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Car Window Shades

(category: Vehicles, Word count: 331)
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Whether you are traveling in the heat of the sun or just looking for a little privacy, car window shades are a solution to your dilemma. They come in a variety of materials including vinyl, mesh, sunscreens, and nylons and corrugated cardboard. They are designed for windshields, back and side windows.

If you want a subtle looking shade, you can select a plain color, or you can purchase shades that are wild, with colorful designs. Some shades are free, given to drivers by companies wishing to market their products. Logos and messages are printed on the shade and displayed when placed on the windshield of a vehicle.

Portable and affordable car shades work well in any driving environment, especially when the sun's rays are its fiercest. If your parking spot offers no shade, just pop on the car window shade, and you'll return to a cool, comfortable car without having to wait for the air conditioning to kick in. They work great as side window covers too. If you have a child, these shades are designed to reduce the glare that shines through a side window, affecting the vision of your child. Although it does not offer protection from ultraviolet rays, it will provide shade and a comfortable ride for your little ones. When side shades are in place, the driver will not encounter any visual distortion, or will vision be impaired while driving.

Car window shades are cheap, very easy to pack and work efficiently. Sometimes, air bubbles appear on the shades, and you might want to get rid of them by squeezing them out. Also, you can't open windows when the car shades are in place. To put the shade in place, all you have to do is unfold and stick it to the surface of the glass. You do not have to wet the shade or the window. To remove the shade, you simply peel it off and roll it back up.

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Where To Find Top Accessories For Hummers

(category: Vehicles, Word count: 247)
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Most people find HUMMERs really eye catching, but your vehicle will be even more attention-grabbing if you opt for additional accessories. Finding top-of-the-line goodies for your HUMMER is easy, with many companies are now selling accessories for all HUMMER models on the Internet.

In searching for top HUMMER accessories on the Internet, you can find a wide range to choose from. Many websites offer special deals on brand-names accessories and even sell parts for H1s, H2s and H3. These sites will tell you which accessories are suitable for your model HUMMER - accessories like tire covers, upper and lower nerf bars, mudguards, stainless steel side molding, floor and cargo liners, tail-light bars, break dust covers, storage boxes, console vaults, styling kits, and more.

In addition to selling custom accessories, some websites also offer information on their facilities in order to assure customers that their service is of the same high quality as their accessories. You can discover what inventory a seller has on hand, their, location, and contact numbers in case you might want to make your purchase right away - that way, you can just call them up, purchase your accessory and have it delivered. Some websites even offer a 24-hour costumer service, so you can get information and make a purchase any time of the day.

So start searching on the Internet now and enjoy fast, hassle-free shopping for top HUMMER in the comfort of your home.

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Snow Tires A Canadian Must Have

(category: Vehicles, Word count: 532)
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A tire or tyre is a covering provided on the circumference of wheels of vehicles. The functions of tires is to dampen oscillations due to uneven surface of the road, to prevent wear and tear of the wheel, to provide a high friction bond between the vehicle and the road for proper acceleration and handling of the vehicle. They are usually made of synthetic rubber.

Snow tires are special tires designed to run on snow, ice, wet roads, sleet, slippery roads and mud. They have better traction and handling properties. Snow tires differ from regular tires in the following ways:

Hardness. They are made up of softer rubber, which heats up quicker. The softness and hardness of tire rubber depends upon the amount of carbon black in it. For summer tires, the amount of carbon black is more and for snow tires the amount of carbon black in the rubber is less. Rubber becomes brittle at lower temperatures hence summer tires are not suitable to be used in winters.

Treading. The crown or the outer perimeter of tires has jagged pattern on it known as tread. The function of tread is to provide grip during rain or snow. The summer tires have smaller tread on them. The snow and mud tires have larger tread blocks on them hence they are noisier.

Sipes. Sipes are small slits provided on the sides of tires to provide flexibility to tread blocks on the tyre. The function of sipes is to disperse water and snow. They improve traction by providing an additional biting edge to the tyre and are helpful on ice, snow, mud and sand.

Grooves. Grooves are voids on the tires designed to facilitate dispelling of water or snow. Deeper grooves provide better handling and control of the vehicle in snow.

Void Ratio. Void ratio is related to the amount of rubber coming in contact with the road. It is defined by the voids or open spaces on the tyre. A high void ratio accelerates the potentiality to drain water. For snow tires a high void ratio is required.

