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Using Web Directories And Manual Directory Submissions

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A web directory is defined as a directory available on the world wide web. It can also be referred to as a link directory. It is basically a type of database containing links to other web sites. Using a web directory can be a useful way to get your web site noticed. A number of people think that the concept of a web directory is the same as a search engine. Search engines, however, list web sites according to searches performed on keywords. A web directory, on the other hand, lists its sites according to various categories and subcategories.

It's important for webmasters to get included in as many relevant web directories as possible preferably by submitting their web sites manually to the directories. Getting link backs from these kinds of directories by means of manual directory submission will help you improve your search engine rankings by making your Webster's link profile stronger. This work can be tedious at best, and if you are looking to outsource the work it's best to find the services of a manual directory submitter.

Trying to find a certain web site or link using web directories can actually be quite an easy process. Before you start, you will need to find the proper web directory to use that will most benefit your search. One can find the correct web addresses of different web directories by searching for "web directories" on most any search engines. This should bring up a list of various web directories available on the Internet. Upon arriving at the web directory, you will notice that there are several categories listed on the web directory itself. Usually subcategories are listed beneath the main categories. These subcategories are put into place to help you quickly and easily find the types of web sites you are looking for.

Depending on the individual web directory you are at, different categories will appear. For example, some web directories will focus on a broad range of topics, others will focus primarily on one subject area. Some web directory sites may have categories in art, business, and entertainment. Some other directories may have categories more open then that. Within each of these broad categories, a number of subcategories may be listed. Other web directories may focus on just one topic, such as sports and gambling. Others may focus on information pertaining to only one region. As is the case, highly specialized directories will only include subcategories that will fit within a particular topic. By focusing the entire directory on just one broad topic, the web directory can theoretically provide more specialized services to its site visitors. As a result, thousands of web sites may be listed on one web directory.

Web sites and links are normally added to a web directory according to its overall content rather than just by the content of one page. The criteria for determining which sites will be added to a certain web directory can vary. For the most part, site owners submit their sites to be included in whatever web directory they choose. High quality web directories will review these sites first in order to make sure it is worthy of being included in their directory. It must contain valuable information that web surfers might find to be of relevant. Others web directories, however, are more lax when it comes to the links that are included on the directory. Regardless of the situation, it is important to understand that not all web directories are as worthy as other web directories.

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Email Marketing The Motivation Concentration

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The best email marketing idea may be summed up in three words - Give to get.

Think about this concept from the customer's point of view. They are already barraged with marketing from a variety of sources and they get tired of feeling as if the business owner is only interested in the money they have in their wallet or the credit their willing to accept to purchase your products or services.

How strange must it seem to the consumer to have a business owner who openly expresses an interest in finding ways to freely extend a benefit? This concept reminds me a bit of the movie Miracle on 34th Street. Remember when Santa sent customers to other stores if Cole's was too expensive. The result was that many consumers discovered a heightened devotion to the fictional department store.

When you use email marketing to educate and inform customers about your product or service you make significant strides toward the ideal goal of giving to get.

Every business owner understands that you need to spend money to make money. In a parallel way you need to expend yourself on behalf of your potential customers in order to earn their trust and potential loyalty - both are highly valued and carefully given.

Many businesses are finding that their email marketing efforts yield less than modest results when they buy or rent a list. There's a reason why this approach doesn't work well if your approach is intended to be 'give to get'.

In a give to get mentality you are concerned about the individual and in forging connections between your business and the consumer's interest in your products or services. When you deliver an email marketing campaign to someone not acquainted with your site there is very little opportunity for them to consider your email as personal interest, it can only be viewed as either a mild intrusion or potential spam. It's an easy decision to redirect this type of email to the delete folder.

A health food company developed a program that encourages people to give up unhealthy snacks for one of their healthy snacks. Television advertisements show this business in a booth that is reminiscent of a lemonade stand. Individuals bring snacks to trade. The end pitch allows anyone to go to their website for a free snack. The emotional connection between a common roadside stand and genuine people make the advertisement appealing and memorable.

