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Proposal Writing Strategies

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There are two main reasons to write a business proposal. Either someone has invited you to submit a RFP (Request for Proposal); or you are trying to gain support or funding from your employer or another organization.

When drafting a proposal the most important thing to keep in mind is that the reader is looking for benefits; they want to know how your product, service, or idea adds value to their operation. Therefore your proposal must be well-written and it also must clearly indicate how you can fulfill a current need.

Here are a few tips to help you improve your proposal:

1. Make the proposal about your customer. A proposal is not the time to tell about your mission, your locations, or how long you have been in business. Instead you should state how these (or any other) aspects benefit your client.

2. Show and don't tell. Do not tell your prospect what you can do for them, but show them using clear examples. Avoid unsubstantiated hype like "best value", "low risk", and "cutting edge"; unless you are willing to prove it.

3. Be careful not to include irrelevant information. If you are making the proposal about the reader, and showing instead of telling, then you should have no problem with this.

4. If you are responding to a RFP, read the request more than once. You want to ensure that you completely grasp the requirements.

5. Show your creditability. Who have you worked with before? How did you help them and how does that relate to the company you are submitting this proposal to?

6. Watch your language. It is very important to make sure your proposal is politically correct. Additionally, you want to avoid jargon unless it is commonly known in the field you are targeting. Also, avoid writing in passive voice.

7. Include samples if it is appropriate. This is a great way to show that you are capable of handling the job.

8. Be specific. State your time frame for completing the project and your rates (if applicable). This will help eliminate differences in expectations.

9. Above all, if you are a poor writer, seek assistance. Proposal writing is time-consuming and it requires a certain amount of skill.

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How To Write Better Instruction Manuals

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If you know how to do something - and can do it well, almost without thinking - it makes sense that you'd want to share this information. What better way to do it than with an instruction manual. Writing an instruction manual may seem complicated and overwhelming, but it is easier than you think. The following tips will instruct you what to do and how to do it.


Before you can teach someone how to do something successfully, you need to conceptualize which aspects of the project they need to know. If your topic is complicated, such as how to play the piano, list each chapter and outline the points you need to make. If it's simpler, such as the task of changing a tire, briefly jot down all the steps that come to mind. Don't worry about the details or if you list the steps out of order; we will fix these things later.


The most logical way to start an instruction manual is to list the supplies the reader will need for the project. Be as exhaustive with this as possible; your students will thank you. If any of the supplies are expensive or difficult to find, list alternatives or stores that carry the item.


Instead of explaining the task in long paragraphs, break your instruction manual into specific, detailed steps. Give as much direction as possible; if one step requires slightly different tasks, create sub-steps. Think of these as an outline; number or letter the steps accordingly (and logically).


If your instruction manual details a tangible project, then complete it using only your written guide. Don't improvise and don't go on your prior knowledge. If it's difficult for you to do this (subjectivity is sometimes next to impossible to ignore), ask a friend to use your manual to complete the project. Look carefully at the finished product; did it turn out as you'd envisioned? Did you miss something important? Continue to revise and describe until your written words encompass every step in the most detailed and effective way possible.

Writing an instruction manual is different from writing literary fiction; creative wordiness isn't important here - it's clarity you're after. Use short sentences and simple words. Make sure your manual is clear and readable; if the reader can't understand what you're saying, they won't be able to complete your project.

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Research Paper Ideas To Impress Your Professor

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One of the criterion a teacher sticks to in order to evaluate your research papers is the way it is written, namely the manner of expression produced by the author's choice of words, grammatical structures, use of literary devices, and all the possible parts of language use. All together, the teacher evaluates your writing style.

Therefore, if you are aiming at high grades and a distinguish research paper, you should pay special attention to the layout of your research paper ideas in the first place.

First of all, you should remember that a research paper is a formal paper. Thus, you should obey all the principles of formal writing that include:

1.Sophisticated vocabulary;

2.Impersonal tone;

3.More frequent use of passive voice;

4.Complex sentence constructions;

5.Formal linking devices;


7.Overall presentation.

Let's look at these points one by one, so that you can ensure that your research paper meets the requirements of the formal writing.

1. Sophisticated Vocabulary

Sophisticated vocabulary is a must while writing a research paper. The use of thoughtful words will definitely impress the reader with your creativity, intelligence, and intimate knowledge of the research paper topic.

However, you should not overuse sophisticated vocabulary and put worldly words where they do not belong. Try to find the golden mean between the extremes and replace advanced vocabulary with commonly-used words when necessary.

