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Don T Turn Debt Consolidation Into Your Next Credit Issues

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Debt consolidation is a process to combine all your high interest rate into single and lower interest rate monthly payment. It has been used by many debtors to plan for a debt relief. Commonly, a debt consolidation will be accompanied by a debt consolidation loan. The debt consolidation loan will be used to payoff all your high interest debts and you just need to focus on single monthly payment to clear the debt consolidation loan. Hence debt consolidation with a debt consolidation loan will help to make your debts more manageable to achieve your debt relief goal.

After paying off your debts with the debt consolidation loan, your credit cards balance will go to zero and now you have the maximum credit limit for usage. The dangerous part is if your do not control the uses of your credit card and continue to use them to pay for your purchases and use to pay minimum payment on your credit card balances, you will be trapped into another debt issue soon or later.

You are working hard to go through the debt consolidation process and manage to get a debt consolidation loan to clear all debts, don't let yourself fall back into the hot water and struggling to get rid of debt again. Things that you can do to avoid it from happening are:

1. Change Your Spending Behavior

If you tend to buy items spontaneously, you are an impulse buyer. Impulse buying behavior may cause you to spend out of your budget. Hence, you much change your spending behavior to avoid new debts added to you, else you effort to consolidation your debts and plan for a debt free will be a waste because new debts will snowballing to a serious debt issue if you not control it and you soon will again trap into another financial crisis. To avoid any impulse purchase, you should plan your shopping list and just buy the items in the list.

2. Make A Budget Plan

Budget Plan is an important in financial management, it enables your to have controlled on you money, know where your money will go and how much will be on each spending. You much include your debt consolidation loan repayment into your budget plan so that you have allocated budget for loan repayment. If you projected spending in your budget plan exceed your allocated budget, you need to cut away all the optional expenses such as entertainment, luxury vacations or downgrade your life style, for example if you use to buy branded cloth and shoes, you may now go for cheaper options so that you control your spending within your budget.

3. Avoid Swiping Your Credit Card

Paying with electronic money such as credit card is easy and convenient. And because of these advantages, it may cause you to over spend and not aware about it until you receive the credit card statement. Hence, avoid using your credit card again. Cancel most of your credit card could you a wise decision. You can leave one or two credit cards for emergency uses.

4. Make Full Payment On Credit Card Balance

If you can't stop using your credit card but you think that you can control swiping it just to buy items in your budget plan. Then, you must commit to yourself to pay full payment on your credit card balance each month. By paying in full on your credit card balance, you save yourself in added new debts to your account.

Debt consolidation is a debt solution that can get you out of debt, in contrary it can lead you to trap into second debt problem. Hence, you need to accompany debt consolidation with a proper money management to ensure your debt issue resolve.

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Debt Relief From Many Small Debts

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It's important that you know the amount of debt that you have taken small loans and debts can add up to a sizable lot. For example if you have taken 5 $100 loans, it amounts to $500 debt. A sizable amount of loan to repay for many people. Not only does the principal have to be paid but also the interest payments.

Assuming that loans are carrying a 10% interest, you would be making a $50 per month interest payment. This means that you would be making $600 in interest payments only. Therefore the interest payments and the principal work out to be $1100. Thus the cumulative effect is much more than just the single $100 debts that you would have taken. When you want to get out of debt this debt relief will ensure that you can have a sound financial future. The same applies for all the loans whether they are mortgage, car loans, business loans or education loans. One must shop around for rates and the period of the loan. This will help you to lower the debt burden.

Of course interest payments is tax deductible, but they need to be made out of your income. Therefore the lending agency requires a revenue model or you're past bank statements. They also require your credit rating. Lending agencies have access to the credit ratings of all individuals, hence they can see whether any debt has been paid pack or you have taken any relief from debt or not. This will prove to them whether you are good investment for them or not.

You must also ensure that you have a good revenue stream in order to pay back the loan installments. Take an investment to leverage the debt that you may have taken. This will also provide you with debt relief.

Whatever steps you decide totake, take them now and relive your debt asap.

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The Time To Consolidate Your Student Loans Is Now

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I don't know if you're a fan of financial guru and radio show host Dave Ramsey, but I certainly am.

I listen to Ramsey every day and find his advice to be based on common sense principles for getting out of debt and building wealth.

One thing that Ramsey recommends is that if you have high interest student loans, you should refinance and consolidate them now to lock in a reduced interest rate and lower your monthly payments.

Other financial pundits agree. Most agree with Ramsey that the sooner you consolidate and refinance old high interest student loans, the better off you will be.

