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Three Ways To Get Cheap Airfare To Scotland

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Before you start planning your Scotland getaway, have you tried any of these three different ways to get cheap airfare? This article has been written to give you a way to plan the best vacation you've ever had to Scotland while paying the cheapest airfare possible.

Cheap Scotland Airfare Tactic #1: Overbooking

It's a fact of airfare travel to Scotland these days. If you have a flight, it will most likely be overbooked. But instead of taking this situation as a frustrating time waster, why not get free, or at least discounted airfare to Scotland out of the deal instead?

Here's how to do it. First, call the day before your flight, and find out if it's been overbooked. If so, make sure to get to the airport 90 minutes before you are supposed to originally. You want to be the first in line! Since legally airlines are required to ask for volunteers before bumping people, offer to be bumped, but not without some airfare to Scotland negotiations. First of all, quote Rule number 240 (no need to know the details, but airline workers know this rule!), using it to prove that the next available flight is yours, whether or not it's with the same airline. Then, depending on how long you need to stay in the airport will determine what kind of vouchers or freebies you should receive for the time spent. Two hours delay should at least get you a meal voucher, if not some sort of discount airfare to Scotland. If you play your cards right, you may even be able to get two or more free flights during your wait, depending on how long you are kept on the sidelines. A little bit manipulative, but it's an excellent way to get free, or discounted airfare to Scotland. Just don't forget to bring lots of reading material.

Cheap Scotland Airfare Tactic #2: Special Offers

Every airline has a 'special offers' page on their web site. Do you check them out regularly for airfare deals to Scotland or at all before booking a flight? If you bookmark all of the airlines catering to your geographic area, many of these 'special fares' will be better (in most cases, much better) than any search engine peek-a-boo that you do. There are several finer points to watch with these airfares to Scotland, though; look for hidden charges, read the fine print, make note of any restrictions, and take action quickly (because most of these special offers are a limited time only).

Cheap Scotland Airfare Tactic #3: Pick a Different Airport

Instead of having a fixed destination, why not look at the major airports NEAR Scotland? This one simple task can instantly change a so-so fare into discounted airfare to Scotland. Think about it for a bit - if you are planning to travel to Scotland, why not look at England's airport instead? It's a couple of hours drive more, sure - but the savings you'll have could be enormous. So why pay hundreds of dollars more for something that may cost you a bit more time?

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Traveling With The Little Ones

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My wife and I take frequent trips with our daughters across the country. The oldest is currently seven and the youngest just turned three. Needless to say it has been an adventure and learning process on every trip that we have ever taken.

The seven year old has been to Vail colorado snow skiing. Germany on a weeklong siteseeing tour, and of course to the children's mecca Walt-Disney World in Orlando, twice. She is an experienced traveller in every sense of the word. She knows the airport shuffle as well as the in's and out's of custom's and cabs.

Now the three year old is a totally different story. Since her arrival the budget has been more limited. Therefore her experience is listed to the standard beach week, trip to visit relatives in Houston, and of course Disney World. She is less acclimated and has a lesser temperment for spending times in planes, trains, and automobiles. She is a squirmer to say the least.

Now making a roadtrip with both of these diverse individuals takes planning and intent on my wife and I's part. We have to plan our stops and the total travel time that we are going to experience. We must avoid the naptime for changes of venues. No airlines from 1:00 to 3:00 as the three year old is sleeping during this time.

We must plan to have adequate restroom breaks and stop to take them even when all is proclaimed to be well by the vehicles inhabitants. A three year old can turn in a minute from not needing to use to the bathroom to having a full emergency.

Speaking of an emergency, during our trip to Vail, and snowskiing. My daughter came down with an ear ache. So when you are traveling make sure that you always carry adequate medical information with you. We had to call my daughters doctor at home to fax her records to the doctor in Vail. This delayed a full day of skiing for my daughter as well as us while we waited on the documents.

While taking a long car trip to visit relatives in Mississipi my three year old who was at the time two, decided that a crying fit was in order. She screamed all the way to the Mercede's museum. We took about a two hour break and walked around siteseeing, the whole time she was just glad to be out of the car seat. While it is not a problem for adults to sit for hours on end, two and three year olds need adequate playtime to exercise their legs.

So in short when planning to travel with little ones always plan time to take stops. Make sure that you have adequate documentation, and have great humor in the situations that arise.

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Traveling Abroad Heeding U S Travel Warnings

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Traveling abroad presents certain risks for Americans, especially in light of the recent bombings in London, England. For the most part, terrorists are the problem, although drug, gang, and criminal activities can also be a factor. In addition, local health conditions can be a separate problem. Thankfully, the U.S. State Department regularly issues and updates Consular Information Sheets for every country in the world. These sheets give valuable information to travelers, information you must know before you take your next trip.

