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Everthing A Parent Needs To Know About Evenflo High Chairs

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The Evenflo high chair comes in many different kinds, styles, and colors. Some different Evenflo high chairs include the Evenflo simplicity high chair with a toy included, the Evenflo envision high chair, and the Evenflo smart steps discovery high chair.

The Evenflo smart steps discovery high chair is a great toddler high chair that cost around about one hundred and fifteen dollars and comes with features like the snack and play tray that is a three position adjusting tray, eight different height adjustments, a three point restraint system, and a four adjusting reclining positions. The seat cover of the high chair is also machine washable. The discover zone tray has music, sound, learning shapes, letters, and numbers to teach your child while he or she is eating a meal. This tray/high chair was developed for parents to be able to feed your child easily and help him or her develop good memory skills.

The Evenflo envision high chair cost around about sixty five dollars to about seventy dollars. The Evenflo envision high chair is very easy to fold for easy storage. This Evenflo high chair also comes with features such as the seven different height adjustments so you can level it to your kitchen table. Also it comes with a mechanism that allows you to recline the high chair in three different positions and a four different position tray that is dishwasher safe.

The Evenflo simplicity high chair with a toy included cost around about seventy nine dollars to around about one hundred and thirty eight dollars. This Evenflo simplicity high chair is a high chair that can be converted into a booster seat if you remove the tray. The Evenflo simplicity high chair has features such as a three position dishwasher safe tray, eight different height adjusting positions, four different reclining positions, and four locking roll wheels for easy movement of the high chair. It also has a removable high chair seat cover that is machine washable safe and the high chair also has a safety guard restraint system that when you want to get your child out the tray swings out of easy access.

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Boost Your Child S Communication Skills

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Kids come home from school and plop down in front of the television, play video games, or surf the Internet. What happened to reading a book, coloring or writing in a diary? As these hobbies fall by the wayside and more passive forms of entertainment take over, children's written, verbal and social skills can take a tumble, too.

"Laying the groundwork for good communication skills is essential," said Dr. David Brinkman-Sull, clinical child psychologist at Laurelwood Counseling Centers. "Making it fun for kids to share their thoughts and feelings helps them learn one of the keys to developing healthy relationships in their lives."

American Greetings and Nickelodeon have teamed up to help kids develop communications skills while entertaining them at the same time. Their new product line, Nickspressions, uses the interactivity, games and Nickelodeon characters they love. Products like Chatterboxes, Smell-a-Grams and Mini Note Totes were created with Nickelodeon's trademark elements of surprise, irreverent wit and whimsy in mind.

"Nickspressions was born as a relative to those little classroom valentines kids love so much," said Jeffrey Conrad, American Greetings creative director and mastermind behind the program. "We wanted to give kids that excitement all year-round."

Other Nickspressions products include:

* Fashion Statements: These funky interchangeable "slap bracelets" hold a jewel charm with tiny notepads inside, featuring instant messaging lingo.

* Secret Message Decoder: Complete with two decoders, mini pens, code card storage and card reader, this clever kit enables kids to give their friends notes only they can read. Decoders can be clipped to backpacks for on-the-go fun.

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Mommy Baby Weight Gain Failure To Thrive

(category: Parenting, Word count: 387)
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A guide to appropriate weight-gain and what to look for if you suspect failure-to-thrive:

Weight Gain:

Birth - 2 weeks of age

 Regain birth weight plus some

2 weeks - 3 months of age

 Two pounds per month or one ounce per day

4 - 6 months of age

 One pound per month or one-half ounce per day (should double birth weight by 6 months)

One year of age

 2.5 to 3 times her birth weight

Failure to Thrive:

There is a difference between slow weight gain and failure to thrive. With slow weight gain, the gain is consistent. With failure to thrive, you will see a baby who continues to lose weight after 10 days of life, does not regain her birth weight by three weeks of age, or gains at an unusually slow rate beyond the first month of life. Things to watch for from the mother's and baby's side include:

Mother's side

Improper nursing technique (poor latch-on, etc.)

Nature or lifestyle (not enough sleep, liquids, nutritional foods, etc.)

