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Flame Resistant Twill Shirt

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Want to add a whole new panache to your worker's apparel? And at the same time provide them with a great degree of protection? Well, with the great levels of advancement flame resistant fabric technology has undergone in recent times, all this is very much possible. We are talking about the smashing looking flame resistant twill shirt that most employers are making into customized uniforms for their workers.

You will find a flame resistant twill shirt available in a vast assortment of colors, but the most popular colors are navy blue and khaki. These are the two colors that are ruling the roost, anyways. Other colors can be obtained from website catalogs that are selling workwear, and most of them will even manufacture the flame resistant twill shirt especially for you, even incorporating your business colors into the shirt! And if you can give them a logo in the form of a gif image, they will be only too glad to embroider the logo onto the shirts, and make them look like they were put together, thread by thread, only for your organization. Brand imaging can never get better than this.

But the customization is not just about the colors and the logos. You can get them stitched for you in many diverse ways and can actually have sittings with representative of the workwear manufacturing unit to get what you exactly want. They might work on the cuts of the shirts, the collar and shirttails and the placement of the pockets. Of course, you can decide other things too, as you deem them fit for your organization. Generally, the flame resistant twill shirt is available with two pockets in the front, which can be kept closed with melamine buttons.

Other features in the flame resistant twill shirt include long sleeves with adjustable plackets, collar adjustments, double stitches, pads on the elbows if needed, and flame resistant melamine buttons. That should be enough to make these shirts look great on your workers and also provide them with all the necessary comfort for them to work. And if you want anything else in the design, you have to only ask.

And yes, before we forget, these are flame resistant shirts. So, they can actually keep the flames and high temperatures away! These are made of INDURA Ultra Soft fabric, which contains a blend of 88% cotton and 12% of high tenacity nylon. This material is proven to be very good for firefighting purposes, and is indeed used by the military too. Now you can get the same kind of material for your workers in the form of flame resistant twill shirts.

So, we hope you have wisely made up your mind to get a flame resistant twill shirt as uniforms for your employees. For your choice, just browse through your favorite online retailers catalogs. They have flame resistant twill shirts from some of the leading brands of the world, and there is no reason why you should not be satisfied with the offerings of shirts. You can even get customized shirts to your workplace environment in whichever way you suggest, and even offer you good discounted prices.

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Save Money By Giving Flower Seeds As Wedding Favors

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Using seed packets for wedding favors is a lovely idea and is very cost effective as well. You can present your wedding guests with seeds for annual flowers, perennials, trees, shrubs or even houseplants. The options are practically limitless.

Should you be having a theme that incorporates flowers, such as a daisy wedding theme, this makes choosing flower seed packets pretty easy. A nice idea would be to determine how many different varieties of a particular flower there is that you could hand out as favors, rather than using all of the same color or type. For a wedding that isn't focused on flowers as an actual theme, you could package your chosen seed types in themed containers instead. Here are a few examples:

Should you be having a beach/seashore wedding, choose flowers and shrub seeds that would normally grow near an ocean. Bayberry (bush), Sweet Pea (vine), or Rosemary (herb) are all good choices. Use miniature treasure chests, large sea shells, or beach themed favor bags or boxes to hold your seed packets.

Coneflower (Mexican Hat), Desert Baileya (Desert Marigold) or Purple Sage bushes are ideal for a Western theme wedding. Place the seed packets in miniature cowboy hats or boots, small colorful southwestern clay pots, or wrapped in gingham fabric.

Although Roses seem to be the first choice for a Valentine's Day, sweetheart or romantic theme, there are several other flower choices that are just as romantic. Try using forget-me-nots, orchids, Amaranth (Globe), Bell Flower or Sunflower. These are just a few of the flowers that are associated with meanings of romance, which you can include on your thank-you favor tags.

Weddings that are based on colors can also use seed packages that will grow flowers related to a particular color combination. For example, if you choose to have a white and black themed wedding, use pure white flower seeds packs placed in black velvet-like material bags. Purple and gold makes a stunning color combination and flower seeds such as violets, purple irises, or purple lilacs placed in gold-toned favor boxes would be ideal as favors.

When it comes to choosing what types of flower seeds you could give out as favors, the variety of ideas are endless. All it takes is a little bit of imagination and creativity. Hopefully the above ideas will provide you with some inspiration to come up with your own combination of wedding favors.