The website extension of the offer features health information and articles on moving toward a healthy lifestyle. Visitors can make the choice to receive heath bulletins (email marketing) to continue to foster better health.

What was end result of this highly successful campaign? Giving to get meant a lot of free snacks in a bold attempt at boost traffic building and list building with an email marketing follow-up that capitalizes on this companies concern for the health of their customers.

This is just one example of what 'give to get' email marketing looks like. How could this type of email marketing improve the potential trust your site visitors have in your business?

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When You Need To Find Good Quality Cheap Web Hosting

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Cheap Hosting

By using a paid web host, you can quiescent pride a tasteless hosting carton but you'll perfect all the benefits of not having those torturing ads and immensely possibly, supplementary disk hope and greater monthly bandwidth. More than likely, you can find such a service for a monthly cost that's less than the cost of a large pizza, just to put things in perspective. Clearly, a lot of times it makes sense to pay such a nominal fee for much better service and features so you can see why this is the type of service most people end up choosing, especially for personal or family sites or blogs.

Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting

Shared hosting is what largely customers manage progression using, or at opening rudimentary out with. In this emotions of setup, the hosting matter divides the available web circumstance on one of their servers and allows complicated customers to share the space. The customers get to enjoy all the benefits of hosting but can share the burden of the cost, bringing the monthly payments way down compared to having a dedicated server. The down side is that your website is on the same computer as several other sites, so if one of those sites has a problem, gets hacked or takes up too many system resources (memory, CPU time, etc) then your site can be impacted as well.

Dedicated hosting is the picnic end to this problem, allowing you to have your carry server without extra variant body politic sharing your space, bandwidth or tack resources. Of course, the drawback is that pushy hosting costs significantly more than mutual hosting and you may also be responsible for managing your server-no one to call or point the finger at when something goes wrong.

What to Look For From Any Type of Web Hosting

Regardless of the mettle of hosting you resolve on, you should besides be undeniable that you presume most assuredly what is (or is not) included in the price. As with piece else, differentiate what you're wealthy for. For instance, the hosting provider should state you how much disk space and bandwidth you'll get. Usually, 5GB of disk space and 50GB of bandwidth will be enough for most websites and is a fairly typical setup to find. If the numbers happen to be a little off from this estimate, not to worry. But if you find a web host offering an extremely low amount of disk space/bandwidth, run away and run away quickly. The last thing you want to do is deal with moving a website from one host to another because they're providing poor features. You might also want to ask how many email addresses you'll be able to set up. Usually this number is some insane amount for the normal user, something like thousands, if not an unlimited amount. The same holds true for FTP accounts. Also check to see if the web host provides PHP, MySQL, PERL, CGI or other features you might need. This will vary depending on your intended use for your site. For instance, if you're setting up a family website, a blog, or an ecommerce site to advertise your business online, each of these could require different features. The good thing is that for that same cheap price mentioned earlier, all of the items mentioned usually come as standard features.

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Five Tips For Selecting The Best Small Business Web Hosting

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When you start looking for a web hosting solution for your e-commerce website, there are some specific things you need to look out for to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. The features you require from a web host will depend on what you are planning to do with your website.

1. Technical support. When something goes wrong on your website, you are losing money. Make sure your web host offers excellent technical support that will respond to your requests within hours and not days. Some web hosts even offer toll free telephone support 24/7.

2. Bundled software. Before you build your website you should decide whether you will require any specialized software like a content management system or a shopping cart system and then see if your web host can offer it to you as part of the package. For example, if you get a web host that offers the cPanel control panel software, it usually includes a component called Fantastico which gives you the ability to easily install a variety of software for use on your website. You will be able to select software like a weblog, content management, customer support, discussion board or shopping cart.

3. Editing tools and script support. Many web hosting companies offer easy to use website design and editing tools. Or if you are using a software package like FrontPage, check that the web host has support for FrontPage extensions. And if you are planning to use scripting languages on your website, like PHP, ASP, Perl and others, make sure that your web host is compatible with those languages.

4. Speed and uptime. Check that your web host guarantees uptime of 99.9% and check the information about their data center. You want to make sure they have high speed connections to the internet backbone.

