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Too Much Choice

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This has happened to me. Maybe it's because I don't normally do the grocery shopping. I've gone into the supermarket or drug store for a tube of toothpaste and found myself confronted with three or four dozen varieties of toothpaste. Why? It's a fairly simple substance. We use it every day, hopefully twice. So why are there so many to choose from? We've got cream paste, gel, gel with sparkles, whitening toothpaste, some with baking soda, others for sensitive gums. There's toothpastes for kids, natural toothpastes, and all come in various flavors. Once we figure out what brand and flavor we want, then we have to figure out what size we need. Travel? Economy? Family sized?

Some of us can choose in seconds-we buy what our parents bought. Or we buy what we require for a specific condition (i.e. sensitive gums). Some people stay brand loyal, some experiment. Of course, when our parents were growing up, there weren't even a quarter as many of pastes to choose from.

Toothpaste is a fairly minor decision and yet, it illustrates how many choices we're confronted with every day. What car we drive, which cell phone providers we use, the brands we eat, wear and use. . . `

Barry Schwartz, professor of Social Theory and Social Action at Swarthmore College, has written a book called, 'The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less-How The Culture of Abundance Robs us of Satisfaction'. It is a very interesting look at how the ever expanding amount of 'choice' we have in every dimension of our lives is eroding the simple pleasures that used to be omnipresent.

This is a very valid perspective as it relates to what we do in the world, what we buy, what we let define us. Are you special? Or are there a million other people just like you? How can your existence simplify the life of your prospect or client?

We've been told that the goal of choice is to liberate us and give us more control over our lives, to give us autonomy and a sense of individuality. Mr. Schwartz suggests '. . . (A)s the number of choices keeps growing, negative aspects of having a multitude of options begin to appear. As the number of choices grows further, the negatives escalate until we become overloaded.'

Because we sell products or services, we have to keep in the forefront of our minds that there are many, many similar products and services out there. What makes us special is that we have the key to reach into the core of our affluent prospects and clients to discover what they need through their values and criteria. We know how to establish rapport, elicit their criteria and core values, and establish ourselves as the answer to their needs.

Schwartz writes of the political philosopher Isaiah Berlin, who beautifully described the continuum of towards and away in his distinction between 'negative liberty' and 'positive liberty'. He says, "Negative liberty is 'freedom from'-freedom from constraint, freedom from being told what to do by others. Positive liberty is 'freedom to'-the availability of opportunities to be the author of your life and to make it meaningful and significant."

A better description of the 'towards/away' continuum has never been given. As we elicit our clients' and prospects' desires, are they moving toward being free from constraints or moving towards freedom? Do we find ourselves working with a person who sees the opportunities in life? And in what ways can we find the paradox of choice at play in our business lives?

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Web Site Traffic Promotion Does John Reese Traffic Secrets Really Work

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Have you ever wondered if a web advertisement truly lived up to its name? decided to put John Reese' Traffic Secrets to the ultimate test and reveal whether or not the site's claims really work. For this series, we've purchased his product and will implement each of his strategies and tactics on, sharing the results with you. Will the plan succeed or fail? Is the path to greatness just around the corner? Follow this series and find out for yourself.

If you're not familiar with the John Reese Traffic Secrets system, sold at, let me offer some background. The site promises a complete A-to-Z, step-by-step multimedia course exposing strategies and tactics anyone can use to generate consistent streams of qualified leads and prospects to their website. In fact, the site claims the product can offer "Nearly Unstoppable Floods Of Targeted Leads To ANY Website."

On, John gives readers countless testimonials from happy customers across various industries. He then dispels the myths behind website ownership. Many people create ecommerce websites believing these very myths, but learning far too quickly that they're sadly mistaken.

These myths include:

1."If You Build It, They Will Come..." John claims that his simple step-by-step instructions, followed correctly, will dramatically increase website traffic.

2."Get a Guaranteed #1 Position in ..." John claims he'll share with you the best strategy to attract huge amounts of free search engine traffic, regardless of the frequency of algorithm changes.

3."Submit to 7,835 Search Engines..." John promises to teach his course participants all of the secrets behind traffic generation using a number of specially created 'search engine bait' website pages to funnel traffic into your main site.

