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Prepare Holiday Checklists

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Making travel plans can start the beginning of that vacation feeling. No matter what season of the year that it is, you can prepare holiday plans for you and your family, so that will have something to look forward to. Before you leave on your trip, however, you need to be sure that you pack carefully, so that you will have what you need on your travel tour.

The cruise ship will have almost anything that you need available for purchase, but it can cost you significantly more. That is why you want to make sure that you carefully pack and make your travel plan, so that you can save yourself money and hassle on items that you could have packed.

You may think that you only need to take your ticket, but there are other items that you will need. You need to take some type of identification, whether it is a driver's license, passport, or state identification card. If you are leaving the country on a cruise, then a passport is necessary. You will also want to make sure that the country that you are visiting does not require a visa, because some countries require them in addition to your passport. The best way to learn about the necessary documents for the countries that you are visiting is to ask your cruise line representative or travel agent. Medical documents and immunization records could come in helpful, too.

Souvenirs are something that people enjoy purchasing as a memento of their trip. That is why you will want to take some money. On the cruise ship, you will not need money, but when you get off of the ship, you will need it for all of those extras. Your credit and debit card, along with some cash, can help you to purchase those little things that you want and need. Traveler's checks are a good idea, too, because they can be easily replaced in most cases. By spreading your money out into several different kinds and separating it, you can help to make sure that you will have some money source even if you have some stolen.

If you forget something like a toothbrush, you can purchase a new one on board the ship, although it will cost you a little more. Things that you should not forget include your prescription medications, reading glasses, contact lenses, etc. These items will be difficult or impossible to replace on board the ship, so this is why you want to double-check your travel plan checklist to make sure that you do not forget this type of item. Other things that you may want to consider taking with you are medications for pain, colds, and seasickness. These items can be found on board, but they will be significantly more expensive.

If you want to take pictures, then you will want to pack your digital camera, as well as extra batteries and memory sticks. There will be a great deal of opportunity for pictures and this is why you want to be sure that you have the right tools in hand to do this. If you are going to need to use the phone, then you will want to make sure that you take prepaid phone cards, because it is expensive to make calls from the ship.

Leave room in your suitcase for souvenirs for yourself and for your friends. Once you have made your travel plan and packing checklist, you will be well on your way to the most relaxing and fun vacation that you have ever taken. Enjoy!

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The Travel Writer As Intellectual Adventurer

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William Dalrymple, the Scottish Catholic adventurer, wrote in his book From the Holy Mountain about the modern remnants of Byzantium, the following:

"John Moschos did what the modern travel writer still does: he wandered the world in search of strange stories and remarkable travellers' tales."

Note that Dalrymple did not say that travellers go to discover new things, or places, or people. He sets the modern travel writer on a different plane, as one who adventures through human narrative by means of travel.

That is certainly true of the opulent works of Dalrymple, for whom travelling to places is merely a starting point for an intellectual journey through past civilizations and cultures.

At his best Dalrymple delivers writings that reveal intellectual continents, through which run his riveting historical and moving personal revelations.

When Dalrymple spoke of travel writing and John Moschos, he was referring to an ancient traveller whose footsteps he would retrace in his quest, from Greece through the Levant to Egypt, to find the monasteries and cities that Moschos had previously written about. With John Moschos' book, entitled The Spiritual Meadow, in hand Dalrymple journeyed to the ports of Sidon, Tyre, Beirut, Alexandria - to see what Moschos had seen, or to discover if anything Byzantine was still there in any incarnation at all.

A huge gulf of time separated Dalrymple from Moschos and yet in several appealing ways they had much in common.

An Oxford graduate from the leisured classes of Scotland, when Dalrymple set out for Byzantium he had already written a best-selling travel book In Xanadu: A Quest. For this he travelled to China while an impecunious student accompanied by relays of girlfriends. He had also written City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi based on an uneasy year he spent in the city with his young artist wife, Olivia. In his much later book White Mughals it would emerge that Dalrymple's Anglo-Indian origins were the reason for his fascination with India.

Prior to setting out to discover Byzantium, Dalrymple consulted with a veritable slate of geniuses and eccentrics: Sir Steven Runciman, Robert Lacey and Robert Fisk among them. On his Byzantium odyssey Dalrymple started his journey at the monastery of Mount Athos on the Greek mainland in 1994. He began here because he went to see an early Greek manuscript of Moschos's book.

