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How To Add Dynamically Generated Graphs And Charts To Web Pages And Applications

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Not so very long ago adding a graph or chart to a web page or application required a fair amount of programming knowledge and was rather time consuming for even the most experienced. However with the tools available today it is possible for almost anyone to add graphs and charts to web pages. With just a little bit of HTML, dynamically generated graphs and charts can be added to web pages and/or applications.

Why use Graphs and Charts

The web is about making information available. Today's users tend to be in a hurry and require that information is presented to them clearly and quickly. If your web site has a message to convey, which is currently being presented as a table of figures, then it is highly likely that you will benefit from using graphing and charting functionality. With a table of figures most people find it hard to see the meaning immediately, however if those figures are presented as a picture (i.e. a graph) then almost all will instantly get the point. What's more presenting your information graphically is both colorful and adds a touch of professionalism. People tend to have more confidence in information when it is presented in both a pleasing, clear and professional manner.

The Easy way to create a graph

There are now many graphing and charting packages on the market which make it very quick and easy for you to build in professional quality graph images. The time saved in using an 'out of the box' solution is so great that even the most seasoned professionals are using these packages. In addition most graphing packages are very reasonably priced.

Before choosing a package there are a couple of things to consider. For instance do you simply want to present the graph image to your visitor or would you like some level of interaction. e.g. making certain areas of the graph clickable or pop-up data displays when the mouse passes over certain area's. Another consideration is the source of your data. Is it held in a database, file or somewhere else. Ideally you would want a graphing package that is capable of fetching the data directly from the source itself.

Which Graphing packages are available

At the time of writing there are many graphing solutions on the market which fall into the following technology categories:-

- Java Applet Graphing Solutions

This type of software, in addition to the standard graphical capabilities, also provides interactive features like clickable link area's and mouse-over popup displays. These solutions can be installed on any web server without any server side configuration or set-up.

- Java Servlet Graphing Solutions

These solutions are powerful server side functionality. Although probably not for the beginner they are very beneficial to the 'web application' developer.

- Flash Graphing Solutions

The Flash environment provides some very sophisticated graphics capabilities which has lead to some of the best looking graphing solutions. Unfortunately the technology can only work when the user has flash installed on their browser. Although becoming more widespread there is still a very large proportion of browsers which cannot view flash content.

- PHP Graphing Solutions

These are probably the easiest solutions to use and implement. With these solutions it's possible for a complete novice to add graphing functionality to their web page and applications. But make no mistake they are also very powerful offering very good graphic results. Most web servers today can run this software without any further configuration.

- ASP.NET Graphing Solutions

Again these solutions offer some very good graphical results. At the time of writing the number of web servers capable of running these packages is far less than those of other categories.

Creating a Graph

With the right software package the process of adding a graph to web page involves little more than the following:-

1) Inserting a small piece of HTML into your web page. (usually the code is provided and all you have to do is 'copy and paste')

2) Setting some values in a configuration file (e.g.. setting things like graph colors and titles etc.)

3) Setting some values telling the graph where to acquire the data from

Although this is fairly straight forward sometimes a problem may be encountered. A big advantage of using a good professional package is that help is at hand. If you get stuck at any stage then simply ask for help from the software provider, a good one will always be happy to help. Contrary to popular belief good software companies answer requests for technical help in both a timely and helpful manner.

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Developing A User Friendly Website

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One of the most important aspects of a successful business in Denver these days is a good website. And of all the aspects of a website that Denver web development teams address, the perspective of the user is the most important to your success online. If a user has trouble on your site in any number of ways, chances are they will not be back. Why should they bother with a website that does not take their comfort and needs into consideration? And what does that say about the business itself?

The truth is that while you may think of your website as a relatively static representation of your business, the user thinks of your site as an interactive tool. So it is vital that you approach web development, Denver related or otherwise, with the user in mind. The consumer wants to feel like they have made a connection with you rather than just viewing a static page of information.

So how do you accomplish this when planning Denver web development? First of all, take into consideration the different type of user you will attract. Some people may simply want to browse the pages with little or no action on their part. They may not be there to purchase anything, but instead to research an interest. So you need to provide a user friendly atmosphere for these visitors. This comes in the form of high quality content. If these people return time and again to do research on your site, they are more likely to make a purchase in the future.

The other type of use is online to take some sort of action, either by purchasing an item or enlisting a company to provide services. For this visitor, not only do you need to provide a smooth and error-free check out procedure, customizable search feature, and easy site navigation, but you also need to provide them with a way to interact with you.

This interaction goes beyond the standard contact page. The people who are purchasing your goods or services, or even the people who return time and again for your expertise, are your best sources of feedback. You wan their opinions on everything from the quality of goods sold to the preferences of navigation bar styles. They can help you discern new trends and to identify out of date offerings on your site.