4."Email 45,000,000 People..." John promises to show his course participants easy ways to tap into existing customer and newsletter lists, generating thousands of dollars in risk-free sales.

5."10,000,000 Guaranteed Hits For Only..." John explains the importance of visitors vs. hits.

The entire Traffic Secrets kit, priced at $997.00 (or three easy payments of $347.00 each month), includes five DVDs covering John's recent seminar valued at $4,500 per person, five CD video tutorials, three bonus DVDs, a bonus CD tutorial and several workbooks including a training guide, handouts and blueprints. Will it work? We'll find out. Tune in for our next installment of this important Internet Marketing series.

For more articles on Internet Marketing, relationships, real estate and more, visit the Articles of Vasrue at, today!

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Small Business Learn Your Options For Start Up Capital

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You have to spend a buck to make a buck, and starting a company proves that rule. Often, people looking to open a business need to invest in some start-up equipment or consumables and those items can be costly. The long term shows promise, but having a solid foundation to open your business is important. So just what are the options for finding enough funds to get your company off the ground?

Your first and easiest source of start-up funding may logically be your friends and family. They know you, your dreams, goals and ideas, and they know how motivated you are to carry out the plans that you've surely told them about already. However, entering into a business relationship with friends and family isn't always a good idea. These people won't be able to be objective about their contribution and may only be providing you money based on personal feelings. Money and emotions should never mix. In addition, finding other sources of investors that are experts in the field may prove to be more useful, as these individuals can provide you with advice and counsel for your business.

Before accepting money, be sure to have a frank discussion on what will happen if the business fails. Be sure that you have a backup plan for repaying loans. Friends often say, "Don't worry about it; pay me back when you can." In reality, if your company fails, your friendships could be damaged by your inability to pay. Finally, if you do accept loans or donations from friends and relatives, be sure to document them as if they were from strangers. Should you later decide to seek venture capital or bank loans, those officials will want to see a paper trail.

Private investors are another option. Venture capital operations tend to deal with more established companies, but "angels" are often willing to take a chance on a brand new startup. However, an angel is not a smiling benefactor waiting to rain down money as a gift. Angels are shrewd investors who expect a solid return on their investment. A well-crafted business plan and excellent negotiating skills are absolutely required to secure funding from an angel.

Bank loans are another possibility. However, banks absolutely demand a solid paperwork trail. They are generally reluctant to invest in brand new businesses unless they are backed by impeccable personal credit. Even then, you must be prepared to demonstrate hard numbers as opposed to projections. Signed contracts from customers, a lot of collateral, and a willingness to forgo your own salary can all help to convince a bank.

Do not overlook creative means of financing your new venture. In many cases, you can start operations on a shoestring, and gradually build your company by re-investing your profits. This works best for companies that require little or no inventory and are, at least initially, run from a home office rather than a storefront. You may be able to tap into your retirement fund for startup capital. Credit cards are an option, but should be used sparingly. Talk with the Small Business Administration about their financing programs. Matthew Lesko's "Free Money" books offer a compilation of funding sources ranging from the common to the obscure. With a 90 day money back guarantee, the books are definitely worth a look.

Raising start up capital can be difficult. However, by looking creatively at the problem, writing a sound business plan, and considering every available source of funding, it is possible to find the money for almost any new business venture. Patience and a sense of humor are invaluable.

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Innovate Your Way To Success

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Large successful corporations started as small companies. They were once unknown entities thriving on with their limited available funds. In a world where large corporations dominate the market, small companies would easily collapse.

So what have made these used to be small companies stay in the market? Innovation breeds success. When these companies were just starting out, they were not afraid to try out something new. Innovation is taking improvement to a much higher level. Whereas improvement is just making an existing process or product better, innovation is creating changes and discovering new methods.

Innovation is thinking out of the box. To be innovative, one must not set limitations to what he could do. Chances for success stops the moment limitations are set upon the horizons.

When things might seem hopeless, innovation could give more options. Companies that are just starting up definitely needs a lot of innovation. External factors might lack confidence in what a company can possibly do. Funds might be low but it shouldn't hinder a company from succeeding. Innovation is capable of creating opportunities when none could be found.

At first, ideas generated might seem absurd but when these ideas are taken further, these create more feasible possibilities. Success stories usually begin with formulating ideas and creating ways to materialize them. At the onset, ideas are usually ridiculed and thought of as silly imaginations which couldn't be done.