Poor release of milk (related to let-down)

Feeding too frequently (this can give the baby an abundance of foremilk and a lack of hindmilk; the latter of which is nutritionally and calorie rich)

Feeding too infrequently (being a slave to the clock)

Not monitoring growth signs

Physical nurturing, holding, and cuddling

Infant's side

Weak sucking

Improper sucking

o Tongue-thrusting, pushing the nipple out of her mouth

o Protruding tongue, her tongue will form a hump in her mouth, interfering with latching on

o Tongue-sucking, she sucks her own tongue and not on the nipple

An underlying medical problem (if you suspect something, talk to your pediatrician immediately)

Getting the help you need

Lactation consultants can be very helpful in resolving issues related to latching on or inverted nipples, both of which can cause a problem with nursing. Allow the consultant to observe your baby nursing and note if there are problems in position, latching, or something else. Do not permit the consultant to dissuade you from your flexible routine if that's what you've decided to do for your family. Remember: if flexible routines were unhealthy, NICUs wouldn't use them for the most vulnerable of babies

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Teen Dating Violence What Every Child And Parent Must Know

(category: Parenting, Word count: 570)
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If there ever was any doubt in your mind where adult domestic violence has its' roots-put your inquisitive mind at rest. It starts with our kids!! In a recent study partnered by Teenage Research Unlimited and the Liz Claiborne Corp., teens 13-18 were surveyed on the frequency of dating violence in their lives.

The study revealed some shocking statistics and facts about the teen dating scene. Among many conclusions are that a significant percentage of teens not only are victims of dating abuse but also they accept it as normal and that they feel pressured to have and keep relationships particularly if it is a "serious" one.

Teens in these serious relationships report by nearly a 2 to 1 margin more abuse, controlling and even violent behavior compared to other teens.

The study also showed that:

(*)20% in a serious relationship report being hit, slapped or pushed

(*)30% report being worried about their physical safety

(*)64% report controlling behavior

(*)55% compromise their values to please their partner

(*)61% reported having a partner who made them feel bad or embarrassed about themselves

(*)25% report being in a relationship where their partner put them down or called them names

(*)29% said they were pressured to have sex they do not want.

(*)50% of young women worry that their partner will break up with them if they do not agree to engage in sex

It is no wonder that this problem exists with teenage male belief systems that include:

(*)Controlling their partners

(*)Possessing their partners

(*)Demanding intimacy

(*)Physical aggression is the "masculine" thing to do

Teenage female beliefs include:

(*)There's no resource for help

(*)Abuse is normal because their peers are abused

(*)Jealousy, possessiveness and even abuse are "romantic"

Historically other studies and surveys support these findings. This serves as pretty solid evidence that teenagers grow up in a society that frowns on adult domestic violence, yet it appears they serve their apprenticeships in high school learning the nuances of how to abuse. Do they learn on their own or do they learn from their abusive parents? It is a very difficult question to answer nevertheless the cycle must be broken. Today's youth represent the best chance to make a change.

Here's how to start. Educate and Prevent.

Know Some Warning Signs. Is there a history of violence with previous partners? Are there threats of violence, use of force? Is there cruelty to animals? Are traits of sudden anger, jealousy, verbal abuse, controlling behavior, unpredictable mood swings present? All or any of these can be predictors of future behavior and definite warning signs.

Set Standards. Only allow double dates for the first few dates. Know exactly what the plans are-who, where, what, when-be very specific. Remember: Trust but Verify. You love your children. It is your responsibility to set the standards for their actions.

Develop a Safety Plan. In an emergency know who to call: police, relative, parents, friend, neighbor, pastor-have a calling card handy. Know who you can trust to talk to. Develop a buddy system at school so you are never alone. Change your route to school if necessary. Carry some non lethal self defense items-pepper spray, personal defense alarms, etc. Trust your instincts.

Above all be prepared. Knowing what to look for and keeping an open mind may end up saving you a lot of pain.

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10 Natural Ways To Care For Baby S Skin

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The skin on your baby is very fragile, delicate and thin. This means the skin is very sensitive and can react easily to weather temperatures and also irritants. Irritants can come from a variety of substances but mainly through the chemicals contained in the products you use on baby. Avoiding these chemicals can be as easy as purchasing organic products but here are 10 other alternatives for you to try.

