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What Is Autism

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People with ASD's (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) see the world in a very different way to us the signals in there brain seem to be jumbled and confused. It seems for many there sensory perception is different, things that we take for granted are hard for them to understand. For example a person's face to us is a way of telling allot about someone, understanding the situation your in, reading a person's emotions anger, happiness and sadness. People with ASD's find it hard to read peoples faces and emotions so don't always understand how someone is feeling which also impacts on there social skills.

Other examples are heightened sound sensitivity, many people with ASD's have a very high sensitivity to sound so something as simple as a sneeze or a cough can almost be intolerable to them.

People with ASD's are very vulnerable people and rely on us as there support to almost be that part of them that can't unravel these mixed messages in there head.

Quite often you will here there disability described as the Triad of Impairments which are the bellow:

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Wedding Ideas For Brides 5 Ways To Capture Your Wedding Moments Forever

(category: Weddings, Word count: 223)
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As far back as a girl can remember, she dreams of her wedding day. She imagines - to every last detail - things like: what type of wedding dress she will wear, what color the bridesmaids' dresses will be and even more importantly, who that perfect man will be who becomes her husband. When that day finally arrives, it is the most important day of the bride's life - a day she wants to look back on with fond memories for years to come. For more and more brides, one of the most perfect ways to capture their wedding is to create an Instant Photo Guest Book similar to the one created by Adesso Albums. Having such a keepsake, scrapbook or photo album to open up and share with your spouse, family and friends is the best way to capture the wedding day's memory forever.

Instant Photo Guest Books are a unique "marriage" of a photo album and a guest book. To create a photo guest book at a wedding, simply take Polaroid pictures, slip them into your guest book and have the guests write their personalized messages to you the bride and your groom on the guest book pages. This will capture your wedding event instantly in pictures and words

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The Meaning Of Different Wedding Flowers

(category: Weddings, Word count: 317)
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If you plan to walk down the aisle anytime soon, you should be aware that the flowers you carry might say more than you intended.

That's right; most flowers carry a meaning, or a special significance that has been passed down from generation to generation.

We can trace this "flower talk" back to the Victorian Era. It was improper in those days for a man to come out and tell a lady how he felt, so he would choose a flower with special meaning and send it her instead. Because the meaning of flowers was so well known, the woman receiving them understood the message as clearly as if it was written on a piece of paper.

Today, many people don't speak "flower talk," but on a day as important as your wedding, you should place a special emphasis on what the flowers that you carry mean.

Let's start by looking at a few of the most popular wedding flowers, and then examine their meanings.


There is a reason that roses are the most popular choice of flowers for brides. A white rose stands for innocence, beauty and charm-just the traits every bride wants to portray. A bride that chooses red roses for her wedding flowers is sending a message of passion and of fiery love. If dark pink roses are used for a wedding, the couple is expressing a thankfulness that they found each other. An ivy colored rose stands for fidelity in the marriage-something every new couple strives for.


If you are having a spring wedding, there is simply no better way to express your love for your future spouse than by carrying a bouquet of tulips. They are not only beautiful, but speak of an undying love.


Daisies are many people's favorite flower, but not a lot of brides use them in their wedding d

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Bridal Shower Planning Tips

(category: Weddings, Word count: 737)
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Historically, brides have been showered with love and gifts on their bridal shower party. Although the maid of honor normally organizes the bridal shower, showers can be organized by anyone close to the bride. To be more politically correct, couples may decide to opt for a couple shower. It is the same concept as a bridal shower, but it is not exclusive to female friends and family. A couple shower enables friends and family to celebrate both bride and groom. Whether it's a bridal shower or a couple shower, planning the event takes considerable effort. So, read on to learn some fun and helpful bridal shower planning tips.

Planning the shower is the responsibility of the honor attendant or honor attendants. It is quite possible for the bride to choose more than one honor attendant. So, it is quite possible that planning the shower would be a team effort. If there is only one maid of honor, she shouldn't hesitate to ask for help from the other bridesmaids, friends, and family.

Hint. Several people involved in the planning process can help, but it can also create conflict.

Choosing the right date for the bridal shower is of paramount importance. There is no rule about how much time before the wedding a shower needs to take place. It can take place several months or a couple of weeks prior the wedding day. Often, bridal showers are planned in the form of a surprise party. Regardless of the date of the shower, guest should be notified well in advance. Make sure that the date doesn't conflict with holidays or other events that would prevent the guests from attending the party.

A bridal shower doesn't need to be an expensive party, but it certainly can be. Be sure that your budget is set early in the planning process. Once your budget has been determined, be sure the required funds are set aside. Don't be a hero and ask for help. Just because you plan the shower, it doesn't mean you have to pay for the whole thing. Unless you are independently wealthy, ask all the bridesmaids to help out.