With the very competitive market that we have today, innovation is important. One small innovative idea could spell great success for a company. Innovation gives the lead from other competitors. Opportunities will continue pouring in as more and more ideas are generated.

In a day, millions of ideas are generated, but only a few of them really make it out to the market and fewer stays in the market. In business, pursuing that brilliant idea would make a significant difference. Starting from scratch is not at all a problem. That's precisely what innovation is - creating something out of nothing. A lot of businesses benefit from this.

Innovation could also be applied to marketing strategies. New approach to business marketing would lead to better product advertising. Customers are always dying to try out something new. There are always room for improvement, as well as lot more room for more new business ideas. In the fight to stay in the market, those who have shown surprising and breakthrough ideas are the ones that stay.

Most of the time, failures are inevitable but these do not dampen the spirits of an innovator. Being innovative does not happen overnight, it is a product taking each outrageous idea to the next higher level.

Failures contribute to successes. Successful companies definitely had their share of failures. Usually these might even outnumber their successes. However, success due to just one innovative idea reap greater effects than a million failures. Those failures will just then be considered chapters of a great success story.

Anybody could be innovative if they chose to be so. All it takes is just a lot of freedom to let the thoughts wander about. Businesses are in cutthroat competition with each other. Whoever gets to discover new ways and products usually gets the edge.

Being innovative is defying every limits set by yourself or by other people. When others might think that it won't be possible, innovators take it as a challenge. To be innovative means developing strong visions and working on those visions for the success of the business.

Usually, innovation would initially draw negative reactions. It would shake up the existing status quo. It is not afraid to take calculated risks. When this happens, it would broaden the opportunities for the business, thus giving it greater chances for success.

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Shop On The Internet And Make Money At Home

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Get paid doing what you love the most - shopping! Yes, today companies online are more than willing to reward customers who shop. So start to make money at home by shopping your way through!

How the concept works

Most get paid to shop sites employ cash back websites to help customers make money at home by simply shopping. These cash back sites have plenty of affiliate links on them. Whenever a customer clicks on such a link and makes a purchase on the affiliate site, the cash back site receives a commission from the affiliate site. The cash back site then rewards the customer with a certain percentage of this commission and retains the rest as profit. This is a win-win situation for the cash back site as it allows them to make a tidy profit while also allowing the customer to make money at home easily. This also enhances brand and goodwill and encourages customers to shop on their site more. These cash back sites will usually use cookies to monitor and track transactions made by customers on their site. This way they are able to make the payment for the transaction.

Paid or free

Most cash back sites are free to join. This makes it easier to make money at home without having to make an initial deposit. Usually these sites will also not charge any membership fees too. To avail the services you need to hunt for a cash back site of choice, register with them and obtain a login ID and password. Then once you've spotted something you want to shop for online, be sure to use the cash back site for shopping. This way you can start to make money at home easily.

Other ways to make money at home

These cash back websites will not just reward you for shopping - they will even pay you for using their online services. For example, let's say you were to join an online bookmakers and place bets there - you can still make money at home through these cash back sites. Or let's say if you take out an insurance quote for a car or a quote for health insurance - then too you can make money at home just through such cash back sites.

Cash back sites are great ways to make money at home - simply because you get to recover almost up to 50% of the money spent on shopping online! Best of all since most cash back sites are free to join you don't need to make any initial investment to register with such sites. This further increases the potential to make money at home the fast and easy way. So whether it is buying groceries online or buying a high end electronic gadget - shopping online can be a great way to make money at home.

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Get What You Pay For Hypnosis Script

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When I first set up as a hypnotherapist, I was amazed at the number of other people out there in the world who are also doing (or trying to do) the same as me. That is, being successful in a pretty competitive field. I guess the good news is that there are enough people out there creating problems that they are always going to require people like me to help them solve them.

The other thing that astounded me, is the types of problems that people create for themselves. Phobias about hair falling out- when it isn't, worries about using a specific word or fears about spelling are all but a few of the weird and wonderful ailments from which people suffer themselves.

So what do you do? You're a newly qualified hypnotherapist (or perhaps you've been qualified for years, a master in your field!) and somebody turns u in your office, claiming to have a problem with the shape of their nose, or a fear of the wind..What do you do? They didn't tell you about this crazy stuff when you were training!