5. Do your due diligence. Before you sign up for any small business web hosting account, look over their website and check for awards or seals of approval that they may have received from magazines and look for the the Internet Better Business Bureau Seal. Use your favorite search engine to look for reviews of the web hosting company. You will always find someone that complains about a company, but you will quickly see if a web host get consistent bad reviews and no good reviews.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to find a reliable and stable small business web hosting service.

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Domain Name Profits

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"Domain investment," or the buying of domain names for profit, has been an internet marketing "insider secret" for a number of years. When the internet was young, for example, enterprising spirits grabbed the domain names of popular companies and resold them when those companies came knocking. In fact, stories abound on the net about domain names selling for thousands - and even millions - of dollars. In 2006 alone, domain names such as "" and "" sold for a combined $9 million. There is no question that many people have made a bundle selling domain names, including "Domain King" Rick Schwartz, who has made up to $2,000,000 a year through domain investment.

Can you make money selling domain names? Unless you're very lucky or already a proficient internet marketer, your chances are not great that you will be able to find a profitable domain name which hasn't been taken. Many analysts emphasize that investing in domain names is no longer a "walk in the park" and that real "killings" in domain investment are few and far between. There is doubtlessly much competition in the field of ever-dwindling domain names, and even in the less used ones as well, such as .net, .info, .biz, .ws, etc.

Nevertheless, creative entrepreneurs have not let those facts slow them down, and certain "domain profiteers" have flaunted conventional wisdom and continued to profit in domain investment. Without detailed instructions from such experts with a proven track record, however, chances of failure are high enough to discourage the novice without deep pockets. The good news is that those who wish to enter the lucrative domain-name business can turn to a comprehensive training course called "Domain Profiteer." The result of collaboration between trusted internet millionaires Shawn Casey and Matt Smith, this domain-investment course reveals a slew of secrets used by top domain investors over the years, including Rick Schwartz. In Domain Profiteer, Casey and Smith provide step-by-step instructions for finding, choosing, registering, parking and/or reselling domain names.

If you are an avid collector of domain names, you may want to jump on this profitable bandwagon. If you aren't yet a domain investor, you may wish to become one - and you won't want to try without Domain Profiteer. Up to now, there has not been a product like Domain Profiteer - and there may not be another one of this quality. Over time, you could learn to do the same thing - using expensive tools, some of which cost more per month than the relatively low price of Domain Profiteer. Or, you could simply invest in Domain Profiteer and save yourself the cost and time.

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How To Optimize Your Website For Google S Top 10 Ranking More Steps

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Search engine optimization is the process of choosing targeted keyword phrases related to a website, and ensuring that the website places well when those keyword phrases are part of a Web search.


The Major Factors Are:

Meta Tags, Header Tags, Text-body tag and Alt image tags:


Meta Tags are code in your HTML that is invisible to the visitors of your web site but are read by some web spiders and search engines.

Meta tags used by a large percentage of the top search engines as one of the main guidelines on how they will index your site

The Main Meta Tags are:

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The Seo 10 Step Thumbnail Manual

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Let's get one thing straight, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), can be taught to the masses, but very few individuals are willing to methodically go through the steps, on a consistent basis, to achieve and maintain the ultimate ranking for their website.

This article is designed to simply touch on the cycle of event required to raise your current website's ranking in the search engines and then maintain those levels for the long haul.

The 10 Steps needed for proper SEO are outlined below follow by a very brief description. There are many tools available which enable you to perform the analysis required producing key data. This data is needed in order for you to effectively optimize your website.

1.Identify Your Competition

Run analysis on what you figure to be the most common keywords searched for your site. Take a look at the websites that rank above you in the search engine results, this is your competition. Create a list of the top five websites and move on to step 2.

2.Quality Link Building

Find out who do your competitor's link partner with? Make every attempt to link partner with high quality websites. There is tremendous value in linking to high quality websites. Find out who your competition has link to it. Take the highest ranking (quality) websites they are linked to, contact these websites, and set up a link partnership.

