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Papua New Guinea Adventure Traveler Mecca With Butler And Health Club

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One of the few still untamed, if not unspoiled destinations, Papua New Guinea is a raw land. Nearly 85% of the main island is carpeted with tropical rain forest.

With its international reputation for Scuba Diving thanks to spectacular coral reefs, Papua New Guinea is still a Mecca for the serious adventure traveler who will find swamp and jagged limestone; mud and moss forest; suffocating heat and Highland chill; plumed, pearl-shelled villagers and prosaic hill people; tiny tree kangaroos and enormous Queen Alexandra Birdwing butterflies. And fascination, unspoiled beauty, the exotic experience of a lifetime. But also personal butlers at hotels. Fine dining. And now even a stunningly designed Health and Racquet Club.

The new club is at the Airways Boutique Hotel in Port Moresby and covers 600 square meters fitted out in stylish d

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Enjoy A Unique Holiday In Munich And Bavaria

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A hotspot for those seeking culture as well as those that enjoy taking in fascinating architecture, Munich, Germany, is an excellent choice of destination for those wanting to enjoy a truly memorable vacation in a fabulous European city. The capital city of Bavaria, when you visit Munich you will find yourself within easy reach of many attractions ranging from museums and galleries to breathtaking sights such as the Bavarian Alps. Those into sightseeing will find plenty to explore, and getting around is easy and convenient so you can explore the city and its surrounding areas in comfort and with minimal hassle. There are various ways to travel here depending on where you are coming from, such as flying to Munich airport from where you can easily get to your chosen hotel or accommodation. You will find a range of Munich hotels to select from, including accommodations near to the airport as well as a range of lodgings within the main city and many others in its surrounding areas.

Enjoy a host of attractions in Munich, Germany

You will find many attractions and sights to explore when you visit the charming and beautiful city of Munich. This is a destination that boasts plenty of character as well as elegance and charm, and you will enjoy a fully itinerary when you visit here. Enjoy the unique atmosphere and joviality at the Hofbrauhaus tavern site, visit the Marienplatz situated at the heart of the city and home to many sites of historical significance, take a trip to the fabulous Olympia Park complex, take in the Allianz Football Stadium, or enjoy the arts at Alte Pinakothek. Also due to host the soccer world cup 2006, Munich is destined to be more popular than ever this year, so visitors will enjoy a truly vibrant energy that has to be experienced to be believed.

Look forward to a diverse vacation in this city

Munich is famous for many things, from its culture and architecture to its breweries and events. When you visit this area you will find plenty of events and festivities that allow you to sample to local lifestyle and culture as well as enjoy some fun and excitement. Oktoberfest is a popular festivity here in Munich, and takes place the last two weeks of September. Held in a huge field, this is a beer festival like no other, and anyone that enjoys their beer will be delighted with this vibrant and thriving event. Other events held throughout the year include the Opera Festival, Ballet Week, the Fasching, and a variety of other local events. A good choice of bars, restaurants, and theatres will ensure that you can continue to enjoy this city even when the sun goes down, so come day or night you can enjoy making the most of your time in Munich.

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Be Prepared With A Car Bike Rack

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You're a bicyclist. You're going on a road trip. Do you leave your bike behind or do you take it with you?

Obviously, you take it with you!

I don't need to tell you of the joys of biking. It's good exercise, you get places a lot faster than if you were jogging, and you can see all the beautiful scenery across this great country.

So what's stopping you from bringing your bike with you?

Space considerations? If you've got all your luggage in your trunk there's no room for your bike.

The hassle? Even if there is room in your trunk for your bike, you might have to take the wheel off to get it to fit, and be worried about scratching the car to boot.

The solution is the car bike rack. There's two main kinds - one that fits on the roof of the car and one that is rear mounted. You'll have to decide which type would best suit your needs.

Don't want to invest in the cost of a bike rack? Well, think about it. Maintaining your health on the road is an important consideration - there's hidden health costs factored in right there! You'll probably be able to rent a bike at your destination but there's the cost of the rental - and frankly the bike itself will not be of the highest quality.

