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2007 Chevy Tahoe Selling Like Gangbusters

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The jury is in regarding the recently released big SUVs from General Motors: they are an overwhelming success story. The Chevy Tahoe along with its GMC Yukon and Cadillac Escalade siblings are bringing in big gains for GM. Just in time too as the automaker pares excess capacity, closes plants, and lays off tens of thousands of workers. So, what is it about the Tahoe that is stimulating sales? Everything!

Just what is it about the new Tahoe that is bringing in the customers? With sales up nearly 50% over the previous year's model there has to be something that sets the big SUV apart from its predecessor. In fact, everything has changed with the Tahoe as it is an all new model:

New body - The size of the Tahoe remains about the same: it is big. Yet, the body has been restyled with fresh sheet metal giving the truck a thoroughly modern and imposing look. The Tahoe is much more aerodynamic than the preceding model with a wind drag that is lower than the smaller Porsche Cayenne SUV according to Chevrolet.

New engine technology - Back during the 1980s, GM experimented and failed when it launched Cadillac vehicles that could shut down unneeded cylinders at various times during the engine cycle. Two decades later, the company has perfected the technology and its "displacement on demand" engines are some of the most economical motors sold today. In fact, car critics have noted that the Tahoe's fuel mileage is comparable to the much smaller Kia Sorento.

New interior features - GM squeezed extra room out of the already roomy Tahoe interior by sculpting out more space from seat backs, doors, and the headliner. The result is an even roomier feel for passengers. In addition, Chevrolet is reporting that the new Tahoe is 20% quieter than its predecessor thanks to acoustic dampening materials and the improvements in aerodynamics.

Rallying cry - Besides the progress over the previous model, there is one other thing that is stimulating sales: owner loyalty. GM's misfortunes haven't gone completely unnoticed by loyalists who enjoy the big SUV and insist on supporting the brand. Typically, when any popular model is redone, sales do surge. However, in the face of high fuel prices the lift that Chevrolet is getting is much higher than had been expected. This is good news for GM as the SUVs carry a high per unit profit margin to them; money the "general" needs as it attempts to right its listing ship.

Of course, not everyone wants a vehicle the size of the Tahoe. Instead, they will have to wait a few more months before the even bigger Suburban joins the line up. And you thought I was about to mention some sort of compact SUV, right? Not for Chevy owners who are loyal to their big trucks, vans, and SUVs!

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2008 New Car Release Strategy

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Why do automobile manufactures release new models at all times of the year?

People shopping for cars today, face the same decisions they did in years past, 2-door or 4-door, car, truck, van, or SUV. The idea of buying versus leasing is now on the table once again. The idea of buying a car in the middle of 2007 and having to decide between a 2007 and a 2008 muddies the water. Some of these vehicles will be all-new models, others radically different, while still others with only slight alterations.

Manufacturers are using the release of the new 2008 products as more of a strategy than in years previous years. They realize they have the power to create targeted traffic at given points of the selling season with these new releases. They no longer have to share the same pie with every other automaker. The traditional introduction of the models in early October created to much competition between the manufacturers. All the automakers were introducing their new lineup at the same time and sharing the spotlight with all the other automakers. A model can be deemed a 2008 so long as it goes on sale after January 1st of the current year.

Consumers are split relatively evenly between the bargain of the left over model and the idea of having the latest and greatest. There is certainly a price to be paid for stepping up into a new 2008 model. Many consumers opt to pay more for the 2008 because the 2007 does not seem quite so new anymore. While the bargain hunters can save even more during the buzz of the newly released models.

This is a win-win for the dealerships. The manufacturers need to assist the dealers in moving out the 2007 products (heavier incentives) and the profits for the dealers can be significantly higher on the fresh 2008 products.

More and more new models for 2008 are being produced monthly.