1. Unbleached disposable nappies.

The Choice website states: As far as dioxins are concerned, they're a family of organochlorins that includes one of the most toxic chemicals yet made. In the past, dioxin traces were found in chlorine-bleached white paper and pulp products, including disposable nappies. However, nowadays nappies are usually oxygen-bleached (using hydrogen peroxide), which forms no dioxin.

However do we know what consequences hydrogen peroxide will bring? There are totally unbleached disposable nappies on the market that ensures your baby does not come into contact with any bleach.

2. Never use talc on baby.

Why? Contamination of wounds or body cavities with talc is liable to cause granulomas. Inhalation of talc can cause respiratory irritation. Prolonged exposure to talc may produce pneumocomosis. Talc is liable to be heavily contaminated with bacteria including Clostridium tetani, CL welchii and Bacillus anthracis, hence it must be sterilized. Mardindale 31 P1096, 1745, 1407 Organic talcs are usually made with corn flour, arrowroot and white clay and are wonderfully safe and very effective for keeping baby's skin dry.

3. Massage oils after bathing.

Avoid mineral based oils as they contribute to the drying of the skin when absorbed. Instead use natural and organic oils that continue to soothe and moisturize baby's skin. Try products that contain sweet almond oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil and chamomile, rose, lavender and mandarin essential oils. But remember to always do a test patch first and watch for any redness or irritation. Do not use if this occurs! You only need the tiniest amount of oil to massage into your baby's skin, less than a teaspoon.

4. Natural bottom wipes.

Homemade bottom wipes can be made easily. Cut a roll of strong paper towel (Viva are great) in half. Take out the cardboard inner roll. Mix two cups of water with

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Kids And Money Guide

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As the name of our website suggests we help you in managing your finances when you think it is time that you had a baby but are worried about the cost and responsibility of a new life on your shoulders and pockets.

Expecting a baby soon? Worried how you'll be able to manage in the limited finances after it's born? Worried about your child's higher education? Well, we have the solution to your problems. At, not only do we help you sort out your financial problems but we also explain as to how to go about explaining to your child the need to save money for a rainy day!

Soon you may be incurring expenditure for diapers, baby soap, cradle, cots and the works. Within a few years you will be preparing for clothes, shoes, education, sports equipment, dates and bikes. We need to finance our children not only till the time they are in university but also until they start earning substantially. Therefore, the need for our intelligence in saving rises substantially.


Money does not grow on trees and we all require more than what we have. Therefore, it is essential we plan for our child's education. It should be pre-planned so as to bear the cost of what our child chooses to do in the future. Planning helps in appropriate allocation of resources to the required areas.

Teaching the child

It is very essential to teach the child about managing finances. Giving the child pocket money and allowing them to make small personal expenses and then explaining the need to control expenditure and savings. And as a child grows up a bank account should also be opened so that he can learn the details of banking as well as managing his money.

Basically, two things need to be done simultaneously - the children should be taught the power of money and the things they can buy and at the same time also telling them to refrain from spending on whatever they desire. They have to be taught that a balance can lead to success and an imbalance otherwise.

Investing for the future

Certain investments should be made in the name of the child maturing with the child and ready-to-use at an age when required. Further, at an age when the child is in his late teens he should be allowed to make a responsible choice of taking financial loans for his needs whether educational or otherwise. Such efforts enable the child to realize the value for money making them more responsible and aware.

Exploring various options

While sending children to college it should be taken care that all colleges have been carefully explored and scanned and all benefits such as scholarships and needs-based grant monies should be taken advantage of.

To have a successful financial life for your children, make the right moves now and bear incredible benefits in the future.

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Stop Lying Now

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Do you have a consistent problem with your child lying to you, even though he or she is normally a "good" child? Sometimes the lies are even about things that don't really matter or your child continues to lie in the face of overwhelming proof to the contrary?

