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Don T Shoot Yourself In The Foot Get A Gun Safe

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In today's world a lot of people want to have a gun, not for hunting, but for the protection of their family and their houses/offices.

Though once you have bought a gun, you have to be aware of the responsibility that comes with it. Sometimes the lack of a gun safe can cost you dearly, if you have curious kids. Or if it is stolen you will not only lose the money paid for it, but you can also be morally responsible for a potential attack or even a murder. According to the FBI, more then 30% of the guns used in illicit actions were initially obtained through a theft from homes or businesses.

You have to take the time and the money to assure yourself that your gun is safe!

Some of the guns are provided with a lock. For example, Winchester guns are sold together with a cable-type lock or a trigger lock, depending on the gun. The Winchester company offers a wide range of safes. These are not only very practical, with a high protection rate, but also have a very nice classic design, that can sit well in your home or office. When buying a Winchester safe you will also buy the assurance that it comes with one of the best gun industry warranties. The safes are standardly provided with 3-point handles, spy-proof, combination locks and interiors which are user-convertible.

Next to Cannon Safes, Browning Safes, Winchester Safes and Fort Knox Gun Safes, Liberty is one other well respected name in the gun safes business. Certified locksmiths (members of ALOA -The Associated Locksmiths of America Inc.) consider that the Liberty safe is the best sold safe in the USA. Liberty also manufactures the National Security brand of gun safes in the States. One of its assets is its certification by Omega Point Laboratories, a fire testing lab recognized by the U.S. Government. This certification guaranties that the Liberty safe protects its interior for a longer time compared to other safes.

Although a safe gun is a good and wise investment, it will cost you extra money. That's why it is not unreasonable to think of a discount gun safe!

The price of the safe depends on its size, on its options if it is fireproof (usually the fireproof safes cost more, but if you have an expensive gun collection it's worth choosing the safe to be fire proof). But you can get a good discount if you buy the safe at the same time as the gun or if you buy it from specialized dealers (because they usually have good discounts from the producers).

If the safe has a bigger size (for 10 to 25 guns), you can increase its security by fixing it on the floor or on the wall. If it is in a small size, it would be advisable to hide it away (even if a burglar didn't come with the intention of stealing your gun, he will not resist the impulse to take it with him and try to open it later).

And remember that a good safe will keep the children or any other unauthorized persons away from the gun! It will protect your gun not only from thefts and fire but also from dust and humidity.

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Securing The Safety Of Your Home With The Ancient Art Of Feng Shui

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I was elated to discover this detached house with a big garden that was available for rental in a quiet suburb when I was first transferred to another town to work as an engineer.

It was located at a cul de sac, the house being the last house in the row. I thought it was perfect..quiet, newly constructed and with a good neighbor who was a banker.

Without reservation, I rented the house and my family shifted in a week later.

3 months later, I almost lost my life. I was travelling as a passenger in a friend's car when someone lost control of his car, and crashed into the Honda car I was travelling in, killing the front seating passenger. I was at the back and had a smashed face, and was warded in the hospital and had to stay another month for medical treatment.

But how is this related to the house I was staying in then?

In fact, I was never a fan of feng shui, the ancient chinese art of geomancy.

When I was warded in the hospital, my neighbor who was a banker and also a chinese scholar, visited me and began to spill the beans.

The house where I was staying was facing bad "chi" or an aura of bad atmosphere was emancing from the house that was facing directly opposite my house. The occupant of that house was a monk who works as a "chanter" who performs the chanting ceremony over the dead. This is a chinese practise for those who have died, the chanting being akin to prayer to make the way easier for the dead spirits to depart.

According to my neigbor, every day when this monk returns home, he brings along the bad "chi" from the dead, and which then emants out towards the direction of my house.

A shiver went down my spine when I heard this news.

In my imagination, I could almost see evil spirits following this monk and congregating at his home before fanning out in the direction of my house.

But what about my neighbor? How did he protect himself against this bad influence of "chi'?

"I hang out a mirror," this chinese scholar said. This mirror when hung outside reflects and deflects the bad chi and mystically protects the inhibitants from ill effects and ward off evil. This is the ancient art of feng shui at work", he added.

Three months after the accident I recovered to leave the hospital, I was not ready to remain a day longer in that rented house. I did not hang out a mirror. I had enough and the solution was to just shifted house. We moved out!

I met my banker neighbor friend 5 years down the road. I asked how he was. " I have never been better," he replied, " and my mirror has always done its job".

Yes, we can protect our house, ourselves and belongings with the most sophisticated security alarm systems. But apart from this, where we choose to believe in the anciet art of feng shui, we need a simple mirror to be hung outside our house to ward off bad "chi" and evil.Are you a believer of the ancient chinese art of feng shui?