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What To Look For In A Vehicle Auction

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Vehicle auction venues are a great place to find a vehicle deals. There are several of vehicle auction venues - regular ones (standard auctions where vehicles are sold), government (seized or surplus government vehicles are sold), insurance (insurance companies sell damaged and rebuilt cars). Most of the auctions are public but there is a great number of private auctions held as well.

Vehicle auction websites are also available. They are just like the "actual" ones with the only difference that they are in fact held online. The most popular auction website that also holds vehicle auction stuff is eBay.

If you have decided to try your luck at a vehicle auction, there are some things you should know in advance. The general rules are the same for all auction types.

One thing that is of great importance is about the origin of the vehicles. Each vehicle should have a clear history available at the auctioneers. If you have decided to bid on a specific vehicle, it is best if you first check it and than decide if you still are eager to bid. Generally speaking all vehicles sold at auctions should be fine in terms of origin but you never know.

The second thing to watch out for is the condition of the vehicle. It is recommended that you take mechanic along so that he can check the vehicle you want to purchase. There are plenty of vehicles that look just fine but have serious problems.

The next tip highly applicable to vehicle auction buys is the price. First, you should make a research in order to find out what are the latest price trends of the vehicle you are looking for. Than be careful not to be sucked in the bed-swirl. The vehicle auction bids should be competitive so a price can reach sky-heights just by many participants bidding madly. You may end up paying a price just like the normal value or even higher. Also at some auctions, you can actually negotiate the price so check and do not underestimate this option.

Be careful when going to government auctions. While the vehicles sold there may be up to 50% cheaper than the market value of the same vehicles, bare in mind that most of them are no driven nor maintained for a long time or are damaged in a way or another. Insurance vehicle auctions may also look like a bargain heaven but the situation there may turn into a nightmare easily. This type of vehicle auction venues offer cars that have been damaged by their owners to an extend that the insurance company has had to replace them with new. So it is likely that you will buy a rebuilt vehicle or one with serious problems. Rebuilt vehicles rae not a good idea as their manufacturing warranty is voided, and most of the insurance companies don't want to deal with them at all. That is why insurance vehicle auction places are recommended for professionals who either know what they are doing or are looking for a cheap vehicle for spare parts.

Finally, it is best if you visit vehicle auction venues a few times to get accustomed to the situation before you actually run into the auction game.

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What To Look For In A Salvage Car Auction

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A salvage car auction may be also advertised as insurance car auction. What you should know is that a salvage car auction has absolutely nothing to do with the normal auctions - public, government or wholesale.

Salvage car auction venues offer cars that have been collected and rebuilt by the insurance companies in some cases, while in order they are sold in their damaged condition. Normally you can reach a price with 20% to 50% cheaper than the regular price of the car you are looking for. In some cases, the cars being sold at salvage car auction places might have just a minor problem but in most of the cases, these cars have suffered a serious damage.

The main problem with cars being sold at a salvage car auction is that these cars are usually damaged to an extend that a regular car buyer cannot properly asses. That is why it is strongly recommended that only experienced professionals buy from these auctions. If you are not one, than get somebody along with you when going to bid on a salvage car auction. On the other hand, if you are looking for a car just because of the spare parts than you should not care that much. Just check if the parts you are interested in are in order and of course be careful with the price you will have to pay. As you may guess, there is no need to pay a prices closer to the regular price of the spare parts you are buying the car for.

For the same reason described above is a must that you perform a proper check of the car you want to purchase and second - to check the vehicle history report. A car might look in good condition but it might has been seriously rebuild or repaired in a way that will cause you troubles later. Even after you have repaired the car, you should ask for a complete check by a car company to ensure that all in your car is in complete order.

The rest of the usually checks that are done when buying a car are still a must - you should read carefully all the paperwork involved, check the VIN numbers and the car history.

