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The Olympic Games Were Not Always So Friendly

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The modern Olympics we see are often held up as a continuation of the first games. While the basic idea of sporting events is common to both, there is much that is different.

The Olympic Games Were Not Always So Friendly

The original Olympics were actually only one part of four games held during the year. The others were the Nemean, Isthmian and Pythian Games. The Olympics, however, were by far the most famous. These games derived their name from Olympia, were they were held.

The Olympics were first held in 776 BC. The games were part of a religious festival in honor of the Greek gods. They were held in the temple sanctuary of Olympia in Peloponnesus, which is located in southern Greece. The games celebrated sporting achievement and excellence as well as victory. In fact, victory was the only thing celebrated and it often stood in place of open warfare between various factions. There was no silver or bronze medal awarded.

Every year, the Olympics were held on the second full moon after the summer solstice. This would have put them in July or August of each year. The games lasted for roughly five days. A truce was declared for the up to three months prior to the games so contestants could heal from battles and prepare themselves.

The origin of the games has not been conclusively determined. Greek legend has it that Zeus, himself, started the games. Other legends have it that Herakles founded the games. A third view is that they games were created as a memorial to Pelops, a hero. Whatever the reason, the games have certain stood the test of time even if the original Greeks would not recognize them today.

The original Olympics had only one event - the foot race. Not until the 18th Olympiad were individual events such as wrestling, horse riding, discus and javelin throwing were added. At its height, over 40,000 people would pile into a stadium in Olympia to watch the events.

Given the peaceful tone of the modern Olympics, it is somewhat surprising the pankration was one of the most popular events of the early games. It was essentially a brawl between as many contestants as entered, fighting all at the same time, with the last man standing declared the winner. All Olympic events were restricted to men, to wit, women could only watch.

Ancient Greeks were very competitive, and the games were about the only no-war outlet for their passion. Given this basic truth, it is somewhat odd that the modern Olympics attempt to disdain politics and national rivalries.

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Eight Great Ways To Learn To Be A Kid Again

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Most of us have taken at least one walk down the aisles of Toys "R" Us. There's no better place than a toy store to observe these truths: Learning is fun. Learning is kid stuff.

Kids are smart enough to reject anything they don't like, yet many of the most popular toys are dedicated to teaching them something new. Note the tremendous success of the LeapFrog

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English Intonation The Noun And Verb

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Listen and Learn: The Different Intonation of the Noun and the Verb

Intonation, the "music" of a language, is perhaps the most important element of a correct accent. Many people think that pronunciation is what makes up an accent. It may be that pronunciation is very important for an understandable accent. But it is intonation that gives the final touch that makes an accent correct or native. Often we hear someone speaking with perfect grammar, and perfect formation of the sounds of English but with a little something that gives her away as not being a native speaker.

Therefore, it is necessary to realize that there are three components to an accent, pronunciation, intonation, and linking. In other places we will examine pronunciation, the proper formation of vowels and consonants, and linking, the way that syllables within a word, and the beginning and ending of words come together.

But what interests us now is the issue of intonation, and in particular the difference in intonation in saying the same word (same spelling) when it is used as a noun and when it is used as a verb. It is a perfect example of how meaning affects intonation.

We will try to hear clearly the difference that intonation makes in the daily use of a proper North American English accent. The practice with the following examples will help you to notice, practice, and master the different intonation patterns that you will discover as you concentrate more on your use of North American English.

Intonation: Noun or Verb

Knowing when and where to stress the words you use is very important for understanding, and is part of a good accent. A clear example is that of the different stress in nouns and verbs.

It will be useful for you to be aware of the stress in both cases. Here is a list of a few that will get you thinking and give you some practice in identifying them and using them correctly. Underline the syllable that is stressed, and write a brief explanation to indicate that you understand the difference. I start the exercise with two examples, the words "suspect" and "present". You do the rest. And make sure you pronounce the words OUT LOUD.

Usually (although there are some exceptions), the stress of a verb is on the last syllable, and that of a noun is on the first syllable.