Aquaplaning. One of the functions of tires is to remove water from the treads on wet roads. When the tire rotates, the treads push water into grooves and sipes, from where the water is pushed out. If the water does not go out properly then the vehicle slides which may cause accidents. This sliding of the tire on water is called aquaplaning. Hence the depth and pattern of treads is very important.

Metal studs. Most snow tires have metal studs fabricated in the tread. This provides better grip on snow and ice. A place where the weather is extreme, the law makes it mandatory to use snow tires. However snow tires are extremely noisy and wear out fast on dry roads. Further, they wear out the road also.

Markings on Snow Tires. The tires designed for Mud and snow are marked with M&S. the icon of mountain and snow flake designates that the tire meets snow testing standards of American Society for Testing and Materials. It mandates that snow tires should have a traction index of more than 110.

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Advantages Of Professional Drivers Instruction

(category: Vehicles, Word count: 566)
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Having a driver's license is one of the major status symbols among high school students and teenagers, in general. Aside from being a "coolness" asset, a driver's license also provides kids with a sense of independence by providing them with the right to drive on their own. Though most kids can't wait to get behind the wheel, some schools do not offer drivers education. As a result, most kids learn to drive on their own, through peers, or other unqualified instructors. This puts the kids' safety at risk because they are at the phase when they are most impressionable. They are prone to picking up unsafe driving habits, wrong information, and false confidence from these instructors. This is extremely risky, as most teen accidents are traced from this equation. The American Automobile Association or the AAA actually states that although the teen driving population is relatively small (7%), they account for at least 14% of all fatal motor accidents. These figures make the need for competent driving schools and drivers education urgent.

There are many advantages in enrolling in a drivers course handled by a professional instructors. Instructors from driving schools and drivers education provides objective observations and instructions about the students' driving abilities. Students are not saddled with instructions that are full of vague notions about driving, or about how a certain maneuver is done. Professional instructors are also able to give valuable and useful advice how to handle practice sessions with qualified supervisors. Furthermore, instructors address and discuss issues about the student's driving techniques to the supervisors which make for a comprehensive and coordinated training. Aside from teaching maneuvers and gear shifting, instructors also teach updated road safety precautions and traffic laws. They help students understand how certain laws apply to in-road situations. In short, professional instructors prepare you both for safe driving and road responsibility.

Another advantage in enrolling at driving schools and drivers education courses is the opportunity to receive honest assessment of driving skills from the professionals. They identify areas and skills which need improvement and constantly call students' attention to the problems they spotted. As a result, bad habits are eradicated before they actually start. Plus, professional instructors usually give summaries and written reviews of the students' skills that are useful for private practice time with qualified supervisors. Driving schools and drivers courses provide structured and systematic training which builds and develops the students' skills bit by bit. There is no rush to learn one maneuver to another before the first move is mastered. The students actually learn and understand driving basics before tackling more complicated lessons. Exposure to other lecturers and providers of road safety is a bonus from professional drivers education. Visiting lecturers usually include firemen, the local mechanic, paramedic, police, and towing service personnel. They provide seminars wherein students learn what to do in accidents and driving emergencies.

Lastly, an advantage often sought at driving schools and drivers education courses are the mock drivers' exams. These prepare the students for taking that all-important test and refresh their driving knowledge. Aside from this, there are also new policies that allow only students who have professional training to take driving tests and apply for driver's licenses. The purveyors of the laws see this as an extra measure needed to ensure the safety of the teen drivers, other motorists, and the pedestrians from irresponsible driving.

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Car Rentals The Skinny

(category: Vehicles, Word count: 413)
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If you are like me, you do not like to travel to most cities and be dependent on the local taxi or transit systems. I want to be able to go where I want when I want to. More importantly, I want to be able to leave when I want to. Welcome to the world of car rentals.

This is not going to be a commercial for any particular car rental company as I have no allegiance to any of them. This is going to be about the do's and don't's of renting a car.

First off, I never wait until I get to a city to rent a car. I get online and make reservations before hand. And I do not go to the individual car rental companies; I go to places like Travelocity, Xpedia or Orbitz to check pricing and make reservations. These outlets save a lot of time and the rental costs are extremely competitive. In fact, you will find deals on free upgrades and price breaks on different styles of cars. Here is where I make my reservation. It costs me nothing; and if, for some reason I change my mind about the rental, I am not liable for any charges. Perfect for the person whose whims guide him or her.