As mentioned, the Consular Information Sheets provide important information for travelers. You can also check the State Department's Current Travel Warning list to see which nations the U.S. government encourages Americans to avoid altogether. Currently, the following countries are listed:







Israel, the West Bank and Gaza




Saudi Arabia





Central African Republic







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Top 9 Argentina Travel Tips

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Argentina is a popular destination, but it's important to note on any vacation that there can be cultural, geological and meteoroligical differences when travelling abroad that could potentially ruin your entire trip. While in some places the differences can be minor, in others you could deeply offend a person by doing something you thought to be kosher. Don't let this happen to you, below are what I believe to be the top 7 Argentina travel tips. Follow these tips and you'll be sure to leave an impression of courtesy and enjoy more hospitality from the locals.

1. The most common form of greeting in Argentina betwen friends is kissing one anothers cheeks, so don't be caught off guard when someone makes a lunge toward your cheek. And return the favour out of courtesy if they have.

2. Once in Argentina, one of main methods of transportation is underground shuttle, or by bus/trolley bus, or taxi. Their are 5 main public ral lines, labelled A to E and services operate from early mornng to late at night on a fixed-fare basis. Buses are generally very crowded but are often the quickest means from one place to another.

3. Spanish is the offical language of Argentina, while English is widely spoken - don't rely on everyone to speak English, you should at least get some basic Spanish down before travelling to Argentina.

4. More then 90 per cent of Argentina's religious faith lies in the Roman Catholic church. Remember this as it does have an effect on what is kosher and what is not.

5. Argentina has 5 major airlines in an effort to make the big country smaller when travelling. Oddly enough, sometimes a flight will be faster and cheaper then say a bus or a taxi, so look into flying as a possible means of transportation for those slightly longer endevours.

6. You can get answers to most of your questions about Argentina tourism from the Argentina Tourist Information Center:

Secretariat of Tourism, Tourist Information Centers: Av. Santa Fe 883, (C1059ABC) Buenos Aires, Tel. 4312-2232 or 0800-555-0016; Ezeiza International Airport and Jorge Newbery Airport;

7. The official currency of Argentina is the peso, ills come in 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 pesos. One pesos equals one hundred cents. 2 pesos are blue, 5 pesos are green, 10 pesos are brown, 20 pesos are red, 50 peseos are grey, and 100 pesos are purple/violet.

8. Tips are somewhat outlawed in Argentina, though people still expect a tip in most situations - if that's the case 10 percent of the bill as your tip will suffice for the most part.

9. The Argentina time zone is Argentina Standard Time, which is GMT -3 hours, and GMT -4 hours in the summer. So set your watches correctly!

And the best tip of all is to plan ahead, use caution and common sense, and most of all - have fun!

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Barcelona Apartment Rentals

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Barcelona is a fascinating city, with a buzzing rhythm reigning in this cosmopolitan heart of the Mediterranean. There are always lots of things to explore and to visit: the Roman origins, the great medieval old city, fishing quarters, the newer modernist district, the impressive urban architecture that arrived with the Olympic Games, the design shops, the parks, the beaches, the markets. And if you suffer of a culture overdose, just enjoy Barcelona's rich gastronomy, one of its many terraces or look for a live concert in one of its many bars, theatre halls or churches. The last thing you should have to worry about is your accommodation.

These days it has become popular to rent an apartment in Barcelona. Apart from being cheaper than hotels, you will have much more space, more privacy, more flexibility, and will definitely enjoy a more personalised atmosphere and a feeling of being at home.

The problem is there are hundreds of companies renting out apartments in Barcelona right now and naturally, some are better than others.

It can be a nightmare finding a good place to stay. Imagine this - all your friends think you're amazing because you have booked an amazing apartment on "La Rambla" for a bargain price, right in the middle of summer. However, once you arrive, you soon realise that this is not the famous "Las Ramblas" in the Barcelona city centre, but "La Rambla" in Sabadell - a town about 25km outside the Catalonian capital. You're not quite as popular with your friends right now and you wish you'd spent a little more time investigating the whole apartment rental world.

So how can you avoid situations such as these? Well basically, you need to find a trustworthy rental company, one that offers quality. One where you won't find any dodgy apartments located on a fifth floor without elevator - and there are many apartments like that in Barcelona. One that doesn't offer their guests mattresses on the floor, worn-out beds and a bathroom that is oh-so-authentic but hasn't been renovated since Gaudi was still alive.

Look for a company that is fully licensed, with apartments that meet the official requirements of the Generalitat (the local Catalan government). If a company meets certain standards, there's more chance that the apartments they offer will be of a higher quality.

There are plenty of things to look for when choosing a good Barcelona apartment rental company. Below is a short list of things to check for and ask about before making a decision:

Is the apartment fully furnished?

Is there a TV, DVD player & Internet?