Surely, in your research paper you will want to use some unusual terms or references that are not familiar to the general audience. Your desire to give your research paper a scientific flair is always welcome. However, be sure to define or explain the terms you use, even though you know that the teacher is familiar with them.

You should avoid clichés, which are overused, colloquial and idiomatic expressions, or trite expressions that have lost their impact in meaning. Think of proper synonims to frequently used words, and, for instance, write opportunity instead of chance, or it is a well-known fact rather than everyone knows.

And stick to the golden rule of writing a research paper, namely make sure there is not a single contraction in your research paper.

2. Impersonal Tone

It is important that your research paper has no references to yourself, such as "I think..." or "It is my conclusion that..." You should avoid such expressions and replace them with neutral expressions by means of infinitive, or the passive voice. It is one of the key points of successful research paper writing.

3. More Frequent Use of Passive Voice

The passive voice of written research papers is effective in creating a sense of objectivity, such as focusing attention on the thing acted upon. It is also useful when the subject acted upon is unknown or unimportant, or if you want to use long modifiers at the end of the sentence.

But beware, and eliminate the passive voice where active should be placed. The enduring use of passive voice obscures the meaning and makes for boring reading. A natural symbiosis of the passive and active voices can work miracles.

4. Sentence Construction

Make sure you vary sentence length and structure. Let various sentence constructions take place in your research paper: simple sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences, complex-compound sentences.

In formal writing of research papers complex grammatical constructions are preferable. However, do not get caught into an endless loop of complex sentence structures and bring in your research paper simple sentences from time to time.

5. Formal Linking Devices

It is necessary to vary linking devices in your research paper. Instead of putting "for example" all the time, you can use "for instance"," in particular"," especially". To express the effect you can vary the expressions like thus, therefore, as a result, consequently, so, as a consequence and so on.

If you face problems with finding synonyms, do not be lazy to go to a library and look up the words in a dictionary. Your efforts will be awarded hundred times, for the variety of linking devices guarantees a smooth flow of speech and a desired effect on the reader.

6. Punctuation

Every single writer should use punctuation in a wise manner to achieve the intended effect. Punctuation that is purely used can confuse the reader and leave him with no clear idea of what your research paper topic was all about.

Thus, keep the following punctuation caveats in mind: a period shows a full separation of ideas; comma and coordinating conjunction show such relationships as: addition, choice, consequence, contrast, or cause; a semicolon reveals that the second sentence completes the idea that was started in the first sentence.

Once you check your research paper for punctuation, the lion's share of research paper writing is completed.

7. Overall presentation.

The overall presentation of a research paper counts greatly while evaluation; it has the power either to win the reader's favor, or turn him down.

So, make sure your reader will be delighted at the sight of your research paper and make your research paper look properly. It means that, as a formal piece of writing, your research paper should not be brightly-colored or written in some funny font. Formal writing requires simplicity and accuracy.

Neatly laid out research paper ideas have all chances to be approved by your teacher.

By following the general principles of sentence construction, punctuation, and vocabulary use, you will be able to create a positive image of yourself as a bright, eloquent, and keen person, the one who is worth getting an excellent grade for their breath-taking research paper.

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Choose Life A Eulogy For My Mother

(category: Writing, Word count: 1187)
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After a long illness, my mother passed away in June 2006. Even though we all knew she had little time left, her death still came as a shock.

My brothers helped me write the eulogy, and I delivered it. I almost made it through, maintaining my composure and humor right to the end. But, final goodbyes are never easy. With the last sentence, a poignant and personal message to our mother from my brothers and myself, I lost it. To cry at your mother's funeral is natural and expected. But being an author, and being comfortable with public speaking, I thought I could manage it. I humbly acknowledge grief trumped self-control.

And then there are the relatives and friends, many of which I hadn't seen in decades. Of course, one must always be polite and gracious when someone offers condolences and a sympathetic hug. But, what do you do when you haven't a clue who the devil the person is? Years pass, people change. More than once, I had to discreetly ask a trusted relative, "Who is that?" Then, I had to hide my shocked expression when I realized time has been kinder to me than to others of my bloodline, or to my old friends.

We got through it. At the luncheon after the funeral, I said goodbye not just to my mother, but to many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends - some of which I would see again and some I know I will not. It is an odd experience, looking in the face of your own mortality. My father died ten years ago. And now my mother is gone. It becomes a reality check, to do what there is to do while there is still time.

