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Who Are Venture Capitalists

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Venture Capitalists are wealthy private investors who can help finance your business either it being a business in trouble financially or a new business venture.

There is usually a five year lock up on Venture Capital investments, this means the Venture Capitalist or the business they are helping to fund cannot get out of the deal until the five years is up, sometimes this may be longer depending on the agreed business plan. They also charge management fees and incentive fees as well as taking a good sized share of your business. Unlike Business Angels, Venture Capitalists like to have a director or management role within the company to discuss the running of the business as well as keeping a close eye on their investment making sure the business succeeds. But there are a few Venture Capitalists who like to give the company the finance they require then take a back seat and let the company who know the trade etc. and let them run the business on a day to day basis.

Finding the right Venture Capitalist for you may be a scary prospect but there many Venture Capitalist firms now available which have Venture Capitalists waiting to invest in a new and upcoming business with good prospects. Making a proposition to a Venture Capitalist can be a scary thought, you need to remember they will want to know exactly what your plans are for coming years, the market you will be promoting your product, service in as well who your target audience are for this as well as how much it will cost to make if necessary and the cost you will sell it for, showing the profit you will make on each product, item or service. One thing to remember is that Venture Capitalists don't care about the dreams you have about this venture, all they want is a good return on their investment in your business.

Before going to see a possible Venture Capitalist the best thing to do is to get advice from other business people in the same area you want to go into to get their advice on your product and or service and their honest opinion of the idea.

You will need a well detailed business plan when you meet up with the Venture Capitalist and if you are turned away by them don't give up keep trying, if show people you're serious about your venture and wont fall at the first hurdle your more likely to win people over with their own weaknesses.

Some points to consider are:

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Assessments Set In Stone

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If you are buying loose diamonds online you'll find much help. Most of the loose diamonds sold on the Internet will have been certified. This certification indicates that the loose diamonds have been evaluated by a professional gemology laboratory that is independent of the merchant selling the loose diamonds.

This gemology lab will use a device called a Sarin. This machine is designed to measure the diamonds precisely, looking at specific characteristics that help determine diamond value. These characteristics are its length, its width, the size of its girdle and table as well as every angle created by the diamond cutter. The second step is for the loose diamonds to be examined by trained gemologists, whose job it is to assign grades of both clarity and color. The grading system requires a highly competent diamond professional as the process has not tool or machine that offers any precision on the grading itself.

The color of loose diamonds is determined through a comparison of a control diamond group with a known color against the diamond being evaluated. The gemologist then assigns the color of the studied diamond based on its matching one of the loose diamonds in the control group more closely than the others. This process relies heavily on gemologist judgment and experience.

The gemologist then determines the clarity of the loose diamonds through examination for inclusions. Once the inclusions are found they are then counted, and their size and location noted - all of which affect the grading of the loose diamonds.

There are numerous noteworthy and highly regarded gemology labs in the loose diamonds business, but the best known and perhaps most highly respected is that of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA.) The International Gemology Institute (IGI) is highly regarded as well.

Once the gemology lab has finished grading the loose diamonds, each is issued a certificate. This certification describes each loose diamond's weight, measurement, clarity and color. Most gemology labs don't give written appraisals for loose diamonds, to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest.

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Opportunities Are You Looking

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There are many major companies today that are household names and icons in our 21st century society. Microsoft, Apple, Dell, Wal-Mart, McDonalds and Amway to name a few very large and influential companies, which all started out with a simple idea or opportunity.

Where would we be today if these people had not taken the opportunity or idea and run with it, but failed to take the risk in starting their respective business or companies. We must realise that all of them started with a simple idea or opportunity, but they had one thing in common with each other, they disregarded the fear of RISK and set it aside and embraced faith, belief and optimism that just maybe something will happen IF I have a go.

Not all opportunities that come along are immediately identifiable, but the people who succeed are usually those that have been looking. Their minds are a playground of active thoughts and possibilities, their eyes scan the landscape like eagles, and their noses can smell it out and can pinpoint an opportunity as quick as a wink.