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What Causes Fire Damage

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While some fires are caused by general causes and can occur anywhere, other causes are more specific for certain rooms.

General Causes


Don't underestimate the fire risk from electricity just because there is no flame involved. The over warming of hot plugs and sockets and blown fuses may start a fire.


Most cigarettes related fires start because the cigarette is not put out completely. Additional common causes include falling asleep with a cigarette and using improper ashtrays.


Even a tiny candle flame can have upsetting consequences. Many candle related fires start due to draughts that lead fire to catch burnable items and tilting candles that are not placed in suitable holders.

Room by Room Causes

The Kitchen

The kitchen contains many hazards that can cause fires. The common combination of open fire, grease, electricity, and water is very dangerous. Grease fire is a common cause for fires in the kitchen is and is usually caused by fry pans. This type is dangerous as it can set the whole kitchen on fire. Additional fires are dry cooking fires and oven fires. These types are easy to control and they are not likely to cause damage. Kitchen appliances may also cause fire if not maintained well.


Bedroom fires are usually caused by misuse of electrical devices. Electrical fires can start due to overloading extension cords and the use of electric blankets and warmers with no lab-approval. Heaters are a concern during winter if they are recklessly placed near linen, clothes, and other flammable items

Attics, Basements and the Garage

Popular as storage areas these places usually contain fire hazards such as gasoline and other flammable liquids. Old clothes, papers and other combustible items are also hazardous and should be stored safely. Many of the electrical fire hazards are also located in these areas. Worn cords, electrical boxes and other signs of electrical trouble should be treated immediately.

Heating Devices and Fireplaces

These are planned to generate heat and may be hazardous if not maintained well. Operating the fireplace without a screen will allow sparks to fly into the room and cause fire. Other causes of fire are combustible items such as wallpaper, curtains, and clothing that are left without maintaining adequate clearance around the heater.

For more information visit

Free guides are available

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Building Or Remodeling A Home Think Lock Security

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During the exciting time of having your house built or remodeled, make sure to consider one of the most important features that will keep you and your family safe for years to come: security.

According to the National Crime Prevention Council, about six out of 10 completed burglaries take place without any sign of forced entry, suggesting that either a door or window was left unlocked or that a duplicate key was used to open one.

Residential burglary is one of the most frequently reported crimes. It also is the most preventable. Locking your windows and doors and having proper lock security is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to prevent burglary.

The first step in securing your remodeled or newly built home is to deadbolt exterior doors. Deadbolts are available in several formats. Some are key operated from both inside and out, key operated from the outside and open with a thumbturn on the inside, or solely operated with a thumbturn on the inside. Check with your local crime prevention authority to determine what kind of lock is recommended in your area.

Remember that not all locks are created equally. For maximum protection, choose high-security locks. For example, locks made by Medeco incorporate features that protect against drilling and picking. Keys for these locks can only be made by authorized Medeco dealers after you show proper identification. This ensures that only you can authorize the duplication of your keys.

Sliding glass doors tend to be an easy point of entry. Special locks and bars are available to prevent lifting and prying of the door. You also can put a wooden dowel or broom handle in the door track.

When thinking lock security, don't forget about your windows. Traditional double-hung windows, which have a top and bottom sash that slides up and down, continue to be the most popular window type installed in remodeled or newly built homes. To secure these windows, install a window sash lock, a lock that's attached to the sashes of a double-hung window to keep in a shut position.

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What Everyone Should Know About Reducing The Risk Of Identity Theft

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Identity theft commonly begins with the loss or theft of a wallet or purse. But there are many or high-tech and low-tech ways criminals can get their hands on your personal and financial information in order to commit identity theft.

When someone uses your name or personal information, such as your credit card number, driver's license number, Social Security number, telephone number, or other account numbers, without your permission, you become a victim of identity theft.

Thieves steal your personal information and use it to open credit accounts, bank accounts, telephone service accounts, and make major purchases in your name. These criminals use your sensitive information to take over existing accounts, or open new accounts. Their criminal activities can result in damage to your credit rating and denials to credit and job offers.

Protecting Your Identity While there are no guarantees that your identity will never be stolen or compromised, there are several steps you can take to minimize the risks. Here are a few of them:

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Peace Of Mind Using Bug Detectors

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Have you ever wondered if your home or business is as secure as it should be? Have you ever been plagued with the suspicion that someone was listening into sensitive conversations, business meetings, or just outright spying on you? With the various types of bug detectors available on the market today, you can not only find out if your suspicions are true, but give yourself the peace of mind you require that comes from insuring that your environment is bug free.