That being the case, I am writing again. I am happily anticipating the release of my second book, Sins and Secrets. And I am thrilled to be an Aphrodisia author. It is a wonderful rush to jump back into the deep end of my life!

My Mother's Eulogy

Welcome everyone and thank you for coming. We are here to remember and say goodbye to our Mother. She fought the good fight, being as tenacious as a pit bull and never giving up. But finally, after more than thirty years of dealing with various conditions and illnesses, she has found peace.

Mother was the sort of mother who never stopped worrying about her children, no matter what age we were. Were we eating well? Were we getting enough sleep? Were we staying well and not catching colds or the flu?

She kept after our father in the same way, but they were also a couple who enjoyed each other's company very much. Mom and Dad were best friends as well as husband and wife. They had fun together. They loved to dance together, particularly the polka. They also often took us on joy rides to the local woods, sharing their enjoyment of the forest with us and showing us how to spot deer at sunset.

One of those rides wasn't as much fun. Mom and Dad took us on an unmarked dirt road, trying to see some deer. Dad found himself down in a gully. He tried to turn around, and couldn't. We were stranded overnight until lumbermen came to work the next morning and found us. Evidently the road was a logger road, not meant for passenger traffic. As I will explain in a moment, thanks to Mother's planning, we were OK. It was scary, but it was kind of fun.

Both my brothers and I were all toilet-trained the same way. Mother's technique was to be with us in the bathroom, run the faucet, and softly say, "Rain, rain, rain." It worked. In fact, the suggestion has lasted the three of us into adulthood. With all the rain we've had the last few days, my brothers and I have needed to stay within easy range of a bathroom.

Mother loved music and sang in the choir. She particularly loved country music, which the three of us hated at the time. The Saturday night ritual was always Country Music Jubilee, then Hee Haw, then the Grand Ole Opry on the radio.

She loved gardening, both for glorious beautiful flowers and for food. Speaking of food, Mother made the best fried chicken. She put the Kentucky Fried Chicken secret recipe to shame. For holidays and family gatherings, she cooked tremendous amounts of food, and still worried whether there was enough for everyone to eat. And while she was cooking, she would sample the food, and at mealtime, while everyone else stuffed themselves, she couldn't eat much more.

Mother had real artistic ability. One of the times she best displayed it was at Christmas. We always had huge trees and many decorations around the house, but Mother's crowning achievement was found under the tree. She sculpted an elaborate village there, with mirrors for frozen lakes, pine seedlings, or "crow's feet" for miniature trees, and boxes and props to create multilevel hills and mountains. She would cover the hills with white sheets and cotton to simulate snow. Her village was like Christmas Wonderland to us. My brother continues this tradition in his home.

Mother was the only girl in her family, and she got into hunting just as much as her brothers did. I'm sure a lot of you recall a character Johnny Carson played occasionally on The Tonight Show. His name was Floyd R. Turbo, American, and he would make silly editorial comments on the issues of the day, but dressed differently from other TV commentators. When Mother was going to go hunting, she would put on a red Woolrich jacket and a hat with ear flaps, the resemblance was pretty amazing. I couldn't resist calling her Floyd R. Turbo, American. I think she was somewhat amused. Or else I would call her the Great White Huntress. And she was a successful hunter.

Remember what I told you about Mother being prepared when we were stuck on the logging road? Our Mother made emergency preparedness an art form. No matter where she went, she packed for any potential disaster. On picnics, we packed boxes full of food, enough for a small army, the grill, all the lawn furniture and extra clothes in case one of us fell into the water. When she went to my brother's college graduation, she took the toaster and the coffee pot to the motel. And when she traveled anywhere away from home, we had to lock down the kitchen sink so she wouldn't take it.

Through it all, Mother was motivated by her desire to do the best she could for us. Every night she would send us to sleep by saying, "Good night, sweet dreams, I love you." For the rest of her life, she would continue to send us off with those words. So it is only fitting that now we are able to say the same to send her off.

So, Mother, good night, sweet dreams, we love you.

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The Shape Of Writing Has Changed

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The makers of the world's most recognized pencil continue to change the shape of writing. It's a triangular shaped pencil that eases writing stress by allowing maximum surface contact between the pencil and the fingers.

Ergonomic experts say the new three-sided pencil, called the Tri-Conderoga, is the world's most comfortable pencil. Larger than a normal No. 2 pencil, the triangular shape is more comfortable and easier for consumers to grip and use than traditional round or hexagonal-shaped pencils.