There's such a thing as serendipity. You may be visiting a place that you're unfamiliar with, so you won't think to bring your bike. You arrive and find out that there is some great scenery to be seen - a park, a trail, or something! - and you without your bicycle. So make a habit of taking your bike with you everywhere, and because you have a bike carrier, it couldn't be easier.

Family Fun With a Bicycle

If you have young children, the time to get them interested in biking is now.

Children in this country simply do not get enough exercise. They spend too much time sitting around watching television or playing video games. (On the other hand, if they're reading books - don't bother them - let them read!) If they're outside, they're putzing around practicing skateboard tricks with their friends, and not getting any exercise at all.

A great many children also don't get to spend enough time with their parents. "They grow up so fast," is a constant refrain. Instill in your kids a love of exercise early - and a good relationship with you. Spend time together by biking - you'll be getting exercise, you'll be sharing experiences, you'll have memories to last you for the rest of your life, and so will your children.

And that brings us back to the bike carrier. Each child has to have their own bike, and mom and dad have to have their own bike, and they all need to be brought along on your trips. So pick up that bike carrier, and get out and start having fun.

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Caribbean Vacation Travel

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Before you even plan your Caribbean vacation travel, there is an important decision you have to make:

Do you organize your Caribbean vacation travel yourself? Or do you go 'flight inclusive' and hand the legwork over to a more experienced tour operator?

Well, the decision is yours to make, and there are advantages and disadvantages to each option.

First, let's find out what a flight inclusive Caribbean vacation travel means.

A flight inclusive Caribbean vacation travel is a holiday booked direct with a tour operator. One obvious advantage of this option is that it is often simpler. You can even do it by just picking up a brochure and choosing the flight you want.

Another advantage in choosing a flight inclusive Caribbean vacation travel over independent travel is that it is generally cheaper. Caribbean specialist travel organizers are also good (maybe even better than you) at putting together a tailor made "package" that suits your needs. This package, so to speak, contains all the elements of your Caribbean vacation travel from hotels and flights to transfers and a local representative. And most are bargains, offered at special rates with plenty of features only for the price of one. The only trouble with these Caribbean vacation travel packages is that they would have to be made early as they could easily get full.

What's more, with a flight inclusive Caribbean vacation travel, there is more security for you. Most tour operators make an undertaking where they make themselves legally bound to take care of you from the moment of departure until your return home. Some are even bonded for your financial security. And finally, in the event of a natural disaster, failure of an airline or a dispute with one of your holiday providers, you will only have to deal with just one organization, which is based in one country. So everything is being made so much simpler for you.

On the other hand, there are certain reasons why you would want to go on a Caribbean vacation travel on your own. Indeed, an independent Caribbean vacation travel provides you with the freedom to choose your own trip and even change it as you please. And with the Internet in full force, that freedom is given even more leeway.

It is easy for anyone to book their own Caribbean vacation travel. All you really need is a computer and an Internet connection to access any travel booking site. Most importantly, some of the loveliest Caribbean hotels are too small to feature in brochures so you will have to book them independently.

One thing is for sure, you have a far better chance of enjoying every aspect of the islands by going on an independent Caribbean vacation travel.

In addition, you may want to use your Air Miles when you travel. Flight inclusive Caribbean vacation travel packages often do not give credit for air miles so at a time when you can actually make use of your miles, you can't. Whereas, if you travel independently, there is no reason why you can't use your air miles.


About the author:

Ruel Hinaloc is a freelance writer, and an online and offline publicity

specialist.He is also successful network marketer.

Contact him at: or visit: for more vacation,travel and leisures information.

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Book A Holiday To Spain

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People these days usually make their flight reservations online, which means it is imperative to have the knowledge of a travel agent in order to obtain the top deals and best prices to Spain, or even the rest of the world. When researching flight reservations or simply looking for information regarding flights to Spain, here are some useful tips to take into consideration.