3.Perform a Keyword Analysis on the Competition

This allows you optimize your website for the same keywords. You'll want to check out your competition's website and optimize the content on your site for these particular keywords more effectively than the competition. Keyword Density, how often a particular keyword appears in your website, is paramount for achieving high rankings in the search engines.

4.Rinse and Repeat

Steps 1-3 are the foundation for search engine optimization. What you are doing is building both a highly tuned website and search engine strategy enabling you to beat your competition both with your website and your website's exposure on the search engines. Repeat steps 1-3 for as many keywords/phrases as you feel create the greatest exposure for your website.

5.Your Keywords

Create a list of keywords/phrases that you may not have come across from your evaluations and find out what the popularity is of these keywords/phrases. You may find a niche that your competition does not have, therefore creating more exposure for your website. You would obviously want to inject and of these keywords/phrases into your website.

6.Let's Go Under The Hood

It's not nearly enough to have the competition' keywords and link partners, you need to tinker behind the scenes, "Under The Hood" of your website to really soup it up! Take your main keywords/phrases and very efficiently place them into your Page Title and Meta description of your website. This is absolutely necessary in order to help bring everything together if you want to rank high in the search engines.

7.Keyword Density (Keyword/Total Words)

Quite simply, use, but don't overuse, your main keywords that appear in your Page Title and your Meta Description. You want these keywords to appear as early as possible on your page, but in a grammar friendly format. Listing keywords/phrases randomly on the page is a "No No". The text content should read well with a good flow. The more keywords you can place in your content, the higher the Keyword Density. Alt Tags and Header Tags increase your Keyword Density.

8.Submit Your Website

Your website needs to be submitted to the major search engines in order for it to be seen in a timely manner. Google, MSN, & Yahoo, along with other major websites, make it available to you to submit your website for review. It is suggested to only submit a few pages a day to a couple of the major search engines. You do not want to perform this daily. Over submitting is a bad thing in the search engine world. Submit our pages a few times a week until you know you have been indexed.

9.Check Your Indexing

Go to the search engine of your choice, type in the keyword/phrase you are interested in, and see if your site has been indexed. You may have to run through a number of pages to find your URL. Once you find your URL, you then know that you have been indexed. You may want to give this a few weeks in order to be indexed.

10. Continue to Refine

Your SEO work is never complete. Getting ranked in the search engines is only the beginning. The on going work required to successfully rank high in the search engines never ends. It's because of the grueling, never ending, process that most people fail at SEO.

We wish you the best of luck with your optimization.

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Want To Compete With Starbucks Using A Gift And Loyalty Card Program Will Help You Bring In And Keep The Customers That They Are Getting

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Have you ever wondered how Starbucks is so successful? Is it the atmosphere? Perhaps the quality drinks? Or is it just a habit? No matter what the answer is - if you own a coffee shop or small restaurant you need to keep Starbucks business model in mind if you want to succeed!

Obviously at this point Starbucks has been around long enough that customers continue to purchase their coffee and breakfast there out of sheer habit. Your job is to break that habit. can you do this and bring in all of the customers that you have been missing?

First of all make sure that you are offering a high quality product and an atmosphere that people will find aesthetically pleasing. If your place of business is not at least clean and comfortable then you will not entice any customers to return. Now that you know your customers will be comfortable shopping with you - lets find some new clients....

The most difficult part of owning a small business is to bring in new customers. Instead of wasting your time advertising in the yellow pages or on the radio use a gift card program and a trageted mailing list to bring people in the door! Set up a plastic gift card program. (You do know that Starbucks has one....) Put together a targeted mailing list of potential clients based on the demographics that would fit into your business. Then send each one of these clients a gift card with a pre-set value to bring them in the door.

For example: The typical Starbucks drinker has an income over $50,000. So, use a list broker (you can find one on the internet fairly cheap) to generate a list of all households within a 10 mile radius of your business with a certain income level. Load $5 onto 250 gift cards as a test run and mail them to these potential clients. I can guarantee that you will receive at least 40% of these cards back in your shop! (Very few people can resist getting something for nothing!)So - you just brought 100 new customers in the door.