John Moschos began his journey from the gates of the great desert monastery of St Theodosius overlooking Bethlehem. The year was 578 A.D., nearly 1500 years before Dalrymple set out from Mount Athos. Moschos was "an almost exact contemporary of Mohammed." This "wandering Jew of a monk" as a biographer of Moschos wrote, travelled with his pupil Sophronius, who in old age would become Patriarch of Jerusalem, and "it was left to him to defend the Holy City against the first army of Islam as it swept up from Arabia, conquering all before it."

Moschos wanted to see and write about Byzantium when it was under assault. Justinian's efforts to re-establish the Roman Empire had failed. Now Byzantium was threatened in the west by Slavs, Goths and Lombards and from the east by "desert nomads and the legions of Sassanian Persia".

Dalrymple wanted to write about a civilization that is largely forgotten and its remnants growing few and remote from modern life. It is not commonly realized that for 300 years Byzantium was the dominant culture of Eastern Europe and the Levant. It was a distinct cultural era between Rome and Islam, and yet so little of it remains in the Western consciousness, except in Eastern Orthodox religious traditions.

Both Dalrymple and Moschos wanted to recover, record and preserve a phase of history most remembered in the adjective "Byzantine" or faintly remembered from the portraits in mosaic of Justinian and Theodora at Ravenna.

John Moschos and his companion ended their journey in Constantinople where he wrote his book. It was hailed as the masterpiece of Byzantine travel writing even then and in a generation or two was translated into several languages.

William Dalrymple ended his journey in Egypt and sojourned in the home of a friend in Somerset, England where he wrote his book. With From the Holy Mountain Dalrymple came of age as a writer. Some would say it was his greatest work. Today Dalrymple the family man divides his time between a farm outside Delhi, London and Edinburgh.

With From the Holy Mountain he did what he wanted to do. "I wanted to see wherever possible what Moschos and Sophronius had seen, to sleep in the same monasteries, to pray under the same frescoes and mosaics, to discover what was left, and to witness what was in effect the last ebbing twilight of Byzantium."

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The Benefits Of The All Inclusive Ski Vacation

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For many, nothing beats the joy of hitting the slopes; putting on boots, skis, and goggles before facing the mountain at hand. Skiing, even when done with friends and family, is still a solitary sport which is, in part, the reason for its vast popularity. The serenity that comes from being outside - in beautiful environs - and putting your physical prowess and sporting skills to the test, is unparalleled. It's no wonder that, for ski enthusiasts, a vacation means a ski vacation. And one of the best ways to enjoy all that this getaway has to offer is by embarking on an all inclusive ski vacation.

The all inclusive vacation has continued to maintain popularity throughout the years, as travelers enjoy the convenient one-price-for-everything system. It allows them to pay for every part of their vacation up front - including accommodations, meals, activities, even gratuities - and not have to worry about having cash on hand during their time away. The all inclusive ski vacation offers the ultimate relaxation to travelers, allowing them to let go of the details and just enjoy themselves.

Typically, an all inclusive ski vacation will bundle the price of travel, transfer to hotel, accommodations, meals, and ski passes. The variety of meals, level of accommodations, and any restrictions of skiing depend solely on the particular resort in which you are interested. You can work online or with a travel agent to determine those options that are most important to you and cross-reference them to resorts that offer the same. For example, if you would rather have the ability to ski all day - with no restrictions - and have that included in your upfront price, then your travel agent can easily educate you on those resorts that offer an all inclusive ski vacation that best meets your needs. Additionally, if you are traveling with children, your requirements will be vastly different then if planning an adults-only all inclusive ski vacation.

Either way, you will find that an all inclusive ski vacation offers you substantial savings as compared to purchasing each part of your trip separately. Bundling amenities and services together means a world of difference to your wallet.

Consider all the factors that will make your all inclusive ski vacation your dream getaway. And then get down to doing some research. With some flexibility on travel dates and an adventurous attitude, you will soon be on a vacation you are not soon to forget.

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Six Mistakes To Avoid At The Taj Mahal

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Most of your visit to India's most-famous attraction is natural and inspiring. If it is your first visit, however, it is easy to make the following mistakes

Mistake 1: Make your visit too short.

Buses have been known to allow as little as half an hour to "see" the Taj Mahal, which is hardly time to walk the length of the reflecting pool. If this is your bus's timetable, consider finding another. Allow a minimum of two hours to fully savor the "poem in marble."

Mistake 2: Arrive with no prior knowledge of the Taj Mahal.