1. Reserve flights far in advance, or at the last minute

2. Have an adaptable plan

3. Be knowledgeable about which airlines are present in the regions pertaining to you

If you posses any experience in booking a flight, you know that the cheap flights are hard to come by if you search too late, especially for exotic locations and if you don't expect to find seasonal deals. The key to success here is reserving flights two weeks or more in advance. The reason for this is that airlines set aside only a certain amount of tickets that can be sold for a lower price. You could be next to someone on your flight getting exactly the same treatment, and you might have paid more than $500 less! As we all know, the early bird gets the worm.

On the other hand, if you do decide to wait until the last minute you can also get a good deal. Although some people cannot do this because it is crucial to plain ahead of time, others with flexibility can. For example, if February is fairly open, and you aren't very particular about where you go, you can browse different sites and destinations to find the best, last minute deals. You can enjoy Spanish culture no matter what time of year!

Another advantage of not being rigid in plans is that you can travel even cheaper depending on how you travel to your destination. Many online vendors require you to input airport codes for places as far as 100 miles from your actual destination. If you don't mind the extra travel period, you could save hundreds of dollars.

Furthermore, direct flights usually cost more. So if you are willing, making several extra layovers could reduce your travel costs significantly. The downside is the extra time it takes to travel, but this method will save you a pretty penny, but only if you are willing to be flexible, and forego the non-stop flight.

Changing planes multiple times may cause other problems to arise. Therefore, if you are worried about lost luggage, pack smart. Find out what the baggage requirements are and if you can, pack all your belongings in your carry-on.

Another way to make a dent in your costs is to once again, be flexible in the days you plan to travel. For instance, if you travel mid-week, like Tuesday through Thursday, flights will likely be cheaper. The reason for this is that most business people travel from Monday through Friday, and vacationers use the weekends, so the demand increases greatly. Once again, online services usually require you enter dates in your search within a range of your ideal travel day in order to find better deals.

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Majestic Views In New Mexico

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Despite the spare environment of New Mexico it is actually quite beautiful and offers a strong cultural heritage for visitors. No matter where you travel in New Mexico you will find attractions to meet any visitor need. In everything between the local food and art you will find an interwoven tapestry of the state American Indian and Mexican culture. As a result of the states excellent climate there is plenty of year round activities that you can take advantage of when visiting New Mexico. The Las Cruces area offers outdoor activities such as golfing and skiing in the Taos Mountains while the capital of Santa Fe offers indoor activities such as art galleries.

New Mexico's most popular city for visitors is Albuquerque. The central plaza of the city is Spanish style while the rest of the city was built around it. You can get a good look at the history and art of New Mexico at the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History. Another option for the history buffs is the Petroglyph National Monument towards the west of the city which has an impressive collection of Indian and Hispanic petroglyphs. For the adventurous traveler Albuquerque is a year round air ballooning destination and each October there is the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta which has over a thousand different balloons from fifty different countries. In addition the nearby Sandia Mountains offer outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, mountain biking and camping.

The exceptional scenery of Santa Fe is praised by all who travel to the state capital. The best time to visit is around the second week of September when the aspens are starting to turn yellow on the mountains for an excellent view. The city isn't that highly populated and it is known for its high number of art galleries, festivals and restaurants. The city has over 250 art galleries and showcase art from a wide variety of mediums.

When you are visiting Santa Fe an excellent place to stay is the La Posada de Santa Fe Resort and Spa which is designed to look like an adobe village. A recent renovation added a spa and pool with many spa rooms. Many of the hotels rooms don't have view, but rather have outdoor patios in a quite compound. If you are visiting the Taos mountain area then you should consider staying at the El Monte Sagrado. This is an eco-resort that features details from waterfalls to a chemical free pool and hot tub with each room containing authentic d

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Canada Fishing Trips Stepping Into Another World

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If you've never been fishing in Canada, then you don't know what you're missing, nor have you experienced the ultimate in fishing adventures. Canada, with hundreds of thousands of lakes, rivers and streams, offers a wealth of fishing possibilities that you wouldn't believe.