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Don T Overlook Online Bridal Shower Invitations

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Bridal shower invitations are not something some people would put a lot of thought into. After all, the wedding is the most important day right? But buying bridal shower invitations should be treated somewhat the same. Do you just want to go out and buy a package at your nearest shopping center? I doubt it. You should do your research and find what the best option available is. Buying bridal shower invitations online is a great option. There are many advantages to buying online and this article will help you understand why buying online may be a great alternative.

Why buy online? There are a lot of reasons but a few are very important. One of the biggest reasons buying bridal shower invitations online is convenience. How many other things do you purchase online? This should be no different. You can browse hundreds of invitations from your home. There are sites that let you preview the inside, outside and back of the invitations. Online invitation vendors also may offer different papers, ink and envelopes for your convenience. Buying bridal shower invitations online can also save you money. Often the websites are selling the invitations at wholesale prices. Also they can offer the invitations at a reduced cost because the company's overhead to run an online store is much lower than stocking a store and hiring staff to run a retail store. If you are purchasing a lot of invitations they will probably offer a bulk discount or package deals if you purchase envelopes and other invitation accompaniments, such as seals and RSVP cards.

Purchasing bridal shower invitations online is very simple. The first step would be to do a simple search. You can search for keywords, such as bridal shower invitations or bridal shower invites. If you have a specific theme for the shower you could do a search for the theme, for example, if you are hosting a book or reading theme bridal shower you could search for keywords like 'book bridal shower'. Of course, searching for a specific themed shower invitation can be harder for some themes. The Internet has so many options though that I believe there is the perfect invite for everyone's needs. You can also request samples to be mailed to you on most sites. This allows you to see the invitation in person rather than on a screen. After you find the invitation you need, you should then read the site's purchasing terms, make sure to check and see if they offer any specials for large orders or if you buy something else. After reading all the fine print you can then go ahead and make your purchase. The concept of buying online can seem scary to someone who has never done it before but it is just as safe as buying anywhere else. Most sites offer credit card payments and some even accept checks electronically.

The variety of bridal shower invitations offered online is tremendous! One may feel overwhelmed with the choices. This is a good thing though as you can shop around until you are happy. A convenient thing about shopping online is the ability to send a link to the bride or any other person involved in the planning of the shower. The ability to preview the invitations online is great and some sites even give you the opportunity to customize the bridal shower invitation and preview it instantly. You can change things such as the color of the text and the pictures on the invitations. The option of customizing online is a great advantage that you cannot get by buying at a local card store. If a local place offers custom invitations they will more than likely charge a lot more than the online sites.

In conclusion, buying bridal shower invitations online is a very good idea. Do not think that browsing through all of the online options is time consuming. You must keep in mind how much time it will take to drive to and from a store and also the time it will take if you do not find what you want at one store and have to go shopping for an entire day. Sometimes one day of shopping will still leave you empty handed! So do not overlook online bridal shower invitations.

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Prepare For The Sensor Revolution

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The sensors are here

Our complete society is going to be interactive. Objects will be able to sense, reason, communicate, and act. Our surroundings will assess and modify according to our wants and needs. It is not too far away; in fact, it has already begun.

Sensors play a prevalent and productive role in our world. Sensors are electric transducers that translate a physical property into an electrical signal. Sensors assess physical phenomena such as pressure, light, and temperature, and then relate the recordings via electrical impulse. Sensors are found on roads, in homes, in office buildings, in industrial warehouses, etc.

Sensor technology has far advanced sensor capabilities. Sensors are not just stationary, autonomous objects; through wireless connections, networks of sensors are using their synergy to create more views into our world.

What they are capable of

The technology is inviting opportunities for sensors to function in novel ways:

-By planting sensors in objects, the objects can translate intelligence relating to its use. The object becomes interactive with its environment and its central control agency.

-Technology is enabling the size of sensors to diminish in size and augment in efficiency. Sensors as small as a couple cubic millimeters can be utilized to read an expansive area of land by communicating with one another and a centralized site.

-Sensor networks are facilitated by short-range wireless connections. As aforementioned, sensors are no longer solitary, autonomous objects, but act in an integrated fashion with other sensors to create a network of intelligence.

What they can do for your business

Sensors are used in many areas of life, but have made an impact on the face of business. What sort of things can sensors do for your business?

-Sensors provide the ability of acquiring real-time data. Information about an environment or particular situation can be relayed from wherever it is taking place in actual time. Imagine micro sensors being used on roads to assess conditions and accessed by drivers before hazards take place; or, farmers having land conditions assessed in order to implement nutrients for better food growth.

-Manufacturers will be able to better determine processes if individual objects are affixed with sensors. Each stage can be analyzed and modified according to sensor-relayed data.

