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Making Your Station Right For Work

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When you think about the lies or untruths we are told in our lifetimes, it's hard to know which one in the most prominent. Whether it's George Washington chopping down the cherry tree, or that time in history when people were told the earth was flat, myths have been around as long as truth has. One myth (or lie) repeated to us every time we shop is this: One size fits all. In all of the items I've seen marked with that phrase, I've never seem them actually fit everyone who wants to wear or use them. In fact some clothing manufacturers admit "all" is kind of a stretch and are now printing "one size fits many" on their garments. The area that most needs to catch up to the idea that one size doesn't fit all is work environment designers. People who create office space with desks, computers and chairs all the same don't understand that an ergonomic work space will be different for every person they employ.

Chair and Desk

Every person has a different body, and needs a chair that fits and encourages the best posture for that person to work in. A good chair should be able to be easy to adjust have a back that goes high enough to support the spine without any pressure points. It should allow arms to be supported with arm rests that are aligned with the desk to ensure the wrists hang at a natural level to interact with the keyboard. The chair should also have a caster-set 5 wheel base so there is more stability toward the center of the chair and the wheels should move easily. The desk should be at such a height that people can sit with their feet on the floor and have at least 8 to ten inches between the top of their legs and the desk. This will also help the monitor stay at a higher level.

Keyboard and Mouse

Factory workers used to be the unchallenged number one worker for suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive motion injuries. Keyboardists and data entry clerks now challenge them for the number of claims submitted each year. A keyboard should be in position slightly below the wrists so they hover over the keypad and the fingers can move freely. Although wrist pads are popular items they actually hinder the posture process for constant typists because the wrists resting up cause the hands to be at a bad angle. The keyboard itself should have spring assisted keys so they can provide momentum to the fingers and be capable of being placed in the reverse inverted position. A mouse should be close enough to the keyboard that the typist does not have to reach to use it or put their hand in an unnatural position.

Monitor and Printer

A huge source of neck strain has been the act of looking down to see a monitor. The monitor of a work station should be at eye level so the head as to be at nor more than a 30 degree angle. The monitor should be 20 to 30 inches way from the eyes of the typist and should be adjustable so the glare from lights or the sun does not interfere with work. The printer should be in a position away from the desk so the typist can stand up and move around to retrieve paperwork. The small break in momentum will help the body sustain work longer because it's not in the same position all day long. If a printer must be within grasp, it should be on the desk in such a way that the typist is not encouraged to lean or stretch the back to get the paper.

Realizing one workstation type will not fit all people will save dollars, pain and time for the business and the employee. That's a truth worth striving for.

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Can Seo Services Really Promise A First Page Ranking

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It's a valid question. Can SEO Services Really Promise a First Page Ranking? Are you one of those who pay lip service to SEO because it is 'the thing to do' and then complain when Google or Yahoo fail to list any of your webpages in their indices? Do you actually understand what a search engine is and how it works? Do you know what a search term or a keyword is, or how the search engines use them to index your web pages?

If not, don't feel alone. You are one of the 99% who have no idea what I am talking about. Yet you expect your website to be listed on Google. Don't you? If so, you had better think again because Google do not list websites. That's all I am going to say about that, and if you don't understand, then try entering a search term into Google and examine the results.

The sad fact is that the vast majority of people who try to make money from the internet fail. A lot less than 1 in 100, make more than they spend trying to succeed. To succeed you must learn from those who have done it themselves. I know it sounds trite, but there is no time any more for people to learn 'through experience'. I learned through experience: I am still paying for that 'experience' four years on.

To succeed you must have an open mind. The internet is not a gold mine except for those that persuade you that it is, and then take your hard earned cash to show you how. There is one secret to online success and that is free advertising. I know, I can hear you saying it already! There is no such thing! And you would be right to say so. However, there is cheap advertising: advertising that you pay only to find out how to get it.

That is search engine position for the keywords of your choice! If you appear on the first page of, for example, Google, then you get as much exposure as those that are paying high sums of money to pay for the Adwords adverts that you see on the right hand side of the results page. You appear on the left hand side, and guess where people look for information? Yup, the left hand side! That has been proved. The left side is associated with adverts, and no wonder since the left hand side IS full of adverts!

However, to get on the left hand side of that first page, you have to be visited by the search engine spiders that will crawl your site and determine your listing position. IF you get crawled! That is challenge number 1.