Whether you're fishing for salmon, trout, pike, halibut or dozens of other freshwater varieties, Canada has a variety of fishing opportunities waiting for you. Weather's no detriment either, for in Canada you can fly fish, reel fish, and ice fish to your heart's content. Salmon is the fish catch for Alaskan and Canadian waters in the fall, and spawning season produces millions of varieties of salmon ranging in size from 18-24 inches and 8-12 pounds. King salmon range between 30-80 pounds, so make sure you're fit before attempting to fish Canadian waters!

Canada fishing trips offer anglers from around the world rustic or luxurious accommodations, and the great thing is, there are so many choices that you may opt to try several different locations for your fishing trip. Rustic cabins or even tent camping is available for those who wish to head into the interior, and if you want a plane to drop you off and then pick you up at a later time, booking with a variety of tourist and fishing businesses anywhere in Canada is no trouble.

If you're looking for a little more pampering than that, try any number of fishing or hunting lodges and resorts that offer everything from fine dining to spa treatments and massages.

Weather in Canada is typically mild, expect for the winter months, and that also will depend on where you're staying. For the most part, Canada in summertime offers a very pleasant 50-80 degrees depending, again, on location. Coastal areas maintain temperatures that are usually below 75 degrees, while the interior may reach into the 80s.

Canadian fishing lodges offer a perfect wilderness setting away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and the peace and quiet, accompanied by spectacular scenery and wildlife often makes visitors feel as if they've stepped into another world. Whether you come alone, with buddies, or with your family, there are options for entertainment, lodging and dining that will suit just about any need or desire. Many resorts offer day or weekend fishing trips, or rentals for visitors, at very reasonable prices.

When planning a Canada fishing trip, make a list of priorities and then search for lodging or fishing packages that will cater to your desires. Check several options within each category for your vacation plans, such as what kinds of fish you're wanting to catch, or what types of lodging you're looking for, down to what you want to eat.

Most travel agencies or online fishing adventure websites will offer to send printed information to you free of charge, so gather adequate resource material before sitting down to plan your trip. Leave your options open, if possible, and prepare to be surprised, delighted and excited about fishing in Canada.

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Travel Tips Visiting National Parks

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With 388 national park sites to choose from, picking a park should be easy. At the tip of your travel tongue may be Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon, but dig a little deeper and you will find many surprises. America's National Parks are more than just hiking trails into mountain valleys, campsites overlooking sweeping vistas and unparalleled chances to watch moose and elk run wild. Many are famous historical sites, battlefields and small parks with big-time scenery.

Whether you want a wild adventure or an historical quest, follow these helpful tips:

Follow Your Sense of Adventure

Choosing the park that's right for you. In America's National Parks, you can scale an active volcano in Hawaii; raft over class V rapids through magnificent gorges and valleys at Gauley River National Recreation Area; cap off a day on Alcatraz Island back at your hotel with a spa treatment before hitting the streets of San Francisco; embrace history by tracing footprints at Antietam National Battlefield or watching oil droplets bubble to the surface of Pearl Harbor above the USS Arizona Memorial; shine a solitary beacon of light into the dark depths of Kentucky's Mammoth Cave; snorkel off the coast of Padre Island National Seashore; experience a mystifying sense of neighborly warmth around the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site; or conquer the ice age by hiking along Glacier National.

Redefining &quote;Crowds&quote;

Picking the park for you may depend on how well you like crowds, according to travel agents. Some National Parks reel in millions of visitors a year, though a crowded park is not like a crowded bus. There is plenty of room for everyone, and even the most crowded parks, like the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee, have plenty of areas where your footprints will be the first ones of the day.