You might think that all this is impossible to you, but that is the key, that you think it is impossible, therefore it is. The method that all great leaders and successful business entrepreneurs have in common is that they think and have productive positive thoughts all the time.

Initially a thought may start as a fledgling idea, something simple, but as you ponder more over it, seeing it from every angle it begins to take shape and have deeper meaning, to where you can jot it down or sketch it on a pad or computer, which can eventually emerge into an opportunity for growth and success.

I know a fellow who had an idea for a new golf putter. He had this idea burning in his heart for years, when one day out shopping with his Father and their wives, they slipped off for a cup of coffee, while the girls continued to shop. As the coffee was being served to the table he began to share this idea of the golf putter with his dad. His dad became interested and they began to sketch the idea onto a napkin, looking at it from all angles.

Only a short time later he met up with a friend for lunch and they were chatting small talk when he mentioned the putter. Remembering the sketch on the napkin, which was still in his wallet, he showed his friend. 'I know someone who can sketch this up on the computer and create a 3D image of it, if you like' his friend said. 'Wow, that'd be great' was his reply, and he left it at that. Some time later he heard from someone else, 'hey I've seen the 3D image of your putter, I like it and I know someone who could make up a prototype, if you like.' Sure my friend said.

Well this continues until next thing you know he has a real life version of this putter in his hand and a friend rings up and says, 'hey there's an expo on this week and I can get your new putter a place in the expo; what do you think?' Yeah that'd be great! And on the story goes to where he now has the putter endorsed with a well known golfing pro and the rest is history.

So are you looking for opportunity to change your life or your current situation? Are you sick of never having enough money to do whatever it is you desire to do? Then opportunity is waiting for you every day. It may be in the shape of a thought, a business opportunity or a partnership, buying and selling articles on online auctions like eBay, or unearthing an old dream or desire that you've carried for years.

Whatever it may be I guarantee that if you begin to engage focused thought toward what it is you really want to do, then you can accomplish anything.

Go put the kettle on, sit in your favourite chair and treat yourself to a cuppa and to thinking of exactly who you really would like to become. See it in your imagination, feel it, taste it and sense it and then allow your self to decide that this is really you, and GO FOR IT.

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Ebooks The Quiet Cash Contributor

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When it comes to the sale of ebooks there are arguments indicating the purchase of ebooks may see a lower conversion rate than other retail products. The conversion rate for ebooks is equivalent to one ebook purchase for every 200 visitors.

The argument seems to be that the sale of ebooks may be a waste of time in an online business environment. I would argue that the sale of ebooks in an online store might be more of the equivalent of found money than a poor business decision.

The reason this is true follows a rather simple form of logic; you simply make a title or series of titles available with an online shopping cart and password protected download form, add a little long and short term marketing strategies and, if it were a stew, you just let it simmer. It can be a tasty combination.

Unlike most online stores the sale of ebooks does not require the time intensive and expensive product fulfillment and shipping department within your business. With most products you have to package and ship a product, you have to manage ordering duties and follow through.

With an ebook sale you simply rely on a data download that is managed instantaneously. Since this is true, the online sale of ebooks may not need a high conversion rate to remain a popular and profitable online business choice.

The amount of time you can invest in other endeavors can more than make up for a lower conversion rate.

The truth is many online businesses utilize ebook sales as a form of affiliate revenue. Many business owners report positive gains in ebook sales and the end result require even less involvement than standard affiliate programs. Why? Because you, as the business owner, can purchase and resell ebook titles for a complete in-house business that can provide substantial residual income and it doesn't require working with a separate affiliate funding source.

When it comes to successful titles the truth is ebooks are specifically geared to caterer to niche markets in most cases. What this means for you is the potential to market your site to a very specific niche of online visitors. If you chose a niche ebook, you could potentially develop and market your website with highly specific keywords that can make your website very attractive to a motivated group of online visitors.

All arguments aside, the truth is ebooks ARE selling and their popularity continues to grow. The portability of ebooks makes this a business opportunity that will continue to find motivated buyers.