-Along with the insight into products, sensors can provide a view into the habits of consumers. Tracking consumer habits along with other marketing information will enable businesses to procure and further individualize their approach towards consumers.

-Sensors virtually read their environments. This means a business will have all the criteria needed to simulate real situations. This can be applied to agriculture, the military, transportation, etc.

These are just a few possibilities arriving with the implementation of sensor technology. Experience and modifications will only inspire further developments. For instance, sensors placed in the human body can presage diseases, ailments, birth defects, etc., alerting the medical world of problems in their early, more manageable and benevolent stages.

What does all of this mean for your business?

The sensors are here and more are coming. What will the propulsion of sensor technology mean for your business? That is up to you. There are a few things a savvy business can do in order to prepare for the sensor revolution.

-Analyze the scope of your business. How can sensor technology be applied, and how can your business profit from implementing that technology? Becoming one of the pioneers of instituting the technology will move you well beyond the competition.

-Educate yourself and your peers. In is not enough for a business to analyze how sensors will affect their industry, but businesses need to educate their employees to make an impact once the revolution commences full force.

-Develop products and services conducive to the sensor revolution. The changed landscape of the world will mean products and services will have to change with it. The abundance of sensor technology means there will be a need for the storage of data, the teaching of new skills, providing security for the flux of new data, providing power to sensors, etc.

The revolution has begun. Technology has once again provided us with ingenuity, now it is time for our businesses to show the same in adjusting their resources to tailor the onset of the revolution.

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Queen Elizabeth Her Crown And Etiquette In The Workplace

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It happens every day in the workplace. Those "sticky dilemmas." You encounter them all the time in marketing ... like the CEO who wants to do his own TV spot when he is not only unattractive (that could be fixed) but comes off as deceptive in front of the camera (that would take a long time to fix).

How did I know? When you're a PR account executive, it's your job to know.

Is it your job to say so?

Well you aren't going to find this in the textbook. It's about emotional intelligence (EQ) and etiquette. It helps to learn the theory and how to apply it, because no textbook, no coach, can possibly anticipate all the surprises you will encounter even in one day.

The video of the latest multicultural blunder, when US photographer Annie Liebovitz asked the Queen of England to remove her crown in a photography session can be found on Some are labeling it "the BBC's groveling apology."

I don't agree that it's a "groveling" apology, I thought I was in order. The tape was grossly misleading. The scene implies she stormed out. It is, instead, tape of her arrival. That's the media for you.

That having been said, if you were photographing the Queen of England, would you tell her to take off her crown? In a line too good to have been scripted, the Queen replies, "What do you think this is?"

Quite a multicultural SNAFU here. Annie Leibovitz, hired to photograph the Queen, asks her to remove the crown (ever how nicely), telling her it would be more "casual." Well, yes, that it would.

And British commentators are quick to tell us that every Brit would know it wasn't a crown in the first place, it was a tiara. The crown is a little hard to miss.

Why quibble. In any situation, with any person, there is simply "going too far," and that's what happened here.

This sort of sticky dilemma comes up every day in the workplace. Actually at home, too (Do you think these pants make my butt look fat?)

Quick Quiz:

1. You've been asked by the lawyer you work for to critique his jury summary. It stinks. What do you say?

2. Your secretary's body odor is so bad you can't stand to be in the same room with her.

3. Would you edit the CEO's article for grammar? For content? His opinion that "no Asian woman can be trusted with..."?

4. Give negative feedback about anything to a "superior"? Even if it's your job? Even if you've been requested to?

5. Ask your Middle Eastern visitor to remove his head covering in the presence of the ladies?

6. Tell them you don't go to strip clubs, even if it's the fantastic dream corporation taking you out to court you for your dream job?

7. No on will go to the CFO's office. He's asking you why. Do you tell him that it's because he picks his nose in public?

8. Inform your boss that you find her cleavage and spandex unprofessional as well as tasteless?

9. Ask your French Moroccan printer if he'd like some bacon? Ask him if you can bring your wife along for the evening?

10. Ask someone in your office to quit swearing?


(1)These dilemmas come up all the time. As we become more global, it's going to get worse. There area host of things you can do, innocently, that may offend the person you're dealing with, that it would sure help if you knew about beforehand, from the dignitary whose wife has just died to the Asian who doesn't want a dozen anything for his thank you gift.

(2)There are many chances for misrepresentation, not just from the media. Check out the facts before you jump to conclusions. Use your common sense. The Queen of England would no more "storm out" of a room than your CEO would walk out of his office if you offended him. Would your secretary, who has proven herself to be honest and faithful over time, botch a document just to get overtime, like the gossipy paralegal whose been written up before is claiming?