A bridal shower can be a discreet get together or an extravagant party with some great bridal shower favors. The sky is the limit, and, of course, your budget. If you organize the party, you should know enough about the bride to determine what kind of shower she would enjoy the most. Would she enjoy a relaxed shower at somebody's house, or is she expecting a more formal party in a hotel ballroom? Does she have specific hobbies or interests that would provide an interesting theme for the party?

You should only invite guest to the bridal shower who will also be invited to the wedding. If you are unsure about who should be on the guest list, feel free to ask the bride to help out. If you are organizing a surprise shower, ask the bride's mother or someone who would know about the wedding reception guest list.

It is very smart to include information about where guests can purchase presents in the shower invitations. The guests will appreciate your guidance. After all, it makes it easier for them purchase the proper gifts.

The bridal shower invitations can be traditional cards or even e-cards. Most people have an e-mail address, so an electronic invitation might be a feasible option for your shower. E-cards are not only freely offered on many Web sites, but they are also fast. You send them our one-minute and they are delivered the next. If you have a larger budget, you might be interested in sending out personalized chocolate bars as bridal shower invitations. Regardless of what form of invitations you decide to use, make sure they are sent out well in advance. The bridal shower invitations should be sent out about two months prior to the bridal shower party.

Food is an important aspect of the planning process, and it is very much influenced by where the bridal shower is held. If you're planning an at-home bridal shower, you may prepare the food yourself or you have a catered party. If you're having the shower in a restaurant or a hotel, make sure they prepare one of the bride's favorite meals.

Remember: Bridal showers are supposed to be fun, so don't stress too much. After all, you are planning a party.

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How To Have A Fairytale Wedding On A Sensible Budget

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Congratulations! So now that you both have agreed to take the big step and get married - the excitement of a long and happy life together lays ahead for you both.

So now comes the fun of planning the wedding, the big day, the main event! The most important part of the planning is setting the budget. Did you know the average wedding costs $19,000? So you need to set your budget carefully and stuck to it. If you overrun, even a little, it could cost you thousands of dollars.

Set your budget very carefully - nobody wants to spend every last nickel they have on their wedding yet every couple dreams of the perfect wedding. Gone are the days of parents footing the bill for the wedding, in fact 4 out of 5 couples today pay for their own weddings. So that probably means you are

Fortunately there are many things you can do to have your dream wedding without breaking the bank. But be prepared for the hard sell! Every vendor out there just loves it when a newly engaged girl walks into their store - they start seeing the dollar signs! Make sure you shop around and get at least 3 quotes for each service - you will be surprised how much they vary.

Also do not be afraid to negotiate with the vendors. If you find a florist you just love but they are $1000 more expensive - then talk them. Maybe tell them you just adore their work but they are a little too expensive - ask them what they could do to make the price fit within your budget.

Additionally be very careful when telling any vendor the budget you have for their service. Somehow all the photographers will quote you $1500 when you tell them your budget is $1500! Ask them their price first. If they try to tell you they have many packages ask them what their most popular price point is. It also doesn't hurt to let it slip that you will be visiting some of their competitors as well!

Finally don't forget this is supposed to be FUN! Your wedding day WILL be wonderful, sure there will be some hiccups, but trust me, in the end it will go off wonderfully if you just apply a little planning and commonsense.

Enjoy your life together!

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Things You Need To Know About Bestseller Books

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There aren't too many things that I can spend money on and not feel guilty about later. I don't go on shopping sprees at the mall and buy things that I'll never actually wear. I don't live a plentiful life with material belongings that I have no need for. But, I do splurge on books. I could possibly spend hours in a bookstore. All I have to do is walk into Borders or Barnes and Noble and see the Bestseller Books aisle and I'm in heaven.

In my opinion, you can never have too many books or read too much. I'veread enough of the bestseller books to be about to advise a particular author to friends and family. Many of my coworkers know that they don't need to go out and purchase the bestseller books they're dying to read, if they wait a few weeks they can borrow mine.

I joined the Literary Guild book club years ago and have long since fulfilled my required duty. I love the fact that I can get most of the bestseller books for half the cost of the stores. Granted, I don't always need to have them in hardback but that's all the book club offers so that's what I have scattered all over my house. If a book is worth reading, I can have it read in a weekend. My husband thinks it is ridiculous that I spend so much money on books and have them read within days. He doesn't

understand that to me, books are an investment.

One thing that I have learned is that bestseller books are not always the best books on the market. I've read so many books that were written by new authors or little known authors and they have completely won me over. I've passed those books onto coworkers who have also have never heard of the authors. Usually, they will agree that these less known books are much better than the some of the bestseller books that are on the market.

Sometimes, I think that well known author books go straight to the bestseller shelves simply because of who the author is. Is that fair. No. But, that's the way that market seems to work. Don't get me wrong, by no means am I condemning the bestseller books that are on the market. I usually purchase books from those shelves knowing that they will be enjoyable. Being a hopeful writer myself, I'm hoping that someday my writings will turn into bestseller books as well. Until then, I will just keep on reading. And passing those books onto the next person.