The Taj Mahal is a mausoleum and not a palace; it was created by a Mughal king in honor of his wife who died giving birth to their fourteenth child, and it is covered in real marble. There is much more to the story that will enhance your enjoyment of what you will see and feel. Do yourself a favor and enjoy some reading and research beforehand; the more you know, the richer your experience. Guidebooks, such as Eyewitness, are helpful.

Mistake 3: Remain with your guide or group during your entire visit.

After hearing what they have to tell you, leave them and wander to a secluded spot so you can gaze at this wonder of marital love on your own. Carve out time for solitude. Sit on a bench and contemplate the grace, balance, and beauty of Shah Jahan's creation.

Mistake 4: Limit your visit to the Taj Mahal to only one time of the day.

Throughout daylight, the marble dome reflects sunshine with hues of pink, orange and white. Clouds and rain add additional interest. In Agra, the sky provides a backdrop for the double dome of the Taj Mahal. See as many of these variations as you can. Count yourself blessed if you are able to see the Taj Mahal in the moonlight.

Mistake 5: Become frustrated with the guides and photographers.

It is a popular business to impart information and produce a lasting memory for you at the Taj Mahal. Guides will ask if you want them to tell you about their country's most famous attraction. Photographers will want to snap shots of you during your visit. Most of them are citizens of the country you are visiting. If you have made plans that exclude your need for their services, refuse with firm courtesy. Your desire for personal viewing time needs to be balanced with their need to work.

Mistake 6: Don't take any

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Enjoy The Beautiful Outdoors In California

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California is an excellent visitors destination since it extends along the majority of the Pacific coastline of the United States. There are a number of national parks and outdoor activities to keep travelers occupied with in California. There is the Sequoia National Parks, the High Sierras, the beauty of Lake Tahoe and the big cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles among others. In southern California there is no shortage of wonderful beach options if you prefer to spend your vacation relaxing on the beach.

The fifth largest city in California is Long Beach and it is one of the busiest seaports in the entire world. With many attractions to decide from, Long Beach has become a premier seaside resort for travelers. For those who like to shop on their vacations there is the Queen's Market Place which is designed to look like an open English Village. For the animal lovers there is the Aquarium of the Pacific which has over ten thousand different animals to view. In mid April sports fans can enjoy the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.

In central California there is Napa which offers an excellent choice of accommodations, restaurants and shops for travelers of all types. Many travelers choose to come to the Napa Valley region of California to enjoy the scenic views it has to offer. There is plenty of outdoor activities in Napa including biking trails and a wide selection of parks.

Perhaps the most popular of all California cities is San Francisco. There are numerous attractions to choose from here and it is a destination known throughout the world. Some of the more popular attractions include the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island and Fisherman's Wharf. For the move buff there is the San Francisco International Film Festival in April that features over two hundred top films from around the world.

If you are traveling to Lake Tahoe then an excellent accommodation option is the River Ranch Lodge. It is a beautiful rustic mountain lodge with a large outdoor deck that overlooks the river. It is also one of the cheaper accommodation options in the Lake Tahoe area.

If Yosemite is more of your outdoor experience then you should try the Evergreen Lodge. This is located right at the entrance to the Yosemite National Park and offers a variety of rustic cabins and access to many outdoor activity choices. The Evergreen Lodge is an excellent choice for those who want the ultimate outdoor experience and easy access to it.

For a true bed and breakfast experience there is St. Orres in Gualala. This is a Russian style hotel that offers excellent secluded accommodations that have river, meadow and forest options. On California's North Coast this is an excellent option to choose.

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Pressed For Time In Sydney

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Much has been written and said about Sydney's harbor, and with good reason. The harbor boasts one of the world's most recognizable views, dominated by two icons in the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge. The area also provides no end of activities and neighborhoods to explore. If you're time poor, however, it is easy to accomplish a lot in a short time frame or select a few activities that appeal to your own sense of adventure. The following is a short list of things to see and do should you find yourself in the harbor city, spoilt for choice but lacking time.

Sydney Harbor Bridge itself looms over the water like a giant coat hanger, a term used affectionately by the locals. A climbing tour is offered if you're willing to fork out around $170.00 for the hike. If not however you can still walk across at road level for free. The added bonus is that you can take your camera with you for some shots of the Opera House and surrounding area.

Once across the bridge, on the opposite side of the city centre, is Milsons Point. Home to the heritage listed Luna Park Sydney, an old fashioned fun park where roller coasters, ferris wheels and other rides of old bring a little nostalgia to the waterfront. Entry to the grounds is free, so you only pay for the rides and amusements you use. If fun parks aren't your thing, tucked under the bridge is a waterfront park providing a perfect place to spend a lazy few hours stretched out on the grass with a picnic taking in the spectacular views of Sydney's central business district.