(3) Don't like the protocol? Think it's silly? They don't. That tiara happens to be a symbol for the monarchy.

Etiquette and emotional intelligence are important to you personal and professoinal success for some many reasons! Besides, they made the world a nicer place.

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Scrub Zone Scrub Pants Superior Quality And Affordable Prices

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As a professional, looking good often comes secondary to looking professional. Your career is your main priority, but that does not mean you have to forsake your own personal preference when it comes to your professional work wear. Scrub Zone scrub pants offer a unique opportunity for the professional demanding more than the average, everyday work wear. You demand the best, and Scrub Zone scrub pants makes sure you get more.

Is it all about style?

In the majority of cases, style and fashion does not come into your medical or healthcare profession. You are not told to come to work "looking good", but that does not mean you cannot look good. Simply, you must consider the policies and the requirements of your workplace. Usually, these policies and guidelines are given to you when you start your new job. In addition, you may also find asking the personnel department is an easy way to learn your specific guidelines and policies.

Scrub Zone scrub pants are ideal for the professional wanting separates to choose a style and a look. You will find these medical bottoms are perfect for you and your changing career. No, these medical bottoms may not be fancy or spectacular, but often, the medical bottoms are the starting point to the rest of your ensemble. With a solid color of medical bottoms, you can choose nurse blouses or other medical blouses or tops that are spectacular, colorful, or even chalked full of those designs you absolutely love.

Scrub Zone scrub pants come in a few styles for you to choose from allowing you the opportunity to get the most out of your work wear without sacrificing quality.

Cargo Jeans

These wonderful cargo jeans are perfect for the busy man or woman needing the functionality of extra pockets. Everyone knows cargo jeans puts the "fun" into functional! In addition, cargo jeans are simply perfect for the EMS or EMT as well as firefighters or other healthcare or medical providers needing the convenience offered by these functional cargo jeans.

Flare Bottoms

Ah, the beauty, fun, and classic look of flare bottoms. So 70s, but so today! These super chic designs are gaining in popularity again, and the hot new colors and looks available when you purchase flare bottoms has never been more appealing. Flare bottoms make it easy to move while looking trendy in the workplace. Nothing is quite as great as looking trendy in your work wear, and with these flare bottoms, you are reaching all possibilities.

Unisex Scrub Pants

These Scrub Zone scrub pants are great because they are perfect for men as well as women. You get the best of both worlds in one easy to wear piece of workplace apparel. Yes, these may seem bland in a way, but sometimes, the simplistic medical apparel is best.

When you need the best in your work wear, you choose Scrub Zone because you can save money while looking fashionable. Of course, you will also remain professional and trendy at the same time. Nothing has been easier, or more "functional.

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Baby Boomer Retirement Options

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As the first wave of Baby boomers nears retirement age, they're beginning to realize that unlike their predecessors, they have many options. Here's a look at some of the Baby boomer retirement options this group of mature adults are choosing.

They're working long past retirement age

The generations that came before the Baby Boomers retired from the work force at either age 62 or 65 or sometimes 67. They got their pensions and their social security checks and before long they sold their homes and moved in with their adult children where they stayed until their passing. But not today's Baby boomers!

It's almost like collectively they're saying, "What me, retire?" Instead of closing up shop, they're choosing to remain in the work force, working part time and sometimes full time, sometimes out of necessity, but more often, they're continuing with work that they enjoy. For this group, the Baby boomer retirement option they're choosing is to postpone retirement.

They're volunteering

Another popular Baby boomer retirement option is volunteering. Almost in an effort to reverse a lifetime of putting "me-first," Baby boomers are ready to give back. And there's no shortage of ways they're giving back. They're becoming foster grandparents and they're sharing their business experiences with up-and-coming entrepreneurs. They're giving their time to charitable organizations such as the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and the Peace Corps. They're volunteering at schools and hospitals, speaking at college campuses, and they're helping out at senior centers.

They're making health a priority

Long gone are the days of 80-hour work weeks, experimenting with mind-altering drugs, overindulging on food, alcohol and nicotine and all those other bad habits that Baby boomers are known for. For many, Baby boomer retirement is a time to make health a priority. Baby boomers are going to the gym, riding bikes, playing tennis and golf, swimming, dancing, hiking, and canoeing. They're basically doing whatever they can (and what they enjoy doing) to keep their bodies moving. They're quitting bad habits and eating nutritious meals and many are living longer as a result.

