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Summit Lifts A Brief History

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People who are physically handicapped or disabled often have trouble going up and down the stairs. For many this can mean not having access to a large portion of your home, or relying on others to help you up and down the stairs. A much better and safer alternative is to invest in a stair lift. A stair lift is a motorized device that physically carries an individual up and down the stairs. Usually a stair lift will utilize a chair to carry the person, but there are some stair lifts that utilize a small platform called a perch. There are several prominent manufactures of stair lifts today, and one company that has been very successful is Summit Lifts, Inc.

Summit Lifts Inc. has over 75 years of experience in the stair lift industry, and prides itself on good old fashioned business values and quality customer service. Its founders all have very deep roots in the stair lift industry and have devoted much of their lives to these great devices. It is not often that you find people with such a personal connection to their products, but each of the founders of Summit is completely dedicated to quality as opposed to quantity.

Mark Hill began working for a company that manufactured stair lifts in 1972. He continued to work there for over 20 years and learned about all aspects that are involved with the development, creation, and maintenance of stair lifts. In 1981 Mike Vogt began working at the same company as Mark Hill. Vogt spent 10 years designing lifts, and also considerable time in the customer service department at the company. Mark and Mike had intended to stay working at this company until retirement, but due to a corporate take over were unable to fulfill this goal.

Instead they joined forces with a very talented individual named Mark Jackson and Summit Stair Lifts was born. Mark Jackson brought to the table an in depth knowledge of Computer Aided Design and precision machining skills. With this incredible powerhouse of experience and ability it is no wonder that they are one of the leading manufacturers of stair lifts today. They focus on quality, precision, and reliability and do not believe in cutting corners to cut costs.

The founders of Summit Stair Lifts are dedicated family men that understand the meaning of integrity, faith, and responsibility. They have applied these same standards that have served them well in their personal life to their business, and this is in part what makes them such a great company. Their products are all manufactured in the United States, and are built with an attention to detail that is seldom found in today's world of assembly lines and mass production facilities.

There are many different manufacturers of stair lifts today, but few compare with Summit Stair Lifts, Inc. Their company motto is "Taking you to new heights" and this is just what they have done. They have continued to manufacture products that are reliable and in many ways bring back the good old days when products were made using quality manufacturing techniques that focus on dependability rather than cost.

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Where Can A Funeral Casket Be Purchased

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When an individual passes away, they are generally buried in a casket. Funeral caskets can be purchased directly from the casket makers or from a funeral home.

Typically individuals purchase a casket from a funeral home. Funeral homes, also commonly referred to as funeral parlors, are designed to help families cope and arrange a memorial service for their deceased loved one. Depending on the selected funeral home, many offer assistance for all of the planning stages. This may also include selecting a casket.

A funeral home may offer a wide selection of funeral caskets. Many locations will have their selection on hand for viewing or in a catalog display. Depending on the number of caskets available, there is usually a wide selection to choose from. Funeral caskets are made from various different materials. They can also come with many different designs or artwork, if preferred. For example, a casket could have crosses, hearts, angels, or other peaceful or religious ark work carved in. There are also caskets that come with detachable pieces, allowing family members to keep this as a memento.

Funeral caskets are important because they will be seen at memorial services. The deceased individual will be buried in it and it will be the last memory that many friends and family will have of the deceased. Selecting a funeral casket is a decision that many family members must all agree on.

Another common place to purchase a casket is directly from the maker. This is often done if a casket needs to be custom made or personalized. Funeral homes also purchase caskets from the manufacture. Since they will generally purchase a large amount of caskets at one time, they are typically given a wholesale casket price. This means that they will be purchasing their caskets at a price lower than normal. By purchasing a wholesale casket lot, many funeral homes are able to offer their quality caskets a reasonable prices to their customers.

A customized funeral casket directly from the maker will likely have to be ordered in advance. It is not uncommon for individuals to make burial arrangements ahead of time, especially if they are sick. More and more elderly individuals are trying to plan out their funerals and other final expenses. This is done to help relive the financial burden on remaining family members. Although it is typically common to order a customized casket in advance, there are many casket makers who will rush an order. This feature is nice; however, it will likely cost a large amount of additional money.

No matter when a casket is purchased, there are great deals available on quality funeral caskets. Although it is a difficult decision for family members, there are many who are selecting a casket based solely on price. Thanks to wholesale casket companies, many funeral homes are able to offer their fine caskets at discounted prices. Finding the perfect casket may be expensive, stressful, or time consuming task, but it can be one of the most important decisions in an individual

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Where To Find Cost Off Coupons For Baby Products

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If you are a coupon clipper, and if you are looking for ways in which you can save money on products for your baby, there are some pointers that you should keep in mind. By keeping these facts in mind when you are searching for ways in which to save money on food, clothes and toys for your baby, you will end up with more money in your pocket both now and down the road into the future.

Of course, one ready source for price saving coupons is the newspaper - the local newspaper. On a regular basis, these publications carry a nice selection of different types of price saving coupons.

