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Finding The Home Based Business That Works For You

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Just like shoes, when it comes to a home based business one size most certainly does not fit all. As a matter of fact, no other decision requires as much thought and planning as the decision to take advantage of the many benefits offered by running a home based business. The prerequisites to running a successful home business are quite apparent: you need to have the proper hardware to get started. Internet access that is fast and reliable and a computer that is up to date on software and able to match the Internet's speed are both vital to the success of any home based business.

Yet once these conditions are met, the decision left is surprisingly simple while at the same time requiring all your attention: which of the many available opportunities should you choose? While it is true that a savvy entrepreneur can generate income with virtually any kind of home based business, there are those that are naturally more cut out for certain kinds of businesses than for others. You will need to know yourself well to be able to find the home based business that works for you.

To get to this point, you can embark on a simple fact finding mission. List the kinds of activities you enjoy doing. Next, list the kinds of activities you are interested in doing. Are there any matches? If so, you are one step closer to identifying that perfect home based business opportunity for you! Next, list the activities you very specifically do not like doing and do not enjoy. If you find matches now between the three lists, it is time to cross those potential home business ideas from your list of possibilities. When the novelty of being your own boss eventually wears off, it is the boring or dreaded aspect of the home business that will weigh heaviest on your mind, while the many other benefits are quickly lost. Next, consider your family obligations. Young children will wreak havoc on a home business that thrives on after hour meetings with potential clients. Thus, this kind of home based business may not be best for you until perhaps you are an empty nester in the future. Thus, erase from your list any home based business idea that is too time consuming in the wrong time slots.

Other considerations should include your willingness to acquire new skill sets, the companies whom you might wish to represent as an independent sales agent, and the kinds of companies you might be dealing with as being a supplier. These companies' reputations and history - both easily tracked through the Better Business Bureau - will also influence your decision to choose one home based business opportunity over another. Once you follow these simple steps you are sure to find the perfect home business for you!

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A Virtual Assistant Needs A Website That Is A Client Magnet

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One of the most essential and first tools you should consider getting when beginning you Virtual Assistant business is a website. Your website is your virtual 'home', and should be an important part of your marketing plan. Your potential clients will want to know as much about you as they can find out before speaking to you in person.

While it's true a large amount of your client base will come from referrals, you can be sure they'll ask for a website address when considering margin contact.

As you design your site (or have someone design it for you), put yourself into the position of a potential client. What would someone want to know about you, your business and your services? Make sure you provide full contact information that's easy to find - you'd be amazed how many people build a great site but leave no way to be contacted.

Your website will need a few key components that potential clients will be on the lookout for:

Contact Info:

As mentioned previously this should be easy to find so when people want to hire your services, they can!


Virtual Assistants provide a wide range of services so when people come to your website they will want to know what services you can provide. Have a clear, detailed list of what you are proficient at and explain the details if not obvious.


This is a personal preference. Many VAs post there rates wile many others do not. Of course this may be a benefit for when someone is price shopping, but if you prefer to charge on a project-by-project basis (as I do) this may not work for you.


If you do any web design or graphics work a portfolio is a must. People want to see examples of your work before paying you to do something for them. If you do things like sales letters and ghostwriting , having a portfolio of completed work is also a very good idea.

About You :

Your clients are not only buying your services, they are buying into a relationship with YOU. Let them know who you are and why you can be trusted to hold a portion of their business in your hands.

Policies and Privacy:

With all the privacy and internet safety issue out there you want to assure your visitors that their information is safe with you and always will be. Spell out your policies on collecting email addresses, collecting payments, work confidentiality, etc.


Ok, so you've got up a great website with everything mentioned previously. Does that mean your visitors will trust you? Probably not. You see, they have no way of knowing what quality your work is or even if you're a real professional running an actual business. Testimonials help to prove your credibility by showing that you have satisfied clients who are happy to sing your praises.

Now that you've learned some of the essential elements of a Virtual Assistant's website, go back and have a look at your website (if you have one) and see if you are missing anything. If you don't have a website yet then print this article out and use it as a checklist while your site is being developed to make sure you have used every advantage to create a site that sells your services!

