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Ipod Games Announcing 24 Hr Entertainment

(category: Arts-Entertainment, Word count: 405)
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The bad news is that you're a geek. The good news, however, is that you acknowledge it, accept it and even embrace a little bit. In other related, potentially good news(stories), I am also a geek; so we can probably hang out. But, what else does that mean? It means a couple of things. First off, if you ever have a Maxim in your hands, your reading the technology section, fore sure. Second off, you will be turning right to the "games review" section as soon as you're finished with the tech stuff. And finally, it means that you combine both of these passions by playing games on your ipod. Embrace it.

What are you playing though? Classics for sure. And a classic game section wouldn't be complete without "brick." This well known game, with the forgettable name, is the one where you slide a paddle at the bottom of the screen to bounce a ball towards the top to knock out all the bricks, hence the name.

Up next is "parachute," where you finally get to kill something human, probably you can transfer any anger that you have towards all the people that used to beat you up in them their just deserves, in the form of a 20 caliber bullet through the head.

The classic ipod games motif keeps on rolling here, except this time the game doesn't try to hide what it thinks of your social skills, but rather puts everything out in the open with the title, "solitaire." You know how to play, so I won't waste your time and add further salt in this wound. Honestly, how many times have you won in your life? Lots, I bet.

Then the ipod games start to mix things up a little bit. Lastly you can try your ear at "Music Quiz," which weighs in as the only ipod game name that is more lamentable than "brick." But, the point isn't to critique the name, its to make sure you're not just listening to the radio hits, by selecting a song from your library and giving you 5 options to name the tune...hey, that'd be a decent name!

The point is you don't have to just wait until you get home to your PS2 for the ultimate in hand-eye electronic death it right now, while you're waiting for your blind date to how up.

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Unlocking The Lsat The Gateway To Law School

(category: Reference-Education, Word count: 345)
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Which LSAT Prep Courses and LSAT Study Guides Are Best?

If you haven't already taken the LSAT, follow these steps and you'll be well on your way to increasing your LSAT score by 10+ points.

I get asked this question about courses and study guides nearly every day! Let's start with the basics. First, go to's page on LSAT prep. Take a free practice test. This will give you a feel for where your at. If your disappointed with your low, bad or average LSAT score, don't fear. If you have at least 2 months before your scheduled to sit for the exam, you've left yourself with plenty of time to take one of Kaplan's excellent prep courses for the LSAT.

If you can't find a course locally based with Kaplan - take one of their online courses for LSAT preperation. Don't worry about the cost - if you succeed and get into a top school the cost of the exam will seem like a drop in the bucket.

Commit yourself to a few hours of study each day. If necessary turn to Morrison Media's LSAT Study Guide and Flashcards. For a few bucks you'll be impressed how much these inexpensive tools can help you improve. So far, with just 2 months work we transformed you from Tier 3 or Tier 4 material to Tier 1 or Tier 2 materials for less than $1,000 dollars. Your salary after graduating from a top school will more than repay this investment.

Finally, if your score is still below par. You still have one more chance. You'll need to hit it out of the park on the application. Your references, personal statement, resume, etc. must be enticing. This is where I come in. My e-book, The 7 Secrets of Law School Admissions will guide you through these steps. You'll find that admission at top schools is still possible. Plus, you get access to exciting bonus material like my bi-weekly newsletter, admissions teleseminar and more. What are you waiting for?

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On The Horizon Future Fuels

(category: Trucks-Suvs, Word count: 345)
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Between elevated gasoline prices (which show every indication of staying that way) and the current concern about the environmental impacts of vehicle emissions, you've probably been hearing a lot of discussion about the use of "alternative fuels." It sounds like a good idea, you think...but do you know what alternative fuels are actually in the running? Here's the shortlist of the alternative fuels to keep an eye on, and a major advantage and disadvantage for each:


Electricity is a source of power that we already produce, store, and use. To power an electric vehicle (EV), electricity is produced by a power plant or other standard means and is then stored in the battery that will operate the vehicle.

