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Personalizing Autoresponders

(category: Autoresponders, Word count: 462)
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Have you ever walked into a store in your town, and

been addressed by name? This has probably

happened to you at stores that you frequent often.

The shop owner knows your name, and uses it. He

remembers you, and he wants you to know that he

cared enough about you and your business to

remember you. In the offline world, this is just one

aspect of customer support.

Customer service like this is almost impossible to

achieve on the Internet, but some semblance of it

can exist when you personalize your autoresponder

messages. Autoresponder messages can be set up

to address people by their first or last name - or both.

In fact, there is quite a bit of personalized information

that can be added, depending on the autoresponder

that you are using.

The information is included in the autoresponder

messages by using codes. Each autoresponder will

use different codes to insert the information in your

messages. You simply write your message, and put

the codes where you want the personalized

information to appear. For instance, your message

may start out with 'Hello (code for first name)! In this

case, the person's first name will be inserted where

that code is.

Personalizing your autoresponder messages will

most likely improve your response rate. Research

has shown that emails that are personalized with the

person's first name are opened more often, and

those people are generally more receptive to the

contents of the email message. It is usually very

easy to do. You write one message, using the

codes where you want the personalization,

then, no matter who that one email is sent out to,

their personal information will appear where the

codes are.

Of course, the autoresponder must collect the

information first. This is done with the use of forms

that activate the autoresponder. For instance, if you

are giving away a free ebook, and you have your

visitor fill out a form with their email address to receive

the download instructions for the ebook by email, that

form should collect any type of information that you

want for personalization - such as a first name, as

well as the email address. If that information is not

collected, the autoresponder won't have anything to

insert where that code appears in your messages!

Take a look around the control panel of your

autoresponder, and find out what type of

personalization you can add to your autoresponder

messages. You may be very surprised at the

improved results!

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Tracking Autoresponder Responses

(category: Autoresponders, Word count: 453)
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As an Internet marketer, it is vitally important to

know how well your advertising campaigns are doing.

Advertising campaigns cost a lot of time and money,

and campaigns that are not doing well need to either

be changed or scraped. When using autoresponders

for purposes of Internet marketing, you will be able to

tell how well your autoresponder messages are doing

by using response tracking.

Autoresponder response tracking is usually easily

set up with the higher quality paid autoresponder

services. Using the tracking set up tool, you simply

enter the web site address that you want your

readers to visit, and the software generates a brand

new URL. This URL is used track the number of

clicks that you have from the autoresponder message

to the website that you are promoting.

When a person clicks on that special URL, the click

is captured, and they are automatically redirected to

the website that you intended them to arrive at. The

visitor does not know that they have been redirected

in most cases. You can monitor the results

through the control panel of your autoresponder

service account. The control panel will tell you how

many messages were delivered, and how many

clicks were received. Most quality autoresponders

will even include a feature that allows you to track

how many of the emails were opened. This is a

great marketing research tool for mass email marketing.

Not all autoresponder services offer tracking abilities

such as this. If tracking is important to you, you

need to make sure that this is one of the features of

the autoresponder service before you sign up. This

feature gives you the ability to know whether the

message you are sending out is effective, or if

changes need to be made. It also allows you to

see if the sales copy on your website is effective, in

a 'round-about' way. For instance, if you are getting

thousands of clicks from the autoresponder

message, but very few clicks from the sales page

to the order page, you know that the

autoresponder message is working, but the sales

copy is failing.

If you have never tracked your autoresponder

responses before, you should definitely consider it.

Again, this information allows you to find out what is

working, and what is not working. It will essentially

make your autoresponder marketing much more

effective and profitable. You will most likely be very

surprised at the results of the tracking!

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Business Automation With Autoresponders

(category: Autoresponders, Word count: 248)
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Automation is important to all businesses. The less

time we have to spend doing small tasks, the more

time we have to make more money - or we could

spend that time doing something besides working.

Putting an online business on auto pilot isn't difficult

at all - and it is all done with the use of


Autoresponders can be used to get people to your

website, or to promote products and services.

Simply plug your sales message into the

autoresponder, along with some valuable

information that your potential may want or need,

and advertise that autoresponders address.