Parenting magazines are also a steady and reliable resource for cost-off coupons for products for your babies. (In addition, these publications also provide a wonderful resource in their articles on different issues relating to babies and children. Thus, obtaining these magazines can serve a parent's interests on many, many levels.)

When you are marketing for different types of baby products - food, clothing, toys and the like - check to see if the actual product that you are purchasing has a cost-off coupon attached right to the product. In this day and age, there are many instances in which a product will include a cost-off coupon for immediate savings.

The Internet is also a wonderful resource for people interested in looking for cost-off coupons for baby products. There are now even websites that have been established to provide people specifically with an array of different types of coupons, including cost-off coupons for baby products. All you need to do is access these Internet venues, look through their catalogue of available coupons and print off exactly what you are looking for and what you need. In no time at all, you can have a batch of coupons that will allow you to save a great deal of money on products for your baby.

Through the use of cost-off coupons, a parent can save literally hundreds of dollars each and every year on products for their baby. The savings that can be had by using these types of products can be significant over time to be sure. Of course, with so many people living on tight budgets, the savings that can be realized through the use of cost-off coupons can actually make a significant and important difference in a consumer's life.

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Reading Glasses Contact Lenses And Eye Glasses

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Reading glasses come in two main styles: full frames, and half-eyes, the smaller Franklin glasses that sit lower down on the nose. Many people feel they look better in contact lenses rather than eyeglasses. Reading glasses are suitable for people who spend a great deal of time concentrating on material close-up. Contacts lenses are a safe and effective alternative to eyeglasses when used with care and proper supervision.

The need for reading glasses has long been associated with being old. Have you found yourself having to push that magazine out at arm's length to see the fine print? You've officially reached middle age. However contact lenses, when compared with eyeglasses, require a longer initial examination, more follow-up visits to maintain eye health, and more time for lens care.

Reading glasses can be custom-made for each individual through an optical dispenser, or they can be purchased "ready-made" at the pharmacy or department store. Contact lenses move with your eye, allow a natural field of view, have no frames to obstruct your vision, and greatly reduce distortions. They do not fog up, like eyeglasses, nor does mud or rain splatter them.

Reading glasses are safe in that they cannot damage the eyes physically, whether or not they are the optimal strength, or whether they are used correctly or incorrectly. Contact lenses, compared to eyeglasses, generally offer better sight.

Reading glasses, containing low power plus sphere lenses, and are widely available for non-prescription, over-the-counter purchase. Most eye-care professionals recommend replacing your contact lenses case every 3 months for optimum eye health.

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Christmas Gift Basket

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The coming of Christmas feels our hearts with hope and joy. It's a festival of exchanging good wishes with our near and dear ones. Are you looking for a special gift for your special friend? What better way can you think of other than gifting your family and friends with Christmas gift basket. A Christmas gift basket is the best way to portray your feelings to your family and friends.

Christmas gift basket is one of the best ways through which you can express your feeling for your dear ones. Christmas gift baskets are uniquely designed for different consumer. You can get these candles in different categories and prices as you think it fit for your budget. Gifting candles in Christmas is one of the latest fashions, which is followed by many people.

There are different gift shops where you can find Christmas gift basket. These Christmas gifts basket are seasonal and are specially designed for Christmas. A simple online search can help you find a reliable Christmas gift outlet online. You can find different varieties of Christmas gift baskets to portray different feelings mainly

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Perfectly Pressed In Five Minutes Or Less

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That cool, crisp, 100 percent cotton white shirt is a staple of every summer wardrobe. But are you spending more than five minutes to iron that shirt? If the answer is yes, you may need to upgrade your ironing equipment as well as learn some new ironing tips. When armed with the right tool and the proper techniques, ironing can be a lot easier and faster than you realize.

Rowenta, the leading manufacturer of high-performance irons and a garment care expert, has outlined an easy four-step process to perfectly iron a shirt. After following the instructions below, you should be able to reduce your shirt ironing time down to five minutes or less, giving you more time to spend at the beach or that special cookout!

Before you begin, evaluate your iron's performance. As a general rule, a good iron is one that removes wrinkles on the first pass over a garment. If you have to pass over an area of a garment more than once, you may want to consider purchasing a new iron.

How to Iron a Shirt:

Step 1: The Collar

Start with the underside of the collar. Iron from the center out to avoid creasing. Flip and repeat on the other side.

Step 2: The Yoke and Shoulders

Hook one shoulder over the round end of the ironing board. Start at the yoke (where the collar meets the shoulder) and move to the center of the back. Repeat with the other shoulder.

Step 3: The Cuffs and Sleeves

Lay one sleeve flat with the buttons or cuff link holes facing up. Iron the inside of the cuff. Flip and iron the outside of the cuff, then iron the sleeve, starting on the button side. Repeat with the other sleeve.