You do what I did. You go on the internet and hope and pray that someone else has had a problem like this and can give you some idea about how the heck your going to help them overcome it. Or more to the point, how you're going to get them to see that this problem, is just a symptom for something much deeper; and you're not even sure what that deeper thing is. Yet.

So I went on the net, and found a lot of people offering hypnosis scripts for this and that...some of them seemed to have nearly what I wanted, some of them were way off the mark. Some of them were free, other were expensive, and some you had to create a monthly membership with- so that even if you were not downloading their scripts every month, you still had to pay.

People Building is a website that offers a huge range of hypnosis scripts for many different things. The best bits about it are that you can contact one of their qualified hypnotherapists, give them an idea of what you need for your hypnosis session, and they will put a script together for you- especially personalized for exactly what you need. Plus, you pay per script. You get what you pay for and you don't have to pay for anything else.

So whether you're looking for inspiration from other people's scripts, or to use other people scripts, or perhaps you want a specific script created for you, you can contact us and see what we have to offer. You might like to buy the entire scripts selection in an ebook and have all of our scripts at your fingertips to complete your collection. There are two further resources that will help you. The first is the complete collection of all of our scripts. Again, you get what you pay for. Whenever a new script is created by one of the team, we revise the ebook to include it, an adjust the price of the item accordingly.

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Family Business Franchise Opportunity

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When you buy a franchise business and employ family to help you run it, the business operation can be a lot smoother. Notice how I said can! When you buy a franchise opportunity, in the initial stages business cash flow can be tight. This is where sometimes family members can help out. In the initial stages some family members might be prepared to help you out at either zero or minimal wages.

Longer term their demands could grow to the point that they ask for more money than regular employees or worse still ask for a share in the business! This is not as bad as it sounds because often you can expand the business a lot faster by keeping it in the family.

When you run a franchise business it is imperative to employ people who you can trust. This is where a strong family unit comes in extremely handy. Having a loyal and trustworthy workforce gives you the opportunity to spend more time on business expansion.

Most children are now very computer literate. They can help you out, punching in data and general book keeping tasks. By involving your children in some of the children friendly tasks in the business, they will pick up skills which will be useful to them in their future business life or employment.

Your partner will be able to assist in the management of the business and take some of the stress and strains away from you. Now you both have something in common if you did not before!

So in a nutshell, the business unit can be stronger when you have family working for you. The positives far out way the negatives. But, running a franchise business and employing family members can create its own unique type of problems.

What if one of your family members, be it brother or sister is not pulling his own weight? What if he or she is not up to the task? What if he or she does not get along with other family members? This can lead to all sorts of problems. For a start, you can't just sack them due to the emotional attachment. This is where the skills of the franchise owner really comes into play.

Another potential area of disputes is when you are employing a younger brother or sister, and the time comes to hand over the reins of the business franchise to your son who happens to be younger than both of them. Whilst your brother or sister was happy taking orders from you, they might not feel the same way towards your son.

In these situations, counselling can help. Another weapon that you could use is to make the transition gentle and over a longer spell, so that the other family members have a time and the opportunity to adjust to the new business relationship.

You will have to be careful that you all make time for yourselves. Working with people, and the day to day hassles can become tiresome especially when you all go home together. You do not want to carry on with the business disputes at home. A simple rule might be that business is not to be discussed around meal times, thereby allowing the family to discuss family issues.

When it comes to expanding your business by buying another franchise unit, the strengths of the family unit can really come into play. This is when you can give the opportunity to the strongest family member the chance to be a manager of the new unit.

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Web 2 0 Way Of The Future Or Marketing Gimmick

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The term Web 2.0 has come to dramatically increased usage over the past few years. Many people have since begun to appropriate this hot new buzzword for their own websites while others are not quite so eager to embrace this new concept, considering it little more than an inappropriately named web-marketing gimmick. It has clearly polarized the web into two opposing camps, of adherents on the one hand and skeptics on the other. Yet in spite of all this-or perhaps because of this-there is still plenty of confusion and controversy surrounding Web 2.0. What is it exactly? And are the changes to the way the Internet has come to be used in recent years really significant enough to warrant this name?