It will be useful for you to be aware of the stress in both cases. Here is a list of a few that will get you thinking and give you some practice in identifying them and using them correctly. I start the exercise with two examples. I have indicated the stress with CAPITAL LETTERS. You underline the syllable that is stressed, and write a brief explanation to indicate that you understand the difference. You do the rest of the table. And make sure you pronounce the words OUT LOUD.

to susPECT: meaning, to have an opinion

a SUSpect: meaning, a person under suspicion

to preSENT: meaning, to give, to introduce

a PREsent: meaning, a gift, now

Now, you do the rest of the table, underlining the accented syllable and defining the word to emphasize your understanding that the accent goes with the meaning.

to conflict, a conflict

to contest, a contest

to contract, a contract

to convert, a convert

to convict, a convict

to incline, an incline

to insult, an insult

to object, an object

to permit, a permit

to present, a present

to produce, a produce

to project, a project

to protest, a protest

to rebel, a rebel

to recall, a recall

to reject, a reject

to research, a research

Practice on the following sentences that contain some of the words of the list used buth as noun and as verb. Underline the accent and read the sentences out loud

You need to insert a paragraph here on this newspaper insert.

How can you object to this object?

I'd like to present you with this present.

The manufacturer couldn't recall if there'd been a recall.

The religious convert wanted to convert the world.

The political rebels wanted to rebel against the world.

The mogul wanted to record a new record for his latest artist.

If you perfect your intonation, your accent will be perfect.

Due to the drought, the fields didn't produce much produce this year.

Unfortunately, City Hall wouldn't permit them to get a permit.

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Why You Should Go To College

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The idea behind college that a lot of high school graduates do not grasp is that college is not a simple extension of any prior education. To attend college is not just a step up on the educational ladder, like grammar school to junior high to high school. What sets college apart is the very concept of it: it is a crossroads to something else, a limbo of not only education, but exploration as well. Experience college as a winding roadmap destination: to know where it all leads to is beside the point. All the fun to be had is in getting there.

You should go to college to meet people. What sets them apart from the kind of folk you would meet in, say, a bar or a shopping mall lies in their interests. College campuses come loaded with behavioral presets; certain people take certain classes, and so on. Discover a niche and follow it along. It may be a passionate interest, or merely a passing one. Very few institutions will offer such benefits, especially from such a collective of varied minds and hearts. Take risks, go out of your way, and establish new modes of how to approach a situation. Explore new surroundings with the desire to conquer.

Network. Regardless of what plans may lay in the future, network with those whose own interests spark a common connection. This can create a goldmine of later opportunity and potential. The reality of the real world is inscribed in stone: nobody ever got anywhere on their own. Help those that help you, and vice versa.

And who can really say what the future will bring? It may be true to know your destination at the end of college, what you want to be, but always allow room to stretch and to breathe. Study in whatever capacity your mind will allow. Complete general education to resample what had already been learned in high school. Pick new classes that sound intriguing. Make detours. Take a class that dives into an old childhood interest or one that scares you, just to test your very limits. Explore what was never charted. There may very well be a hidden passion inside of you, for any undiscovered subject. Bring it out into the open and exploit it to your hearts content.

Just keep busy. Visit the library and pick random books with neat titles, eat along the small brick walls that line the campus sidewalks, stroll around and inside buildings that do not concern you, (go to parties). Even when you decide to ease up on the reigns of your day, be sure to pull over to a stop along the corner coffee shop; because college extends beyond classes and education. It can tailor to an entire lifestyle, a lifestyle currently in the making. It does not quit. And the idea will always remain the same: to reshape and to remold the prior mind. At the end of it all, will you be the same person as when you began?

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Is Affirmative Action In Jeopardy On College Campuses

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Affirmative action and other set-asides for minorities and women have come under increasing fire in recent years. These programs, first started decades ago, were once a given in higher education for everything from admission to financial aid. Today, women and minority students cannot count on the same level assistance from affirmative action that their parents may have received.

The backlash against affirmative action comes largely from the group that feels damaged by these programs-white males. As the standard of living for African Americans in the United States has risen, whites claim that the "leg up" provided by set-aside programs constitutes an unfair advantage. Similarly, white males point out that since women now make up the majority of college students, they can hardly claim discrimination. The critics of affirmative action promote a merit-based system, in which admission and scholarships are awarded to the most worthy, with race or gender not considered at all.

The exclusively merit-based system, however, has itself come under attack. Supporters of affirmative action claim that there is no fair way to determine merit. Tests, like the SAT, have always produced a mark disparity in results between blacks and whites. Other factors used to rank college applicants, such as grade point averages and advanced placement classes, vary widely from one school to another. In fact, many minority leaders claim that there is no completely objective way to measure ability. They believe that a person's background or the obstacles he/she may have overcome are just as important as grades and standardized tests. According to affirmative action supporters, the merit system fails to produce an element vital to higher education-diversity. This, they say, is necessary for a well-rounded college experience, as well as for societal stability.