Once the person arrives at your site, and goes

through your ordering process, another

autoresponder kicks in. This autoresponder

should send out a receipt, as well as information

that will grant the customer access to whatever it

is that they have purchased. Another autoresponder

message should be sent out after this, thanking the

customer for their business, and letting them know

about similar or related products or services that they

may be interested in.

The beauty of this is that while all of this ordering is

going on, and these important customer service

emails are being sent, you can be off doing

something else! The more automation you can

integrate into your online business, the better off

you will be.

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Formatting Autoresponder Messages

(category: Autoresponders, Word count: 241)
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Have you received emails that were all broken up?

These emails have one or two words on one line,

then eight or ten words on the next line. In some

cases, one word begins on one line and ends on the

next. These emails are very hard to read, and they

appear to be very unprofessional. Is this what you

want your autoresponder email messages to look


If not, you need to learn how to format your

messages. Start by reading the instructions for your

specific autoresponder. Each one operates a bit

differently in the way that it handles text. For

instance, some autoresponder messages will be

messed up if you do put a 'hard line break' at the

end of each line, while others will be messed up if

you don't! Find out what the right option is for your


Because each email client is different, you should

not allow any line in your message to exceed 65

characters. This will help prevent lines from breaking

up, and it is achieved by hitting the 'enter' key at

the end of each sixty-five character line. The best

way to be sure that your autoresponder messages

are delivered in the correct format is to send them

to yourself, before you send them to your list!

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Using An Autoresponder To Publish An Ezine

(category: Autoresponders, Word count: 469)
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There are many uses for an autoresponder. One

such use is the publishing and distribution of an

ezine or newsletter. Since autoresponder services

usually are set up to send automatic responses to

the people on the list at certain intervals after they

sign up, setting up an autoresponder to send out an

ezine can be a little confusing.

Depending on the service or autoresponder that you

are using, you will need a 'broadcast' feature. The

broadcast feature works essentially the same as the

autoresponse feature, with one big difference. The

messages are not sent out at intervals. The

messages can, however, be scheduled to go out on

a certain day, which has no bearing on when the

subscriber was actually added to the mailing list.

Broadcast messages are 'one time' messages that

are only sent to your current mailing list. People

who sign up for your list after the broadcast has

been sent do not receive it, unless the specifically

request it with an autoresponder address, which

you must set up.

Using the broadcast feature of most autoresponder

services, you can simply go and either type your

newsletter, or copy and paste it into the editor, then

choose to send the broadcast to your entire mailing

list. More advanced autoresponder services will

usually have broadcasting features.

Using an autoresponder to maintain a mailing list

and to distribute a newsletter is a wonderful idea.

Your subscribers can easily opt-in, or opt-out, and

all of the distribution is handled for you, based on

the schedule that you set. List maintenance can

become very difficult without the automation that

autoresponders provide. You can write each issue

of your ezine or newsletter well in advance, and

have it delivered to your mailing list, no matter

where you are or what you are doing. That is the

beauty of automation!

Since all past broadcast and autoresponse

messages are saved, you can easily refer back to

old issues, or allow people to request past issues.

You can also use the tracking feature throughout

each issue of the newsletter to determine how

many clicks you are getting for the various products

or websites that you promote in your ezine.

If you have not yet purchased an autoresponder or

signed up with any autoresponder service, make

sure that you inquire about the broadcast feature

first. Not all autoresponders or autoresponder

services have this feature, and as your marketing

progresses, you will find that this is one of the most

useful features of the service or program.

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Autoresponders And Shopping Cart Integration

(category: Autoresponders, Word count: 464)
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When people place orders through your website, it

is always a good idea to immediately acknowledge

the purchase. One way to do this is with the use of

an autoresponder that can be integrated with your

shopping cart. In fact, many shopping carts that are

available today have their own autoresponders built

into the system.

When you set up your autoresponder to send a

message to someone that has placed an order,

there are several things that should be included in the

message. This is an opportunity to 'speak' to your

customer, and to let them know about other deals

that you have or special items that you have available.

You should not miss this opportunity.