Most Visited National Parks - 2003

1 Great Smoky Mountains National Park

2 Grand Canyon National Park

3 Yosemite National Park

4 Olympic National Park

5 Rocky Mountain Naional Park

6 Yellowstone National Park

7 Cuyahoga Valley National Park

8 Zion National Park

9 Acadia National Park

10 Grand Teton National Park

Source: Based on data from the National Park Service

Visitors may flock to the parks on the list above, but the good news is that others are relatively free of crowds, leaving more room for solitary adventure, quiet family outings and undisturbed wildlife. Here are a few possibilities for your next escape.

Nez Perce National Historical Park (Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Montana) These 38 sites in the valleys, prairies, mountains and plateaus of the inland northwest honor the history of the Nez Perce people as they mixed with explorers, fur traders, missionaries, settlers, soldiers, gold miners and farmers. Several sites feature interpretive trails, and visitors will often see golden eagles, marmots, black bears and mule deer.

Isle Royale (Michigan, Minnesota) You'll escape crowds of people in these wild woods of the North, but encountering crowds of wolves, otters and moose is another thing. Roadless Isle Royale is a 45-mile long wilderness archipelago in the heart of Lake Superior, gloriously threaded with 165 miles of scenic hiking trails connecting historic lighthouses and shipwrecks, ancient copper mining sites and plenty of spots to observe wildlife.

Catoctin Mountain Park (Maryland) You will not see the President on Catoctin Mountain, for his nearby, well-known retreat, Camp David, is closed to the public. But you will see plenty of white-tailed deer, wild turkeys and woodpeckers among the beauty of this rolling forest. Camping and hiking dominate the minds of visitors here, with relaxation in resplendent nature the ultimate goal for presidents and common folk alike.

When to Go

Travel agents suggest you check with each individual park to confirm that it will be open to the public. The summer and winter months are generally the most popular times. To avoid crowds, gain better access to the viewing areas and enjoy more time in leisure pursuits, travel during the spring and fall.

Peak periods also follow school schedules, so avoid winter break, spring break and the summer holidays. Visiting during the week will garner you much more open spaces than weekends. That said, traveling during peak times, like most of us are forced to do, should never deter you from visiting, for the parks are well worth the trip 365 days a year.

Where to Stay

Camping is the most popular option, whether in a tent, RV or in the backcountry. Most parks have cottages, cabins, lake houses or houseboats to rent. And, near some parks there are hotels. As with any trip, book your accommodations as far in advance as possible.

Fun for the Whole Family? Children, Yes. Pets, No.

National Parks are perfect for kids. Many parks run Junior Ranger Programs, nature walks and wildlife talks specifically geared towards children.

The wilderness is not pet-friendly. Some hiking trails prohibit all pets, while others demand that they remained leashed. Bears, wolves and mountain lions prey on small animals and will be attracted to your trail or tent if you bring your pet(s) along.

General Tips

Stop in at the Visitors Centers for the latest information about safety hazards, closures, weather and wildlife notices.

Always stay on the trails when walking and hiking to protect both you from the wilderness and the wilderness from you.

Clean up after yourself. We all must do our part to preserve the parks, so that everyone can experience the wonders they have to offer for years to come

Get out of your car. Too many people drive through the parks, stepping out here and there for a quick view. To truly experience the park, get out and find a hiking trail.

Save on park fees by getting a pass. A National Park Pass costs $50 and is good at all parks for one year. This will allow you to pass through the entrance gates more quickly and motivate you to visit more parks throughout the year.

388 Ways to Say, &quote;Wow&quote;

The United States goes to great lengths to preserve the best of its natural and manmade heritage. With 388 National Parks to choose from, millions of Americans enjoy this privilege, while millions more are welcomed to explore.

Travel agents can help you choose which park to visit, where to stay, and what you can do when you get there. And since most parks are unfortunately not in your neighborhood, travel agents can get you there with little cost and littler worries.

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Where To Find Real Flamenco In Spain

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Perhaps no art form is more strongly associated with Spain than flamenco. The powerfully seductive, rhythmic music of the flamenco player, matched by the vigorously impassioned movements of the flamenco dancer, beguiles tourists and native Spaniards alike.

