying directly from the resort owner or developer, but then having a thorough knowledge about the purchase of timeshare resale will provide a good and a positive experience by avoiding scams.

Before buying a timeshare from a resale it is good to physically see the timeshare and its location. Even if it is resold timeshare it needs lot of money for making such a kind of investment. Never go by the resellers words as, they might sometime hype about the timeshare, its features and the location. Be sure they are actually true to your knowledge.

Buying a timeshare through a resale can be very appealing due to such lower prices offered, but then it would be smart enough to ask some of the crucial questions like the annual maintenance fees collected, property tax paid till date etc. The closing costs plus extras might some time over do the base price of the timeshare got through resales.

Many timeshares are affiliated along with an exchange company. If so, it is good to find out if the membership fees can also be transferred, to avoid any hassles to be faced in the future. If the timeshare is based on point system, try to find out if the points can be transferred too. If there is additional amount of bonuses earned along with the timeshare, try transferring it too.

Before purchasing the timeshare through re sale it is important to find out if it has to be partially remodeled. As some times the timeshares would not have been maintained at all. Paying a whooping price for such a worn out and old timeshare might not be a good idea at all.

If the timeshare is of a leased type of property, it is better to find out how much time is left out on the lease agreement, otherwise one might end up paying for a lease ended timeshare.

The important reason to be found out is that why the owner is selling his timeshare. This piece of information can be some times very crucial. The reason might be that the owner no longer needs it, or he might have faced a problem or inconvenience with the timeshare, which is resold. If the buyer is fully confident of purchasing it after satisfying that there is no problem, then it might really be a good investment. Otherwise the deal can be dropped.

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Family Fun And Finery On Oregon S Coast

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It's a place of incredible romantic possibilities, with unbelievably pristine beaches and rugged shorelines, and plenty of hidden spots perfecting for long walks hand-in-hand, finding yourselves all alone. With such gushiness-inducing qualities, it's no surprise you'll soon wind up reproducing.

Lucky you. Oregon's coast is perfect for families as well. Those hidden spots put you and the little ones right in the middle of some of the best nature can show off. Then there are the myriad of kid-friendly lodgings, restaurants and towns which pull out the stops for the kidlets or bring out the kid in everyone.

Still, you don't have to sacrifice the finer things when you bring the kids.

On Oregon's north coast, the tiny town of Manzanita is endowed with a mysterious, woodsy vibe just above its vast expanse of crystalline beach. Here, the San Dune Inn provides a vast array of freebies like bikes, game equipment, popcorn and movies. Stay at this charming, unassuming place just blocks from the beach and you'll find stuff for volleyball and other games suitable for the sand, as well as beach balls, bikes and simple sandcastle-making gear like buckets. They have an enormous selection of movies, and their choice of board games is a kick as well. It's a kid's dream come true.

It's also very pet friendly. 888-368-5163.

Head northward, and you'll encounter dozens of sandy and rocky beaches perfect for playtime. Drive about 12 miles and you'll find the ritzy resort town of Cannon Beach. Near a famed Lewis & Clark landmark, Fultano's Pizza sits and emits wonderful smells of Italian cuisine. With an outdoor patio here, you can still see some of the sights available at the end of Second Street, and enjoy exceptional - even gourmet quality - cuisine at a family pizza joint price.

Fultano's delivers to local hotels, and they feature slices for lunch. They have a special thin crust recipe that's especially tasty, crunchy and yet still tender in a way that manages to combine both those latter qualities seamlessly.

There are many of the standbys, as well as gourmet varieties like the Margherita (garlic and herb olive oil, three cheeses, red onion and more), a Greek-themed specialty, a Goat Cheese pizza, and specialties with Teriyaki Chicken, Linguica, BBQ Chicken and a variety of seafood selections. One item features a distinctive sausage with mashed grapes for the sauce, providing a subtle, sweet tang. The sausage is spicy and zippy, making a nice balance to the slight sweetness.

One must-try is their pasta (about $10). They have a homemade tomato sauce that is one stunning, mother-of-all sauces, and their meatballs are a serious delicacy. Still, even with its decent wine and microbrew selection, this is a place that welcomes the kiddies nicely. 200 N. Hemlock and Second Street. (503) 436-9717.

Drive north again, to Seaside, and you'll find a beach town full of things to do for children - most notably Broadway Ave. with its almost dozen arcade businesses, ice cream vendors, kooky gift shops, bumper cars and other attractions. See for more.

One highlight is Seaside Helicopters, which whizzes you around above the town for about $25 per person. It's thoroughly spectacular, as the helicopter takes you over the headland of Tillamook Head and Cannon Beach as well, allowing you unforgettable glimpses of the sea and these landmarks from this unusual vantage point. You even get to see "Goonies Rock" - where part of the cult film was made. Hwy 101, S. Seaside. (503) 440-4123.

Down on the Central Oregon Coast - about 100 miles south - it's a vast playground for kids and adults. Lincoln City is filled with miles of super clean beaches and tons of shops and restaurants.

Just south of Lincoln City, you'll find another haven for families in a very unique resort called Bella Beach. Really, it's a collection of rather upscale, gorgeous beach cottages that are vacation rentals or for sale. There are about 40 rentals available inside this pretty place, and more are still being built.

The philosophy of Bella Beach is to create a place with a "neighborly feel," and indeed they've succeeded. Set in the midst of a Central Coast wooded area, there are the rustic architectural themes common to places like Manzanita or Cannon Beach, where garages are tucked away behind the buildings and front porches are the emphasis.