Flash forward to the car rental depot. Be prepared to show your valid driver's license and a valid credit card (MC or Visa) as it is mandatory. Next, they are going to present you with all kinds of different options. Listen to them and affirm or deny each dependent on your current needs. The one option I always deny is the insurance. It is expensive, and both my automobile insurance company and my credit card company provide this auxillary coverage.

Once you get out to the car, check for damages, scratches, or anything that they could bill you for later. Make notes on their pre-damage check list for your protection. Check the fuel level and all of the gauges on the dash to ensure all is okay. Next, check the air, the windows and even the radio if you are dependent on niceties.

Have fun on your stay. Only two things to do on your return. First, make sure you top off your fuel within 10-15 miles of the drop-off point so you pay no costly fuel surcharges. Second and most important, make sure you get everything out of the car that is yours.

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Catalytic Converter Fires A Real Danger

(category: Vehicles, Word count: 514)
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Driving down the street with the setting sun at his back, Bob Cummins navigated around parked cars and fire hydrants to find the right place to park. It just wasn't something that was easy to do - finding a vacant spot - on his narrow, winding suburban street. Wedged between two business districts, Bob's block was frequently filled with cars from outside the area, taking away from the already limited on street parking. While he knew he could simply pull into his own driveway and park, he also knew that he'd have to move vehicles around later when his wife, Susan, returned home with the kids.

Glancing out of his right mirror he noticed it and slammed on his breaks. A car pulled out of a spot down the street behind him and its driver pulled into a nearby driveway and exited the car. Bob slowly backed up halfway down the block and slipped his Volvo XC90 into the empty spot. A little tight, he thought, as he left just enough room between the driveway in front of him and the car behind him for his SUV. Within moments Bob left the comfort of his Volvo and stepped inside the foyer of his center hall colonial.

Less than ten minutes later the sounds of sirens filled the neighborhood. At first, Bob did not give it much thought, but as the sirens drew closer he decided to step outside to investigate. To his utter horror, a car just two houses down from his home was engulfed in flames. Within moments his worst fears were confirmed: his new Volvo XC90 was on fire! Minutes later the fire was extinguished but Bob's SUV was destroyed.

An important part of your vehicle's emission system is the catalytic converter. It is tasked with reducing harmful emissions that pollute the atmosphere and it has been a part of nearly every passenger vehicle built since the mid 1970s. Unfortunately, the catalytic converter can also run very hot and, at the same time, spark ignition of anything that it comes into contact with. In Bob's case, it was his 2005 Volvo that was parked directly over a small leaf pile that started the fire that destroyed his XC90.

When parking your vehicle, take care to make sure that no debris is on the ground directly underneath your car. Even a small pile of dried out leaves can be just enough fodder for a fire. In the case of a high profile vehicle, such as the XC90, the clearance between the bottom of your vehicle and the ground is higher, meaning you many not notice anything underneath when backing into an empty parking space.

Hundreds of vehicle fires every year are attributed to motorists who park their cars over leaves; unfortunately this practice almost always results in the total loss of the vehicle due to excessive fire damage.

Play it safe when parking your car, truck, van, or SUV by examining the area underneath it to make sure that is completely free of all debris.

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Choosing A Radar Detector

(category: Vehicles, Word count: 366)
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For almost as long as police have been clocking and ticketing motor vehicle speeders, speeders have been using radar detectors in order to avoid being caught. Although today they have been thoroughly tested for accuracy by various police agencies, laser and radar guns (and sometimes their operators) still sadly make mistakes. It has been estimated that over 25% of all radar tickets have been issued in error. Radar detectors are therefore considered a useful tool by many of today's motorists.

There are three different types of radar detectors, firstly the customary corded units, the newer cordless dash, visor, or windshield-mounted battery run units, and concealed remote units that are permanently mounted in your vehicle.

Corded Detectors: The most popular radar detectors are corded detectors designed to be plugged into either your car's cigarette lighter or fuse box, and then attached to the windshield using suction cups. Corded radar detectors offer a number of advantages over remote and cordless radar detectors, which include their easiness to install, their transportability, and their ability to detect all the bands.