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Internet Marketing The Pay Per Play Breakthrough Technology

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Internet Marketing

Many people have already discovered the vast advancements and improvements that the internet brings to marketing and advertisements. The results are, simply put, astounding, benefiting companies who have used Pay Per Play advertising with billions of dollars in new advertising revenue as the market switches from television to internet.

Who Needs Pay Per Play?

Mostly, big advertisers want this. But amazingly, Pay Per Play isn't just for the big companies that bring in big revenue. The impact of advertisement and marketing on the internet has been so profound that anyone who advertises at all, whether on prime time or late night cable, can get in on and benefit from this Pay Per Play technology. In fact, business owners who are unable to advertise on television and cable can easily take advantage of this new advertising channel.

What Makes Pay Per Play Advertising Successful?

Contributing factors to the success of Pay Per Play is the escalation in social time spent on the internet. Many who used to turn to television and cable for entertainment and relaxation are now spending that time and more on the internet. Whether researching, reading a recently released novel or watching a rented movie, so many activities are now found online. This is especially true due to the amount of role playing gaming that consumes the internet market. Instead of watching other people live interesting lives on television, they are interacting in their own fantasy.

Of course, social networking has a lot to do with the subject as well. As with any social situation, even one between friends, will grow as each friend meets a new friend and introduces everyone. So essentially the amount of people that split or completely turn their entertainment time allotment over to time spent on internet just keeps growing. Anne Marie likes to post her pictures on a popular website and grandma is getting comfortable with her new laptop. Soon she'll be viewing Anne Marie's photos and posting some of her own.

This lends to the userability of internet these days. Programs and websites are so easy to understand and use that the world of online entertainment and spending isn't limited to those who understand electronics or complex data languages.

In addition, with DVRs in millions of homes, allowing people to record and playback their favorite shows when they are busy, commercials are being fast forwarded and ignored. This is an especially threatening situation to advertising and business all over the country. In fact, its estimated that 33.5 million will have DVRs in their homes by 2008 which is right around the corner.

Too many advertisements are also not entertaining and with television and cable, too many is what you get. With the right writing in combination with the right point of delivery, business can once again get positive results from their marketing. In other words, as people do more and more of their shopping online, they are now looking for advertisements and marketing information for the products they want. Imagine that - people get advertised to because they want to be. Pay Per Play advertising makes that possible.

Finally, the fact that the advertisements that Pay Per Play customers deliver are only audio and only 5 seconds long is certainly a big plus. Viewers, or listeners are usually pleased when dealing with a 5 second punch line over a 2 minute mind numbing attempt to combine acting with sales pitching.

The Positive Impacts Of Pay Per Play

With advertisement becoming a thorn in show watcher's sides, hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S. face changes in their employment stability. When commercials are ignored, they lose their efficiency, thus eliminating their use. The people who work hard to create those marketing campaigns and fun advertisements to keep their company going, face not having any work to do. Until now. Pay Per Play creates a whole new marketing field.

The Change

As the television and cable industry change with time, online marketing partners are now being paid many of the millions that marketers were for television and cable. Like any other growing company, it's up to you to become a part of it. And the amount of jobs it can create is limitless, therefore the revenue potential is limitless.

What is Pay Per Play (PPP) Advertising?

NetAudioAds or Pay Per Play (PPP) advertising is an advertising channel that works on a bid system like Google Adwords. Publishers are compensated like with AdSense only the owner of the website earns revenue on all of their traffic without clicks.

Large firms who advertise big like Del Taco are able to deliver a 5 second audio advertisement to site guests on specific sites that people who eat Del Taco also go to. The advertising is so specific that clicks aren't necessary. And it's only 5 seconds!

Though Pay Per Play is not entirely new to the world, it currently has over 66,000 marketers and advertisers and serves Pay Per Playaudio ads to over 550,000 websites. Those ads deliver over 40 million advertisement impressions monthly.

The ease of use of the product is a big plus. The sound ad doesn't take up any space or cause friction in loading time. Nor does it require any clicks. The audio ad just plays whenever a guest enters a page or site that has the Pay Per Play code embedded in it. This enables website owners to be paid by each play rather than by click, resulting in better revenue.

