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Cheap Car Insurance For Teens Is Easy To Get Here Is How

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One of the best ways to keep the rates down and obtain cheap car insurance for teens is by having your teen enroll in a driver education course. Not only do most car insurance companies offer discounts to teens who have taken driver education courses, but a driver education course will also help better prepare your teen for the road. Driver education courses are offered in most American high schools, and can be obtained by private companies.

Most driver education courses include classroom instruction, driving practice, and maintenance tips, as well as provide experience.

Classroom Instruction. Driver education courses include classroom instruction. Although most teens are anxious to get behind the wheel, the classroom instruction is necessary to begin teaching them about street signs, traffic lights, and basic rules of the road.

Driving Practice. During driving practice, not only will teens benefit from driving with and getting feedback from an experienced driver, but they'll also get to see their classmates in action. Therefore, the students will learn from their classmates' errors and successes.

Maintenance Tips. Some driver education courses teach teens basic car maintenance and repairs. For example, your teen's driver education course may teach students how to change a flat tire. This is an emergency that can occur for drivers of any age.

Experience. Although a driver education course will not make your teen as experienced at driving as you are, it will give your teen experience that he or she did not previously have. Getting behind the wheel of a car with a driving instructor will give your teen a "heads up" when it comes to actually taking his or her driver license examination.

When the time comes for your teen to take the driver license exam and ultimately purchase car insurance - or be added to your car insurance policy - you can help keep the rates down by making sure your teen has taken a driver education course.

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Why Using Credit Cards Can Be An Advantage

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There are many types of credit cards available that can be used depending on your circumstance. These include pre-paid, gas, small business, travel rewards, air miles, hotel points, student, unsecured or secured credit cards.

Pre-paid credit cards are more less like debit cards except that they do not come with a bank account, gas cards are usually used most times for the purchase of gas. Discover provides very competitive gas card rates. Secured credit cards are usually provided for people who want credit cards but have bad credit or no credit history. A deposit is usually required up front as a guarantee in the event of non-payment. Usually background checks are made, but due to the competitive nature of the credit industry, most providers offer guaranteed approval without credit checks. Student credit cards are designed specially for college students. With very competitive rates by different providers, there are many to choose from. It is a great way to build credit history if used appropriately.

Some of the major credit card providers are American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Chase, Advanta and many others. Such is the competition amongst providers that, credit can be obtained at unprecedented low rates these days

Credit cards are here to stay and it is hard to imagine them not being part of our normal lives. There may be negatives but credit cards are useful in many different ways. For instance, using money form your bank account to pay for your holidays can cost you a lot of money should things go wrong and your holidays not materialize. Using a credit card for the purchase however means you can have your money back due to the general Terms and Conditions written into most credit card contracts. There are many instances where people have benefited from using their credit cards for purchases instead of using money directly from their bank accounts.

Take for example the Mrs Bretton, who booked a party venue for her toddler's party three months in advance only to be told six weeks before the date that the company had gone bankrupt! She however, received her money back after making this known to her credit card company. For others in her shoes who avoided using a credit card, they would have to wait for the administration accounts to determine whether the are likely to get their money back.

Credit cards are also a great way to start a business. Banks can be intransigent these days and lend nothing or very little to people looking to start businesses. This is where a credit card can help. Unlike a loan, payments are not fixed and depending on how much you borrow you and so long as you make at least the minimum payment, a credit card can be used to make small purchases for your business. It is important to pay attention to detail if you do so and pay your balances or payment due on time.

Even for people who have no debt, using a credit card for certain purchases is much wiser especially if buying on the internet. Goods and services such as holidays are better acquired using a credit card for reasons already mentioned above. In addition, it is better to have a credit card and pay of the balance every month so as to have some form of credit history than to have no credit history. This can hamper any future need to borrow a big loan whether for business or for a home.

Ideally we would all like to live debt-free, but such is the invasiveness of credit cards that it is nearly impossible to avoid them. It is also a way of measuring the credit worthiness of people. All in all, if used properly, using a credit card can be a positive rather than a negative experience.

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How To Save Money And Get Discount Life Insurance In Indiana

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The Indiana Department of Insurance is a great resource for those interested in purchasing a life insurance policy. Although this office can't recommend specific agents or companies to you, they can advise you on whether or not an agent is licensed to do business within the state. This is something that should always be checked before you agree to purchase any life insurance policy.

