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Cats Are Very Lovable Creatures

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"Who would believe such pleasure from a wee ball o' fur?"- An Irish saying about cats, perhaps best describes what pleasure-giving creatures cats can be.

Jean Burden, beautifully defines the feline beauty. "A dog, I have always said, is prose; a cat is a poem." Cats for many people, are really very lovable - remember 'Snowbell' - the cat of "Stuart Little".

Cats are rather delicate creatures and they are subject to many ailments. Cat grooming is a very important part of keeping a cat as a healthy pet. Cat supplies can be defined as important things that can be purchased for cat grooming, and maintaining general good cat health.

Cat supplies is a general term that covers a variety of important cat care products. These topics could be used when undertaking an online Internet search for good value cat supply products for your pets - cat-grooming supplies, cat pet supplies, cat training supplies and discount cat supplies.

Cat Grooming:

Cat grooming is in fact a long program of cat health care that covers the entire life span a cat. It includes feline care, feline health care, feline diabetes care etc. It also includes practices like kitten care, giving a hygiene bath, general cleaning, combing, brushing, checking ears, paws, teeth and underside, nail trimming, removing cat fleas and insects and fixing regular meetings with a professional veterinary. Cat owners should follow a regular schedule of grooming sessions.

Like children, infant cats, known as kittens, require some extra special attention. A kitten is delicate and should be handled with care. It also needs to be groomed properly, fed carefully, and bedded properly.

Cat Grooming Supplies:

Cat grooming supplies play a key role in the process of maintaining a happy and healthy cat. Supplies for your pet may include a special cat home or house, cat doors, cat furniture, cat carrier, cat beds, heated cat beds, cat toys, cat collars, designer cat collars, jeweled or jingling cat collars, cat odor removers, cat clothes, special cat jewelry, cat food, cat tonics & supplements and cat medication.

Cat Beds:

A cat bed is a bed specially designed for the sleeping comfort of a cat. It should be the most pleasurable place for a cat where it retires to take sweet dreams. Good cat beds are actually quite important for maintaining good cat health. An improper sleep may very much affect the general health of your cat - thus the masters of cats should be very careful when buying cat beds. A cat bed and cat bedding should include a cat bed mattress, cat bed sheet, cat pillows, cat throw pillows, cat blankets and cat quilt or duvets.

Cat beds are available in numerous styles and include designer cat beds, heated cat beds, luxury cat beds, wicker cat beds, leather cat beds, etc.

There are number of designer cat pet beds available on the market for purchase, both in physical pet stores, and also online. Many pet bed manufacturers now sell their cat beds online, through their official company websites.

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Horse First Aid Pack

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Horse supplies run the gamut from grooming products to nutritional supplements. But there is an essential horse supply that you shouldn't leave your barn, or your saddlebag without. Horse first aid pack might be just the thing that could save your horse's life. Hollywood had often dramatized the situation wherein the rider shoots his horse because it is injured. Probably, he doesn't have his first aid pack with him. No good comes from killing a horse over a minor injury if you could put it out of its agony without pulling the trigger. Plus, you know from experience that no matter how thought out or planned an outing might be, there are just some things that go awry. It's not being paranoid, it is being prepared. Your preparation might help prevent your ride from turning into a Hollywood drama.

The kit must be stored in a container or bag that can keep moisture and dirt out because these encourage the growth of bacteria. You would just aggravate your horse's infection if you used contaminated bandages. Stores that sell horse supplies carry items such as a plastic zipper bag. Aside from keeping tools, or grooming equipment, these are also good for storing first aid items. Groceries sell plastic food containers in varying sizes. Aside from keeping possible contaminants out, you could also choose one that could fit in your saddlebag. Among the things that you should include in your kit, a disinfectant probably is the most handy in most injuries. From minor scrapes and abrasions to wounds, disinfectants are essential cleansers. Just follow the manufacturers' instructions especially when using industrial grades as excessive use could dry your horse's skin. Antiseptic scrubs and swabs become useful for disinfecting wounds in the absence of water. These are excellent substitutes for disinfectants because they clean wounds with the same efficiency, but without the need for water. Ointments or wound powders are also worthy additions to your kit. They can prevent entrance of new bacteria inside the wound and speed up the healing process. However, be sure to use ointments, powders, and creams that have been approved by your vet. A fly repellent applied or sprayed on the wound lowers further infection or contamination risks considerably. Wound dressings come in sterile individual packs and they are good for covering wounds and promoting healing. There should be a supply of bandages in your kit, or at least two with a wide breadth. They are good for stabilizing fractures, splints, and securing pads over bleedings. Speaking of bleedings, cotton wool and gauze are essential for preventing excess bleeding. Salts are good for soaking diseased hooves and feet.