To avoid guests and visitors from being overwhelmed by ads, only one ad plays at a time per page. And since, as mentioned before, the ads are related to the content that is being viewed on that site, the visitor isn't listening to anything they wouldn't be interested in.

Due to the volume of websites that are using the Pay Per Click technology, NetAudioAds has teamed up with one of the 5 biggest search engines. And with 66,000 marketers and advertisers wanting more of it, all that's missing are the website owners wanting to use this Pay Per Play system.

Not convinced? Pay Per Play can capture an audience of potentially 100 million people. That's more advertising power than television and cable have ever had at one given time. So with 907 million people online every day and almost all of them having working audio systems or speakers on their computers, this is the most potential that marketing and advertising has ever had.

Compensation for Website Owners

Far more than what Google offers with their pay per click system, Pay Per Play website owners can earn 25% of the revenue per play spent by each advertiser. A great point, but even better is that you get paid per each play which means each visitor instead of each click. The visitor doesn't have to do anything in order for the website owner to benefit. This is a much needed positive change in advertisement benefits for web owners.

Using the Pay Per Play system is simple. It's just a copy and paste a into the web pages you choose to play these audio ads.

Another way for web owners to earn from Pay Per Play is to refer others to the program. For each company that begins using it, you earn an additional slice. And you can earn another slice if those you refer, refer someone else as well.

When is it All Happening?

Since NetAudioAds will be managed on an automated bid system like Google Adwords uses, advertisers will be able to choose the types of sites their ad is played on. They then bid for placement on the sites they choose.

On February 1st, 2008, bidding will begin. The more websites interested in hosting the Pay Per Play technology at that time, the better the outcome is for all parties. Like any good social network, as mentioned, the network needs to grow. The bigger it is, the more each audio ad is worth. That, in essence, puts all internet owners at the mercy of Pay Per Play advertising.

Though Pay Per Play is growing now, this bidding process in February will ensure a huge leap in the way website owners are paid for advertising. But more website owners have to get involved first.

What Else Should I know?

You should know that since this networking opportunity can exponentially grow with each referral and referral's referral, etc. it's a positive addition that information about Pay Per Play is embedded in all of its transactions.

Also know that you have the option of adding 30 second ads to specific pages on your site and that these will pay more than the 5 second ads do. A great way to eliminate this from invading visitors is to embed it in exit pages and specific pages with advertising intentions.

To continue the growth of this improvement in advertising, pass this article on to any website owners you know. Keep the social network growing and change the way that site advertising works for web owners. Plus, there is no cost to join and begin using this system. And if you don't have a website, the Pay Per Play advertising program will help you start one without cost!

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Internet Business Opportunities May Be Knocking On Your Door

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Do not be afraid to open the door when an opportunity knocks. Peepholes are so popular because they make you able to see what's on the other side of the door. Too many times opportunities are available but they cannot be seen without peephole.

Numerous internet business opportunities present themselves every day. When you can't see the chance to become part of something special, this special opportunity may already have passed you. With every opportunity that arises, there is someone willing to take a chance. If you're not willing to take a chance, you'll never find the right opportunity coming your way.

Many business people will tell you that success is an attitude and other will say that success is a choice. By having the right, positive attitude you can choose to make your business opportunity grow or you can choose to allow it to fail. However, the first choice you have to make is in taking advantage of the opportunity.

Not all opportunities are readily identifiable. A fleeting thought may be a fledgling idea. If nurtured and thought completely through it will emerge into opportunity for growth and success. Some online businesses offer people the chance to create their own business following their model and business plan. This could be considered an opportunity. A lot of folks are reluctant to take them up on the opportunity to own their own business based on their unwillingness to follow someone else's direction.

However a franchise is based on a proven method of doing business and a successful business model, some folks shy away from it because they will not have complete control over their business. Without the need to reinvent the wheel with franchise, you can have a business up and running in short order. Going against the grain you can attempt to start over from the beginning.