They're traveling more

The senior travel business is definitely booming as it tries to keep pace with another popular Baby boomer retirement option. No longer feeling the need to plan for their children's futures, more Baby boomers are of the opinion that "You can't take it with you!" They're talking about the money they've accrued during their work years and they're certainly having no trouble finding ways to spend it. They're visiting places they never before had a chance to see and they're returning to old favorites. Whether it's a week-end get-away or a 2-month hiatus, alone or with friends or loved ones, Baby boomers are definitely enjoying their travels.

They're going out with a bang

If there's one thing you can be certain of, it's that the Baby boomers definitely won't ride quietly into the sunset. Like every other thing they've done in their long lives, they Baby boomer retirement options they choose won't be mainstream!

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The Wedding Shower

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The Maid of Honor and the bridesmaids usually give the wedding shower. Often, with the help of the brides mother. There may be more than one shower, sometimes co-workers will give a shower at the workplace or in a restaurant close to the job. The groom's family if they live far away, my want to give a shower of their own. One word of caution, you shouldn't invite anyone to a shower who isn't invited to the wedding. That's like saying "I'll take your gift but don't want you at my wedding." Ask the bride who she wants at her shower.

If this is to be a surprise shower, get help from the bride's mother. She will be able to tell you if Great Aunt Millie who lives several states away, will be insulted if she doesn't get an invitation even though everyone knows she can't come. Here are a few tips to help make it easier for you to manage.

Guest list - get names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of all who will be invited.

Budget Decide how much you can spend, this will determine where the shower will be held, what kind of food if any will be served, and even how you will decorate for the shower.

Invitations can be printed, store bought, done on your computer, by word of mouth telephone or email. The invitations should include the date, time, place, theme, the names of the bride and groom, and at least two RSVP contacts.

Follow up verbal invitations with a printed or handwritten note with all the information. Be sure to mention if it is "ladies only" or a "couples" party. Also include whether or not children are welcome.

Menu the time of day and your budget will influence the menu. If you will be having the shower close to lunch or dinnertime, then you will have to serve more than cake chips and drinks. If most of the guests are close friends and relatives of the bride and groom. You can ask people if they would bring a dish. In some areas, this is the way all but the most formal occasions are handled. Buffets are less work and more informal than a sit- down dinner.

Use pretty paper and plastic products when possible. Don't forget to buy or make a cake.Location, this should be easy to find. Include a map for locals. Out of town guests can get maps from the internet.

Choose a date The shower should be held between 6and 8 weeks before the wedding, The bride's mother will be the best source for a suitable date.

Theme Ask the bride's mother, what she thinks they need the most. Some typical wedding shower themes are kitchen, bedroom linens, bath, and lingerie showers.

There are a few other things you need to take care of. Make sure you have enough tables and chairs, a place of honor for the bride to sit while she opens her presents. Remember to pick up plates napkins cutlery, and cups. Have someone bring a coffeepot, assign one of the bridesmaids to pick up drinks, chips etc. Make sure someone can transport the gifts. Get film for your camera and take lots of pictures.

If you scrapbook, make a nice album of all the pre-wedding activities from the engagement party to the dress fittings and the showers. What a fantastic gift that would be.

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Scrub And Lab Coat Embroidery Made Easy

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When you work within the medical or healthcare industry, you may find it advantageous to have customizable medical apparel. Consequently, there are many workplace environments where customizable work wear is not only beneficial but a requirement. That is why you may find scrub and lab coat embroidery a necessity for your workplace environment no matter your specific profession.

What exactly does scrub and lab coat embroidery mean to you?

When you purchase scrub tops, bottoms, lab coats, sweaters, or any other piece of medical apparel, you may find there is an option to have that piece of clothing embroidered. With scrub and lab coat embroidery, you get the opportunity to customize that piece of professional work wear with between 1 to 5 lines of additional text in your choice of locations, colors, and fonts.

What type of fonts are commonly used for scrub and lab coat embroidery?

Classic Fonts: Tahoma, Times Roman, Veranda, Script 1, Script 2, Italian Script, Helvetica Bold, and more!

Traditional Fonts: Chancery, Handy Script, Royale, Old English, Brush Script, Cayman, Castle, and even more!

Playful and Fun Fonts: Catla, Book Script, Border Block 2, Schoolbook, Viking, Victorian, Typewriter, Mandarin, and, yes, more!

You want choices, you have choices!

What are some examples of professional needing scrub or lab coat embroidery for the workplace?

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