Aside from these medications, there are some supplies which you can buy from equine stores and regular drug stores. Petroleum jellies are good for chafing, minor burns, and skin sores. Thermometer is an investment to add to your horse supplies. Expert riders advise to keep your thermometers clipped to the tail of your horse to avoid loss. Scissors, tweezers, and forceps are tools you shouldn't forget adding to your first aid pack. Aside from cutting bandages, they are also perfect for removing splinters and stones stuck in horses' hooves. Lastly, these first aid pack is just for providing your horse help in emergencies before the vet arrives. These are just for preventive measures, meaning they can't cure your horse. It is still important to call a vet after applying first aid.

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Dog Training When To Reprimand And When To Reward

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There are a lot of things people have to remember when they start dog training. There are a lot of different dog training techniques to try.

Some of these dog training techniques work, while other dog training techniques seem to work against you. With so many different aspects of dog training, it is hard to know what techniques work the best.

One of the biggest things that often confuse people with regards to dog training is when to reward your dog and when to reprimand your dog. If you have trouble deciding when to do which, please read on.

Most dog training course instructors will tell you that positive dog training is the best technique to utilize. Unfortunately, there are some instances when you do have to reprimand your dog.

Reprimanding your dog should not happen often, as dogs respond better to positive reinforcement used in dog training. Before you learn when to reprimand your dog, you should first learn when to reward your dog.

You should reward your dog any time your dog does something it is supposed to during dog training. This can be when it sits, stays, eliminates where it should, fetches, etc.

The reward you use during your dog training can be many things: praise, kind words, tummy rub, pat on the head, or a treat.

Dogs learn very quickly from positive dog training. Dogs tend to want to make you happy and this is why they do so well with this type of dog training. However, be sure you never reward bad behavior.

Reprimanding is a type of dog training that should not be done unless necessary. This can be when your dog jumps, eliminates in the wrong place, barks, growls, pulls on a leash, destroys something, etc.

You must only reprimand your dog if you catch it in the act of doing something wrong.

Otherwise, your dog will not realize what it did. The reprimand used for this dog training should be a quick, sharp "no" or "bad dog."

Your tone should be angry, but remember to be short and quick. If you constantly do this, your words will end up being ignored by the dog. Never spank, hit, or constantly scold your dog. This will only lead to more problems in the future.

These are all of the important things you need to focus on when determining when to reprimand or reward your dog during dog training. Remember to be patient because your dog is learning and trying its best.

With some love and consideration, your dog should do quite well with its dog training.

Then it will be a rewarding experience for you both!

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Dog Bite Prevent Or Deal With It

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Statistics has it that 4.7 million people get bitten by dogs yearly. These bites range from minor nips to major attacks.

Dog is man's best friend, not his worst enemy. To make it stay that way, here are some tips for you to stay away from being bitten by a dog.

* How to Avoid being Bitten by A Dog

1. Don't Approach a Strange Dog.

It is a big no-no to go near just any dog you find adorable, particularly when that dog is tied or placed behind a fence or if it is in a car. A new or strange dog might think that you are threatening him or you are an intruder.

2. Don't Just Pet A Dog.

It is not advisable for anyone to suddenly just pet a dog, even his or her own dog, without letting him sniff and recognize you first.

3. Don't Ever Turn Your Back to a Dog Just to Run Away

This animal's instinct will dictate it chase and catch you. So, running away is not a good option.

4. Don't Disturb a Dog.

When a dog is sleeping, chewing on anything, caring for her puppies or eating, it is bad idea to shock or disturb it.

* How to Bite-Proof Your Own Dog

1. Neuter or spay your dog to reduce its tendency to roam and fight with other dogs.

2. Make it socialize to lessen its being nervous when a lot of people are around.

3. Train your dog to not chase anyone even when it's just for fun.

4. License your dog and provide for its regular care and rabies vaccinations.

5. Never let your dog roam alone.

* Things to Do if You are Bitten by A Dog

1. Never Panic.

This will only aggravate the situation. Stay calm and make sure that you make informed decisions.

2. Deal with the Wound Immediately.

Wash the wound thoroughly with soap and warm water. This should be done immediately. Then, contact your physician for more care and advice.

3. Tell the Animal Care and Control Agency in Your Location about the Bite.

Report to the animal control personnel all the information you can supply regarding the dog. If it is a stray dog, describe the dog, where you saw him, whether you are familiar with it and also the direction which he went.

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Dog Beds

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Our dogs come in all sizes, shapes and breeds; therefore, there are many different types of dog beds and pet bedding available to buy online. If you are looking for a small dog bed, a large dog bed or even an extra large dog bed, they can all be found right here!