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How To Get One Way Links To Your Web Site

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The most important thing you can do to get a good placement out sideof quality content is to have many one way links to your site. A one way link is a link that comes to your site and you have no link returning to it.

One way links are become much more important now that Google is frowning on reciprocal linking. A large number of reciprocal links on your site can actually hurt your web position in Google. Also remember that not all links are created equal. It appears that Google only pays attention to links from a page that has a page rank of 3 or better. Here is a great tool for your web promotion. It shows how many links Google counts to affecting your page rank as well as many other features. Type in a URL and you can see how many links Google counts and how many total links to your site.

Hot to get one way links to your site

The most important thing you can do is to make a quality site that other people want to link to. Foe example, you are making a fishing site. If you have enough quality information and your visitors find your site very helpful some of them will link to your site so their visitors can have access to your quality information. Another example would be a good regional site. If you have the best website for the town you live in. Then many people, businesses and local government sites will want to link to you. For more information about building regional pages click here.

Directories provide one way links

Submit your site to major directories. Once upon a time I said to submit your site to every directory. Doing this could prove between 50 and 100 one way links. But now Google is looking at many smaller directories as link farms. Not only does a link from these sites not help but some could hurt. The most important directory to get into is Dmoz. This directory can be hard to get into so we have added a page, How to get into Dmoz.

Other top directories for one way links

GoGuides: I no longer recommend because of the $69 price to get included. But at least it is refundable if your are not added.

JoeAnt (Librarian's Index to the Internet)

Skaffe their page rank has dropped so inclusion is questionable

Vlib difficult to get in but with a page rank of 9 it is worth a try. But do not even try unless you really have a great site on your subject.

Below are two links for other directories. Human edited are the best. Most of these are not but if the page rank is above 5 they could be worthwhile. (You can check the page rank of sites with the Google Toolbar.)


Search Engine Colossus This is the largest search engine directory I have seen. It is divided into countries. It contains both search engines and directories.

Locate industry-specific directories and submit your site to them. For example, if your site is on a health topic, look for health-related directories. I have my arthritis site listed in every health-related directory I can find.

Writing articles for one way links

Write articles and submit them to article directories on line. Be sure to include your bio with a link to your web site. This sets you up as a person of knowledge on the subject if you write timely and informational articles. There are dozens of article directories most of them with a decent page rank. The nice thing about this is the page your article is on is not a page of links and your article makes up page content. This is the best type of link you can get. Below is a place you can find many article directories. Also the main purpose of these directories is to provide online content for web site and ezines. If your article is good your link may show up on several web pages and ezines.

Directory of Article Directories

Take the same articles and submit them to online newsletters on the subject you are writing about. Netterweb is a good place to start. You search for an ezine (online newsletter) by topic. In the results each ezine has a short description. You can click the full listing link with each ezine and it will tell you if they axcept article submissions.

Put the articles on your web site. Add a note that people are free to use the article as long as it published complete with the author's bio intact.

Other sources for one way links

Fill out your public profile with every web portal you belong to. Sites such as Yahoo, Lycos and other major search engine you can create your own portal with you own news and information on it. Many other sites let you create a free account such as game site, news sites and health sites. With most of these you can have a public profile that other members cans see. Be sure you have a link to your site in all of these.

Write regular news releases about the topic of your site and submit them to topic-related web sites and Internet news wires such as PRWeb and Business Wire. There are a lot of good sites with information about how to write a news release.

Create a blog on your site and submit to blog directories. There are a growing number of blog directories out there. Just type blog directory into a search engine and you will find many.

Many business associations will list their members web sites on their site. I built an antique site for a friend. We had it listed in the local Chamber of Commerce site, the downtown association business site, the antique business site for that town and several antique business associations.

Submit your site to all the local portals for your area. Most cities have city pages, local shopping web sites and local information sites. Under the final section below under using search engines for one way links. Do this with your town.

Write an ebook. Organizing articles that you right in to a book can do this. When I finish this site I plan to put most of the information in an ebook. There are many good sites about writing ebooks. Then submit your ebook to ebook directories.

