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Tips On What To Do After An Auto Accident

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Car accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. According to, they occur approximately 6.4 million times each year.

Although being involved in a car accident can be overwhelming, knowing what to do in the moments following a fender-bender can help alleviate some of the stress and confusion of the situation.

The service specialists at Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge offer the following tips on how to handle a car accident:

* Don't leave the vehicle. Following an accident, most drivers will want to exit their vehicles to check for damage or speak with others involved. Ideally, drivers should call the police and remain in their cars until the authorities arrive. Drivers can protect themselves - both physically and legally - by remaining in their vehicles and allowing the police to process the scene.

* Carry a disposable camera. Although the police report should capture the details of the accident, it is always helpful to take photos for your own documentation.

* After police are notified, call a towing service. You should know exactly who is towing your vehicle and where it will be taken. For easy access, keep a small business card in your wallet that contains the numbers of several tow-truck companies and your dealership's service department.

* Call your insurance company. Most people think of this as something to do later, but calling from the scene will help to expedite the processing and administering of your claim. And, you will be able to relay accurate information in real time instead of relying on memory.

* Get an estimate on vehicle damage. Insurance companies may require only one estimate on vehicle damage. However, it behooves the driver to get several estimates, which may vary greatly. Review these reports carefully to understand what you are paying and what the insurance company will cover. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Reputable repair shops will gladly address questions regarding the required repairs.

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The Blue Book Of Used Cars

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If you are planning to sell your used car to a vehicle dealer, you should be aware of the basic process in determining the worth of your car. This would ensure you would not be scammed and taken for granted by car dealer experts.

* What is the Blue Book value?

The Blue Book value is a basic term used in the car-buying business. It means the worth or cost of a vehicle. This vital book determines the price of what dealers are willing to pay for a used car.

* Where could you find the Blue Book value?

There are several resources responsible for determining the value of your car. The two most popular is the Kelley Blue Book and the N.A.D.A. Appraisal Guides.

The Kelley Blue Book, which invented the term Blue Book, is a principal source for determining the loan value on used cars. It has been providing information for 75 years.

The N.A.D.A. Appraisal Guides, which was established in 1933, is another helpful Blue Book that provides car buyers to review the car's worth.

* How does the Blue Book determine the value of a used car?

The Blue Book calculates the value of your car based on the make, the model and year. The book also considers factors such as conditions of the used-cars, mileage and other options. The majority of the popular Blue Books are free for public use in their respective web sites. They provide user-friendly worksheets to help determine the appropriate value of a used car. Being aware of the Blue Book value of your car would help you search for a fair deal.

* How do you determine the amount you wish to spend on buying a use car?

If you're planning to buy a used car, you should determine how much money you are willing to spend. Consider the additional expenses such as the tags when applying for a car loan, extra tax, and purchasing of the car title.

* How does the Blue Book determine the final values?

Many organizations and individuals make use of the Blue Book. Car auctions, private owners, rentals and fleets, franchised and independent dealers all use the Blue Book to determine the final value.

Used car values are determined by a respectable editorial process. Each process starts with an analysis of the collected data which include the current economic conditions, the historical trends, seasonality, location and industry developments. The final value reflects the most current representation of the changing car marketplace.

Be a wise used-car shopper and avoid bad deals and investments. Check with the Blue Book to find helpful guidelines in your used-car purchase

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Premium Exhaust Systems Rock

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Stock exhaust systems are designed to adequately convert unsafe emissions into minimally harmful exhaust. Unfortunately, these particular types of systems are prone to corrosion. It is not unusual for owners to have to replace their muffler, a tail pipe, or even a catalytic converter at some point during the time that they own their vehicle. If automobile manufacturers would only fit their vehicles with premium exhaust systems this problem would cease to exist. Unfortunately, it is the "bottom line" that determines that decision. Let's take a look at premium exhaust systems as they are definitely something you many want to consider the next time your exhaust system has to be replaced.