Challenge number 2 is to get listed on the first page for your keyword. To achieve that you have to understand how search engines work. If you do not, then you have very little chance without paying a fortune to SEO companies. IF you learn how to do it yourself, it will cost you nothing. No SEO company can guarantee you a Page 1 listing - unless the keyword they list you for is never used by anybody. I can get a Page 1 listing on any search engine for the keyword 'ybomang', but unless that suddenly appears as a character in Harry Potter, nobody will ever search for that. Use it yourself and you will be in position 1!

No SEO company can guarantee a high listing for any but useless keywords. They can 'improve' your listing but not provide, as many do, a 'Top 10? listing. So do not be misled. What you must do is learn how search engines work, and then apply that knowledge to persuading them to visit one or more pages of your website, and include them in its indices for the search terms, or keywords, that each of your pages is dedicated to.

You must dedicate every individual page on your website to one, and only one, keyword. That keyword must be a search term that you know that is being commonly used by others to find the information that is contained on your web page. You must then provide good informative content on that page that relates to that keyword, and do what you can to attract spiders and make them just love the content on your web page. So much so that they want everybody looking for the information that your page provides to visit it by showing it prominently on the search engine results page.

There are ways of doing that, and you won't come across them accidentally. You will have to learn them, not pay for them, unless you have a deep pocket since the rules change frequently, and what is optimized today might not be optimized next month! DIY is the buzz word for home improvement, so also make it the buzz word for website improvement. It could earn you more money than a few shelves in your kitchen!

Can SEO Services Really Promise a First Page Ranking? Of course not!

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Finding A Shared Host

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For those wanting to set up a Web site on a budget, finding a good shared host is key. A hosting company that can guarantee close to 100% server uptime, is scalable, and has reasonable charges are among the most immediately obvious demands.

Other questions that must be asked while searching for a shared Web host:

1. Is the Web host capable of supporting the number of expected users? What kind of server do they employ, and how does the technology compare to the competition?

2. What technical skills and level of experience do the system administrators bring to the business?

3. What do other Webmasters using the host's services have to say? Check as many references as possible. Browse the sites maintained by the host at both peak and off-peak hours to check response times.

4. How does the host connect to the Internet? It should be at least a T3 connection, with sufficient bandwidth dedicated to the Web site's needs.

5. Can the host provide technical support through a toll-free line 24 hours a day?

6. Does the host have an alternate route for Internet traffic if the main line is down?

7. What happens in case of a server failure? Will the Web host be able to recover lost data? Will valuable business data be lost? Will the Web host offer any compensation if there are interruptions in service, especially if these interruptions cause business losses?

8. Is the company the owner of the servers the Web site will be stored on, or are they merely resellers of an existing service?

9. What other content is stored on the host's servers? Web hosts that allow adult sites to be hosted on their servers should be avoided, as the traffic on those kinds of sites can negatively impact the performance of other sites.

10. What services are actually necessary? Only those services that are required should be purchased. Paying for unused services is a waste of money.

These are not all easy questions. Many Web hosts are reluctant to answer these questions directly. Some will try to obfuscate their answers with Web jargon. An Internet professional should be employed to avoid this if necessary.

Trusted friends, family, or other business professionals who have good experience with a specific Web host can save a lot of time in such a search by immediately pointing out a quality business.

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Profit Adsense Arbitrage Model For Arbitrage Success

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Is Adsense Arbitrage Being Banned?

The echo comes full circle and all of a sudden what you hear is: Google is banning all Adsense Arbitrage sites and the SERPs will finally be free of those despicable made for Adsense sites. But the few REAL Adsense Arbitrage players are making it even bigger.

Earning with Adsense Arbitrage

Those earning more than 4 figures were either running sites based on auto generated Adsense Arbitrage sites with a concept of build build and build. But to be fair there are quite a number of Adsense make money step by step packages out there that have made a real impact on many Adsense Arbitrage affiliates' incomes.

Disguising Your Ads

Any visitor to ANY site probably will NOT click on something that they know is a advertisement. Build a new site on high paying keywords via the Adsense Arbitrage method. There are dozens of things you can do today to generate Adsense Arbitrage income almost immediately.

How To Multiply Your Adsense Arbitrage Profits

If you know the power of getting hits to your site then you'll be able to multiply your profits - not just by selling a product or service - but by using Google AdSense in your marketing strategy. But the challenge of Adsense Arbitrage is to make people read the ad and click on it. Remember that not all affiliate programs work for low traffic sites or blogs that would otherwise shine with Adsense. To get your visitors attention place a large rectangular ad above your content (for example the top center column) but below the title. Then choose a message that is related to the key words that were probably used. Not only does Adsense Arbitrage strategy allow webmasters to effectively tap into to other revenue sources (some of which are more valuable than Adsense ever was in its heyday) it also comports with Adsense's own recommendations for improving per click values in a smart pricing environment.