Using search engines to find one way links

Use a search engine to find place to link based on the topic of your site. Links from sites that have similar content rank higher in the search engines. Just type in your subject and one of the phrases below. I recommend using Google or Yahoo. When you put a phrase in quotes it makes the phrase an exact search. Remember you are looking for quality links. I do not ever bother with any site that has under a page rank of 3.

"Add web site"

"Add your link"

"Add a link"

"Add a site"

"Submit URL"

"Submit a site"

"Submit site"

"Submit link"

"Link submission"

"Suggest a link"

"Suggest a URL"

"Recommended a site"

"Suggest your site"

"Link directory"


"Cool sites"

Look for one way links from your competition.

Do a keyword search in Google to see which are the top web sites for those terms. In the search field at Google type link: and then the domain for the site.

Example =

When you do this you can see all the sites that link to that URL. Assuming that you have a good site then many of the sites should be willing to link to you. Most will want a reciprocal link but if their site has a good enough page rank then the trade is worthwhile.

One way links through discussion boards and guest books.

This is another way to get one way links to your site. Google does not pay much attention to them but other search engines count every link. Do not go wild with this because it could hurt you if too high a percentage of your links come this way. When you are in a discussion board do not Spam it. Legitimately join the discussion and add a signature behind your name at the end. For a guest book, take the time to look at the page and make appropriate comments. Some have a place to leave a link if not add it in a signature.

What you do not want to do to get one way links

One thing you never want to do is buy links for a link exchange. You will see sites that offer 100 to 500 more one way links to your site. These are link farms. It is the quickest way to get banned from Google or Yahoo forever.

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Re You Doomed To Failure In Your Business

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Are you doomed to failure in your business? Many will tell you that. After all, most small business ventures fail sometime within the first five years. Many people, sometimes even though well meaning, will try to discourage you from starting your own business. They will say you have to have a natural aptitude and talent for being in business. Or they might say, you have to be a born entrepreneur. It's your choice whether to believe them or not, but I say if you are motivated to start your own business chances are you have these qualities to some degree already.

Sure, there ARE skills that you absolutely need to have to be a successful businessperson. The good news though, is there are many ways to develop those skills along the way. Instead of focusing on those skills at first, you should be thinking about the qualities inherent to all good entrepreneurs.

First is perseverance. Remember your research paper/project you had to write back in school? Well this is your research project on steroids! At the beginning, you may learn many new things and concepts from your research that require further study and understanding. You move forward slow, but steady. The danger being, that you give up just before you find the particular information you are seeking. If you keep plugging away and compiling the necessary information, you will end up with very nice finished product. This persistence and perseverance is the same thing you need in business. You must keep at it until you get to the point of success.

In the business world, perseverance certainly can take you a long way but a second valuable attribute is for one to have thick skin. Needless to say, along your journey of building your business you are going to come across many individuals that would like nothing more than to see you fail so they can succeed. You will without a doubt encounter those who have nothing good to say and are only negative about what you need to do with your business. You must take most of it with a grain of salt otherwise it won't be long before you are ready to hang it up and close shop. Take the constructive advice and tune out the completely negative.

Your ultimate success in your business venture will require perseverance, a thick skin, and finally, the ability to deal with... FAILURE! That's right. Failure. Many of the most successful people in business and in life have had to deal with many more failures than you might imagine. What separates people like Bill Gates who in the 1970s was a Harvard dropout? Or Elvis Presley who after his first show was told "you ain't going nowhere, son". Or Walt Disney who was fired by a newspaper editor because he lacked good ideas? The most successful people in life and in business were failures multiple times in their efforts to be successful. What separated them is that they did not give up. You shouldn't either. If you have just one of the three qualities I have spoken of here, make it your ability to deal with failures by seeing them as part of your success journey.

If you will persevere through setbacks, let the negativity of people around you regardless of their intentions roll off of your back, and DO NOT quit despite the failures that will come your way in your business, you will not be able to keep from succeeding. Go ahead and FAIL your way all the way to the top!