When it comes to premium exhausts systems, a Borla exhaust system is the benchmark by which all others are designed. The reason? Aircraft quality material, specifically T-304 stainless steel the same steel that goes into building all those lovely Boeing aircraft you see in our skies, is what a Borla exhaust is made of.

There are a number of reasons why a premium [also known as performance] exhaust system makes sense:

Long Lasting - Quite frankly, it helps to make an exhaust system out of something that cannot easily corrode. The makers of Borla exhausts discovered that aircraft quality stainless steel was the most likely to endure changing temperatures and road conditions, therefore they build them with only the best materials and back them up with a one million mile warranty. Gee, just how many people do you think will even keep their cars that long? Not many; likely a performance exhaust system would be the last exhaust system for that car.

Economical - Say again?! Yes, your cash outlay will be much higher than a stock exhaust system, but your car's resale value could get a boost and you won't ever have to pay for another exhaust system again.

More Horsepower - Did you know that your stock exhaust system is not all that efficient? Sure, it does the job by keeping pollutants to a minimum but it also works against your engine by restricting power. Top quality performance exhaust systems, including those made by Borla, free up energy, thereby helping your engine to squeeze out more power.

Improved Fuel Economy - A side benefit of a more efficiently working engine is a bump up in fuel economy. Since your engine works smarter, it doesn't need to burn as much fuel. The resultant spike in fuel economy is an attribute few take into consideration.

A Cool Sound - Performance exhaust systems are designed to emit a cool sounding note to let you and everyone else know that your vehicle has been transformed into a Formula 1 racer. Okay, we can pretend...however, the sound that a performance exhaust system makes is pleasing to all.

So, there you have it. I shared with you a brief overview of a performance exhaust system and the many benefits of owning one. If you install one yourself you can save money; order online through an established and respected wholesaler and you can save even more cash.

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What You Should Know About Gas Electric Hybrid Vehicles

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As gas prices continue to rise to unprecedented heights with future increases on the horizon (projected prices for the summer of 2006 are as much as $1.50 per liter, or $6 per gallon) more and more people are considering purchasing a hybrid vehicle. It is important to understand what a hybrid car is, what types are available, and the benefits of purchasing a hybrid vehicle.

A hybrid car is a vehicle that uses a combination of at least two different fuel sources for its propulsion. Although many combinations are possible, generally when people are talking about hybrid cars, they are referring to cars with a combination of a gasoline internal combustion engine, an electric motor, and a battery that powers the electric motor and stores energy for future use. Hybrid cars may also be called gas-electric hybrids.

Some examples of current hybrid cars include the Toyota Prius, Honda Civic Hybrid (HCH), the Ford Escape Hybrid, the Honda Accord Hybrid, and the Honda Insight.

Due to their special use of technology, hybrid cars receive much higher gas mileage than the average U.S. vehicle. In fact, hybrid cars hold the top spots for fuel economy in their respective categories: two-seaters, compact cars and mid size cars. The clean burning hybrids also receive a one-time deduction for tax purposes in the year of their purchase, as part of the Federal Government's clean air initiative. Hybrids will save you money in gas, but this should be set against what they may cost you in other areas. Hybrid cars are as much as $2,000 to $5,000 more than the standard version of the same vehicle. They also contain parts that might be more costly to repair or replace due to specialized mechanics. The more complex powertrain of the hybrid car also means that you will require a more specialized mechanic when it comes time for repairs.

Hybrid cars also typically have less power that the non-hybrid version. The emphasis has not been put on speed, and the acceleration capabilities are often not up to par with comparable vehicles.

It is important to remember that hybrid cars are a new technology. As with most technologies, they will inevitably improve over time, so it might be best to hold off on purchasing that new hybrid for a little while, until their engineering catches up to their economy.