Be prepared for the inconveniences that you might experience later in case you have bough a rebuilt car from a salvage car auction. The fact that a car has been rebuilt stays in its record. Cars that have been rebuilt are not favorite to insurance companies or banks. In addition, even if the car you are purchasing is still under the manufacturers warranty period, this warranty might be voided in case the car has been rebuilt. So never, rely on the fact that "the car is still in the warranty period..."

Finally, this is what we would advise the regular car hunters - try another car auction and leave the salvaged car auction venues to the professionals. It is worth neither the hassle nor the risk buying from a salvaged car auction just to save a minor amount of money.

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All The Secrets You Need To Know For Better Gas Mileage

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Everyone is affected by the increase in gas prices. The increased cost at the gas pump has many families needing to tighten their budgets. One way to decrease your cost at the pump is to increase your gas mileage. This may seem an clear solution, but there are several ways to improve gas mileage that are easy to do.

One of the best ways of increasing gas mileage is to maintain your vehicle. Make sure the tires are properly inflated. Having the right amount of pressure in your tires can increase your gas mileage significantly. Make sure that when you have your oil changed, that your air filter is checked. Having a clean air filter also affects gas mileage. Making sure that you properly maintain your car not only increases gas mileage, but it also helps extend the life of your car. With people watching their budgets more closely, they tend to drive their cars for longer periods of time.

Another way of increasing gas mileage is to watch your driving habits. There are several things that each driver does routinely that can impact gas mileage. The most published tip regarding this is to decrease your speed. By driving the speed limit you can greatly improve your gas mileage. This also increases your safety and the safety of others on the road. When driving in the city try to avoid rapid acceleration.

Rapid acceleration greatly decreases gas mileage. Excessive breaking also uses more gas. To get the most out of each gallon of gas try to avoid doing this. Excessive breaking or traveling the break is often a habit that young drivers get into, because of lack of confidence. It pays to discuss this with your teenage driver.

If you are in the market for a new car and are worried about getting the best gas mileage possible, consider one of the hybrid cars. There are more models to choose from due to the rise in gas prices. Several of the hybrid models get extremely good gas mileage. The hybrid car is improving in appearance, availability and performance. The high price of gas has caused many manufactures to increase their production of the hybrid car to give consumers better gas mileage. Due to the increase in the number of hybrid cars produced, there is no longer the waiting list to contend with when purchasing one. Most car dealers have several hybrid models to choose from on their showroom floor.

In addition to changing your driving habits to increase gas mileage, you can also cut down on the number of trips you make with your vehicle. If you are going a short distance consider walking or riding a bike. Try to incorporate as many errands into one trip as possible so that you will decrease the miles you drive. Small changes in habits can save money at the pump by improving gas mileage.

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Personal Car Loan

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Instead of going through a dealer for a car, you may have to go through a private dealing that requires you to get a personal loan. You will need to file a lot of paper work and be prepared to be at the creditor's office for at least an hour filling out all the paper work. When it comes to personal loans, they tend to be very specific. You need to make sure that you understand all the questions and answer them truthfully.

You don't want to claim that you are purchasing on thing and then buy something else. That's considered fraud and you may end up in a lot of trouble over the act. Don't break any laws trying to get a personal car loan. What you need to do is go to your bank or credit venue and ask them how and if you are eligible for any credit. They may just open up a line of credit for you, depending on the price of the car.

If you really want to avoid all the high interest rates, you may want to ask a close friend or family member with lots of money to help fund your new investment. You may be able to find someone willing to give you a personal loan, but make sure that you go to the bank and sign an IOU. This will help them feel secure about getting the money back and it is a legally binding contract. The thing with IOUs is that you have to come up with terms. You need to state the payment methods and when you will have the amount paid back. This is one way to avoid the interest rates, however, not always.

To go through a personal car loan with no hassle is impossible. You need to file all this paperwork at your bank if you plan on using them. You need to wait a long time to get approved. It could take a week or two for your credit to be approved. Personal loans are a hassle. You have to prove exactly what you plan on doing with the money. You need to give the creditor tons of information and practically your first-born.