Does the apartment have a washing machine, iron and ironing board?

Will you have to take your own sheets and towels?

How far from the city centre is the apartment? (Ask for the address so you can check it out on Google Maps).

Are there any hidden costs such as utility bills, telephone and agency fees and tax?

Is there always someone you can contact in case of emergency?

All these questions need to be answered, but at the end of the day, the decision is yours. Make sure you have done your research and are not disappointed. If in doubt, call the company before booking. If you choose well, your friends will remain good friends for years to come along with the happy memories of a wonderful holiday. And who knows, they may even take you out for dinner to say thank you in one of Barcelona's many gastronomic wonderlands!

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Yes You Too Can Take A Vacation

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Surveys are interesting. I took note of this one done recently by American Express because it backed up some data I learned at the (National Association of Female Executives) NAFE National Conference in May. According to the survey, 40% of the smallest business owners - those with less than $200,000 in annual revenues - are planning no vacation whatsoever this summer. But even business owners with higher revenues aren't doing much better - only 75% of them expect to get away from the business this summer.

As we were told at the NAFE Conference, even those business owners who do get away from the office, won't truly get away. Rather, one in three will link their vacation time to a business trip and 50% will still check in with the office at least once a day.

Why can't business owners let go? What are the concerns that keep them tied to the business? According to the survey:

* An important client or customer will not receive appropriate service

* The business will miss out on a new opportunity

* There is no other competent person to leave in charge

* The individuals left in charge will make the wrong decisions

* An operational or equipment breakdown will occur without anyone to solve the problem

Such concerns are not surprising. It is hard for a business owner to take any type of vacation worry-free. But with planning, preparation and good leadership you can boost the enjoyment level of your time off to come back refreshed and ready to tackle new challenges and opportunities. Here are 8 steps to prevent vacation angst.

1. Make a plan - To avoid surprises, create a list of scenarios on your current projects and brief your staff on the possibilities and your major concerns about each client. Assign specific staff to each client/account so there is someone that clients can speak to who understands their concerns when you aren't there.

2. Brief your key clients or customers - Offer them advance notice of any extended absence you are planning. There's no reason to keep your vacation schedule a secret. Introduce them to your deputy and convey your confidence in their ability to handle any issues that may arise. If appropriate, consider letting them know how to reach you should a true emergency arise - not that one will because of all your pre-planning.

3. Leadership is being a delegator not a dictator - If you never delegate important tasks to others, you can't expect them to be ready to fill your shoes when you want to take time off. To create a saner situation and build confidence that good things will happen when you aren't there, learn to delegate responsibilities - divvy up those pieces that must still happen in your absence and postpone those that can wait for your return.

4. Strategically schedule your vacation time - Most businesses have a slow season or times of the year when the pace is slower, or at least a bit less crazy. Plan your vacations to coincide with those lulls.

5. Mini-Vacations - If you just can't let go of the business for a whole week or two, or you can't bear to be too far away from the office, try taking a few days out of town, or extend a weekend somewhere else. Even a brief escape from routine with a change of scenery can do wonders for your perspective and re-energize you.

6. Disconnect entirely - When you do take a vacation: turn off your cell phone, don't bring the laptop, don't check your email, don't bring work with you and avoid the temptation to call or visit the office to "check up" on what's happening. If there's an emergency they can't handle, they will find you.

7. Take time off to sharpen skills - If you just can't justify taking time off to kick back and relax, then take time off to learn something new - business or personal. Taking continuing education courses at a local college or business school is a low-cost and effective way to break from your office routine, be with new people and try new things. Some programs are 3-5 days off-site if that fits your schedule better.

8. Keep your priorities straight - When you go through the exercise of listing the things you really care about, is your business really #1, 2, and 3? Outside of work, your priorities might be connecting with family and friends, spending time with kids, cultivating personal interests, staying healthy or pursuing an avocation. To regain balance in your life, you need to keep work, family and personal time in perspective. Those other priorities help you find more enjoyment in your time away from the business.

Let me know if these tips help you take a well-deserved vacation (or two) this summer.

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Tips For Keeping Kids Occupied On Road Trips

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On the road, drivers must deal with constant traffic concerns, including glaring sunlight, blinding rain, traffic jams, street signs and other drivers. But one distraction you might not have thought about is your kids.

According to AAA, more than 1.5 million crashes have involved some kind of driver distraction, and 24 percent of crashes occur because of drivers having to deal with children in the back seat. Here are a few ways to keep the kids occupied the next time you hit the road.

* Books and children's magazines: Time passes quickly when children are engrossed in a story. Take this opportunity to teach your children the importance of reading. If your kids can't read in the car, try books on tape or compact discs.

* Crafts: Have the kids put together scrapbooks with items from the trip. Pack instant cameras, glue sticks, markers and construction paper to get them started.