When you see something that may be an opportunity, than study it and do proper research to insure it is not one of the many scams available online. Having made the determination that the opportunity is genuine and having decided you're willing to exert your energy and put in the time, it is time that you take advantage of the chance to see success.

Where would we be today if the people from Microsoft, Apple or Dell Computers had missed their opportunity. What if they had failed to take the risk in starting their respective companies. Not only they had a different life based on their actions, but so had the lives of everyone with a computer.

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Money From Ebay Without Any Stock Nor Drop Shipping Anyone

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Let me share with you a very little known fact: it's possible to generate a very good income from eBay Australia (as well as other eBay sites) without having to have any stock on hand and its not even from drop-shipping. In fact you never have to even have any relationships at all with any suppliers and you can sell some of the most profitable items on eBay.

You may be surprised to find out that eBay itself runs its own Affiliate Marketing program. It's one of the most productive ways for eBay to drive lots of targeted traffic to its sites and capture buyers who are already interested in purchasing a particular product to buy through eBay.

Essentially eBay's Affiliate Marketing program pays affiliates when visitors to their sites click on a link to eBay and become an active registered user - this means that they have to buy something in a set amount of time. Better still, if a visitor goes to an active auction on eBay through an Affiliates' link and then purchase the item, eBay will give you between 40-65% of the revenue earned from that auction. The revenue here is the final value fee that eBay makes, not the final bid price as this would obviously be making a loss for eBay.

If you already know about eBay's Affiliate Marketing program, still read on, as I am about to show you a way that can make you a great extra income from this program that is different to what a lot of eBay's affiliates are doing and that has proven success to generate a healthy passive or full time income even for Australians.

This is a great method of really cashing in on eBay's Affiliate Program. Instead of having the odd link from your site or blog to some products on eBay, why not create an online store that predominantly sells items from eBay. This way you never have to own any stock at all to sell, nor do you even have to drop-ship items which has it's own inherent problems.

To do this really right, you need to do some research on eBay and find items that are "nichey" and that also sell for a good amount. Its no use promoting low cost items as you'd have to sell volumes in order to realize any revenue. You also want to find products that are popular but typically harder to find in online shops. It's not as effective promoting iPods for instance, as the chance of someone finding your site is very low as the competition out there is huge.

To ensure that you do really well, you'll need to do a bit of research on finding niche keywords that people are searching for. I won't go into this here as that is a huge separate topic on its own, but if you know how to do this already, this method can be very profitable for you.


* This method has all the pro's of making money on eBay plus the added pro of never having to own/purchase any stock to sell and not even having to drop-ship which has it's own inherent problems;

* Because you are not limited by having to purchase any stock, you are not limited as to the amount you can sell. You can also sell high price items which will generate the best money for you;

* You can sell whatever you like whenever you like;

* You don't have to worry about putting together auction listings yourself - no need to research items, put together lengthy auction listings, you don't even have to have an eBay account!

* You're not the one that has to worry about delivery nor returns, nor warranties on the item, nor anything like that!


* The success of this method depends on how many people find your site - that is, you need to generate traffic to your site so that people can click through your eBay affiliate links. To be very successful you need to have a good knowledge of things like Search Engine Optimization and Traffic Generation. Of course you can generate traffic through Pay Per Click ads and other means, but you need to know what you are doing in order to make sure you are making more than you pay for these;

* You need to know how to build a website and then make it attractive enough for visitors to stay and click on links

* You need to find profitable niches that aren't saturated by competition

* Because you are getting a percentage of the revenue eBay earns, you are obviously not getting the same amount of profit if you actually listed your own item.

I see no impact (good or bad) at all for Australians who want to use this method to generate income. You can promote either Australian eBay auctions or from the US or from anywhere you like. It's actually recommended that you have a mixture of listings from different countries and this could in fact enhance the visitor's experience with your site. Naturally you have to make sure that the sellers will post things internationally if you are promoting multiple countries.