For example, there are bug detectors that can warn you if your local telephone has been tapped. Whether it was done legally or illegally, it can detect a tap regardless of where it has been placed even if it is at the telephone company's central exchange. You no longer have to wonder whether or not someone is listening in, even if it's "Big Brother".

Other types of bug detectors, like a CM Pro Sweep kit, are the perfect way for a person to do a basic countermeasure check, thus insuring the security of their home or business. They can also use these bug detectors to start their own business providing security sweeps to customers on a regular basis. Other types of bug detectors are so versatile that they can detect and pinpoint the location of virtually any type of electronic surveillance equipment, regardless if it is hidden on a person's body, in a room, or on a telephone, and that includes hidden tape recorders and video transmitters. What better way to insure your own peace of mind that you are bug free?

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Get Your Suspect With Body Worn Cameras

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You are a private investigator, or a member of a drug task force or just about any type of vice cop. You need to use body worn cameras for your covert operations, and you need to do it without it being detected. How can you do it? One way is by using a covert hat video camera. The camera is placed inside a traditional baseball cap, and the cable is attached directly a DVR that is worn elsewhere on your body. Nothing could be simpler, case closed.

Want to get even sneakier? Is a baseball cap to conspicuous when you're wearing that dapper suit you need to wear? Then a super, hi-resolution, color button camera with suit button lens cover is just the ticket for you, and they are great to use with pocket DVRs. But suits aren't the only thing you can use these handy little devices on. They also come with cuff button lens covers and shirt button lens covers so you don't have to worry if it is a hot day and you have taken off your suit jacket or sports coat. Your shirt has you covered.

But what about those female investigators, they need to have some options available to them, too. Well, there are body worn cameras that come inside an attractive purse, which makes it one of the best portable recording devices around, because like your regular purse, it goes anywhere you go, and the mini-DVR can even be concealed inside it.

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What S The Big Push For Emergency Supply Kits

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The NOOA is saying that 2006 could be one of the worst hurricane seasons we have ever experienced. Worse than last year with 27 named storms, 15 hurricanes with 4 of those being a Category 5? Hurricanes Cindy, Dennis, Katrina, Ophelia, Rita & Wilma as well as Tropical Storms Arlene & Tammy touched the United States in 2005.

The NOAA says (11/29/2005): With six months until the official start of the 2006 Atlantic hurricane season, NOAA urges hurricane-prone residents to take proactive measures during this time. "The battle against the hurricane season is won during the off season. Winter and spring is the time to conduct hurricane preparations, such as stocking supplies, assembling a safety kit that includes a NOAA Weather Radio and preparing an evacuation plan," said Max Mayfield, director of the NOAA National Hurricane Center.

It is just not the east coast that should be preparing. There are many situations where Mother Nature will continue to show us her reign; tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, thunderstorms, and mudslides just to name a few.

Think about this for a moment: What would you if you were told to evacuate your house within 15 minutes? What would you take with you? Some of us can't figure this out even if we were given a weeks notice! Do you have your insurance agent's name & your policy numbers memorized? Do you have proper identification for you and your family members? How about your medicines or glasses? What about basic necessities - food, water, shelter, hygiene - how will you locate important items once you leave your house? Clothes - will you need extra clothes or just take the clothes on your back? Cash? Maybe some quarters for pay phones? Out-of-state relative's addresses & phone numbers? What will you carry all your things in? How about your pets - what will you do with them? In a stressful situation, your mind races and things will be forgotten. Chances are you are not going to remember everything that you & your family will need. As with life, planning helps keep stress to a minimum.

A 72-hour kit will aid as a stress minimizer! A 72-hour kit can also be called an Emergency Supplies Kit, Disaster Kit, or Emergency Kit. How will it minimize stress? Well, if you had food, water, shelter, extra clothes, important papers, medications, in a durable, waterproof bag located in an easy-to-get-to area...grab and won't have to take those precious 15 minutes to think about what you will need for the next 3 days. Your stress would be minimized because you will have the peace of mind knowing that you have your necessities in one convenient, easy to locate, bag. Now, all you will have to focus on is your family, their safety and overall welfare.

Think about this for another moment: Floodwaters are coming up - and coming up fast! You & your family race up the attic stairs. You manage to bust your way through to the roof of your home with your bare hands or maybe with something that you have "stored" in your attic. Thankfully, the rescue helicopter picks you & your family from the roof and drops you off at the closest "safe place". Now, what do you do? What do you have with you? Yes, hopefully, you will have your family & that will be a blessing but what about the basic human needs? You will now need to seek food, water, shelter, and maybe some hygiene items - not to mention any specific medicinal needs.

Why 72 hours? It is recommended by Red Cross, FEMA, as well as many state governments to have a 3-day supply. It takes about 3 days before relief makes its way to disaster-stricken citizens. This was witnessed during last year's hurricane season.