Heading back across the bridge, you come to Sydney's historic The Rocks. This is one of the most historic parts of Australia and the area where the first British settlers landed and from which the bustling city, and indeed country, grew. Once occupied by convicts and prostitutes, today The Rocks' cobblestone laneways are full of designer shops, art galleries and eateries. The area lends itself perfectly to the aimless wander and is dotted with historic watering holes in which to rest weary feet and replenish

A short stroll from The Rocks is Circular Quay, a transport hub with ferries departing for suburbs across the bay. From here you can catch one of the ferries to Manly or Toronga Zoo, or maybe purchase a Daytripper ticket, which lets you ride as many ferries on the same day as you like and explore some of the lesser known suburbs of the city. The Daytripper is also valid on Metro trains and buses for those who are looking to explore a little further.

Apart from the ferry terminals, Circular Quay boasts many fine restaurants, with superb views of the quay (and prices to match). Stroll further onward and you will come to the Sydney Opera House. The once controversial structure stands proudly above the water, defying convention as it overlooks proceedings on the waterways and the street.

A show at the Opera House is a must. If opera is not your thing, there are also orchestral performances, plays, concerts and comedy shows to provide something for everyone. Tours of the building are also available and include a walk onto one of the stages.

Turning away from the harbor and the Opera House, you come to the Royal Botanical Gardens, a huge sprawling space dedicated to various varieties of trees, plants and shrubs. It is easy to get lost in the gardens wandering the many paths and admiring whichever flowers are in season at the time. Near the center is a shop and caf

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Camping Vacation Fun

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Camping happens to be a way that you can have adventure and excitement. You will be able to breathe deeply and clearly from the fresh air. You will also become amazed for the fact that the mountains are stunning. You will find that there are a lot of things to see when you go camping. You will be able to find new lives when you go camping. Camping is a great way to pull the entire family together.

When it comes to action, you may end up getting more than what you bargain for. You will find that you'll be able to have a lot of adventure when it comes to areas with bears. Bears may look like teddy bears, but really they are dangerous and more people will find that there are times where they will attack you. You will find that grizzlies are very aggressive and will eat a human. Black bears happen to be less aggressive, but they too will attack when provoked. You need to think about ways on how to get out of their sight. Basically you don't want to run. Running will make them chase you. Don't try to go up a tree because they can climb trees. You will however want to slowly back away. You will want to slowly take a step or two and not move too much. If one does attack you, you will want to roll up in a ball and shield your head.

Another animal that you will want to keep your eye open for is the wild cat. This is where you will find that they are very aggressive and they attack. It is hard to get out of the sight of a wild cat, because they are deadly. Most will try to avoid contact; however, if you just met a bob cat looking for food, you will become a target. There have been known cougars or pumas that will take a child and eat them.

It is best to know what you have in your backyard and where you are camping, because you will need to make everyone aware of the dangers of the woods and how dangerous some animals can be. There are some wild cats that have razor sharp teeth and will stop for nothing to get you. You need to learn how to practice good safety habits while camping.

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How To Get Low Priced Airline Tickets Save Money And Get Cash Back

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Low-priced airline tickets are available through the Ayopah Mall. Consumers not only receive the lowest fairs available, they also save money by getting cash back from all of their airline and online purchases.

Most of us like to travel whether it is just a couple hundred miles in the car for a weekend getaway, or clear across the globe for a summer in Italy. Naturally, when we venture far from home we must turn to air travel unless you are a person who is scared to fly. So, the search begins for low-priced airline tickets. Sometimes, I can't help but wonder if there truly is such a thing. Even after scouring the web, I often came up empty handed. I used to think to myself; please tell me this is not just a dilemma exclusive to me. No offense to the "deal sites," but sometimes they just didn't seem to come through.

There were so many like,,,, etc... I can't even begin to try to name them all. Now, the goal of these websites is to provide folks like you and me with low-priced airline tickets. Or at least I thought that was the goal. They tell you to name your price? Well, that routine just didn't seem to work for me. Oh I name my price alright, but it never let me purchase airline tickets for price I wanted. And I'm not saying that I use to punch in something ridiculous like two dollars. I think I put in a fair price, but it was always rejected. I began to think maybe it was me. Maybe, I just chose the wrong times to look.

In all honesty, I'm surprised that airline tickets are as high as they are these days. They were low for a while after 911, but then the shot back up. Now, they are claiming that the reason for the higher prices is because of the rising price of fuel. Ugh!