To cut the hassle, you should go online to some of your credit card companies and see what the rates would be to get a loan for personal use so that you can purchase a car. Then you will get your response within a few days and be able to make the transaction if approved within a week.

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Powered Air Purifying Respirator Masks

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For complete respiratory protection in an environment where there are hazardous airborne chemicals or particles to contend with, wearing an appropriate face mask and filter system is absolutely essential for any worker. Of course there is a drawback with wearing a regular face mask for hard physical work, and that is that it is really hard work having to breathe through an air filter, making work more tiring, and causing fatigue to set in much more quickly.

By opting for one of the latest PAPR masks (Powered Air Purifying Respirators) over traditional variants, there are a number of outstanding benefits to be had. The first and most immediately obvious one of these is that instead of the worker having to work hard to breathe through a filter, the battery powered air pump attached to the PAPR masks drives air through a comprehensive filter system, and delivers it straight into the face mask. The air is cool in the PAPR mask because of the length of the pipe allowing turbulence to settle away, and depending on the filter used in the system almost all particles can be removed.

The next major benefit for workers using a PAPR mask when working is that because all the heavy components - the motor and filters - are contained within a belt mounted unit, the mask itself is much lighter than a regular model. This makes it much more comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and also reduces the amount of muscle fatigue felt by wearers when they are using the PAPR mask.

There are a variety of different PAPR masks available, and although they all share the same basic features of having the purifier and air pump attached to the belt and the mask as a separate item, they can be used for different purposes, and buyers should consider what their exact needs are before investing in one of these products.

The biggest advantage of a PAPR mask over a hood with an air filter is that it is a great deal more flexible for the wearer, because it is lightweight, and offers excellent visibility. Most of the available models have a large full face visor made of high impact plastic that offers excellent protection against most airborne debris, and prevents it from getting into the eyes of the worker. The full face visor offers excellent visibility and increases the range of awareness that a worker can have, increasing safety. With a conventional soft hood mask, the peripheral vision of the wearer is reduced, making them unsuitable to wear within a dangerous environment.

In order to get the maximum benefit from wearing a PAPR mask, you need to ensure that it is properly fitted, working correctly, and regularly tested and maintained. The air purifying pump should be kept clear of obstructions, and the wearer should check that the mask has a good seal around their face to be sure that none of the gases that they are trying to protect themselves from is able to get in through the sides.

The other vital consideration when choosing or setting up a PAPR mask is to ensure that you have the right kind of filters fitted. If you are planning to work in an environment where the main air pollutants that you have to deal with are dusts, you will need a filter system designed to remove dust and debris from the air stream. If on the other hand you are planning to use paint spraying equipment, you will need a different kind of respirator kit that protects you from the toxic chemicals that are released when painting

If a PAPR mask is worn correctly, it will offer excellent levels of protection from a wide range of airborne contamination and gases. It is important to make sure that batteries are well charged and will last for the duration of the work that is being carried out.

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Shade Tree Automotive Diagnostics And Care Part Iii Smell No Evil

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Learning a little more about how to better care for your vehicles is a good idea for any number of reasons. It allows you to know if an unscrupulous mechanic is attempting to gouge you on your repairs - and that will save you money. It can prevent you from making unnecessary repairs - and that will save you money. It can help you locate a problem and fix it early, thus saving more money - sometimes a whole lot of money. It allows you to be more independent in an era where people are entirely too dependent on others to survive.

We need to get started now, so that we have time to cover everything...

It may sound strange that smelling your vehicle can be a useful maintenance activity, but believe me it is. And I'm not just talking about needing to buy one of those cute little green trees that permeate every inch of your vehicle's interior with the smell of pine - or something like that. Actually, you really already do this in at least one instance - the smell of gasoline. And we'll cover that herein.