I don't have student loans (no college would have me :o), but many of my friends do.

I live in a very high tech area with lots of degreed engineers and programmers and scientists, many of whom owe tens of thousands of dollars in old school loan debt.

If you have student loans the time to think about refinancing is now.

Federal student loan interest rates are at an all time low, but that can't last forever.

By refinancing your student loans now, you lock in the interest rate for the duration of the consolidation loan.

The first thing you need to do is find out if you are eligible for student loan consolidation.

On a referral from a friend, I found one online organization that offers a free survey that will tell if you are eligible for a federal student loan consolidation.

This organization says their average customer saves $150 a month or $1,800 annually. That can add up to one heck of a savings over the life of a 5 to 10 year loan.

Simply complete the online survey found at the link below to see if you are eligible to consolidate your student loans.

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Seven Steps To A Healthier Bank Balance With A Debt Consolidation Loan

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If your debts are getting you down then you can't afford to ignore the option of taking out a debt consolidation loan to help you sort out your financial situation. In this case scenario you basically take out a personal loan that is big enough to pay off all of your existing debts. You then have one loan to repay at better interest rates and - most importantly - you have a specific target date when all of your debts will be repaid. So, if you think that this could be the ideal solution for you, then read through our Seven Step guide for further information.

Step One - Be honest about your debts

First of all you need to look at your financial situation and see how bad it really is. If you find that you are currently only making minimum repayments on the money you owe because you can't afford to pay off more then a debt consolidation loan may be your only answer before things get worse.

Step Two - Look at where your debts come from

If, like most people with debt problems, you find that most of the money you owe is on credit and/or charge cards then you should change your situation as soon as you can. Borrowing money on plastic is expensive - at the very least - and can make it really hard to repay the money you owe. If you don't repay a credit card balance in full every month then a lump of interest will be added to the money you already owe so your debts may grow a lot quicker than you can cope with them.

Step Three - Make the decision to sort yourself out

It's not hard to get help to sort out your finances - no matter how dire you may feel that they are. But you won't get anywhere fast unless you yourself are committed to getting your finances in order. If you're looking at a debt consolidation loan as a solution then make sure that you get one that will cover all of your debts first of all so that you will be working with a clean slate. And, if you owe a lot on credit cards, then make sure that you get rid of them (or at least most of them) once you've used your consolidation loan to pay off your balances. You'll never get out of the debt spiral if you use a debt consolidation loan to get yourself a clean slate but then just carry on spending and build up new debts.

Step Four - Decide on the loan that's right for you

Your next stage is to work out what kind of debt consolidation loan will suit you best. You might, for example, simply opt for a general personal loan or you may prefer a specialist package. If you're a home owner you can take out a secured loan to get hold of lower rates or, if you prefer and/or don't own a property, then you can take out an unsecured loan instead.

Step Five - Work out what you can afford

You'll already have calculated how much you owe at this stage. Now you need to assess how much you can pay back. All you need to do here is to work out a simple monthly budget planner. To do this write down your salary/incomings (after tax) and then take away your outstanding financial commitments. These shouldn't include the existing debts that you want to get rid of but should include other costs such as mortgage/rent, council tax, bills, food and living/entertainment expenses. Basically, when you've worked this all out you'll have an idea of how much disposable income you have left to spend on a consolidation loan. You may well have to tighten your belt here to have enough left to start with but it's better to economise now than to let debt take over your life.

Step Six - Find the cheapest option

It's vital to make sure that you get the best deal you can for a debt consolidation loan from the point of view of interest rates. This means that your monthly repayments will be lower and you'll pay back less overall in interest. So, don't clutch at the first loan you come across but do some ground work first. There are loads of sites on the Internet that can help you find and compare loan rates for this kind of loan. Some can even guide you through the application and acceptance process.

Step Seven - Don't take your foot off the pedal till you get there

Finally, you need to keep your eye on the ball after you've sorted your situation out. Debt consolidation loans really can take the pressure off your finances and it's easy to forget how stressful your financial situation once was when you've found this solution. You'll know, for example, that there is an end in sight and that you will be on track to repay the money you owe at the end of your loan period. You may even have more disposable cash to play with every month because repaying this kind of loan is cheaper than repaying lots of little debts on cards and so forth. But, don't be tempted to start spending wildly again. A lot of consumers sort themselves out with a debt consolidation option only to mess up their finances again because they don't sort out their spending habits. Make sure you don't join their ranks!