When you are looking to save money and get discount life insurance in Indiana you really need to be aware of what type of life insurance is best suited for your particular situation. If you are young and have recently purchased a home, you'll find that buying a term life insurance policy as opposed to a whole life policy will give you the best rates. If you are older, a permanent policy may be the best approach for you to provide coverage to your loved ones following your death.

Regardless of which type of coverage you determine is best suited to you, contact a few agents who represent different insurance companies. With each you'll be required to supply some basic information including your age, your martial status as well as your health history. Although it can be tempting to leave out information pertaining to any serious illnesses you've had, this isn't advisable. Instead you should be as forthright as you possibly can, as being deceitful before you purchase the policy can render it null and void should the company discover you indeed had a pre-existing medical problem. It's also very likely that your medical condition will be revealed during the medical that is often required before the policy is underwritten.

Be certain to pay your premiums on time to avoid the possibility of you losing your coverage and also inquire about paying once a year as opposed to monthly. Many companies actually charge a service fee for the convenience of paying bi-weekly or monthly and this can result in higher costs.

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How To Find Affordable Health Insurance In Arizona

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When it comes to finding affordable health insurance in the sate of Arizona the bust rates are usually found through a plan with your employer. However, if for some reason you are either unemployed or self-employed, you are not without options. There are several insurance companies that offer health insurance for an individual.

Before you start shopping for your individual health plan, check with the Arizona State Insurance Department to make sure the insurance company is licensed to do business in the state. After confirming that you are dealing with licensed companies, you should ask yourself a few questions to ensure you choose a plan that will work best for you:

1.Can I continue to use my current physician: If you've established a long-term relationship with your doctor and absolutely do not what to change, then you will have to check to see which plans your doctor accepts and begin your search from that list.

2.Specialists: If you primarily use alternative care like an acupuncturist or a chiropractor, you must investigate to find out how your insurance company will respond. Some companies offer limited visits to such specialists. Make sure find a plan that will compliment your lifestyle.

3.Out of pocket expense: Find out how much you are willing to pay out of pocket. Let's face it, the more risk you are able to take, the less you should pay for insurance. However, if you cannot afford much out of pocket expense, look for plans with lower co-pays/deductibles. Usually there is an inverse relationship between co-pay/deductibles and premium. The lower the co-pay the higher the premium.

4.Children: Do you have any or planning to have any? If you don't have children and are not planning to have any, then pediatricians are not an issue. However, if you currently have children and they have built a relationship with a pediatrician, there is yet another list of carriers for you to research.

5.Shop around: Don't take the first quote you receive

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The Benefits And Pitfalls Of An Endowment Loan

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Endowment mortgage loans are one of the most controversial types of loans, and have received good and bad press in equal measure. If you are looking for a mortgage loan, then you should look at an endowment mortgage loan as one option. Despite these loans being quite popular, they can be complex to understand. If you want to know more about the benefits and pitfalls of an endowment loan, then here are some useful tips to help you.

What are endowment loans?

Endowment loans are a type of mortgage that comprises of two parts. The first part is an interest-only mortgage loan that works like any other mortgage of this type. However, combined with this is an endowment policy that you set up and mature in order to pay off the mortgage at the end of the loan term. The policy is set up to grow enough to pay off the amount you borrow.

Benefits of an endowment loan

The major advantage of an endowment loan is that you have very low monthly payments, like you would have for an interest-only loan. However, there is an added bonus in that you are investing in a savings policy that will pay off your mortgage loan. This means you are saving on your monthly payments as well as spending your money wisely by investing in a policy to pay off your mortgage. This can reduce the cost of your mortgage loan whilst still keeping your payments low.

Pitfalls of an endowment loan

As well as benefits there are also pitfalls to an endowment loan. Although the interest-only loan will reduce your monthly payments, paying off only the interest means you are paying money without reducing your debt in any way. And you are still paying money into an investment fund so your monthly payments are more than just the interest. Also, the investment fund is designed to pay off the mortgage loan in full, but this is by no means guaranteed. Many people are finding themselves in a situation where there is a shortfall in the policy and they are unable to pay off the mortgage in full.

Endowment vs. repayment loan

The major alternative to an endowment loan is the traditional repayment loan, where you pay off the loan and interest each month until the entire amount is repaid. These types of loan carry higher monthly payments, and are a safer option than endowment loans. However, during times when inflation is increasing an endowment loan is a good idea, as the risk is reduced and you can benefit from lower payments each month. The key as to whether an endowment policy is right for you depends on the current market and how willing you are to risk the policy falling short of the full loan repayment amount.