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Why Should I Use E85 Ethanol

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As people become more aware of the damage that has been done to our planet and to the environment, questions have risen about what to do now to prevent further damage. E85 ethanol is the name that a fuel consisting of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline is called by in the United States. It's less commonly found than E10 ethanol which is 10 percent ethanol and 90 percent gasoline; most likely because vehicles with specially designed engines (called flexible fuel vehicles) are needed to burn E85 ethanol while E10 can be used in most existing vehicles in the U.S.

Why should a person consider purchasing a flexible fuel vehicle and using E85 Ethanol? In addition to the benefits to the environment that are realized because a person using E85 Ethanol is decreasing the amount of toxins released into the air by using the much cleaner E85, it is a fuel that can (and is) refined in the United States which lessens the country's dependency on foreign oil imports. E85 Ethanol is also less expensive than gasoline, usually around 30 percent less.

Ethanol E85 is made from starchy feedstock, with corn being its major ingredient. Since corn is already being grown at a tremendous rate in the Midwest, it also signals prosperity for farmers. To date, there are over 600 pump stations in the United States that supply E85 Ethanol. That may not seem like very many stations, but that is twice the number of E85 stations that were in existence two years ago. Because of the focus being given to the environment along with cleaner burning and renewable fuels, the number E85 pumps is expected to rise significantly in the next few years. Currently, the Midwest has the largest concentration of E85 pumps at about 400.

Right now, there are some states, like Florida for instance, where E85 Ethanol is not available for sale to the public. Instead, the fuel is reserved for purchase by Federal fleets. Fortunately, there is talk about adding more pumps to those states that are currently without them in the near future.

What do most people consider the biggest advantage of using E85? It's that E85 ethanol is better for our environment. Not only does it reduce tailpipe and greenhouse gas emissions, but it also burns clean because of its high oxygen content. In addition, it is also biodegradable and water-soluble. You know the smog you hate waking up to on some mornings? The fuel can also eliminate the smog by reducing the smog-forming pollutants at least by 15 percent.

Still, one may wonder what else sets Ethanol E85 apart from gasoline. Well, for one thing, the fuel itself has a reputation for offering high performance with a 100+octane rating, which rivals gasoline's 87 octane rating. Those who use E85 Ethanol will attest that it gives a superb performance while also heightening horsepower.

The cost factor is also important in your decision to choose ethanol. Today, ethanol is currently being sold at prices approximately 35 percent lower than gasoline. But a person's realized savings will be a little less than 35 percent because E85 typically has a slightly lower fuel economy than regular gasoline.

There is also a gas tax break/exemption on Ethanol that helps keep its price lower.

Even if you do not have a flexible fuel vehicle or have availability of E85 ethanol, seriously consider using E10 ethanol in your vehicle. E10 ethanol is widely available and is safe to use in most vehicles. And, even though it only contains 10 percent ethanol, it still releases fewer toxins into the air then regular gasoline making it a better choice for the environment. And, in order to help speed up the availability of E85 ethanol where you live, lobby your government representatives and let you know you want E85 available to you. And, the next time you go vehicle shopping, consider purchasing one of ever growing number of flexible fuel vehicles available.

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The Importance Of Auto Accessories

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Auto accessories play a key role in smartening up a vehicle and keeping it looking top notch. These accessories are supplementary components that improve the capability of a vehicle, and in fact play a cardinal role in the entire process of auto care.

Car Care:

Car care involves comprehensive care and attention to interior and exterior accessories, body, tires, engine and other mechanical parts. This is necessary to keep the vehicle in top performance and appearance.

Interior car accessories may include dash covers, car seat covers, mirrors, shifter knobs, aftermarket steering wheels, steering wheel covers, fuel consumption meters, window tint film, stereo system, mobile video or DVD players, floor mats, and air fresheners.

Car seat covers can be purchased in various materials and designs, depending on one's preference. These include leather seat covers, sheepskin seat covers, custom car seat covers and infant car seat covers.

Exterior accessories may consist of styling body kits, spoilers, sports mirrors, head and tail light covers, car hood shields, car bras, window visors, car covers, a sunroof, wiper blades, hood scoops, window graphics and wheel caps.