To Your Failures Leading To Your Success,

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Are You Passionate About Your Blog

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If you are passionate about your message, your readers will know it. Your blog enables you to provide commentary about your products or services. With its built in interactive technology your blog will engage in a two-way communication that will benefit you and your customers. As business owners are becoming bloggers they are opening a brand new channel of communication to their customers. Remember, a blog is a lot of work and if you're not passionate about it you will not succeed. Anything that requires a lot of work is going to require commitment.

Today, many people regularly turn to the Internet search for products before they reach for the phonebook, or newspaper. Wouldn't it be nice if your customers would be able to find your business through your blog? Your blog has the power to bridge the gap between clever advertising copy and run of the mill mission statements. Your blog can do much more than a classified ad. Your blog can build credibility and it can establish you as a trustworthy business.

To be a successful blogger, you must have passion. Passion itself is not enough. To provide value for your visitors you have to provide relevant information. The only way to provide useful information is to do your homework. You have to be ready to research and study about the topic you're writing about. If you'd rather talk about dogs than your products you should not write a business blog. If you're faking it you readers will know. Worst of all you will know, and you will fail. Without true commitment your blog will become just another casualty of the blogosphere. When you create real value for your customers they will talk. Your business is going to be a talk of the customers. When you successfully blog about your products you have the power to provide your customers with useful information. In such a way you engage your visitors. A good blog will engage your visitors as opposed blatant advertising that just shouts your name. As a blogger you allow your readers to comment directly on your site gaining an insight into what you customers think. Don't worry if you don't like everything your customers say. Your customers will speak the truth, and the information you gain from such interaction is going to help you succeed. Therefore you should welcome such response.

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How Top Management Uses Blogs To Increase Business

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Top management executives at corporate giants like Sun Microsystems, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, General Motors and Hewlett-Packard have ventured into the blogging arena. What is prompting these busy executives to take time out form their hectic schedules to join in the conversations in the blogosphere? Simple, it is the desire to promote a new atmosphere of openness with employees, shareholders, customers, prospects and the general public in the process not only increasing business but, more so, giving a human voice to the company.

Bosses - Why Blog?

"What began as an experiment has become an important means of communication for GM. It has given me, personally, an opportunity to get much closer with you, the public." These are the words of General Motors vice chairman Bob Lutz. The blogosphere, the press, and most of GM's constituents are tuned into his blog which gets more than 5,000 visits and 13,000 page views a day.

In its simplest terms, a blog can be an online and very public journal. It is an effective medium used by top management to communicate directly to its market segment, business associates, stockholders and employees. Blogs serve as channels for management to explain to these people that the directions and actions and views that management is taking are in the best interests of all parties concerned. Through a blog, the CEO or any high level executive has the opportunity to converse with his target audience on a regular basis. The executive is in a unique position to set the agenda, steer the discussion and shape the views and opinions. In a way, top management executives would seem to be the logical persons to blog in behalf of the company. Nobody can represent a company and a product or service brand better than top executives especially the CEO. They are in a good position to comment on certain issues.

Blogging provides management with a fast and cost-effective means of conducting two-way communications with the company's audience. Management and customers, industry peers or the public all have the opportunity to respond either in the comment box or their very own blogs. Management wants to find out how the public views the company so it can improve its products or services. Listening and engaging the blogging community can turn out to be a highly effective way of discovering what your targeted audience thinks about your company. Top management can use feedbacks, good and bad, to their advantage. These feedbacks are used to improve products or services and systems. The immediate and open communication achieved thru blogging can enable a company to gain a high position in its industry. Corporate executive blogs also provide a fast and direct method of managing research on customer experiences, company perception, commentaries on policies and agenda.

Unfavorable comments are not filtered out. Management evaluates these inputs and responds accordingly. GM vice chairman Bob Lutz emphasized it is extremely important to run the bad with the good comments or else credibility will suffer. In the blogosphere, credibility counts the most. Once it is gone, the blog is useless. Filtering out the unsavory remarks takes away the essence of a real conversation. It completely eliminates the likelihood of any wrong perception about your product or service being corrected.