* Puzzles, board games and cards: At first these activities might seem unfit for road trips, but many newer versions are designed for travel. These games either come in compact cases or with magnetic boards to keep pieces from being lost in the vehicle.

* On-screen entertainment: Increasing numbers of consumers are purchasing vehicles with liquid crystal display TV screens for passenger viewing. Today, not only can your kids play video games and watch DVDs in the car, they can catch their favorite television shows as well.

The TracVision A5, created by Rhode Island-based KVH Industries, lets you watch live television while on the road. This in-motion satellite television system has a low-profile antenna that mounts to the roof of the car and a compact satellite receiver stored in the trunk.

Compatible with DirecTV service, it provides hundreds of channels of satellite television and music. It's also designed to be part of a versatile entertainment system that can include DVD players, VCRs, video game systems and digital video recorders.

The system sells for about $3,500. The monthly satellite service fee varies depending on the package selected but is similar to home programming.

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Travel Destinations

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Peter Greenberg has compiled a roundup of some of the more interesting options for swingin' senior singles, which run the gamut from safaris to small-ship cruises.


If you want some adventure on the road, ElderTreks has been offering senior-oriented trips for almost two decades. With both land and sea vacations, ElderTreks features some pretty exotic destinations, including Mongolia, Ethiopia, and Antarctica. Most of the offerings tend toward the strenuous, but the Activity Level rank gives an idea of just how active a particular tour is.

A Level 3 (most physical) voyage in Ethiopia, for example, could include climbing down the base of the Blue Nile Falls, a three-hour hike in Lalibela, and camping in the Omo Valley after some serious off-roading. ElderTreks are not for the faint of heart or the physically unfit, and can range from about a week to a month or more. If you're adventurous, and looking to meet someone else who is, too, consider joining up with ElderTreks.


While the "Adventure" moniker may be a bit misleading considering this company's emphasis on large-ship cruising. Still, for seniors aged 55+, it could be a good way to meet others. Senior singles in need of a buddy or wingman might like the "Travel Mates" program, which can help to start friendships and meet up with a roommate to avoid a singles supplement charge. Do be careful when exploring Singles Adventure Cruises options, though

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Antalya Turkey Holidays

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Antalya is Turkey's major and charming holiday resort in the Mediterranean region which is called the ancient Pamphylia. This is a beautiful city with endowing palm-lines alley. A superb marina is present on the Mediterranean which makes the Antalya different. This is a fascinating place in Turkey which is moreover good for natural beauty rather than anything artificial.

There are some grand and awesome historical remains that astonish the viewers. Antalya contains various waterfalls and cascades than can be felt thoroughly. The bewitching beauty of the cascades tends to captivate the tourists and thus leaves a permanent impression about the holiday.

The upper Duden waterfalls can be seen about 14 km north east of Antalya. The tourists who come here try to capture the beauty by walking rather than hiring a taxi. Feeling each step of beauty is different from just passing bye. The Duden waterfalls ultimately descend into the sea. The sounds of the waterfalls and serene atmosphere tranquilize the minds of the viewers.

The Duden waterfalls in Antalya can also be viewed from the sea. Other great waterfalls that can be noticed here are the Kursunlu Waterfalls and Nilufer Lake. Both of these beauty icons are 18 km away from Antalya which are the epitome of beauty. The Lara beach is scattered with sandy spread is the archetype of a white bed spread.

Closer to Antalya lies the pebbled Konyaalti Beach which presents a panorama of the majestic mountain range. Little far away is Bey Dagi called the Olympos that is the National Park along with the Topcam Beach equipping more lavish scenery. There are bivouac grounds at the north end of the park. This shelter, moreover, enables to withstand the beauty of the nature.

For a picturesque view of the neighborhood of Antalya, it is essential to make a drive to the holiday complex which is situated heavenly on top of the Tunektepe Hill. Antalya is an ideal winter resort in Turkey. There are enormous snowed mountains that can be skied. March and April are the best months for enjoying this. Savory lunch is offered here including fresh fish at the Marina. In the afternoons, sunbath along with wind surf can be enjoyed.

Duzlercami Park that is positioned in the north of Antalya is under a conservation program. The trip towards this wild life gets eventually interrupted with the marvelous 115 meter deep Guver Canyon. There is small museum in Antalya. Majority of the artifacts are being displayed in other museums that are spread all over Turkey. An Archaeological Museum that has the remnants of the Paleolithic Age to Ottoman times gifts a coup d'oeil of the area's rich history.

Antalya thus becomes a natural expedition by feeling nature's beauty. Shopping is not major exhibition here. People come here due to the immense cosmos of beauty and life. However, there is no tiredness or boredom as it happens in other resorts. There is enough and more things to be captivated slowly and reaching the heavenly beauty of Antalya.

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