Iron the front panels first. Flip and iron the back panel. Be careful to iron between the buttons and not over them, which can cause the buttons to break. Touch up the collar when you're done.

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Online Shopping Tips

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Online shopping has become very common among people who know that it saves their time and money both. It doesn't means that you start searching endlessly for bargains online because there are many other easy ways too.

It may be anything for which you shop online ranging from clothes, gifts, computers or electronics you will always look for some bargain or sort of reasonable discount. A discount coupon is indeed a smart way to save money at the same time it is also available easily. Gone are the day's when you had to wait for the Sunday newspapers and magazines to clip these coupons. Now you can get discount coupons from various online websites and entertainment coupon books.

Online discount coupon sites provide great rebates, offers and bargains to the shoppers however you need to take the following safety tips if you are a beginner:

1. You should stay away from online coupon websites that ask you for your personal information so as to print your discount coupon. Because you have a chance to get 100 of spam mails fro each discount coupon they give.

2. Keep away from discount coupon sites that have too many pop ups attached to it since they are annoying and can download viruses to freeze your computer.

3. Online printable coupons and coupon codes are free, so do not think of paying to any of the online coupon sites who provide you with these coupons.

4. Many websites offer freebies or deals which you may find irresistible but remember that there is nothing wrong in freebies but you should be vigilant and not naive. Don't waste your time in idiotic scams.

5. Never complete online surveys to get free stuff or discount coupon codes unless they are from any of the reputable companies.

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Stair Lifts Reclaiming Your Upstairs

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If you have trouble climbing the stairs and want to reclaim the upstairs of your house, you should invest in a stair lift. Most stair lifts are very well priced, but you can save some money by buying a used one. There are several considerations, however, when buying a used stair lift.

The first step should be to analyze you needs and requirements. If your stairs are curved or very narrow than you will need a special type of stair lift. If you live in an area that has frequent power outages than you will probably need to purchase a battery operated lift. Once you have a solid idea of what you need and want in your stair lift it is time to start shopping around.

While shopping around you should get an idea of the regular price of a stair lift. The main reason someone buys something used, whether it be cars, golf clubs, or stair lifts, is to save money. By having an idea of the regular price for a new stair lift, you can compare the price of the used stair lift and see if you are actually saving money.

Even though you can probably find used stair lifts in the newspaper, being sold by individuals, this is usually unadvisable. If you are buying it from a stranger you have no real way of knowing how they treated the stair lift, or whether it is just going to break in a few months. When dealing with battery powered lifts you also do not have a real idea of the condition of the battery. You can glean some of this information from observing the condition of the chair and the condition of the individual's house. If you do decide to purchase a used stair lift from an individual pay special attention to any signs of physical damage to the unit.

Your best bet is going to be to find a reputable dealer that sells both new and used stair lifts. These dealers carefully inspect any piece of equipment that leaves their warehouse and you can use the stair lift without any worry of mechanical or other failure.

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Family History More Popular And Easier Than Ever

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Family history is becoming a more popular pastime, especially now that the Internet has made researching your ancestry easier than ever. More than 60 percent of the U.S. Population is interested in tracing family history, according to a 2000 poll by Maritz Marketing Research Inc. This is a 15 percent increase from 1995. This number has most likely increased since then.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints provides a number of helpful resources for family history enthusiasts. One of the best resources for family history on the Internet is According to the website it is "the largest collection of FREE family history, family tree and genealogy records in the world." This website is the result of decades of research and includes 957 million names. The Family Search website also gives some advice for beginning your family history. It says: Begin with yourself and your immediate family by recording information you already know. Look for important documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, and death certificates. When you have written down all the names, dates, places, and relationships you know, then ask your parents, grandparents, other relatives, and family friends for information. Gather as much information from living sources as possible. Then begin to search for records that other people may have compiled about your family (such as published family histories, county histories, and genealogical databases). When you have examined these sources of information, begin your search for records from the time and place your ancestors lived (look for census data and vital records such as birth, marriage, or death certificates).

The LDS church also provides family history research centers at 4,407 sites around the world. These facilities are essentially branches of the Family History Library located in Salt Lake City. They provide access to almost all of the microfilms and microfiche from the central library. These family history centers also have volunteers that will help visitors with their genealogical research. Mike Provard, North American Operations Supervisor for Family History Centers says that in many centers the majority of the patrons are not members of the LDS church. "In the eastern U.S., 90 to 95 percent of the patrons [in some centers] are not members. They are thrilled to have the centers in the area." ("Family History Centers Spreading," Ensign, February 2006, 74).

The LDS church definitely provides more resources, records, facilities and tools than any other source for genealogical research. There are, however, a good number of other free family history resources that can be found on the internet. You'll have to be fairly diligent though as some of these sites can be difficult to find. One site that may be useful in your search of the Social Security Death Index is: This site will allow you to search the SSDI for free.

As millions of people begin to look for their ancestors and want to know more about them, the resources and tools available to them are more readily available and easier to use then ever. Now is a great time to start your search.

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