It is my firm belief that we will not end lying behavior in our children until we take away the consequences for telling the truth. This is a concept explored in greater detail within Nancy Buck's book, Peaceful Parenting

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Redefining The Notion Of Super Mom All You Need Is Love

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Every day as I watch my three children grow, I reflect on my most important career choice-the day I became a mom. Like other women, I've struggled to balance work, life, home and family, but the good news is there is a solution.

First is to forget trying to be a "Super Mom." These are moms who try to be all things to all people and come up short in the process. Today's moms have learned to prioritize, focusing not only on our families but on taking care of ourselves. Our lives come in seasons, and I find that when I'm stretched too thin, I'm not effective at anything. Taking time for myself is a win-win for everybody.

As moms, once we have our priorities in line, we can then be more productive in all areas of our lives. For me, these include my faith, my family and then of being of service through volunteer work. I think we can have it all, just not all at once.

To find out more about how moms balance their busy lives, Sharpie, a trusted mom tool, surveyed moms and found that 95 percent of us agree that taking time for ourselves makes us a better mother. Still, 44 percent said that spending time with their family is the best stress relief.

The survey also identified a new breed of mothers-"Signature Moms." These are moms who have their own way of parenting and expressing love to their children-whether it's by volunteering at school, attending extracurricular games and activities or taking a much-deserved mom break.

To celebrate today's Signature Moms and help set priorities, here are some simple things moms can do to keep love at the forefront of their family relationships. These "10 easy ways to say I love you" have helped me daily, and I hope they will do the same for you.

1. Slip a handmade valentine or a simple note into your child's lunch box.

2. Take a walk together in the woods or your favorite park.

3. Jot down a line from your favorite poem. Share it with family members.

4. Kiss your kids good night, but also every chance you get.

5. Read a chapter book together.

6. Make it a priority to have family dinnertime together-no matter how busy the schedule.

7. Turn off the TV. Have a pizza night and watch a movie together.

8. Have a picnic in the park after the soccer game, instead of stopping for a fast meal on the way home.

9. Have each family member write down one reason why they appreciate each other. Write your reasons on a tag and use ribbon to attach them to a batch of your favorite cookies. Let every family member find his/her own special cookies.

10. Help your kids write a letter to a family member who lives far away. Write the first few lines of a story and instruct the recipient to write the next, and then return the letter. Your story can continue indefinitely.

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Baby Names It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

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While the birth of a baby is a joyous occasion, there is little doubt that the introduction of a tiny person into a great big world necessitates an amount of work that can be seriously overwhelming. Not to mention the hard labor already undertaken by the female half of any baby-making duo, it all adds up to a draining and emotional time. And it is because of this wearisome emotionality that we can do nothing but throw up our hands at the choices some parents make at this time. Like saddling their beloved with a name that is guaranteed to have their peers point and laugh with enormous glee at some point down the road.

There is so much that a baby needs, and it is only when a child is delivered to a couple that the profundity of a newborn's dependence sinks in. I mean you've got to do everything for the kid - wash it, feed it, and deal with what you've fed it once it comes out the other end. Thank goodness it can't talk back just yet, even though it tries to compensate for what it lacks in terms of vocabulary with a good solid volume.

But considering the emotional fragility with which a newborn is greeted by his or her parents, a baby's inability to quantify its thoughts might not be wholly for the greater good. How many new parents have been induced by absolute fatigue to make shortsighted decisions? Did you really think that baby wasn't going to throw that mush all over the floor as soon as you turned your back? Put this way, perhaps saddling our children with ridiculous names is the least of our worries.

But hang on a second - even if you haven't had more than two hours' sleep in a month, that's no excuse to put the diaper on the wrong end, but let's face it, that's not something that is going to haunt baby for the rest of his or her life. But a poorly chosen name? Now that's going to hurt later. It might be a family legacy, but you know sometimes it's a whole lot kinder to hurt old uncle Hubert's feelings now than have poor little Hubert coming home from school in tears because even the teacher laughed at his name.

So the lesson to be learned is this: don't fill in the birth certificate until the painkillers have worn off. And better wait until you've had a good night's sleep before choosing a moniker too, just in case your judgment is impaired. Actually, maybe it would be better to let the kid pick his or her own name. You can just call them 'hey you' for the first eighteen years. You never know, it might stick!

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