Despite the rhetoric and passions on both sides, the future of affirmative action is likely to be determined by the courts, not by the activists. Recent state court rulings have upheld policy changes in key states such as Texas, Florida, and California, that now restrict how schools can use race and gender as factors in determining admission. Although the Supreme Court has not yet issued a definitive ruling, two things are now apparent. First, race cannot be the sole factor in determining admission. Second, when race is one of the factors, the school must demonstrate a compelling interest for the government to allow it. Exactly what constitutes a "compelling" interest remains to be seen.

In order to maintain diversity on their campuses, universities have developed innovative ways of achieving the same goals without violating the new restrictions. Often called a "holistic" method, some schools now consider a variety of factors besides grades and test scores. For example, students who had a difficult home life or had to work during their high school years in order to help support their family may get special consideration. Furthermore, corporations and various private foundations have increased their funding for minority scholarships in order to make up for any drop in federal or state-sponsored aid.

It is unlikely that affirmative action will be completely eliminated. Too many schools are committed to maintaining a diverse student body. College administrators will find one way or another to achieve balance in their admissions. However, if the current trends continue, women and minorities will need to seek out new sources of college financial aid, and develop new strategies for gaining entrance to the nation's top universities.

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Teaching A Survival Guide For Students And New Teachers Part 2

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The advice may sound silly, but take notice anyway, because it is based on 28 years of teaching experience and listening to students discussing teachers' appearances. When you start teaching your life will be much easier if you conform to student expectations. The time to be different is after you have established yourself.

Children are very traditional in their expectations of what teachers should wear. They react in a more positive way to a teacher wearing a suit. If suits are not your style then look for an alternative smart look, a jacket and tie for men or a blouse for women. Avoid the temptation to wear ultra-fashionable clothes because children want you to be different from them.

Dress is one way that teachers set themselves apart from the children they are teaching. Young teachers, especially, need to set themselves apart from the children. A lot of children will have older brothers and sisters in their early 20's and will relate to a young teacher in a similar and inappropriate way unless the teacher distances him or her self.

Clothes should be chosen to be discrete. Tight trousers and revealing blouses will attract looks but will do nothing for your discipline. Loud ties, cardigans and sandals should also be avoided.

If you usually wear more casual clothes and feel uncomfortable and conspicuous in a suit or blouse then wear them for a week or so outside school because, otherwise any discomfort you feel will transmit itself to the children.

You may think that distancing yourself from the children is not a good idea, however following this advice will reduce many of the problems faced by young teachers, such as over friendliness and the unwanted sexual attentions of the adolescents in your charge.

Your hair style should be fairly conformist; no very long hair or shaved heads for men and no very short hair for women. Young men may think about making themselves look older by growing a beard. Make-up should be discrete and designed not to elicit comments.

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4 Tips To Find The Best Online University For You

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Online degree programs have growth rapidly in conjunction with the high demand of online education. Today, getting a university degree online has become a practical reality for people who cannot spare the time and commitment just to go back to regular university for earning a degree. You may find it confusing and hard to make a decision on so many online degree program choices. Although it is a hard decision, making the right choice that will suit your schedule, your learning style as well as your education goal is of prime importance.

Depending on your specific needs and goals, here are 4 tips to help your find an online university that best suit your needs:

1. Know your education goals

Different people have different needs for getting an online education. Some people enrolled into an online degree program just to sharpen their knowledge in certain area whereas others may hope to make a career switch by earning a degree in the area they are interested in.

Hence, you need to know what you are your purpose of getting an online education. Before you begin considering your options on various online degree programs, do some self assessment on what kind of education you are looking for, how much time and effort you plan to invest and whether it is personal fulfillment or career advancement that you aim to achieve through the course.

2. Do research on your options

Most online universities provide free information on their online degree programs and many do provide online chat session with their academic advisors so that you can ask any related questions and getting the necessary information needed before you make up your mind. Take your time to gather as much information as you can from various online universities that offer the education program that within your education scope. Ask the academic advisors for further clarification for any doubts; make sure you have a clear idea of the program being offered before you invest your hard earned money and time into any one of them.

3. Beware of online degree scams

Onlinde degree scams or mostly know as diploma mill is a college or university that operates primarily to make money; such schools are not properly accredited and issue degrees without ensuring an education occurs. You need to be wary of these degree mills when doing your searches for the right course; make sure your are enrolled with online university that offers legitimate courses with proper accreditation. Fake degrees and credentials are plentiful and you will only be wasting your time, effort and money if you go with one of them.