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Bill Consolidation Loans Lower High Interest Payments And Get Out Of Debt

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If you are hoping to payoff your debts, obtaining a bill consolidation loan may be the solution. Each year, millions of consumers enjoy a debt free life. Although becoming debt free may seem like a dream, there are many options available to reduce or payoff credit balances. One option includes a bill consolidation loan.

What are Bill Consolidation Loans?

Bill consolidation loans, also referred to as debt consolidation loans, are essentially personal loans that are used to payoff high interest credit cards, student loans, auto loans, etc. These loans will combine all your outstanding balances into one loan. No longer will you have to make numerous little payments a month. In its place, you make a single payment to pay back the bill consolidation loan.

Types of Bill Consolidation Loans

There are various types of bill consolidation loans. Moreover, each loan is geared toward a specific situation. Those who own a home may take advantage of home equity options. These include home equity loans or home equity lines of credit. In both cases, homeowners may borrow money against their home's equity to payoff bills. Home equity loans have low interest rates, thus they are easier to repay.

If you have a stellar credit rating, getting approved for an unsecured personal debt consolidation loan is another option. These types of loans are tricky. Because banks and other lending sources are taking a gamble with unsecured loans, bad credit applicants are not approved for these loans.

On the other hand, if a bad credit applicant is willing to use a piece of property as collateral, perhaps a vehicle title, banks may consider approving a loan request. Individuals with bad credit should also apply with lenders that specialize in high risk loans.

Understanding Your Personal Credit Rating

Prior to applying for a personal bill consolidation loan, check your credit score. Lending institutions put a lot of emphasis on credit scores during the loan approval process. Individuals with several negative remarks and a low credit score are less likely to get approved. If your credit report has a few blemishes, fix what you can before applying. Higher credit scores increase your chances of getting approved for a low rate loan.

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Warning Signs Of When You Are In Too Much Debt

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Many people these days have more debt than they can handle. Some even have more than they make in a single year before taxes. But how do you know when you have too much debt? And how did you get into this situation? It may not seem possible that you could have gotten so far in debt you feel as if you are drowning in it.

Getting into a lot of debt can come from the obvious things such as buying too many luxuries like new cars, a big house, the best appliances, etc. Big purchases add up the fastest because they are more expensive. Getting too many at once without paying off previous ones can put you in financial straights to pay off the loans. This of course can lead to repossession of these items if you are not careful. Small purchases over time on a credit card, without paying the balance in full each month, will get you in high debt. And you won't even know how you got so deep because you have nothing big to show for it. Unpaid hospital bills will add up if they are ignored. They also affect your credit rating. Even with insurance, they can get steep depending on what the bill is for in the first place. Paying only the monthly minimum on any card while continuing to use it will cause your debt to mount. It's like making many small purchases because it sneaks up on you and suddenly you can't make all the minimum payments without having anything left over afterward.

Student loans are a culprit of high debt that many people don't think about. It is getting even more serious with tuition costs rising yearly as well. It may seem hard to believe but people also get in over their heads trying to keep up with their neighbors. These days' people will act like they have more money than they really do just to not be left behind in fixing up their house, owning a Siamese cat, or other such things. Some good, some bad. Having children can even be a culprit in your high debt. They need so much all the time, that you could suddenly have spent $500 and see nothing in return. And getting stuck in a job where there is no advancement or wage increases even yearly can get you farther into debt. Of course, any combination of these problems can plague you with high debt.

In this day of high debt, many people are using debt consolidation to help lower their bills. A debt consolidation lowers your payoff by negotiating with your creditors for a smaller payment. You have to save for it before you can pay it off, which can take a long time. Especially if you are so stretched you can't save any money for retirement. But the payoff can be 40-60% off what your total amount owed.

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Debt Consolidation Lending Understanding Your Lending Options

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Consolidating your debts into one easy to manage loan helps you save money while paying off your debt. With a low interest loan, it is possible to cut your repayment schedule by years, just by paying the same amount you are now. There are several lending options when consolidating debt. So whether or not you own property, you can trade in your high interest accounts for a low rate loan.

Using Your Home's Equity For Collateral

For the best rates, tap into your home's equity. You have several options for using your equity. One choice is to refinance your entire mortgage and cash out a portion of your equity as well. This will save you money on application fees if you have already been thinking about refinance your mortgage. You will also get lower rates on your cash out.

The other choice is to apply for a second mortgage or line of credit. Both of these allow you to keep your original low rate mortgage while accessing your equity. Application and miscellaneous fees are relatively small. And rates are near conventional levels.

Getting Help With A Personal Loan

For those without property to act as collateral, you can choose a personal loan to reduce your rates. Even with a personal loan, you can cut your credit card rates nearly in half.