Pro: A vehicle powered solely by electricity produces no emissions.

Con: In current models, batteries need to be recharged frequently.


Biodiesel is a fuel that is made from vegetable oils and animal fats through a chemical process called esterification. When the oils and fats are mixed with alcohol, their molecules break down into methylesters, which are then used as fuel, and a waste product of glycerin. It can be used in some diesel vehicles with very little, if any, modification to the existing engine.

Pro: Potential fuel sources vary from grain crops to used cooking grease.

Con: Biodiesel thickens and freezes at low temperatures.


Ethanol is a type of alcohol that is created through the fermentation of substances with high starch or sugar contents, such as corn or sugar cane. In this process, yeast bacteria consume the sugars and starches and produce carbon dioxide and ethanol as by-products. The use of chemical catalysts can be used to make the process faster and more productive.

Pro: Ethanol can be produced from renewable agricultural resources.

Con: Contains less energy than the same amount of gasoline.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hydrogen fuels cells harness the electrochemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. The bonding of hydrogen and oxygen atoms results in two products: energy, which is then stored as power in the cell, and

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5 Tips For Successful Bird Watching

(category: Outdoors, Word count: 595)
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Can you name the number one spectator sport in North America? It's not baseball, figure skating or racing. It's bird watching. That's right, more people are watching birds than football and hockey combined. With so many people hoping to see a bird they've never seen before, it's not surprising to see a clamoring for the latest tips and tools to get the job done. Here are my top five tips for getting the most out of your birding experience.

#1. Get to Where the Birds Are! This sounds obvious, but many birders spend the majority of their bird watching time and energy on poor locations. Some folk have the advantage of looking out of their windows into the back yard to observe nature's best. The rest of us need to get moving. I would highly recommend visiting a National Wildlife Refuge. There are over 500 of them across the United States. To find one near you, visit

#2. Know What Species to Expect. There are approximately 900 species of birds in the United States and recognizing each of them is nearly impossible. So when you visit an area, do a little research first. You may find that perhaps only a few species actually inhabit that particular area. With a little preparation, you will be able to more readily identify bird species from each other. Keep a list of successfully viewed species - we'll call this tip number two and a half.

#3. Get a Great Pair of Binoculars. Spending time and money to get to the right place can be totally wasted when your binoculars are inadequate. If you have an inexpensive pair of binoculars you are not getting the most out of your viewing. Today's technologies come at a price and they provide crucial benefits in wildlife viewing. For instance, image stabilization will keep your view from shaking-very important when watching from a long distance. Other cool features include anti-fogging, low-light viewing and wide-view characteristics. Additionally, binoculars with built-in digital cameras enable you to identify birds once you get home. These benefits will definitely enhance your bird watching. A great pair of binoculars will turn a mediocre experience into a great one. You can count on it!

#4. Practice Before You Go. A key to viewing wildlife, and especially birds, is to have the ability to very quickly put your binoculars on target. Many people have difficulty finding a full moon in a pair of binoculars-but alas-learning to focus on a bird in a bush or track a bird in flight is easy for someone who has practiced prior to their outing. Try this before you go; lower your binoculars to your side and very quickly raise them to find and follow a jet airliner across the sky. After only a few attempts, you'll get good at quickly acquiring your target. Quite often, birds are visible for only a few seconds, practice to become proficient.

#5. Take Someone with You. Life is always better when shared. Not only do you get to spend time out of doors with someone you like, but they might alert you to the "Number One Sight of the Day." Share your birding experiences with your friends and family. Pass the birding excitement to a child.

The best part about wildlife viewing is that you the viewer, control almost every aspect of the experience. The more you are prepared, the more rewarding your time in our backcountry will be.

Use this information and you'll Get It Right The First Time. Get Outdoors!