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How To Start A Cleaning Business With No Money

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One of the biggest mistakes that many people make when they decide to go into business is they spend way too much money up front, and then when the bills arrive and the business isn't making enough money yet, their ventures ultimately fail. One way to get around this problem is by starting a business that you can start with little or no up-front capital.

There are a number of businesses that this can be done with, and many books and magazines dedicate space to talking about them. Headlines like "100 Low Cost Startups" are common in business how-to magazines. In this article we are going to discuss one of these low-cost startups: the cleaning business.

There are several keys to starting a cleaning business with no money. The first and most important point is that you should NOT, under any circumstances spend money until you absolutely have to. It may sound strange, but it's an obvious point that people miss. They think (wrongly), "I'm going into business, so I need a new computer, a new desk, some office supplies, files, cleaning supplies, a dedicated phone line...", and the list goes on. This is not just wrong thinking, its bad thinking. It's thinking that will cause your business to go broke before it even gets off the ground. Do some businesses require a big upfront investment? Sure they do. But a cleaning business is NOT one of them!

The second key to starting a cleaning business with nothing is being sure to start the right type of business to fit your goals, and your budget (or lack thereof). For example, you wouldn't want to start a business that requires a lot of expensive equipment like a floor-care service. It would be difficult if not impossible to start a floor-care service with no budget. However, it is possible to start an office cleaning business or a home cleaning service with no money. The supplies you need are much less, and it's possible that you already have many of them.

The third key is to utilize free methods and resources to get your first customer(s). For example, if you are starting a home-based cleaning business you might go door to door in a neighborhood you'd like to clean in. This costs you nothing but your time, and will allow you to not only get your name out there, but to make contact with your prospects and better gauge their needs.

The fourth and final key is to use what you have in terms of supplies and business resources. This means that you should look around you, and see what can be used in your own house to help you start your business. Do you have a fax machine? Great. You have a tool at your disposal. Do you have a phone? Perfect. Hopefully you get the point here. Just utilize what resources you have, and if need be, get creative. Find ways to save money.

Many people over-complicate and under-plan for their businesses and as a result they completely miss the four key points mentioned here that are necessary to start a cleaning business on little or no budget. It might seem over-simplified, but it's really not. If you apply the four ideas mentioned here to their fullest, you will be able to get started cleaning with very little... and if you're smart, probably nothing. Think through each ahead of time, and plan how you will tackle each key point. By doing so you'll have set yourself up to start a business for next to nothing.

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Reliability Of Cheap Web Hosting Providers

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All online marketers will be aware of the term web hosting. Each one of them is a client of one or the other web hosting providers. The number of web hosting providers have increased rapidly with increased use of internet in promoting online businesses. Everything from goods to services is sold on the internet today. In that case, each of these businesses would require a web hosting provider to promote web space for them where they can put up a website and promote their business.

The requirements of each type of business are different from that of the other. A web hosting provider may offer tools to run one type of business, but the same web hosting service may not be good for running another type of business. There is a common notion that only high priced paid web hosting providers can provide you with all the tools that you require. However, this is not the case. The tools and features provided by this web hosting company might be useless for your type of business and you only end up spending more money.

While price is the main consideration for most people while selecting a web hosting provider, there are also a few other points which need to be looked into.

1) Ease of use: You should be able to easily update and modify your website even if you are not aware of its technical aspects. cPanel is the most popular website control tool used by most web hosting providers.

2) Customer support: The web hosting company should be able to diagnose the problem with your website quickly and put in back in operation as soon as possible. Though some web hosting providers give cheap offers, they are very helpful and you can easily connect to them through a support telephone line, live chat or email support.

3) Uptime guarantee: check the uptime guarantee indicated by your web hosting provider. This guarantee indicates the percentage of time for which the web hosting server will be accessible. This information is usually indicated on the website. A web hosting provider is reliable only if he has an uptime guarantee of at least 99.5%.

4) Hidden charges: Some web hosting providers levy additional charges for setting up or upgrading your website. The charges taken for different operations should not be too high in any case.

Checking these points will help you get hold of the cheap and best web hosting provider.

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