Do not try to get your 'thank you' sales message on

the same autoresponder as the customers email

receipt. Putting the sales message on an email that

is automatically sent to grant the customer access

to their purchase is also a bad idea - that would go

better with the receipt. Make sure your 'thank you'

sales message is a message that is sent out all by

itself, so your customer can focus solely on that!

Thank the customer for their recent purchase. Tell

them how much their purchase will help them, and

then tell them about other available products that

work well with the one that they just purchased, or

that are similar to the one that they just purchased

in some way. For instance hair conditioner works

with hair shampoo. Vacuum cleaner bags or carpet

powder works well with vacuum cleaners. Just let

them know about the various products that you offer

that will compliment their purchase in some way.

The important thing is to not let your customer get

away without further contact! Think about being in a

brick and mortar store. When you go up to the

counter to pay, there are many items there for sale.

These items are meant to be picked up as last

minute purchases, or impulsive purchases. Your

'thank you' sales letter serves the same purpose.

Don't make the mistake of bombarding your

customer! You can usually send them periodic

information about your specials after they have made

a purchase through you, but emailing them on a

daily basis with your offers is not good business!

Use your autoresponder responsibly! Make sure that

your autoresponder is set up to handle automatic

remove requests, and make sure that the information

that you are sending your customers is of value to


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Improper Uses Of Autoresponders

(category: Autoresponders, Word count: 248)
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Autoresponders are wonderful! They can be used for

a variety of things, but there are several ways that

autoresponders should not be used. Using

autoresponders in improper ways will make things

a bit more difficult for other people, and it could

make things really bad for you!

Having one autoresponder respond to another

autoresponder creates chaos, and in some cases, it

can overload servers. This happens when you sign

up for something, using your autoresponder email

address. You sign up, and a message is sent to

someone else's autoresponder, which responds to

your autoresponder, which responds to that

autoresponder - and this continues on and on until

it is manually stopped and straightened out.

Some people use their autoresponder address on

purpose when they sign up for discussion lists. In

effect, this causes an their autoresponder message

to be sent to the entire list, or to one person on the

list, each time a person sends a real message to

the discussion list. Needless to say, discussion list

members and owners frown on this practice, and the

autoresponder owner gets banned.

Avoid these problems and use your autoresponder in

ways that it was meant to be used. Do not use the

autoresponder irresponsibly! Not only will you create

problems for others, but you may find that you get

reported for spam!

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Articles And Autoresponders

(category: Autoresponders, Word count: 271)
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Writing articles to market a product or service is an

excellent way to build business. The articles should

be very informative, providing the reader with

information that is relevant to a specific topic. The

article usually includes a link to a webpage for more

information. The webpage, of course, is designed to

sell a product or service that relates to the topic of

the article.

These articles are commonly submitted to article

banks, websites, and ezine publishers. This is one

of the most effective ways to market a service or

product on the Internet, and it can become even more

effective when it is combined with the use of an


Begin by setting each of your articles up in your

autoresponder. It is important that each article have

its very own autoresponder address, so you will

need an autoresponder service that will allow you to

do this. Next, make a master list of your articles, with

the autoresponder address for each article listed

beside the title. You can even add descriptions of the

articles on your master list if you want to.

Advertising your articles one at a time can take a

great deal of time...but advertising one autoresponder

address - the one for the master list - won't take

very much time at all. Simply put it in your newsletter

and on your website. You can even allow other

ezine publishers to use this is a free resource for

their subscribers!

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Invoicing With Autoresponders

(category: Autoresponders, Word count: 202)
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If you have recurring invoices that you send out, you

can easily automate this process with

autoresponders. Many business

owners find that they spend a good portion the day

sending out invoices, or trying to collect on unpaid

invoices! This can easily eat into the time that you

could be spending generating new business.

If the amounts invoiced are the same each month,

and due on the same day each week or month, you

can easily automate the invoicing process with the

use of an autoresponder. Many shopping carts that

have autoresponders built in work well for this.

Others may take a little time to set up, but in the

end, they will save a great deal of time overall.

Get extra usage out of the automated invoicing

process by adding small messages to the invoices

that alert these clients to new products or services

that you offer. Think about your phone bill - doesn't

your phone company send out additional sales

material with each bill? There is no reason you

shouldn't use this same marketing technique with

your autoresponder invoices!

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