Truck or SUV care:

Undertaking regular care of one's truck or SUV is naturally very important to keep it in top form. This may also involve sourcing and storing various new or second hand truck accessories, depending on the significance or rarity of the parts required.

Some specialized truck accessories include customized truck covers, novelty hitch covers, pickup truck bed covers, and tonneau covers.

Benefits of Auto Accessories:

Auto accessories provide smart looks to a vehicle. If they are of good quality and taste they provide embellishment to a point where a vehicle would look plain and incomplete without them.

The roles of auto accessories are twofold; not only do they smarten up a vehicle, but also help protect the vehicle's parts from wear and tear. A good example would be how seat covers protect the seats of a vehicle from body wear and the sun, and how a steering wheel cover not only protects the steering wheel from wear, but provides a good grip for the driver.

Buying Auto Accessories:

Today with the internet, auto accessories can easily be purchased or ordered online. With such a vast array of online auto accessory stores, you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

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A Look At Car Transport Trailers

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If you are moving a standard passenger car and want to investigate different car transport trailer options there are many possibilities in today's auto shipping industry offered to the discerning customer. Open carrier transport is the most popular and least expensive type of auto shipping.

In most cases, your car will be transported on an eight or 10-car hauler, the same type of trucks used to deliver new cars. These trucks are 75-80 feet long and almost 14 feet high. They can be difficult to maneuver and are limited to major roads that are free of low hanging trees and low clearance bridges. Make sure you keep this in mind when directing the truck to the pick-up location. If you want to make sure that your car stays clean, and avoids all highway wear and tear, then have your car transported in an enclosed car transport trailer.

Enclosed trailers protect your car from all road hazards and weather for the duration of the trip. Due to the premium equipment and service provided with enclosed car trailers, it is usually the most expensive option in auto shipping. The following features are often available at an additional cost: lift gates for safe horizontal loading, ramp gates for long wheelbase vehicles, and winches for inoperable vehicles.

This car transport trailer option is excellent for costly or exotic cars. Some other popular enclosed trailer options for secure car transport are: six-car enclosed trailers, four-car enclosed trailers, and two-car non-stacking enclosed trailers. Multi-car or enclosed transport sometimes can't be used due to height and width issues. Be sure to check the specs of the trailer and the size of your car.

Some drivers prefer to transport their own vehicle. It is best to learn from a trained professional some of the nuances of moving cars. When you buy or rent a trailer ask for basic driving instructions and transport hints. There are some car transport trailer companies that will custom build your own trailer the way you want it. This option will depend on your budget and your specific needs.

When choosing the proper car transport trailer for your car, discuss the length and weight of your car with the car trailer company to ensure it is within legal load specifications. More over if you are renting or buying, look for companies with large inventories and factory stock so you can avoid waiting for the trailer that you want.

Finding the appropriate car transport trailer to fit your specific needs and budget should be an easy task providing that you know you budget limitations, special travel requirements for your car, and length of trip. In today's market there are literally hundreds of car transport trailer options out there, and you can count on finding the right one for you in no time at all.

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Auto Financing Scams

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Car dealers are often portrayed as predators just waiting for an unsuspecting customer to come along. This is because many people believe that they are always on the prowl for unsuspecting buyers that are not very knowledgeable about cars. This can be unfair because we can argue that there are car dealers out there who would not cheat just to get an extra profit.

How do you tell the difference?

To avoid becoming a victim of sneaky car dealers, look at the following auto financing scams.

Yoyo scam

You will be allowed by the dealer to bring the car home as soon as possible. The dealer will take care of the financing, a few days later he will contact you again and tell you that there was a problem with your financing plan. He will tell you to set up a new financing scheme through him which, of course, will be at a higher cost and this will also entail a very high profit on the dealer's part.