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Creating A Budget

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Many people do not consider the importance of a budget. They indulge in spending according to their earning and do not leave room for emergencies. This usually ends up in the incurring of debts and sometimes, personal bankruptcy. A budget helps to counter these consequences.

The essential calculations in a budget are income and expenditure. The purpose of a budget is to ensure that the expenses do not exceed the income and also provide for savings for the future.

A budget needs to be documented in the form of a chart or table. This needs to be easily comprehensible and provide a quick summing up of the relevant details. The chart needs to effectively reflect the different heads of expenditure. Suggested heads are housing and utilities, entertainment, health and beauty, transportation, communication and household. These can be further subdivided as follows:

Housing and utilities

- Mortgage payment or rent

- Insurance

- Taxes and electricity

- Natural gas

- Water and garbage pick up


- Cable television or satellite service

- Internet access

- Dining out

- Bars clubs

- Sporting events, parties, lessons and recitals

Health and Beauty

- Hair-cuts, perms etc.

- Make-up

- Medical, dental, vision, weight loss, diet products

- Nutritional supplements


- Car payments, insurance

- Gas

- Routine maintenance, repairs

- Air travel

- Rental cars, public transportation


- Telephone

- Cellular phone

- Voice mail


- Groceries

- Cleaning supplies

- Laundry, dry cleaning

- Home improvement

Projects, towels, linens


- Credit card payments

- Other loan payments

- Child care, items for baby/elderly

- Allowances for children, book clubs, magazines, music, etc., fast food

- Investments, vacation, spending money, donations to church or charity

- Gifts (Christmas, birthdays, anniversary, etc.)

- Emergency fund

- Cigarettes.

If you have any other expenses that are not covered, you could add them to the list.

Next, try to reflect all expenses on a monthly calculation. For example, if you pay yearly taxes, calculate the monthly expense by dividing the yearly amount by twelve. Having done this, add up all the figures to arrive at the total monthly expense figure. Then subtract this amount from your take home salary amount. If you find the remainder in negative, you need to look for expenses where you ought to cut down. For example, if your take home salary is $1000 and your expenses total to $1150, you would need to trim down $150 each month, from the expenses.

If you need to cut down on your expenses, you would be the best judge to decide where to make the changes. However, it would be prudent to cut back on the extra subscription channels of the television. If you are smoker, cut down on smoking instead. Take home cooked lunch to office instead of eating fast food. Economize on power consumption by avoiding unnecessary use of the air conditioner and heating and make less use of the phone.

Creating a budget is absolutely necessary to manage your finances and is not dependent on the size of your income. It helps to prevent overspending and personal bankruptcy, allowing you keep track of your income and expenditure.

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Increasing Your Risk Of Identity Theft

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What do you have in your wallet? This is a serious question you need to ask yourself, unless you want to unintentionally contribute to your own case of identity theft. If you're interested in learning why, please, read on.

For anyone when it comes to identity theft, it's important that you don't lug around every important personal document in your purse or wallet. Way too many consumers make the mistake of carrying unnecessary personal documents with them on a regular basis. What types of identification do you need to carry around with you on a daily basis? This varies on what you plan on doing.

The overall concept is that you should only carry the necessary credit cards and identification that you need on each particular day. The reason is that in case you lose your wallet or purse, you wouldn't have too much information out there that could be subject to identity theft.

You Should Have Only The Necessities

For those of you who plan to fly on a commercial airplane in the United States, you need to have your airline ticket, and approved photo identification. Officially sanctioned photo identification would be a valid passport, military id, or state issued driver's license. You don't need to carry all of them. Make sure you have your driver's license if plan to drive a vehicle any time on this trip. Another key is that you store these necessary documents safely so that an identity theft criminal doesn't steal them when you are fumbling with your luggage.

Suppose you have to go to your bank, and make a cash withdrawal, a driver's license and your account number is sufficient. Obviously, you don't need the driver's license if you plan to make an ATM withdrawal, but you do obviously need you driver's license if you plan on driving!