4. Look for online degree program with recognized accreditation

Accreditation of the online university that you enroll in is vitally importance. Accreditation provides assurance that the program in which you are enrolled is engaged in continuous review and improvement of its quality and it meets nationally endorsed standards in the profession, and that it is accountable for achieving what it sets out to do.

If the reason you are pursuing further education is to advance your career, the degree you will be earning needs to be recognized by your employers or prospective employers. A degree from an accredited online university is one of the important consideration factors by many employers.

In Summary

It's easy to find an online degree program in your area of interest as almost all degree courses offered by regular universities are now go online. But you need to make some research in order to find an online degree program that really meets your education goals.

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Algebra Again

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Getting online Algebra homework help is pretty similar to getting Algebra homework help offline or in a real classroom. Getting Algebra homework help online or in an offline classroom seems to be a more effective way of learning than the more unorganized ways of getting Algebra homework help by asking a friend to pitch in or taking assistance from a parent.

Systematic Algebra Help

The most important thing to consider is that students must be encouraged to study in a systematic, formal manner regardless of the fact that they learn online or offline. In both online and offline classrooms, they tend to follow an organized course outline with proper learning interventions and takeaways. This ensures that they learn Algebra concepts more effectively and more quickly .

Instant Algebra homework help

One of the most important elements of effective Algebra homework help is instant and immediate feedback and this holds true if students learn in an offline or an online environment The feedback they receive is customized to their specific problem and is given in real-time. This is a huge advantage over other forms of distance education or asynchronous E Learning. However, with online synchronous E Learning getting Algebra homework help and feedback in real-time has become possible. Such instant feedback has been shown to improve retention and quicken the learning process.

Such simultaneous reactions in real-time also offer another benefit. It improves the motivation of student and helps them to keep pace with the rest of the class. This is one of the biggest advantages of online or virtual classrooms that offer Algebra homework help- a sense of belonging and a community feeling is fostered in each child. Such an inclusive feeling is often lacking in students of distance education who don't use a synchronous online classroom for getting Algebra homework help. Interest wanes quickly in such students and they are quickly de-motivated. Alternatively, online synchronous study substantially increases enthusiasm to get Algebra homework help.

Disciplined Algebra homework help

Online and offline classes offering Algebra homework help are held at regular times and dates. If students attend these classes regularly, then it instills discipline and some form of regulation in the life of the student. Such discipline is often lacking in other students of distance education. Such classes help students to prioritize their learning and study schedules which allow them to keep aside some time for free play and relaxation.

Just in Time Algebra homework help

One of the biggest advantages of online as well as offline classrooms is that students get just in time, just enough Algebra homework help. Students of higher education feel this is particularly helpful because there are some students who might feel overwhelmed or over awed with all the new types of advanced Algebra concepts . If such concepts are taught a bit at a time, in small controlled doses, it helps provide Algebra homework helpin a timely and in a more effective manner .

Both forms of Algebra homework help - online and offline - come with their own set of disadvantages as well as differences. However, both the online as well as the offline mediums of getting Algebra homework help have some very real benefits from which every student should be able to benefit.

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How To Find The Top Online Nursing Program

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If you want to know how to find the top online nursing program, the answer can best be summed up in one word: research. Why is this? There is not one top nursing program for everyone. Some people are interested in obtaining entry-level designations, such as Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Others are looking for masters programs in nursing or doctorates, both of which are available online. However, no matter what type of degree you are seeking, the following information can help you determine how to find the top online nursing program for you.

Ratings and Rankings

If you are interested in a preliminary search, one option is to use the school ranking information provided by companies who provide this information. One of these is U.S. News and World Report, which conducts school research and provides much of this information free on its website at Another option for ranking information is provided by the National Institutes of Health at


Any program you choose should be accredited. The two organizations that accredit nursing programs are The National League of Nursing Accreditation Commission ( and The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

Another issue to consider in how to find the top online nursing program is whether or not, and how well, the program prepares you for the NCLEX exam. State boards to determine how well a person is prepared for nursing practice use the NCLEX exam, or the National Council Licensure Examination. This exam is taken on computer, and if you pass a certain number of questions correctly during the first part of the exam, you will pass. If not, you have an opportunity to continue testing to demonstrate your knowledge. If you fail the exam, you can retake it after a certain amount of time. However, how to find the top online nursing program, which includes ample research into a program, will lead you to a program that will prepare you for this exam.

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