Be wary of this trick and avoid it at all costs if you detect it. If you have a bad credit standing, don't have your financing done by the dealer and make arrangements for your own financing. If you ever do avail of the dealer's financing, you should never drive the car back to your home immediately. Wait for at least 24 hours just to make sure that the processing of your financing scheme has been completed already. By allowing 1 whole day to pass by, you are assured that the dealer cannot use this scam on you.

Window etching trick

Window etching is a very common scam. What the dealer will do is to offer to etch the VIN number of your car onto the window of the car for a price. Basically, the price ranges from as low as $300 to as high as $1,000. Some buyers think that they did a good job by being able to talk down the price to a few hundred dollars, but unfortunately for them, a few hundred dollars is still a good amount of money. The best way to avoid this kind of scam is for you to buy an etching kit that you can do on your own. This is available in most auto shops and costs around $20. See how much they profit from you!

Preparation fees

For preparing your car, the dealer will often add an additional preparation fee to your bill. Just to conduct a test drive, replace fuses, or take the car's plastic cover off will have your bill increasing by at least $500! If you visit other shops, you can get the information that these add on costs are already included in the MSRP as set by the manufacturer. Some dealers automatically add it to the buyer's order to make it look mandatory. To take care of this scam, you can ask the dealer to classify it as credit (it should be identical to the amount of the preparation fee) on the following line. If the dealer does not agree to this, you can just simply walk away from the dealership.

Market adjustment

The dealer will convince you that the vehicle you want is selling like hot cakes and very popular. In order to sell you the vehicle, they will do some "market adjustments" amounting to a few thousand dollars. This is usually indicated by a tag near the MSRP tag set by the manufacturer. Even if the car you want is very popular and is very much in demand, if it is in stock you should not be tempted because getting a "popular" car is not worth it if you have to pay a few thousand dollars more. You should never pay more than the MSRP set by the manufacturers. If you do, then you are allowing others to take advantage of you.

Warranty extension

Although this type of scam is old already, it is still being used and there are many who fall for this trick. What happens in this kind of scam is that when you make a loan for the car, the dealer will tell you that you are required to purchase an extended warranty because it is one of the conditions of the bank. There is a simple way of avoiding this scam. Ask the dealer to specify clearly in writing that the extended warranty is required for the loan to be approved. The dealer will most probably find a way to have it excluded. If he persists in including the extended warranty, do not do business with this guy and go to other dealerships.

These are some of the most common auto financing scams that are utilized by some car dealers. Always keep these in mind if you are going to buy a car. If you or a friend were treated fairly by a dealer in the past, consider using the same dealership again. It's a good indication that they do care about their customers and aren't just looking for a "fast buck."

Think very carefully and do not buy on impulse. Good luck to you and go get that car!

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So You Want To Buy A New Car

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Replacing a vehicle can be a long, tedious process. With so many possibilities available to you, it can often seem overwhelming to pick one that will stay with you for years and years.

For every dealership you visit, you'll receive many offers. Some will be a better deal than others. During the whole search you should always remember that price isn't the only thing to consider. You want to know the entire history of the vehicle you're thinking about buying. It's a good idea to make sure you do plenty of research.

Your first step should be to narrow down your search to the top 5 cars you would like to drive. Once you have done that task, gather as much information as you can regarding each vehicle.

Learn about the warranties for every car. Learn what is covered in the warranties. Take in to consideration the price of the car once you drive it away. It's a good idea to obtain your information from the manufacturers instead of the dealers.

If you listen to the dealerships for information, you'll probably end up dealing with misinformation. You won't know until it's too late. Some dealers are just interested in their bottom line, and might bend the truth in order to make a sale.

Next you should narrow your choices to the top 2 cars on your list, by using all the information you have obtained. Now that you have 2 cars to choose from, you can go deeper in your search.

Log onto the internet and google your car. Look for reviews and stories about the cars you are considering. Look for anything that might alter your decision. After you compare all of this, THEN you should take cost into consideration..

If the price looks good on your first choice, you should end your car search right there and consider it a successful mission. Now all you have to do is go and buy your ideal car, and take it on a cruise to familiarize yourself with it.

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