Cordless Detectors: Cordless radar detectors have the advantage of being free of loose cords. Cordless detectors have the ability to conserve battery life, and can turn themselves on and off within milliseconds. Range and sensitivity can be sacrificed as a result - cordless radar detectors typically have 30% less range than a corded detector. However a new cordless radar detector that will detect POP radar has been developed and is expected to arrive on the market halfway though 2005.

Remote Mounted Radar Detectors: There are advantages in having a remote mounted radar detector, which include their being inconspicuous to the law enforcement and to thieves alike. However the disadvantages of remote radar detectors include their higher costs, their requirement for professional installation, and their inability to be easily removed.

A radar detector can be purchased easily online, however, a local car audio store should be able to inform you of state laws that might limit purchasing options. Whatever your decision, remember that a radar detector does not give anyone license to drive recklessly, and by doing so, put other people's lives in danger.

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Little Things You Can Do To Save Money On Car Fuel

(category: Vehicles, Word count: 433)
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Nowadays, car fuel prices are on the rise and consumers are suffering. Gone are the days when you can carelessly drive your car without worrying about burning up too much gas.

There are important procedures that you, as a car owner, can take in order to improve gas mileage. The following are practical tips to conserve gas:

Close Windows - Windows that are open can create air drag that can decrease the fuel consumption by 10%.

Avoid Bumpy Roads - Rough roads should not be taken as much as possible. Dirt, bumps, rough roads and gravels can cause 30% increase in fuel consumption.

Keep Your Car Light - Take out unnecessary baggage. The trunk should be kept clean, any gadget, tools or loads that are not needed should be taken out. 100 pounds of extra baggage can affect fuel economy by two percent.

Drive Efficiently - Just drive reasonably within the speed limit. Remember that speeds of more than 60 miles per hour increase fuel consumption. Do not do sudden starts, accelerations and stops. Acceleration should be done gradually. The gas pedal should not be stepped on more than one fourth of the way down. This will allow the engine to function most efficiently. Gas conservation could reach up to 5 percent if sudden stops, jerks and accelerations are avoided. Make use of gears for overdrive and cruise control as needed.

Check Your Car Regularly - The car should always be maintained. The engine should be given a regular tune up, the tires should always have the right air pressure and efficiently aligned, the oil should be changed when needed and air filters replaced regularly. Clogged filters can affect gas consumption adversely by up to ten percent.

Don't Burn Gas Unnecessarily - Turn off the engine whenever there is an opportunity. Idle engine wastes fuel. There are instances where the engine could be turned off; stopping for gas, waiting for someone, changing tire pressure, caught in traffic and a lot more.

Don't Warm Up Too Long - Lengthy warming up of the engine should be avoided. 30 to 45 seconds should be enough time. Also check if the automatic check is removed after warming up the engine. This is usually stuck which could usually cause poor gas and air combination.

By following these simple tips, you will be surprised at how much money you can save on your car fuel. And guess what? The money really adds up if you continue to follow these simple practices for conserving car fuel!

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Tireless Servant Protects Your Car While You Sleep

(category: Vehicles, Word count: 379)
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So here I am at the dealer about to purchase a brand new vehicle. My old car was a good one, but after being having it's frame and axle bent in a car accident, (that by the way wasn't my fault, but that's another story...) my old car was just never the same. It was about time I moved on, and got myself a brand new vehicle.

So I'm going through the usual list of standard options, and things I just got to have in this new car, when a guy car browsing next to me says, "Nice vehicle. Going to keep it on the street, or in your garage?". I said "Well, in my development, we have assigned parking spots, so I will keep it as close to my unit as I'm able".

He replied back "You better consider a custom car cover then, you want to protect your investment." A car cover, I thought to myself, I wouldn't have even considered that. I thanked the gentlemen, and continued with signing the papers for the new car.

I asked the dealer what he thought about car covers, and he said "They are a great investment if you don't have a indoor place to park your car. They help protect your vehicle from the elements, not to mention, other people." Seems I hit on a topic he knew about because he kept on talking.

"You're going to need a custom car cover for this vehicle, being it's a SUV, and there are plenty of places you can find that make them" he replied. He then went on to explain that not only will it help to retain a higher value of the car, but it will have less wear and tear, and it would help to avoid the usual nicks and scratches you get.

Most of the time you speak to people in casual conversation, you either forget what they were saying, or you just brush it off as nonsense, but I have to say, this time I sure am glad that complete stranger mentioned this to me. Protect what you have, get a better return on your investment, and keep your car looking newer, longer, with a custom car cover.

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