How much has this cost you so far? $102.50 in postage, The price of the plastic cards - about $100 worth of plastic, plus $5 loaded onto the card for a total cost $7.03 per client. Now ask yourself: how much would it have cost me to bring in 100 new clients throught yellow pages or a radio commercial? Ten times this amount? Maybe twenty.

So now that these clients are in your store, how do you keep them coming back? The simplest way is to offer a discount on reloads of the gift card. Think about it - Starbucks sells gift cards and people pay full price, then they keep coming back every day to spend some of the money on their cards. If you offer a 10% discount on gift card reloads of at least $50 - then you are guaranteeing that these people will continue to come back in to your business. Even if they don't you will make an extra profit on the money that they have not spent!

Want to take this program a step further? Implement a rewards program on your gift cards. Every time the client spends any money in your store they get a reward. For example: for every dollar spent they earn 5% back on their card, when they hit $50 in sales they now have a $2.50 credit on the gift card! You are giving them more incentive to continue to see you every morning!

There are certainly more ways to use a plastic card program to help you compete with other businesses: Give away gift cards to charities, send a card to your best customers every quarter, and dozens more. Your gift and loyalty card provider will help you brainstrom some ideas that may work for your business!

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How To Succeed With An Affiliate Program

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Affiliate Programs has exploded on the internet. Thousands of people join them everyday. The Plug-in Profit Site is one of the best examples of such phenomenal success. If affiliate programs are so popular, so widely available and booming like mushrooms...Why do most affiliates have a hard time making them work? It could be that they're not effectively marketing their business, or they didn't develop a solid foundation for building their business. Nevertheless, some affiliates are making big bucks. Many successful affiliates easily bring in incomes of $100,000 or more per year. Making anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 per month is easier than you might think. Of course, many affiliates never make much money at all. They either fail or just plain give up.

So, why do some affiliates fail or just give up? Affiliates must set a solid foundation.


One of the most important things to do when trying to succeed with a Home Based Business is to have a compelling reason why you want to work from home or start a home business. Write your reason (WHY) down and refer to it often especially when you need motivation or just to stay focus. For example, if you wanted to spend more time with your family, make your own schedule, or quit your job...write these reasons down and make them apart of you life.


Many people fail because they don't have a clear vision of where they want to go, how to get there, or even where to start. First of all, you absolutely have to know what it is that you want. Then do some research on how to get there. There is an overwhelming number of work at home opportunities and business startup programs that you can investigate online. Just type those or similar terms into your internet browser to see the results that you get. However, be careful about the programs that you choose to participate in; we will talk more about that later. Just take the time to research and ask questions before you jump in.


Another way for you to stay focus and succeed online is to set your goals. Goals are an important part of your overall vision. For example, if you wanted to quit your job in one year, you have to have a plan on how to aggressively replace your current income. Developing your why, vision, and goals with the right Affiliate Programs will absolutely put you on the fast track to replacing your current income, and quitting your day job. Once you set your mind and heart in the right direction you will succeed at anything you choose to do. So, lay the ground work for your future first by doing the things that I'm laying out for you here.


Lot's of people don't know how to design websites, or have the type of money to hire a professional webmaster. Even the ones who can design websites sometimes have poor content or poor designs ideas. One of the best things you can do to get a home business up and running, as quick as possible, if you don't have the technical experience is find an Affiliate Program to plug into. There are programs out there that will design free money making websites for you with various streams of income form reputable Affiliate programs. Plugging into a system like this is a great way to go. Turnkey Affiliate Programs will provide you with the necessary tools, training and support you need to be successful online. All you need to do is plug-in and go.


It's equally important to Choose the right types of Affiliate Programs to join. Subscription Affiliate Programs, in my opinion, is the best companies to join, because they offer immediate income possibilities. When someone signs up for a subscription program and pays their monthly or annual fee you will receive immediate residual income as long as they remain paid members. Subscription programs will pay you residual income for years to come. Some Multi-level Marketing Programs and what's called Two Tiered Programs are also great to join. The important thing to remember is not to join a program that's going to pay you only once. The program that you decide to join should provide recurring payments from your team members. That's call leverage. I will provide some important website links that will give you excellent examples on the types of Affiliate Programs to join.

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