Considering all the hassles of flying now, I'd think airlines would cut us a few deals. I'm not too crazy about that x-ray machine that basically strips you nude. Although I do see the purpose behind them, I think they should work to come up with an alternative machine, one that allows us a little dignity when flying.

There are prudent times and bad times to purchase airline tickets. Anyone who's currently scrambling to get airline tickets within 14 days of a trip might as well forget it. Well, that is unless you want to be charged an arm and a leg. The beaches are already packed and hotels are booked. Trust me on this one. Purchasing airline tickets to hot spots should be done far in advance. The same goes for lodging reservations. Then, just maybe one of those "deal sites" will actually have a deal for you.

Finally, I was introduced to the Ayopah Market place. I needed to find away to get to California within a week. A friend told me about Ayopah . He told me to look into the travel section and go to So, I did. When I got there, I found all of these testimonials from very creditable newspapers like the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, and Chicago Tribune etc... They all were claiming how Kayak was the best on the Internet for low vacation fairs. So, I took a chance.

I added my itinerary. And, to my surprised, I got the price that I wanted. This site is amazing. I saved nearly two hundred dollars going through I became a customer for life.

About two weeks later, I got a call from my friend saying, "thank you for shopping in my mall.". I said "what?" "You have a mal?." He said, "yes" "I have an online mall." I was totally confused. He went on to tell me about the Ayopah Market Place. He informed me that he could give me a free mall for myself. So, I could not only save money shopping online, but he told me that he could get cash back. I thought he was crazy.

He went on to explain that if I were a member when I purchased my tickets, I could have received additional cash back. He told me that a company named Escape International was providing free malls to its representatives and all I had to do was sign up for free and to shop in my own mall.

He told me that if had my own mall at the time that I was purchasing my airline tickets I could have gotten cash back. He sent me to to sign up so that I could get my own mall link. Now, when I shop in my own mall, Escape International sends them a check each month that their commissions total $25.00 or more.

I now, do all of my shopping online for airline tickets, clothing, household appliance, shoes jewelry, everything. And I get cash back for all of my purchase. In addition, when I give others a free mall I earn a commission from everything that they buy though their mall.

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Villa Rentals In The South Of France An Introduction

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Every August the South of France fills up as the rest of France arrives. Motorways can be horrible and the traffic near the beaches even worse. But the reputation, while sometimes deserved, is overdone. With a little homework, even in August it is still possible to find your own place in a villa with a pool in the sun far from the crowds.

A quick geographical tour of some of the areas of interest:

The Cote d'Azur: is the area stretching West as far as Menton. The scenery is beautiful. It is here that the foothills of the Alps fall off at the coast. This dramatic combination of scenery and sea views is one of the things that makes the area so famous. Villas that are a little way inland are generally the best value for money in the area: you will find some very comfortable holiday villas for about half of what one pays closer to the coast. For most people, this area has the ideal combination of pretty villages and easy driving distance to the sea when one is so inclined. Villas in the area are in the areas around Valbonne, Opio and Tourrettes-sur-Loup. A little further West, in the areas around Grasse are the villas with the most spectacular views in the South of France.

The stretch to the East of Nice that includes Monaco, Cap Ferrat and going as far as the Italian border is the home of serious money. One of the reasons for this is of course the beauty of the scenery and the quality of the building. Rents for villa holidays are similarly breathtaking, either impressive or wasteful depending on how you see the world.

The Var is a very popular spot for vacations in the area around the Gulf of St Tropez. St Tropez proper is a stylish suntrap which came to prominence in the 50s when Brigitte Bardot and others graced the then undeveloped sands. The development of the town has come on some way since then and it is packed in the summer, but it retains a certain exclusivity: celebrity spotting is not hard in St Tropez.

Villa holidays in St Tropez proper are not cheap, but as you get further inland so the scenery improves with spectacular views over the Gulf of St Tropez, and the villa rents go down. Around the Gulf at Beauvallon are a number of charming villas for about one third of what one pays a few kilometres closer to the so-called 'action'. There are also a some attractive and realistically priced villas near the charming village of Grimaud. The style of villas in the St Tropez area is dictated by local government, and must be in a Provencal style. Further West, towards Grasse, a more modern style of villa can be found alongside the traditional Mas Provencal.

Some practical considerations: Tradition in France dictates that some villa owners insist on minimum two-week bookings in villas during peak periods. The airports for the areas mentioned are at Nice and Toulon.

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