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Mortgages For The Landlord And Landlady

(category: Wealth-Building, Word count: 428)
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The demand for property has been rising. Everybody wants to invest in property because it makes great business sense. Housing is a great business in today's world, especially within city limits. With everyone wanting to live in the city and pursue lucrative careers, housing will certainly be an issue. As a result, it makes good business sense to exploit this opportunity to profit by providing housing facilities for the city folk. More and more property owners have woken up to the income generating potential of renting out property. Loan providers everywhere have also recognized this development in the real estate business. So they too have come forward with cheap mortgages to help out landowners who are buying the property to let it out.

Buy to let mortgages are quickly announcing their presence in the world of personal finance. Given the fact that the "buy to let" markets are booming, financial institutions are beginning to exploit this opportunity. Buy to let mortgages, as the name suggests, are given to those who are buying a house with the sole intention of letting it out. Thus, these mortgages are specially for this group of investors.

Like the regular mortgages, these mortgages are subject to the usual rules. However, with regards to the principal amount and the interest rate that you might get, your rent expectations will come under consideration. Thus, make sure that you purchase the property in a good area and at a competitive price. The idea is that you should manage to get back investment within a short span of time. Depending on your current income and your expected rent amount, you could procure about 85 percent of the cost price of the house. However, do remember that the greater the down payment that you make, the lower will be the interest rates that you will have to pay.

Buy to let mortgages are secured loans and they are usually taken for a long term. So do not rush to get that mortgage. Do your homework first. If repayment is going to be a long drawn process, you do not want to get landed with loans that are far more expensive than you can afford. Even if you are sure of recovering your money far before the term of the mortgage expires, there is no need to settle for costlier loans. The best mortgages can be found if you do sufficient research first. These days buy to let mortgages charge lower rates than ever before. Scour the market to find the best deals.

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Why Pretty Women Have It Better

(category: Beauty, Word count: 456)
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Pretty Women. Do they have it easier than women who are less attractive? Well the consensus is, yes and no.

It's undeniable that pretty women have certain advantages over women who are considered to be 'not as pretty'. Pretty women are often times treated better overall because of their appearance, especially by men. It could be in a retail shop, a restaurant, bar and it's even said that attractive people are more likely to win out over a less attractive candidate for a promotion or even an initial job opening. And the lucky pretty ones can sometimes even talk their way out of a speeding ticket, but that also entails a degree of acting ability. Pretty women can even enter careers that are based solely on looks, such as modeling, that less attractive people can't ever consider as an employment option.

But there is also a downside to being a pretty woman. Pretty women have the same problems as everyone else. They often also have a harder time attracting a mate. Not a date, a mate. Many men are too intimated to even approach pretty women, no matter how badly they'd like to meet one. And the men that are secure enough to strike up a conversation with a pretty woman often times see her as nothing more than a trophy. Hence the date, not mate statement.

Its been said that many pretty women have self-esteem issues and do not see themselves as 'pretty' even though they are told that they are on a regular basis. When they don't get a sign of interest from a man they see out in a social atmosphere because he is intimidated by her, that is a blow to her ego. Rejection, in general, is a blow to anyone's ego, however not even being able to even make that initial contact might be an even worse scenario. There are plenty of women who are not only beautiful on the outside, but are also beautiful on the inside, who have yet to be married, have children or find that lasting relationship. Look around at the people you know and see how many couples are made up of men with average looking women. It will probably be more than the couples made up of men with beautiful women.

There are those pretty women who use their looks to their advantage, and a lot of times, take advantage. They may be egotistical and even arrogant. But to be honest, there are egotistical and arrogant people of every stature, not just the attractive ones. And a self-confident, pretty woman does not necessarily equal a conceited, pretty woman. We should all try to keep that in mind.

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New Online Ad Service Targets Consumers By Area

(category: Advertising, Word count: 450)
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It is now easier for businesses to use the Internet for connecting with consumers in their communities.