When looking for a dog bed you need to keep in mind your dog breed, and your living style. Some people like their dog beds to match with their home decor, and therefore, should be looking for a designer dog bed. Other people may want their dog to feel like a King or Queen so they want a luxury dog bed, a personalized dog bed, or a fancy dog bed. Or maybe you are looking for a bed that will not be at your primary residence so you want a cheep dog bed or a discount dog bed or wholesale dog bed. Wicker dog beds are a great addition to any home or home away from home. What ever your dog's desire it can be found here.

If your living style is one of travel and adventure then your dog's bed needs to be compatible with that style. You need to look at buying a dog car bed or an outdoor dog bed or a canopy dog bed or a waterproof dog bed or a bed tent for a dog or even a dog travel bed. Depending on what kind of travel you do will depend on the type of travel dog bed you buy.

If you have a large breed dog, or even a small breed dog you may be looking for free shipping for your dog bed many online stores will offer this, you just need to inquire. If your dog breed is prone to physical problems or your dog is just getting old, or you want to really pamper your dog then look at memory foam dog beds, and orthopedic dog beds. Elevated dog beds and raised dog beds as well as a dog bed ramp may come in very handy with your dog.

Take care of your dog; after all they are a part of your family.

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Nano Reef Tank Setup

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If you are into reef tanks and your curiosity drove you to know more about Nano Reef tanks, read on.

Let me start from the bare basics. What exactly is a nano reef tank? A nano reef is nothing but a reef tank of less than 20 gallons. Now this is not a sacrosanct rule or law like the Newton's law on gravity but I strongly adhere to this definition as 20 gallons is the threshold where popular accepted formulas for reef tanks or 'small' reef tanks begin to loose ground, calling for new conventions.

Next pretty obvious question which you may ask is why would you want a nano reef tank? Pretty obvious answer: It is generally a low cost affair. You can easily manage a decent nano tank with less than $200. Apart from cost they are easy to maintain, you can fit them anywhere, are extremely portable (that means if you are bored of watching it lying on your home desk, take it to your office desk without any hassles!).

And it is not something for just novices. They can offer new challenges to experienced reef keepers minus the cost and time constraints. I say challenging because there is very little room for error when it comes to the nano tank. Whether it is maintaining water quality or temperature stability or oxygen depletion, one has to be extremely careful in maintaining a nana reef tank.

Lighting a Nano reef is something of a complex issue. There are people who have kept Nano reefs with 3-7 watts per gallon of light. Some have used 30 watts. It boils down to the fact that you can have a successful coral tank using the rule of thumb, 3-7 watts per gallon, but your tank will be healthier if you provide larger quantities of light.

A nano reef will require your attention towards heating and cooling aspects too. This is because in a nano reef tank stable temperature control is very important. Unlike large tanks temperature change in nano reefs can be quite large and frequent. For heating purpose a normal heater would be suffice. But cooling is a difficult problem. A common solution is to keep the tank in air-conditioned room. Some people use evaporative cooling with fans, but this is probably not the best idea as there are chances that amount of evaporation it causes can produce wide specific gravity shifts in a nano tank which would not be appreciated by the tank's inhabitants.

Due to small surface area a nano reef tank will require adequate water circulation more than any other form of reef tank. A simple and effective solution is to use an open ended bubbler. Larger is the size of your tank more bubblers you may need.

There is no doubt that a sump would greatly aid in the temperature and nutrient buffering capabilities of a nano, but its seldom used. The main reason for this is that being small in size, using a sump adds to the complexity and takes up space, a big constraint in a nano.

Now here comes the best part of the nano reefs. The water quality maintainenace or change is ridiculously simple! Being small, the water quantity is low. So changing water every two weeks is a painless task. Regular water change will also obviate the need for a skimmer.

Now decide on for what live rock to choose and what quantity. Again here is a nano advantage. Since the size is small you wont be required lot of rock so you can go for the best quality live rock without causing a dent in your bank account.

And finally the choice for corals : You could go for both stony corals or soft corals. Virtually every soft coral is eligible for a nano reef tank. But when it comes to stony ones few points need to be cosnsidered. You should go for small colonies of stony corals, preferablly 12?. You can pick any among Acropora, Bubble coral, Favites, Torch Coral or Elegance coral.

For a 5 gallon nano, you should add another about 3 lbs of live rock, plus at least another 3 lbs of live sand.

So go all out and play! Its not about the size, remember all good things come in small packages.

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Get Rid Of Fleas The Way To Do It

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Summer is here and so are the Fleas!

Amid the joy of seeing the arrival of Summer, your headache of having to deal with fleas is really not something that you would look forward to.