Its origins steeped in mystery, its complexities and subtleties widely misunderstood, flamenco nevertheless continues to gain fans around the world and to be performed in an increasing number of venues outside of its native land.

It is natural that when tourists visit Spain, many of them are keen to take in at least one flamenco show. Therein lies a problem, though. The true aficianado of flamenco will tell you that the art has been degraded to such an extent that most of what is "on show" in Spain-even in flamenco's native Anadalucia-is far from authentic.

Even the distorted, touristy version of flamenco viewed by most tourists can be entertaining. If you have never seen flamenco performed live before, and having fun is more important to you than cultural enlightenment, don't worry about questions of authenticity. Follow your fellow tourists and enjoy yourself.

The primary modern-day setting for flamenco, both the authentic variety and the less so, is the tablao. These are clubs where you can see a show and also have dinner and a drink if you want. Tablaos may be found almost everywhere in Spain, having developed out of the so-called singing cafes popular in the latter 19th and early 20th centuries.

Although it's not a guarantee, to find authentic flamenco in Spain you would do well to avoid the places where the other tourists are going. This means you will need to ask locals, such as hotel staff, where you should go to experience the real thing.

The following are recommendations of a few flamenco venues you might want to check out on your visit to Spain. Although they differ greatly from one another in atmosphere, entry cost, and quality of amenities such as food, you can be reasonably sure that any one of these will provide you with an authentic flamenco experience.


Cafe de Chinitas, near Plaza Santo Domingo. You can have dinner while you watch the performance or opt for just a drink. Catering to tourists as well as locals, the shows are extravagant but the flamenco is real.

El Corral de La Moreria, in the Las Brisas area. Now more than 50 years old, it has earned a worldwide reputation for showcasing the best flamenco artists in Spain.

Torres Bermeja, in Calle Mesoneros Romanos just off the Gran Via. Often less crowded than the two above, this tablao offers quality flamenco performances in a setting that some may find more relaxing.


Tablao Flamenco Cordobes, in the city center near the southern end of Las Ramblas. This club has been going strong since 1970, garnering international prestige for its flamenco presentations. Performances take place upstairs and dinner is available.

Tarantos, at Plaza Reial 17. One of the oldest tablaos in Barcelona, Tarantos has a reputation for presenting only the best flamenco artists. Be sure to check their schedule before going, though, because they alternate flamenco nights with evenings devoted to jazz or other types of music.


Casa de la Memoria, Barrio de Santa Cruz area. No food or drink here; instead, this club delivers flamenco in its purest form. The dance setting is a lovely Andalucian style patio in an 18th-century palace. There's an entry fee of about 12 euros, and the the two nighttime performances sell out fast. Therefore you should go to the club during the day to buy your tickets in advance.

La Carboneria, in a narrow back street called Calle Levies, and marked by a red door without signs (you'll definitely need to ask directions). This is a bar-type place offering flamenco shows and no cover charge; food and drink are available at reasonable prices.

Casa Anselma, in the Triana area of Seville. When you come to Casa Anselma, be prepared for flamenco that breaks out spontaneously and is often unrehearsed. But don't worry, this is the good stuff-the owner, Anselma, is a highly acclaimed flamenco performer in her own right. Things really get going around midnight. There's no cover charge; Anselma and the performers make their money from the sale of drinks.


Pub Flamenco Albero y Arte, Calle Vicente Ibanez. Although most people think that flamenco means the dance, the name refers properly the musical style. Here's one venue where the focus is on the music; you'll find singing and guitar playing but usually no dancing. It's authentic, though, even if on the odd side-performances take place in a mock bullring.

These recommendations for places where you can enjoy authentic flamenco in Spain are just a smattering of the choice that awaits you. If you find yourself in a city not mentioned above, and want to seek out a satisfying flamenco show, just ask around. The locals will know.

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