However if you are starting a new job, you typically need to have an approved photo id and a social security card. If you don't have a social security card, you typically could substitute a voter id card and an original copy of your birth certificate. Each state has different laws, so it would be a good idea to contact your HR department prior to your first day. Again, only carry the required information that you need and nothing else. You shouldn't contribute to your own risk of identity theft by carrying around unneeded documents.

Now when it comes to credit cards, most of the times you basically need to carry only one credit card for emergency purposes. It is best to carry a Visa or MasterCard since they are most widely accepted. Make sure that you have a few hundred dollars of available credit on this card. Any credit cards that you have cancelled should be shredded and discarded. If you have credit card accounts that are still open, but you never use, you should keep those at home to reduce your risk of identity theft.

Be diligent and watchful to protect yourself and look out for more articles on identity theft.

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Unemployment Cover Can Be Found Cheaply

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If you have given any thought as to how you would continue to meet your monthly commitments such as loan or credit card repayments if you should find yourself out of work through an accident, sickness or unemployment then you have probably thought about taking out unemployment cover.

Depending on where you were offered the quote you could have been left gasping at the high premiums that some high street lenders and banks charge and asking yourself if unemployment cover can be found cheaply. When you took your credit card or loan out the lender very likely offered you unemployment cover with it and if you took it then the chances are that while you have the cover, it certainly won't be the cheapest available. The press regularly highlights how consumers can get a much better deal by steering clear of the bank and lenders.

Unemployment cover can be found cheaply but only if you shop around and go to a standalone provider for the cover. A specialist in that area can offer you savings which could be as much as thousands over the term of the policy.

Unemployment cover is taken out in case the worst scenario should happen and you find that you cannot work due to involuntary redundancy, illness or accident, while still having to find the money to pay the monthly repayments on your loan or credit card. Cover will usually provide you with a fixed income for up to 12-24 months and after you have been out of work for a pre-defined amount of time. However there are many exclusions within all policies and that is why it is essential that you check the small print before signing up.

So for the cheapest and best quality in unemployment cover then do shop around and buy the cover independently.

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How To Get Affordable Health Insurance In Iowa

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Health insurance is expensive everywhere. The fact is, according to the U.S. Census Bureau over 50% of all Iowans report that paying for health insurance puts a severe financial strain on their monthly budget and close to 17% of all Iowa residents can't afford health insurance coverage at all.

The numbers are frightening. Luckily there are a few steps you can take to bring the cost of health insurance down and keep you and your family covered.

Start by not smoking. Smokers pay a lot more for health insurance than non-smokers. If you smoked when you first took out your policy but have since quit talk to your agent as you should be able to get your premiums reduced - possibly substantially.

Most Americans are overweight and losing weight is one of the most difficult things for people to do. However, part of your health insurance premium will be based on your BMI - which stands for Body Mass Index. This is a fancy way of saying that the more overweight you are the more you'll pay for your insurance.

But it really is worth the effort to lose even a few pounds. If you can drop even one rung on the BMI scale you could save premium dollars month after month for years.

Don't participate in dangerous sports or hobbies. The more you put your health at risk the more you're going to pay for your health insurance. That includes not driving fast sports or muscle cars or having a job that is considered dangerous.

Look at how much you current pay as a co-payment each time you visit your doctor or have any medical procedure. If your co-payment is less than 50% you can lower your monthly premium by increasing your co-payment to 50%. Of course, you must have the resources to pay the extra co-pay amount. This tactic works best for people who only see their doctor a few times each year.

Your deductible is probably your best bet for lowering your monthly premium payment - but be certain that you can afford to increase the amount that you are willing to pay out of your own pocket each year before you ask your insurance company to start paying their share of your medical bills. The more you can pay, the less your insurance company will charge you in monthly premiums.

If you seldom see the doctor in a normal year you might consider taking out an ultra-high deductible policy, a policy with a deductible of $2,000 or more. These policies don't help you pay for routine doctor's office visits. The value of these low-cost health insurance policies is if you suffer a catastrophic accident or illness and suddenly find yourself facing medical bills of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

O.K., you've now got a good grasp of what you are looking for in a health insurance policy, so now it's time to get online and find at least 3 different websites that allow you to compare polices and prices head-to-head.

Keep in mind that since no one site compares polices and prices among all the different insurance companies it will be necessary for you to make your comparisons on at least 3 different sites. It's a pain to have to make multiple comparisons, but the result is that you will be able to really a truly get affordable health insurance here in Iowa and know that you are saving money year after year while protecting yourself, your family and your assets.

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