The phrase itself is attributed to O'Reilly media, the company who coined it in 2003. Subsequently, the first Web 2.0 conference, which was held in 2004, brought it into widespread public consciousness. A series if conferences hosted by O'Reilly media has made the term even more popular than ever and facilitated the adoption of it by many industry pundits. The term as it has come to be used by O'Reilly media, refers to what many in the Internet industry perceive to be the second wave of Web-based communities and hosted services, following the first wave of communities which flourished during the initial Internet boom. These web sites encompass social networking sites, wiki sites and folksonomies-all of which share the trait of encouraging and facilitating content collaboration and sharing among its many users.

Perhaps some of the confusion surrounding the use of the tem Web 2.0 stems from the fact that it does not actually signify a change or an update to the technical specification of the World Wide Web as we have come to know it. Instead it more appropriately describes the widespread changes that many systems developers have implemented in the way that they use the existing web platform. The founder of O'Reilly media, Tim O'Reilly has himself termed it a business revolution in the computer industry that was caused by the move to the Internet as a platform. He further goes on to say that attempts to come to grips with the rules for success on that new platform is an integral part of Web 2.0.

On his own blog, which can be found at, O'Reilly wrote a compact yet more detailed definition of the term and refers to Web 2.0 as his view of the network as a platform that encompasses all the devices that are connected to it. According to him, Web 2.0 applications are the applications that are in the best position to take advantage of most of the inherent benefits of that platform. The means by which they can achieve this is through the delivery of software to the public that is continuously updated and generates its content through the merging of data from many different sources, which may include the individual end user. The Web 2.0 applications in turn generate their own data as well as services in a way that other users can readily mix according to their own needs. This paradigm clearly goes beyond the nature of Web 1.0 into a network that is built upon as O'Reilly calls it "(an) architecture of participation". The end result is a richer web experience for the end user by way of applications that actually get better the more it is used.

To further illustrate the differences between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, it may help to view Web 1.0 as primarily focused on the connectivity between computers and a way to make technology work better for computers, while Web 2.0 strives to link people together and make technology work better for people.

While some people would disagree with this last illustration-and indeed claim that the opposite is actually more accurate-the fact remains that the Web 2.0 is increasingly reliant on the varied input from its users and the dividing line between people and technology is becoming more and more blurred as time goes on.

While computer mediation is still-and will probably remain for the next foreseeable future-an integral part of the new paradigm, the utilization of the collective input from its users will bring about a continuous improvement of the particular application based on the same users' interaction with it.

The clear shift in focus from "technology" to "people" is perhaps no better illustrated by the change in technological demands from the '90s to the present. While many users previously focused their requests on solutions to very specific technological demands, the overwhelming clamor nowadays is for applications that allow for far more end user intervention and input.

The controversy rages on as to the validity of the term Web 2.0, but by all indications it seems that it is here to stay.

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The Ways To Find Cheap Web Hosting

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What Is It?

The peak care that you should comprehend is what lattice hosting is. Web hosting is the build on the internet that precisely hosts your website, the implant where you can lawns your site, thereupon to speak. If you have Inexpensive lattice hosting you are going to have a cheap place to put all of the information that is on your website, and you are going to have somewhere that you will be able to access this information from.


In directive to gem this start to drawing near information, and to win it for easily done money, you are bag to inclination to bonanza Inexpensive mesh hosting. There are many ways to go about this. You should do some research in order to find out where you can buy Inexpensive web hosting from. There are many places that will give you free web hosting, but they will have their stipulations. For some of them, there will be ads or banners that must appear on each page of your website. This is the way that these sites make money. Others will allow you to have ad and banner free web space, but you will need to use certain formats and put things in a certain way so that they will work on the website. If you are unsure about wanting to have adds, and if you are also unsure about wanting to conform to a certain thing when you are building your web site, you should look for Inexpensive web hosting instead of free web hosting.

Remember that adept are always questions you should strike when you are looking at net hosting. First of all, you should good buy out how exceedingly juncture you are stir to be allowed when you are buying interlacing space, and you should be sure that you are receipt an Inexpensive web hosting program which will have enough space for everything you'd like to put on the website. You should be sure that you are going to have enough room. You should also ask to know what happens if your site goes down.

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