Using Adsense Templates

Also there is a site adsensepowerpack that provides a large amount of Adsense websites for you to use for your profit. They are VERY effective if used correctly. You'll do a lot for your business if you plan for the long term. Success of Adsense Arbitrage relies on following certain principles that encourage users to click and persuades them that they have got a reason to do so.

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How To Get Rid Of Spam For 2 Cents

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Spammers spend thousands of hours trying to figure out how to get around spam filters on the public email network. A spammer's goal is to reach millions of people with the same email message and hope that enough folks respond to the offer.

Public email networks hire full-time programmers to write spam filters to block spam from your mailbox, but somehow the spammers seem to win. It's a never ending battle between the two and we Internet users are caught in the middle.

There is a simple solution: private email.

A private email network takes you off the public email grid so spammers can't find you. Not only that, but viruses can't find you either. It's a 100% secure and safe environment.

On a private email network, you can send and receive plain text messages or encrypted messages, your choice.

You can also send encrypted files if you wish.

Now here's the 2-cent catch. Each message you send or receive, each file you attach or receive will cost you 2-cents. Is it worth 2-cents to escape spam, viruses, phishers and junk mail? I think so. I use Eyes Only Email as my only method of communication now. I just tell my friends my account name and we communicate just like we did on the public grid, except now we feel safe and secure.

You'll need to download the free email software to use this private network, but once you've done that, you can start using the system immediately.

Big profit and low overhead is what spammers are after. They won't participate in a private email system because it increases their overhead tremendously. It would cost them $20,000 to send one million emails at 2-cents each. That isn't going to happen.

Besides being spam free, I like the option of sending sensitive information with encryption, another great feature of private email. Try it out today - for 2-cents per message you can take yourself off the public email system.

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Practical Tips For A Good Website

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Online businesses abounds the World Wide Web these days. Some who are very successful easily realize 6 figure profits while other are just managing to barely exist. One would wonder what could have caused this situation. Success of an online business could be attributed to the business acumen of the owner. But it is undeniable that other factors could have caused these circumstances.

The website design could be one of these factors. A carefully designed website is essential to the success of an online business. It should be able to give a lasting favorable impression to the visitor. "First impression is lasting" may be a clich

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Advantages Of Search Engine Optimization

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The Internet has now become a very crowded place. Few years back the number of websites on the World Wide Web was not as huge as it is today. Today the number of websites on the Internet is in millions. In this situation it is very difficult for any website to stand out of the crowd. No website today can survive without proper promotional efforts to make your website a well visited one. To ensure a regular flow of traffic towards your website you need to get it search engine optimized. Search Engine Optimization is a must nowadays. No website can survive today without search engine optimization. Search engine optimization helps you in getting your website noticed. Your page ranking can be improved and this can be your key to online success.

The biggest advantage of search engine optimization is that your page ranking improves through search engine optimization. Whenever somebody enters a keyword in the search bar of a search engine, he or she gets the result in few seconds. The websites that appear towards the top of this result page get more chances of getting more visitors. The visits of people on your website are really important. All those websites, which get more visitors, are good gross earners. The earning of a website is very much dependent on the number of visitors a website gets. If a website gets more visitors, the chances of increase in the volume of business are more. If this is not the case, you will not be able to make sales. Getting more web traffic through search engine optimization not only helps you in increasing your sales, it also helps in making money through lending promotional support to other websites. If you place the links of other websites on your website, you can charge them for this service. Thus in this way, search engine optimization helps you in making money online.

Search engine optimization is important. You can become search engine optimized by submitting your website to the search engines. You need to rearrange the content of your website as well. Also, you can place the links of your website on some places on the web; this will help you in getting more visitors. Search engine optimization will help you in making more money online in this way.

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Helpful Hints For Starting A Home Based Business

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If you're planning on starting a home based business, this is the article for you! Try these techniques that have helped countless others on their paths to entrepreneurial freedom and reap the rewards of being your own boss!

Starting a Home Based Business? Exercise!

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to ensure that you begin on the right foot when starting a home based business is to make certain that you're physically and mentally in shape.

By paying attention to both your body (through exercise) and your energy level (through nutrition), you'll be able to tackle 12-hour days and plough through the set-up phase of your company.

Starting a Home Based Business? Prioritize!