About 55 percent of consumers used a search engine to find information about a local business last year, up from 47 percent in 2003, according to market-research firm Kelsey Group. When people are looking for products and services such as restaurants, car repair shops and florists, they tend to spend their money in an area near where they live, work or play. It's predicted that local search volume will exceed 20 billion searches in the next year and could exceed 30 billion by 2009.

In response to this trend, Yahoo! Local has designed an easy way for businesses of all sizes-from a major drugstore chain to an independently owned bakery-to place ads online that will be seen by people searching for related services in their community. This can help drive foot traffic to their stores and phone calls to their services at a reasonable price.

Called Yahoo! Local Self-Serve Featured Listings, this new advertising program enables merchants to get the most out of their advertising dollars by targeting their ads by geographic region and product or service category. The ads appear through Yahoo! Local searches, which combined with Yahoo! Maps, had 26.7 million U.S. visitors in March, according to measurement firm comScore Networks Inc.

Yahoo! Local Featured Listings was designed with a self-serve function that makes it easy for local businesses to get up and running quickly. The advertiser simply enters information about the business, selects their category, and then chooses the local regions where they want to advertise.

Pricing is set on a flat-fee subscription that begins at $29.95 per month and can be paid by credit card. Because the program is sold on a first-come, first-served basis, businesses don't end up in a bidding war for popular keywords. The exact rate is determined by the particular business category, the geographic location and also where the ad will appear. Ads that run on the top-also known as the "north" of the page-are more expensive than those that run along the bottom to the "south."

Yahoo! Local Self-Serve Featured Listings complements other Yahoo! Local free and paid advertising products, which include:

(*) Free Listings: Yahoo! Local offers a free service whereby any merchant can upload detailed information on his or her business-such as hours, address and phone numbers, products and services offered, Web site or years in business-that can be viewed by all users of Yahoo! Local.

(*) Enhanced Listings: For a small monthly fee, merchants can submit additional content such as photos, logo, and marketing messaging that will help visually differentiate their listing.

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Party Favors

(category: Arts-Entertainment, Word count: 504)
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A party favor is a gift that will generally be low in cost, and it will be provided at parties. A common party favor that will be given to young children is a package that is composed of candy, a toothbrush, and toothpaste. Most party favors can be purchased at dollar stores or similar places. Party favors are generally given to children, and are composed of gifts that many children will enjoy. A child who is artistically inclined will enjoy receiving party favors that come in the form of colored pencils or markers.

In addition to this, bubblegum, rubber balls, bottles and stuffed animals are good examples of party favors. In addition to toys, party favors could also come in the form of food. Pizza or popcorn is very popular, as well as baked cookies. You will also want to make sure you provide party favors which are consistent with certain holidays. For example, if you are celebrating Easter or Christmas, you will want to make sure you choose party favors which are related to these holidays. Another popular party favor that can be given to guests is fortune cookies.

Giving fortune cookies to guests will allow them to open them to find out what their fortunes are. In fact, some companies will custom bake cookies for you that will feature personalized fortunes. This can allow you to put a special message or photo into the cookie. After you have baked the perfect cookies and placed messages in them, you will next want to put them in a nice package. Party favors are great gifts to give at various events throughout the year. These include birthdays, weddings, holidays, and other important events. Many children love coloring books, and they can be purchased for low prices. Not only will it keep children occupied, but they will enhance their artistic skills as well.

Children also love balloons, and you won't want to give away party favors without including them. Instead of using plan balloons, why not use balloons that are shaped like animals or other objects? Balloons are great products to use and party favors, and many children enjoy them. If you enjoy arts and crafts, another great gift that can be given as a party favor are beads. There is no limit to the number of designs you can use for your beads, and children will enjoy the beautiful colors that you can add to the design.

Party favors are great gifts to give, because they don't cost a lot of money, but they can do a lot to show that you care about someone. With homemade party gifts, the amount of money you spend is not as important as the thought and work you put into designing a specific gift. There is no limit to the number of different ideas you can use for party favors. The only thing that limits you is your imagination. These gifts can be given multiple times per year, and are good for virtually any party.