As a whole, top management executives use blogs to help generate sales thereby increasing business. Blogs help them develop a human voice that customers, prospects, shareholders, industry peers, employees and the general public can relate. Giving a human voice to the company is significant as people basically do business out of relationships as they do out of prices and benefits. Blogging promotes a two-way communication about what is important to companies and communities - dialogue that more often than not builds a working relationship.

Effective Executive Blogs

It takes a combination of passion, personality, expertise in one's field, wit and wisdom, writing proficiency to make an executive blog worth reading. An executive blog is not just a summary of company press releases. For a blog to be efficient, avoid having posts that read like a press release. Blogging is more informal and thus easier to bring readers into the conversation. Executive bloggers are advised to get personal while taking into consideration that a certain level of propriety is necessary.

Blogs are perfect for executives in as much as the focal point is on a subject matter that are an expert. An effective blog allows the executive to deal with business concerns and expound on major industry or company issues. For an executive blog to be successful, it should at all times reflect the conviction and voice of the executive, not the PR or legal department. This can be quite difficult as an executive blogger has added responsibilities to watch what he says, keeping in mind securities, disclosure rules. The best executive blog is one written by the executive himself. It is hard to be transparent when another blogger is posting opinions on industry or company trends that he has nothing to do with.

An effective blog uses short but concise and periodic entries rather than long and boring white papers. In fact, some of the outstanding blogs are those that have only one or two sentences with links directing readers to related articles.

A good executive blogger just focuses on two or three vital points. It is then scanned and proofread by a blog-savvy staff member. He also should organize the content of his blog. Arranging the corporate and industry issues he plans to tackle over time is recommended to build cohesiveness. Categorizing entries with relevant keywords can result in higher search engine ranking. New entries should be posted regularly, at least two to three times a week. There is nothing worse than visiting a blog that has not been updated.

Some executives hire the services of public relation firms to draw up blog strategies and at times to help them maintain the technical side of blogging. Others have in-house communications staff to handle logistics for them. Some executives write entries on their BlackBerrys or e-mail them. More importantly, executives claim they write their own blog personally with the slightest or no editing from the public relations or communications department.

Finally, to earn credibility in the blogosphere, an executive blogger should also take comments, favorable or not with a grain of salt. It also means owning up to bad news about the company. As Seth Godin, marketing guru and best-selling author emphasizes, an executive blog works best when it is based on candor, urgency, timeliness, pithiness, controversy and utility,

With the deluge of readers visiting blogs, expect more top management executives blogging to increase business.

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Class C Ip Address Help Boost Pagerank

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As a case study, on April 2007 google updates, I having about 10 websites. And got 2 of them are sitting in the same server and linked to each other. In general all my websites are increased in pagerank, except the two that are sitting in the same server.

The major issue that I identified is one of the two website, the homepage/index page is having pagerank lower than the inner page. I did a backlink checked and all backlinks are going to main page, not the inner page. Question is why the inner page got better pagerank instead?

We know that pagerank from page A flow to Page B when they are linked together. And the inner page pagerank must be come from index page, as there is no external source that link to inner page.

Finally I found out from online webmaster forums, that there are few discussion about this as well. And its concluded that the same IP address is the main caused for this. Some view it as google sandbox. But its not totally correct. Google sandbox is where your website is totally drop from google SERP.

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Power Tips For Adding Audio To Your Web Site

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Web site audio can really make an impact on your customers when they visit your site. In fact, it can change a simple visitor to a customer. The correct web audio software can do this for you. It's an easy way to add audio to your web site.

Mind you, I'm not only talking about adding a nice sounding voice recorded audio that lacks pizazz. I'm thinking "professional" all the way. That means upbeat introductory music, background music to add interest to the recorded voice, and ending with a smooth fading out of the music.

I'm talking streaming audio that plays automatically when a visitor enters your web site or instantly when they click the "play" button...your choice. I'm talking audio that sounds like it was done in a multi-thousand dollar professional recording studio...but was really done by you on your own computer.