If everything on your plate is of equal importance, you'll never be able to get it all accomplished while starting a home based business.

Instead, start two lists - one "daily to do list" and one "long term to do list." Update your lists frequently and add a number from 1-10 next to each item, 10 being the most important and 1 being the least.

By turning your tasks into numbered and organized priorities, you'll be able to find the time to do everything that absolutely must be finished each day, week, and month.

Starting a Home Based Business? Organize!

Is your residence a cluttered mess? Then starting a home based business will be incredibly challenging, as you'll have trouble pinpointing where all your paperwork is.

To combat a messy office space, devote one section of your living area to starting a home based business and keep all important documents, equipment, et cetera, in that location. Through such determined organization, you'll have less moments where you say, "Now, where did I put that?"

Starting a Home Based Business? Persist!

Virtually no home based business becomes a success overnight. So if you aren't seeing immediate results, don't give up!

Persistence will be a key factor when starting a home based business, as you'll experience plenty of ups and downs during your journey. If you can plan for these rocky points (and have a supportive circle of friends and family to cheer you on), you'll be able to learn from your mistakes and move on with poise.

Starting a Home Based Business? Be Passionate!

Finally, when starting a home based business, have passion for the product or service you'll be introducing to the public. Without such a love, it will be too difficult for you to continue when the chips are down.

If you don't have an interest in what you're selling, you may be starting a home based business in the wrong arena. But don't be discouraged if that's the case! There are tons of home based business opportunities on the market, and they're just waiting for you to snatch them up and turn them into gold!

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Beware Of Home Business Scams

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We all would love to have the freedom to work for ourselves from the privacy of our own homes. Some of us, want it so badly, that we are easy prey for many of the home business scams that pop up on the internet and in your email inbox on a daily basis.

They make professional looking websites, including testimonials from people talking about all of the money they have made and how great the business is. They try to pull you in by talking about how much they enjoy the flexibility of being able to set their own schedule, work from their own home, and be their own boss.

All the things that we would all like to have, but have yet to find. The question is how do you know if these offers are legitimate? Should we automatically hit delete, assume that they are all scams, and possibly miss the one that might, just might be a true business opportunity, the one that you have been so desperately seeking? This article will tell you about some of the known home business scams that are out there, so that hopefully, you won't be the next victim taken for a ride by them.

We have all seen the advertisements on television and online that offers you the business of your dreams, financial freedom, and unlimited success, and then tells you that all you have to do is call this 1-900 number for more information.

These phone numbers are by no means toll free, and will cost you quite a bit of money just for making the call for more information. Oftentimes, the promised information is just a bunch of garbage that is thrown together in an attempt to keep you on the phone longer, making them more money in the end, money that will come out of your pocket when you have to pay your next telephone bill.

The most well-known home business scam is the envelope stuffing business. You send in a nominal amount of money to a company that promises that in return, they will send you a certain number of envelopes that they need you to stuff and return.

They go on to tell you that they will pay you a certain amount of money for each envelope you do, but what actually happens, is that you send the money in, and never hear from the company again, or you do get the envelopes, stuff them, and send them back in, only to never see any money in return. Not to mention the fact that you are also out the original fee that you sent in for the information to start with. So, this is a total scam, and a total waste of your time and hard earned money. You are just making some scammer's pockets that much fatter!

Much like the envelope stuffing scam, there is a similar scam that involves your email. You get a message in your inbox telling you that you can make a ton of money by sending out emails for this company, and to send them a certain amount of money upfront for more information. They send you back a list that tells you to forward the original email they sent you to someone else, and get them to pay you the fee, and so on. You never really gain anything from this, other than turning yourself into a scam artist, victimizing others.

If you see an ad for a home based business, and it looks as though you can make a ton of money for literally doing nothing, then chances are it is a scam. If you are lucky, you will realize this prior to sending them any of your hard earned money, but if you do, don't be surprised if you never get the money back, or never even hear from the company again.

If you receive a solicitation in your email that you did not sign up for, then delete it right away. Chances are pretty high that it is a scam invented to make someone else rich, certainly not you.

Legitimate companies are not going to expect you to send them money for more information about the job they are offering, so if you get something that looks like it would be the best thing for you, and you get to the bottom and it says all you have to do is send us $20 by check, money order, PayPal, credit or debit card, then chances are it is a scam, and you should leave the site and don't look back.

When looking for a work at home job or home based business, remember that you are looking for ways that you can make money, not ways to lose it. Don't pay someone for information, and don't fall into the spam trap.

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