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Ebay Ebook Success Effectively Promoting Your Ebay Store

(category: Ebooks, Word count: 962)
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To really maximise your eBay ebook sales you need to be promoting your eBay store. eBay stores get less exposure than normal eBay listings and therefore will not yield great sales for you unless you promote them. There are many ways both on and off eBay that you can promote your eBay store. This article outlines some of them:

1) Ebay Auction Listings:- eBay Auction and Buy It Now listings get the main exposure on eBay. When someone does an eBay search for an item all the eBay Auction and Buy It Now listings are displayed first. Then after these the eBay Store listings are displayed. Since these Auction and Buy It Now listings are getting the most exposure it makes sense to run a few of these and insert a link to your eBay store inside the actual description. This works especially well with Auction listings as people often click the link so they can buy the item instantly from your eBay store rather than wait for the auction to end.

2) Ebay About Me Page:- The eBay About Me page is one of the best free opportunity's eBay provides to promote yourself. Every time someone on eBay sees your eBay ID (whether you bid on something, leave feedback, or buy an item) there will be an About Me logo next to it and some people will click this logo. Despite this, it really is one of the most under utilised tools on eBay. If you do not yet have an eBay About Me page yet then get one NOW. Use it to write about your eBay store and tell people why they should buy from you.

3) Ebay Reviews and Guides:- These are a relatively new addition to eBay but they are still a great way to promote your eBay store for free. The reviews section allows you to write product reviews such as CDs and DVDs. The guides section is more relevant to eBay sellers as it allows you to write guides on just about anything. There has got to be some topic that you can write a guide on so get righting now. When people read your guide they are presented with a link to your eBay store which is again more free exposure.

4) Ebay Seller Cross Promotion:- I outlined in the last article that with an eBay store you can cross-promote your items. Recently eBay has also added the ability to cross-promote with other sellers. This is very easy to set up and eBay manages the whole process for you. All you have to do is go to the "Cross-Promotion Connections" area of My eBay and then use the request cross-promotions link in order to set them up. If the other seller agrees then a box promoting their products will appear on your listings and vice versa. This is a valuable way to increase your eBay sales and also generate more traffic to your eBay store.

5) Search Engines:- As I mentioned in my last article you get an actual URL with your eBay store. This URL gets listed in the eBay stores directory and search engines which means extra traffic for your eBay store. What's more eBay allows you to pick your search engine keywords so you can be listed under the categories that you feel are most appropriate to your eBay store. Getting listed in the search engines is a great way to bring in customers from outside of eBay and maximise your sales potential.

6) Store RSS Feed:- When you access the home page of an eBay store you may notice a small RSS box in the bottom left corner. If you click on this RSS box then you will be shown your store's RSS feed. Now I myself am not an expert in RSS but I do know that it is another way to promote your eBay store easily and effectively from outside of eBay. You can get some free software that submits your RSS feeds to the main RSS directories by doing a search on Google.

7) Blogging:- For those who don't know a blog is a weblog. It's basically like an online journal where you post your thoughts, comments, or whatever else you want. Blogging is an excellent way to get traffic to your eBay store. Quite a few websites offer free blogs which you can sign up for and then link back to your eBay store. Post in it regularly to gain exposure and your blog should soon become a great source of traffic.

8) Article Submission:- There are 100s of article directories out there that will you can submit your articles to, and if accepted you are allowed to have a live link back to your website or eBay store in the author resource box. This is a great way to generate traffic to your website in the long-term as not only do the search engines index your article, but people also reprint these articles on their websites complete with your author resource box (and live link back to your eBay store). The longer your article is online the more it will be reprinted and so the more traffic it will generate.

Hopefully this article has opened your eyes to some of the free and effective promotion methods for your eBay store. At first the fact that eBay Stores do not get as much exposure seems like a major problem but by putting a little effort into promoting it yourself, it can be much more successful than any eBay Auction listing. Till next time good luck with your ebook sales and take care!!!

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