There's a playground for the kiddies, and the homes vary from hideaway lodgings for two with oceanfront hot tubs, to larger accommodations for bigger groups. Bella Beach also offers up accommodations for groups as large as 60, if you happen to have a business retreat or reunion of some sort.

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10 Ways To Identify If Your Mover Is Right For You

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If you manage to find the right mover then half the battle is won. One of the greatest challenges of moving from one city to another, to the countryside, or abroad is locating an efficient and honest mover.

Keep in mind the following: movers must have a good reputation, an extensive network, and be licensed and insured. In addition, they must be professional, polite, understand your needs and proffer the right advice.

Here are a few considerations to put you on the right track:

1.Meet the mover and find out how long they have been in business and whether they can give you a few references.

2.Check the references. Call his clients to check on the services the mover offered and whether there were any problems.

3.Do an online search to determine whether there are any warnings or complaints against the mover.

4.Check with the local chamber of commerce or bank to determine the moving company's business standing.

5.Check if the mover's license and insurance are current. Ensure they have workman's compensation and other benefits in place.

6.Determine whether the mover handles the work himself or assigns it to a sub agent or associate.

7.The mover must have a wide network with offices in the place you are moving to.

8.A reputable mover will be a member of AMSA, the American Moving and Storage Association. As a professional he will have committed to following an industry Code of Conduct and will offer quality service.

9.The ideal mover will not give you an estimate off the top of his head. He will insist to making a preliminary inspection, listing objects to be moved, and ask you to answer a number of questions. Based on which he will prepare an estimate and highlight variables.

10.He will be open minded and explain clearly what you can expect and what you cannot. He will tell you all about insurance, the actual moving process, transit storage, guarantees and so on.

An ideal mover will value your business and explain his responsibilities clearly.

Once you know you have to move allocate enough time to finding the right mover. Ask relevant questions like will my stuff reach its destination as promised, will the material move as one load or as part of other things, a larger load. What kind of training do your workers receive? Are the workers experienced in packing antiques and other valuables? Do I need additional insurance apart from the one provided by you?

Be prudent and weigh the pros and cons carefully. Never let cost dictate your choice. Sometimes by cutting corners to save a few pennies you may loose thousands in damaged goods or lost goods.

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Travel Prudently Luggage And Carry On Worries

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The rules of travel have altered so much in the last few years, with strict regulation regarding air travel, questionable car searches that may vary in regulation from state to state, and the feeling of never really being ultimately sure what is appropriate or improper in the travel world any longer. In most cases, if you decide to fly the formerly affable skies, your airline or airport website will have an accurate and up to date list regarding what is okay and what is not okay regarding your luggage. As if packing for a trip wasnt difficult enough, now we all have to do it with cloudy and blurry regulations and a list we print out from the airlines.

The first measure of travel complacency is simple; dont try to squeeze on a carry on that you know is not really a carry on. You will get yourself into the frustrating position of trying to argue your way onto the airplane with an large bag that just wont do. Youre not going to succeed. Once upon a time you would, but not anymore. Now, you will simply be forced to check it and risk being charged an additional fee for having too many luggage items. Plus, youre going to end up travelling without your usual band of comfort items that you could have had if you just scaled down into standard sized carry on luggage. The simple fact is that there used to be wiggle room, and now, there is none.

Most airlines limit luggage by the length of the flight. A domestic flight may accept 2 pieces of luggage plus one carry one per person (sometimes including and sometimes excluding persons under 4 years of age) while others limit the baggage content to one piece of checked luggage and one carry on. Additional pieces of luggage run anywhere from $50 to $200, depending on the airline and the size of the flight and while mess of miscellaneous stuff they dont release to the public. Airlines have been struggling since the disaster of 9-11. Some will make up the continued lost revenue anyway they can, including charging phenomenal fees for additional luggage. It is just cheaper to have your extra necessary luggage shipped, even overnighted, if you just cant do without it.

World-wide flights often hold the same code, two pieces of checked in luggage and one or two carry on pieces per person. Again, the child may not be granted such grace if they are particularly little. If you havent purchased a seat for your small child (which is legal up until the age of three) then dont expect to have them counted in the luggage count. No ticket, no luggage. Most people who are taking a long term trip out of the country, or a permanent trip out of the country, find this limit a little exasperating. However, from experience I can vouch for the frustration of arriving in a foreign country for the first time, negotiating language barriers and awkward gestures, while trying to lug around three hundred pounds of belongings packed carefully away in small and large luggage cases. Even with the help of carts on wheels (assuming the country you land in has them) eventually you have to talk over all of this material up a flight of steps or into a narrowed passageway. This can become a little more than merely discouraging. It can become downright risky. Again, the best thing to do if your luggage exceeds the international flight limit is ship everything that you can bear to part with in advance. Some nations take as long as 6 weeks to deliver your goods. If your trip is short, try merging. If you have to, purchase what you need to while youre there and then ship it back to your house. Youre not likely to end up waiting helplessly for your underwear from Australia or your pajama bottoms from Costa Rica.

No matter how up to date or up-to-the-minute you are regarding flight contracts, always check in with the airline business the day before you go. Policy changes dont always make it to the cyberspace in a reasonable length of time, and policy alterations regarding luggage and especially carry on material can change in a heart beat. Its always better to show up with the latest information than to believe your experience from even just a few months earlier will still ring true. Hindrance at the airport is simply twice as frustrating as the same feeling somewhere else. Its written into the literature that way.

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