And with the wave of Sudoku raging the nation, the Tri-Conderoga is a natural choice for puzzle lovers everywhere.

Here are some facts that will sharpen your knowledge about pencils:

(*) More than two billion pencils are used in the United States every year.

(*) A pencil will write in zero gravity.

(*) The average pencil can be sharpened 17 times and can write 45,000 words or draw a line 35 miles long.

(*) Seventy-five percent of the pencils sold in the United States are yellow.

(*) The Ticonderoga No. 2 is the world's best-selling pencil.

(*) Famous novelists Ernest Hemingway and John Steinbeck used pencils to write their books; Steinbeck used as many as 25 cedar pencils every day.

(*) One million pencils are used each year on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

(*) Pencils did not have erasers on them until 100 years ago, because teachers felt they would encourage children to make mistakes.

(*) Francis Scott Key wrote "The Star-Spangled Banner" in pencil.

The triangular-shaped Tri-Conderoga is like the familiar No. 2 pencil with style. It is made entirely of premium California incense cedar, has a "soft-touch" finish and sports a latex-free black eraser that ensures smudge-proof corrections.

The Tri-Conderoga is non-toxic and certified by the Pencil Manufacturers Association, making it safe for everyone. This new pencil is available at Staples stores throughout the country.

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Write The Bestseller Kind Of Novel

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When we see the word "Bestseller," it usually means selling a great number of books, starting around 30-50 thousand copies. Certain bookstores report the sales to certain lists and the book is listed as a bestseller. Well, many, many bookstores that sell lots of an author's books do not report to those lists. Then there are ordinary writers like you and me who sell thousands of books on their own and they don't report to those lists. Those lists usually don't include self-published or small press writers. Many bookstores and lists don't report to Publisher's Weekly, the New York Times and USA Today. What a huge disparity!

But I want to share with you something all such books have in common, reported and unreported

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How To Promote Your Books In Online World

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Now I assume that you had published you first book, and you want to promote it. These are many way you can use to promote books online.

1. Make use of your signature online. Make sure you put your link to where your book can be found or purchased in your signature. In your email, you can link to websites, blogs, or whatever you want. Don't make it too long, it'll annoy the readers. And another important point is to make a post to relevant groups or forums.

2. Google and Yahoo group are the best places to go. Join the groups that are for readers and post often. The other will see your site through your signature

3. Go to chat spot and start chatting, Offer them a gift or related promotional items to come to your sites ( That where the address of your book.) If the chat is somethings about writing, offer them a critique. That will make your book more interesting in their point of view, just remember, people always love critique.

4. Try finding a related websites or blogs that are in your genre, offer them to do a reviews or maybe a short interview on their site or blog. If the blog has a very high traffic, the more people will see your book. Follow the golden rules of selling online, "the more traffic, the more sales"

5. Put up your own website or blog. You will argue me with this. You might say that you don't want to afford the hosting or domain. I have to tell you that, your site or blog can be a huge different. Your book's site will add the book more value from the customers' eyes. What's more is that when you publish another book just simple put it there, where your promoted site is. That make your life a lot more easier because you have to promote once and for all.

6. Create a mailing list. That way you can interactive with your readers. You don't have to make a newsletter about your books or your goods. It'll scared the readers away. Try to make if fun and friendly, convince them that you are their's friend. The friend that introduces them a great books ( of yours, exactly)

7. In your blog (or your website, but I recommend you to setup it with WordPress to use blog feature. It's very easy for you because you don't have to worry about on-page factor) try to write it as often as you can. If it possible, try to write it everyday, Visit other people blogs and don't forget to comment on their's blog. By doing this will keep him/her happy and the important thing is don't forget to link back to your blog for his/her comment.

8. After you have finished setup your site, try to exchange your link with your author friends or others. That will make your site more visible to a horde of internet users.

9. Every time you finish reading a book, try writing a review article of it. You can submit it else where. That will make you backlinks.

10. Join the internet contests. Usually, It's free. You don't worry about winning the first place. If you don't win, your title will be list anyway. So many more people are watching you!