Personal loans are based on your credit history and income. The better your credit score, the better rates you can get. With a large income or assets, you can also qualify for good rates. But even with poor credit, you can still lower your rates with a personal loan.

Opening Up A New Credit Card Account

If you only have a few thousand to consolidate, then consider opening a new credit card account that has a 0% on transfers or a low rate. With these introductory offers, you can begin to trim your principal.

It's important though that you close old accounts so that you don't further hurt your credit score. Too many open accounts, even unused, will reduce the future amount of credit you can qualify for. It also keeps you from adding to your debt load.

No matter which option you choose to consolidate your bills, take some time to investigate lenders. Make sure that you are getting the best deal available, saving you more money.

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Expert Tips On Choosing A Credit Counseling Agency

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With the debt levels at all time high, credit counseling agencies are reaping on the boom. However, as a consumer, it is in your best interest to choose a credit counseling agency wisely. In generally accreditation is helpful and an accreditation with either the National Foundation for Credit Counseling or the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies is recommended.

When you have narrowed the list of credit counseling agencies you want to work with, it is a good idea to call up your local Better Business Bureau and see if any complaints are filed with them. If a credit counseling agency has many complaints filed against them, you are better advised to move on with other companies.

It is also important to understand what is being offered by a credit counseling agency. A reputed credit counseling agency will offer you a range of services including a certified personal counselor, personal financial budget calculation worksheet, DMP (debt management plan) details, work with creditors to lower interest and a lot of free resources and credit counseling information.

If a credit counseling agency offers erasing your credit history, it generally indicates a red flag. Credit history cannot be erased. Accurate information about your credit accounts will stay on record for 7 years.

Credit counselling fees:

A reputed credit counseling firm will offer budget services for free and charge you for DMP (debt management plan) or other premium services you seek. As a consumer look out for a reputed credit counseling agency that will charge you between $15 - $30. $50 can be considered at the high end of the spectrum when you are totally comfortable with the services they offer.

Try to gather further information on credit counselors. Ask what kind of training is given to credit counselors. Ideally look for companies that offer training as well as accreditation by an outside source. Additionally ask how the credit counselors are paid? If they are paid a commission, they might pressure you into accepting a DMP.

I hope all the above listed information will be helpful in selecting the right credit counseling agency for you. Any research before selecting a credit counseling agency will be time well spent.

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The 411 On Getting A Student Debt Consolidation Loan

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Rising tuition fees have given rise to students having to take student loans. However, these high student loans give a high impact on the day to day lives of the students. This gives rise to difficult financial situations for the student during and after their studies. This is the reason students turn to student debt consolidation loan to rid themselves of the burden of the student loans.

Student debt consolidation loan means having the multiple student loans replaced with a single loan with a lower monthly payment scheme to be paid over a longer repayment period. Though a student debt consolidation loan is beneficial, it is important to know its pros and cons before signing up for one. The huge students' loans have an impact on your future decisions and on your credit history. So make it a point to have your student loan debt not exceed 8% of your income to get a good credit history.

There are many types of student loans, but the most common student loans are the private and federal loans. It is not advisable to go in for student debt consolidation loan by mixing these two loans together. Instead, it is better to consolidate the federal student loans and then the private loans, separately. This is because when consolidating both these kinds of loans, the federal loan benefits will all be lost.

For one to be eligible for consolidating his/her student loans, it is important that the person is no longer enrolled in a school. The person should also be repaying the debt or at least be in the grace period of the loan. Through student debt consolidation loan, instead of making multiple payments to all your lenders, there is only one debt consolidation company to whom you have to make your payments. It is the job of this company to pay off your lenders. Interest rates are lowered as the debt consolidation is a second mortgage, which has lower interest rates. Lower interest rates lead to lower monthly payments. And with only one payment, the monthly installment will be lower too. As you only have to pay a single person, all clarifications can be made through only one person instead of approaching all your lenders.

All things have their share of good things and bad points. There is always a chance of falling into more debt with student debt consolidation loan. This is because there is only one payment to be made, with more money remaining at the end of the month. This may prompt you to use your credit cards and spend money again. Student debt consolidation programs take a long time to cover, so you will be spending a good number of years repaying the loan. Moreover, though the interest rate of the student debt consolidation loan is low, over the long loan period, you will actually be spending more than you would have spent if you had retained the individual loans.

As consolidation loans are secured loans, you stand a chance of losing whatever you keep as security if you don't repay the loan. So it can be seen that though student debt consolidation loan is beneficial, it also has its drawbacks. It is up to the individual to decide whether to opt for student debt consolidation loan or not.

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