It is our responsibility to take care of our families & ourselves. No one on this earth can assume that responsibility for us. With a little planning before the time of need arises, we can help ourselves and be better prepared to help others around us.

I've researched quite a few 72-hour kits for my family & I. These are some of the things that kept me from purchasing them:

** The bags were not waterproof - everything could get wet. Most natural disasters involve water.

** The bags were not strong enough to sustain a major beating.

** There wasn't enough water (some had none or

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The First Line Of Defense Knowing The Facts About Home Security

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Sometimes the simplest steps are the smartest! By placing a sign that advertises your home security system in your yard, you can dramatically reduce your chances of being targeted by thieves.

In a study published in the Journal of Economic and Social Measurement, Dr. Yochanan Shachmurove, Dr. Gideon Fishman and Dr. Simon Hakim studied the motivating factors behind a burglar's decision to rob one home over another. Their findings indicated that isolation and occupancy were the two major considerations.

The study indicated that while you are reclining in your lazy chair and flipping through 100 channels of Cable TV (and still finding nothing to watch) you can rest easy. Ok, the study did not read quite that way - but it does tell us that burglars rarely target homes with occupants in residence.

Homes that are more frequently targeted tend to be secluded or isolated. Keep in mind that this definition encompasses homes with an entrance that is not visible from the street, due to foliage or other visual obstructions. The ideal 'pigeon' for a thief is an expensive home that is detached with no security measures and is located less than a mile from a major highway or road.

The study also revealed that the third most important factor is highly visible security measures. Deadbolt locks can't be seen so they did not deter burglars. However, advertising the fact that your home is protected by a security system was a major deterrent. The professors found that if a house is protected by an alarm system, the chances of a burglar's choosing it are virtually zero. Those are pretty great odds!

In the study's conclusion, the professors determined that homes without security systems were 3.5 times more likely to be burglarized than those with protection. If a thief does victimize a home with a security system, they spend far less time in the house during the robbery and therefore remove fewer pieces of property.

This research and similar studies have led insurance companies, such as State Farm, to advise their clients to install home security systems. In fact, many times homeowners with alarm systems will receive an incentive in premiums. The National Crime Prevention Council in Washington, D.C. has also endorsed security systems as a deterrent to crime.

A home security system can range in cost from less than fifty dollars to upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. Sometimes you can actually get a system for free, when you sign a contract with a monitoring company. You can also opt for a wireless system, which is quite easy to install. In fact, these systems typically fall under the "do it yourself" category. But before you decide to tackle that particular project, you need to be armed with a working knowledge of all your security system options. No pun intended!

First, there are two basic types of systems. One option sounds an alarm and turns on various lights throughout the home. The other offers those features, but is also connected to a monitoring company twenty-four hours a day. With this system, an employee at the monitoring company automatically calls the police for you, when the alarm is tripped. These systems not only protect against intruders, but can also be hooked up to fire alarms and carbon monoxide protectors.

You may also want to consider a system that provides you with the option to place "panic buttons" throughout your home. These are particularly valuable, for those with a medically fragile family member.

The most expensive systems have surveillance cameras placed at checkpoints throughout your property. You can actually monitor your home yourself from any location, by connecting to a closed circuit program on your laptop.

Detectors can be found not only on doors and windows, but also underneath rugs and in every room in the house. When a detector is tripped, the homeowner checks his control panel to see exactly where the disturbance is occurring.

If there is no danger, the homeowner can opt to cancel the phone call to the monitoring company, or shut down the alarm by entering a pass code on the control center. To avoid sending false alarms, family members should be taught how to use the password system. If the system is not halted, the monitoring company phones the police and they are dispatched to your home.

Now how do you translate all this information into practical applications, when it comes to actually keeping your home from being burglarized? Let's summarize:

- Put a sign up in your front yard advertising your system. Decals on the windows are not as effective.

- Buy a system that sounds an alarm.

- Invest in a system that provides protection against fire and carbon monoxide. One smoke detector in your kitchen is not as effective as a series of smoke and heat detectors placed strategically throughout your home. If your house catches fire when you are not at home, your monitoring company alerts the police immediately.

- Monitoring companies are very valuable in emergencies, but you will also need to educate family members and household guests to maximize the benefits of your system.

- If your house is secluded or in the country, your best defense is a system connected to a monitoring company. A sounding alarm may not offer enough protection.

- Burglars may cut the outside telephone wires before they enter a house. If you don't have a cell phone, you won't be able to call the police and your system won't be able to call the monitoring company. So consider adding a second phone line.

- Cut any foliage hiding doors and windows. Burglars deliberately pick houses that they can enter without detection from the street.

- Join a Neighborhood Watch group or start one yourself.

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