Many people have deem flea control as an uphill task and some has even think that it is simply impossible to get rid of fleas or even to keep them under a tolerable level.

Is that really true? Well, not if you follow what I would call an integrated plan to flea control.

The reason why many people failed in their attempts is because they just simply do not understand the whole life cycle of the fleas. Its not only fleas that you are dealing with. You have to be aware that killing off the adult fleas would not solve your problem. You have to deal with the problem as a whole and that means you have to deal with the eggs, the larva and the pupae from which the fleas are developed. Many people do not realize this and hence are complaining that is just a "mission impossible".

Your choice of a flea-control product also plays an important role. Choose the wrong product and it may either harm your pets or that it's not effective at all. There are many anti-flea products available in the market but your choice is dependable on which stage of the life cycle of the flea you are dealing with. Some are active only against adult fleas and not effective in killing off eggs, larvae etc.

Another reason why many people failed in their attempts in controlling fleas is because they are focus only on their pets. They see fleas on their pets and quite reasonably would assume that the problem lies in their pets. Aggressively applying one after another anti-flea product on their pets. However, little did they know that there are thousand more around the environment waiting to jump back onto the poor dog or cat for food. This is why treating or taking care of the surrounding environment is just as important in your war against these pests.

An Integrated plan in flea control involved dealing with the fleas in totality.

Use the right products and method

Treat your pets

Treat your house, the surrounding environment, gardens and yards.

Leave any of this out and you are heading for failure again.

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Simple And Effective Solutions For Aquarium Algae

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Eradication of encrusting algae could be done simply by periodically scraping the sides of the aquarium or scrubbing the rocks.

For those with plastic plants and a completely white gravel bed, the situation could be more tasking as it would be necessary to bleach the rocks to remove all traces of algae.

However, if you do this, do make sure that you rinse the gravel thoroughly afterwards. Bleach is highly toxic, and even small amounts can have a drastic effect on the aquarium fish.

Since the primary cause of green algae is too much light. The fist step in the treatment schedule should be light reduction then partial water changes and an adequate stocking with natural aquarium plants. A final treatment with an algae remedy should ensure that the problem is eradicated and is at least kept at bay for some time.

One of the factors mentioned above is the use of natural aquatic plants as a means of algae control. This is really more effective than many people think.

For a start, luxuriant plant growth will filter out some of the light keeping algae in check. In addition plants absorb a large variety of chemicals from the water, thereby starving algae of some of their essential nutrients e.g. nitrates (not nitrites).

Surprising as though it may seem, an adequate plant stocking level is approximately 50 small plants per square root of available space.

The treatment I mentioned is the use of an algaecide. I must stress the word "use:" it is very different to "abuse"!

Yet despite this difference, I know that some people will still persist in pouring the chemical remedy into their aquarium and expect the problem to disappear overnight, even though they have done absolutely nothing to alter the conditions in the tank that brought about the problem in the first place.

The conditions I stated above have to be adhering to for any lasting effect to occur! Now that we know how to curb the menace of the green algae, in another article I shall discuss it's ugly "sister" brown algae (the brown encrusting algae whose case is the reverse of green algae).

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When Lizards Will Not Eat They Have To Eat

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Like any animal, lizards at times in captivity will need to be force fed. There are situations and conditions which will result in a lizard not eating on their own.

Some diseases lizards can get will result in seizures, or a similar condition. It is imperative not to feed them during an incident like this. They will most likely not be able to swallow the food. It is best to seek the help of a veterinarian at this point. The animal will need to have a tube placed into their stomach to feed. If the animal shows no signs of seizures, they can be fed using a syringe. It is tricky to get their mouth open, but should be possible using the syringe itself.

Using the syringe, squeeze the processed food into the back of the throat, taking great care to avoid the trachea at the back of the tongue. Make sure to only offer as much food as the animal can handle. Larger lizards can obviously handle more food. It may also be possible to force-feed feeder insects. If the lizard is having digestive problems however, the liquid substitute is much easier to digest, as much of the work is already done. Another advantage of liquid feeding is the fact that you control exactly what the lizard is getting into its diet.

For the vegetable part of the liquid diet, vegetable baby food works very well. This food is high in vitamins and can easily be digested by the lizard. Make sure to add in a calcium supplement to the food. Younger lizards need to be fed more often but in smaller quantities, while larger lizards will need to be fed less often, but with higher quantities per feeding. You have to follow the natural way your lizard eats its food, as not to upset their natural metabolism. If your lizard eats both insects and vegetables, you can use a type of cat food (used for sick cats) if they will eat it. You can also try to add insect matter (use fresh insects) into the liquid mix.

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