I'm thinking about phenomenal audio created and put on your web site with quickness and ease by anyone...even someone who isn't technical. This is "web audio" at its absolute finest. Would you rather listen to a voice only recording or a voice with pleasing and smooth sounding music lead-in, background, and fade out that creates the emotional response that turns visitors into buyers?

All of these above fantastic capabilities are not only possible, they are available today.

The "secret" to putting audio on your web site is to find an easy to use software created for this specific purpose. There is a wide variety of software to do this. There are even some services that you subscribe to on a monthly basis to accomplish this. I definitely recommend using your own software instead of paying monthly fees. Why pay every month when you can simply pay one extremely small fee for the software to use over and over again on as many web pages and web sits as you want?

The right software for you should have these features:

* All In One Solution - Record audio, add one of many included background music styles, and easily choose the color, shape, and size of the player. No other expensive and cumbersome external software or service needed!

* Stream Audio Immediately - You choose whether your audio starts as soon as a visitor comes to your site or the visitor clicks the play button for it to start. Either way it starts in seconds and makes its impact.

* At Least 10 Professional Background Loops For Variety - Background audio loops should be professionally recorded. They should represent various music styles and tempo.

* Customizable Audio Players - The software lets you customize your audio player. You choose from 6 stunning player styles. Choose any color under the sun. And size your player to fit your page design.

* Automatic Fade-Up & Fade Out - Wrap your voice-based marketing message in a perfect introduction, leading with a perfect induction, and closing with ease. It's point-and-click easy to give your audio the professional sound that will blow your visitors away.

* Use multiple players on one page. Many audio solutions don't allow you to put more than one player on each page. Of course, though, this is something you might absolutely need. The right audio software lets you do this easily and effectively, again with no technical skill required.

* Use exclusive "affiliate jump" technology. The best web audio software allows you to automatically forward your visitors to the web site you want them directed to at the end of your audio. Your conversions will go sky-high with this exclusive technology for affiliate promotions, teleseminar playback, and more.

* Use your existing audio files. Your audio software, of course, must let you record or brand a new audio file with the program itself. In addition, though, you can make use of any existing MP3 or WAV audio file on your computer.

* Don't pay any monthly fees. Instead of paying someone $20-$40 every month plus add-on fees to host your audio files, host the audio on your own web server with the right web audio software. You'll also never worry about your audio going off-line.

Now that you know all about web audio, go get the software and use it. You'll be glad you did.

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Internet Marketing Which Shoe Fits

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The discovery of niche keywords is an effective no-cost way to uncover marketing potential. Many online businesses simply rely on keywords or phrases they think best describe their product or service. By conducting a search to learn what niche keywords might bring visitors to your site you are likely to increase the number of unique visits to your site. There are several online tools to help you uncover niche keywords. This information is valuable for Meta title information as well as knowledge based articles and product descriptions.

Color schemes may also have some bearing on the acceptability of your site. The harmony of colors may go a long way in maximizing the time spent on your website. A website like can assist you in finding colors that work together. The use of this tool is free.

Consumers do not have patience for a site with broken links and missing pages. The use of a free product like will allow you to check links, html as well as spelling mistakes that may exist on your website. You can effectively uncover problems with your website before an irate visitor points it out.

There are other free-to-use software programs to help with learning html codes, fixing broken html codes, placing a search engine on your website as well as other tools that have the ability to help you maintain and market your website.

The world of web marketing is a blend of tried and true methods like long-term keyword strategies, advertising and exemplary web site maintenance and updates. The addition of knowledge-based articles that are subjected to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques can also provide a significant boost to your marketing efforts.

Internet marketing is a bit like going into your favorite department store and looking at shoes. You can see that every box has a shoe, but each box contains something unique. Each shoebox contains a different size, style or color of shoe. In marketing, every site has similarities, but there are certain strategies that may work better for one ecommerce site than another.

For instance, some websites use business blogging extensively while others may not us blogging at all in their Internet marketing strategies. Some websites may rely heavily on Meta title information while others may rely on manual site submission strategies. It is true I may have some marketing preferences that just make sense to me, but as long as you keep working at ways to promote your website you improve the odds that your online business will succeed.

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