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Wedding Flowers The Ultimate Decoration

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Flowers add color and fragrance to any occasion. Throughout history of human kind, flowers have been associated with love, purity, freshness and other emotions. Flowers are used in birth ceremonies, romance, marriages, death etc. The flowers of different colours symbolize different emotions. Red roses are symbols of love beauty and passion. Red poppies are worn to commemorate deaths of soldiers. Lilies are used in burials for symbolizing resurrection after death. Daisies represent innocence.

The usage of flowers in weddings date back to the ancient ages. Flowers and herbs adorned the veils of brides in Rome. Ivies were used in Greek weddings to symbolize eternal love. The Saracens used orange blossoms as wedding flowers. Wedding flowers enhance the ambience of the wedding, and are the right carriers to convey the emotions of the ceremony.

Types of Flowers. The usual flowers used for wedding are lilies, roses, orchids, and other flowers.

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Personalized Candy Wrappers As Baptism Party Favors

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If you are looking for an idea for baptism party favors, why not try personalized candy wrappers?

Personalized candy wrappers make great baptism party favors for several reasons. They are unique and can be personalized with the child's name and date of baptism. On the back of the candy wrapper, could be a thank you statement such as: "Thank you for sharing this special day with us." You could also put a popular christening poem or a cute "nutritional label" on the back.

Personalized candy wrappers also make great baptism party favors because they are inexpensive, but still very tasteful and impressive. They also make a fantastic keepsake of your special event. Also, lets face it, everyone loves chocolate and your guests will love receiving them. They can save the wrapper, but eat the chocolate!

Usually these baptism party favors can be purchased as fully wrapped candy bars or you can purchase just the candy wrappers themselves, then purchase the candy bars and wrap them yourself. The best option depends on how much you want to spend and how much time you have. You will obviously pay more for the fully wrapped candy bars and you will also pay more in shipping costs as your package will weigh more. Make sure that you check the shipping policy of the company that you order from and know what your shipping charges are going to be up front.

Another thing that you will want to be sure of is that you are getting foil sheets or envelopes with your purchase. The new style packaging of most of the popular brands of candy bars do not have the foil ends anymore. Therefore, you have to recreate the classic look by wrapping the candy bar in foil first, then putting the personalized candy wrapper over the foil. Otherwise, the plastic ends of the packaging will stick out and it will not look as nice. It is important to note that the foil is placed over top of the existing packaging so the actual chocolate itself is not handled.

Another consideration if you want to order fully wrapped candy bars is to check to make sure you are getting the brand of chocolate that you want. Make sure the company does not use an off-brand that may not taste as good!

If you want to have memorable baptism party favors for this very special occasion, then personalized candy wrappers make a wonderful choice.

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Wedding Music Top Tips On Booking Wedding Musicians

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How many musicians do I need?

The size of the wedding party is the key to this question.

A duo with discreet amplification can happily entertain a group of up to 60-70 people. A trio can cope with up to 100 people. As the party size increases, so does the size of the venue. You need more happening on stage to catch the attention and get the party going. A four or five-piece band with a small PA system is generally required if the party is 100 or more.

To entertain 200 people and beyond, the quality of the PA system and the lighting for the stage and dance-floor becomes crucial to the success of the event. An act is required that is able to present a "stage show" that not only sounds good but also looks good, in terms of movement and costume, with the ability to catch the attention of the crowd ... even those at the back of a big hall!

How do I find the right band?

The quality of musicianship is the most important factor. Listen to recordings of the band performing live, where available.

Repertoire and experience come next. How long has the band been involved in wedding entertainment? Can you talk to a "satisfied customer" ... a couple who used the band for their wedding and were, hopefully, delighted with the result?

If it's possible, watch the band perform live. However, if your wedding is in the UK, do be aware that recently revised licensing laws have made it very difficult and expensive to present live music in a public place, so public performances by bands of the quality you require for a successful wedding are a rarity.

How will the performance be organised?

You can expect approximately 3×45 minute sets of live music in a four hour period ... or 2×1 hour sets, if it suits you better. If the musicians are carrying a PA system, they will probably come equipped with a CD player and will be able to play CDs of a similar style of music for half an hour before the first set and in the breaks between the sets, giving professional-quality background music when the band is offstage.

For peace of mind, organise your music through a reputable agency. Make sure you receive, sign and return a contract stipulating when the band will arrive, when the performance will take place and the agreed amount of remuneration. You should expect to be able to talk to the bandleader a few weeks before the wedding to discuss any specific preferences you require.

That first dance is something really special. If you approach the band well before the event, the guys will usually be prepared to learn your chosen song, if it's not already in their repertoire.

How much should I expect to pay?

Reliability and quality of performance are the two attributes that are essential for headache-free, successful music at a wedding. If you go for cheap, you are likely to sacrifice either or both of the above!

In the UK, a professional musician will expect to take home

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