Let's begin with the smell of smoke. If your vehicle is smoking anywhere at any time it's time to get some service - immediately. It doesn't matter if you smell the smoke, or see it - you need to deal with the problem ASAP. Smoke coming from anywhere is never 'okay' in a vehicle, though you may just have some spilled fluids on a hot engine surface, or some oil that splashed into your wheel assembly. No matter - get it checked and make sure.

The smell of gas is most often associated with a flooded engine: too much gas for the spark to ignite. The gas sits in the engine, and the odor becomes more noticeable for a short time, and then starts to rapidly dissipate. This tends to happen only when you are starting the engine. The smell of gas at any other time, or the constant smell of gas is indicative of another type of problem, and one that is potentially serious, or dangerous: a leak in the fuel system. You should have this checked out by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible.

The smell of rotten eggs, usually associated with sulfur or burning sulfur, is likely a problem with your catalytic converter. Servicing a catalytic converter is highly technical, and will require the attention of a trained technician or mechanic. You should make an appointment for your vehicle as soon as possible. A maladjusted or failing catalytic converter can be costing you precious mileage!

The smell of burning bread, sometimes referred to as 'burnt toast,' is most often associated with an electrical short circuit or possibly the burning/melting of the insulation around the affected wires, fuses, or connections. If there are any secondary signs, then you should not run the engine until a qualified technician resolves the issue. Left unchecked, electrical shorts can affect many of the systems in your vehicle.

A sweet odor, especially when mixed with the smell of hot rubber, usually means there's a coolant leak, or a problem with the cooling system. If you are driving, stop and visually check the engine and the radiator. Driving a vehicle with an overheated engine can do untold damage to all sorts of things, and turn a simple repair with a modest cost into a nightmarish expense that prevents you from using your vehicle for days, or even weeks.

The smell of burning oil is a pungent, acrid stench that can be very slight, or quite pronounced. In either case, you need to check your engine to make sure you don't have an oil leak, and also to ensured that you have the recommended amount of oil in your engine. Usually, the smell of burning oil is something minor, such as a small spill on the engine, a slight overflow that got blown onto a hot engine part, or low engine oil. Be sure that when you change your engine oil you insist on an Engine Sentry

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Mountain Bikes

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A mountain bike is a bicycle specifically designed to withstand the toughness and roughness of a cross country ride. Compared to road bikes and BMX bikes, these mountain bikes usually have broader frames and tires to accommodate the rough road and terrain. These bikes usually have either front or rear suspension, depending on the preference of the rider. In some cases, both ends have suspensions. These are for the comfort of the rider while he is jostled as he traverses the rough road.

The broader and more knobby tires of the mountain bike are called knobbies because of the bumps and protrusions on them. These bumps or knobs are very efficient in "gripping" the rough terrain and maintaining their hold on the rough road. The smoother tires of road bikes cannot go up a rough road since these will just skid on it.

The different types of mountain bikes are usually categorized depending on their suspension. A full rigid mountain bike is one that has no suspension at all. Instead of the usual front suspension, it a fixed fork very similar to those of road bikes. A hard tail mountain bike is one that does have front suspension and does not have any rear ones. Some bikers prefer these kinds of set up since sometimes rear suspension can make the rider exert more effort because of the flex it gives.

A soft tail mountain bike is the kind with rear suspension but these are activated by the movement of the frame itself and not by the pivots. The rear suspension of these kinds of bikes is not as pronounced as those in the full suspension category. full suspension mountain bike has suspension in both ends, the front and the rear. This is a pretty comfortable bike to ride in rough road because the bike literally cushions you, at least most of the time.

The advantage of using a mountain bike is that you are physically fit and can go anytime to visit the great outdoors. It gives a great cardiovascular work out for the heart and burns a lot of calories also. One thing you must remember when you are out biking is to always wear a helmet. The helmet has saved lot s of lives already and it just might save your own. Helmets can withstand a pretty severe crash. Even if biking only in the streets near your home, always wear a helmet.

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