Be friendly, Go everywhere and make friend. Be helpful to everybody. Giving your time. Pay respect to other and say them a congrats when they make a nice post or article. This is the most important thins I want to tell you above all. You will get help by many people, you'll be the inspiration of the other, they'll promote you without saying a word. Friendship rule the world

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Content Writing Is An Art

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Content writing is an art of providing a new look to your dull and mundane web business. If content writing is done as per the SEO norms then your business will prosper in full form. Ones your website is ready the next task on the cards is web content writing. You'll be amazed to know that all the old and existing websites have started reframing their content so that they can attract more customers. It has been said that proper and exact web content establishes the delicate relation between targeted web content and commensurate increase in web business.

While doing content writing theme of the website should be kept in mind as content has direct relevance with the website. If your website looks attractive but written content is stale and out of focus then you end up loosing some of your potential customers. That's why it should be done according to central theme of web site as well as nature of web business. Relevant content always contribute to your business and attracts more and more customers. As we know the fact that the traffic is generated from targeted content which is dependent on the chosen set of relevant keyword and key phrases. Thus, web writing should be done keeping those keywords and key phrases in mind. The crux is that when you write keyword centric content, you're directly related to the central theme of your web site. And mind you this is the easiest of the method.

Prior gearing up for web content writing it is wise to decide on the main direction the web site is to take. As we know content development is a never ending necessity and constant updating is required. Thus, maintaining targeted content is an art and follows the logic of convergence of ideas. In big organizations, generally content writing is divided among cluster of content writers. This results in haywire of the content development and its theme. Thus, to avoid such events there should be frequent and close coordination among cluster heads and among cluster members. However, in small organizations these are rare incidents as particular content writing is headed by a particular content writer. But on the flip side, small organizations cannot cater heavy work-load which only big organizations can.

Thus, a successful web business is entirely dependent upon the proper content writing and content-development. In content writing and its management there should be a consensual approach and long-term planning which will be in tune with the central theme of the website. A lost focus can create havoc in the long term which will result in business loss. So, the final words are slow and steady wins the race.

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The Art Of Persuasion In An Essay

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"Rhetoric is the art of discovering, in a particular case, the available means of persuasion."


Every single human requires the art of persuasion at some point in their lives. As a child, one might use persuasion for the attainment of a toy or as an adult for the acquiring of other objects. A person here might whine, throw tantrums, but this behavior never seems to attain what is wanted by the person and just makes things worst. What one needs here is persuasion as it is the only method that can be sued by one to achieve what he wants. According to definition, "Persuasion is a form of influence. It is the process of guiding people toward the adoption of an idea, attitude, or action by rational and symbolic (though not only logical) means. It is a problem-solving strategy and relies on "appeals" rather than force" (Persuasion, p.1).


It is to be noted here that when writing an essay, a person needs to use persuasion so as to make people conform to the ideas that he or she presents in his essay. To write a persuasive essay, first of all the writer needs to have an argument. The argument has to be one-sided and the other side of the argument or the opposite answer is disregarded, but another fact is that a persuasive essay is never related to the pros and cons of the topic, but general facts related to its factuality. According to sources, "It can't be a fact. If you were to choose as your topic, "Vipers are dangerous," you wouldn't have to persuade anyone of that. However, if your topic was, "Vipers should be eliminated from the animal kingdom," then you would have presented an opinion that could be debated. Your persuasive essay will focus on only one side-your chosen side-of the argument. This will not be a pros-and-cons essay. Also, it won't be a personal opinion essay. You must be prepared to back up your logic with evidence collected in research that supports your position" (Covert, p.1).

Persuasion requires techniques. No one would believe anything said by another until and unless he or she is persuaded into believing it. Persuasion can be done by certain methods.

- Evidence

First of all evidence is required so as to support the claim made by the writer in the essay. The evidence cannot be general statements but have to be valid with good sources. Apart from evidence, persuasion needs to be sequential with one fact of the topic leading to the other for the betterment of the reader, as this would help him or her in understanding the topic as well as the claim. For example, if one is writing an essay on the above mentioned statement that is, "Vipers should be eliminated from the animal kingdom," the writer needs to begin by the dangers posed by the vipers and then move on to numerical data as to how much disaster is caused by them and then carry this argument forward.

-Introduction of Controversial Issues

In the essay, the writer should also bring forth a general introduction to the issues that are against the topic at hand. This would lead to a negation of the controversial topic and would help the reader into conforming with the arguments as well as to understand the whole topic.


In the light of the above-mentioned statements, we can hereby conclude that persuasion is an art that is used by everyone at some point in their lives. It is necessary to note that persuasion plays a major role in an essay, which is related to a certain debatable argument. Persuasion requires some techniques, which have been mentioned above.

Works Cited

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