For this kind of feedback, you need to bring the user into your website in a very interactive manner. This can be accomplished through message boards, forums, and surveys. You can also compile an email list of visitors to receive regular newsletters that allow for feedback. Other good ways to get customers involved in the site is by holding contests for free items or services.

Above all, always respond to email you get from users. Do not let the time and effort they invested in interaction with your company be in vain. Thank them whether their comments are positive or negative. A negative comment can actually help you more than a positive one can by showing where change is needed.

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Website Design And Programming Introduction To Web Forms

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There is practically no website without at least a form in one of its pages. Forms are useful to collect data from the website visitors and users. Once the user submits the form to the server, a form processing script must get the form data, validate that the user input matches the expected format for each field (e.g: email address field must be a string of text with the format of a valid email address) and process this information as desired. The script may save it into a database, send it by email or just do some processing with it and display the result. Validating the user input is essential to prevent malicious users from damaging your site.

A form definition in html starts with the form tag and ends with the /form tag. This tag can have several attributes like method (GET or POST), and action (the url of the form processing script). If use the GET method, the form data is encoded in the action URL. This method is recommended when the form is a query form. With the POST method, the form data is to appear within a message body. This is the recommended method when the form will be used to update a database, or send email, or make any action other than just retrieve data.

The form fields are used to collect the data. Generally a label is placed by each field, so the user knows what data to input. There are different kind of fields, among them:

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What S The Fastest Way To Ruin A New Web Site

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I've been asked, "How do I design a successful Web site?"

I often respond, "Do you know the fastest way to ruin a new Web site design?" As you might suspect, the answer is, "Lack of proper planning beforehand."

Let's put it another way. In programming, there's an old axiom, which states: "The sooner you start your coding the longer it takes to finish."

Planning out your Web site before you build it is essential. To borrow a technique from the film industry, I recommend that you create a storyboard, which is a type of a flow chart of your new Web site design. You don't have to be an accomplished artist to draw out your idea, but it's essential to create it on paper first.

On each piece of paper, the goal is to have room for an image at the top, plus space underneath for writing down information. As you might suspect, the first page to start with is your home (or welcome) page, which will typically have the most information as it will contain the page the people visit before they enter your site and as people go through your site, the will encounter more information (in tiers) as they go down.

Typically, the home page links to 5-15 pages below that, which we could refer to as Tier 2. Each of those pages links to another 5-15 pages, which you could call Tier 3.

If you use all of these pages, you'll wind up with an extensive Web site design, of at least 226 pages (including the home page).

It's during this process that all sorts of problems will crop up. But it's much easier to solve them on paper than in the middle of coding rather than when you are finished... If you don't, you might run into a major problem along the way that would require a "back to the drawing board" complete site re-design.

Working things out on paper will give you a much better idea of how things will work and how to fix problems. And, if you have knowledgeable friends, get a second opinion. Once you've completed the on-paper process, and you or your web designer is satisfied with the results, you're ready to translate it into code.

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Benefits Of Web Site Templates

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Okay, you are ready to join the masses and put up a web site. You've put a lot of thought into the design and are ready to go. Perhaps you should give more thought to using a web site template.

Web Site Templates

For many people, it makes more sense to use a pre-designed web template instead of creating a site from scratch. Using a pre-designed site template allows you to get a professional design at a fraction of the price a custom design would cost. A good template is automated or has HTML tags to show you exactly where to put your text. This saves you precious time. Also, a web page designed by someone just learning HTML is more likely to have mistakes than one designed and tested by professionals. Mistakes in web site code can prevent some users from being able to see a web page or can even cause lower search engine rankings.

There are millions of web sites on the Internet and there are more being born every second. Even though there may be more than one web site using the pre-designed site template you choose, the likelihood of a visitor seeing both sites is not great. Every site is unique in the data it presents. Web templates present data quickly and professionally without the hassle of designing anything.

Being that many web templates are under $50 and many custom site designs are well over $5000, it is easy to see how web templates can save money and time. Web templates are a good way for someone to learn HTML. By becoming familiar with code that has been written professionally, a webmaster can pick up on things along the way. Instead of having an amateur web site at the start, an HTML novice can have a professional site from the beginning with a pre-designed site template.

Search Engines also play a factor in choosing web templates. Sites with HTML mistakes do not fair well in search engines. Particularly in older versions of Netscape, forgetting one "table" tag can mean the whole page won't show. A good web template has been designed and tested in many environments, to W3C standards, for maximum compatibility. Instead of thrashing your way through mistakes, take advantage of competent template designs.

If you are just starting out, a web site template is almost always the way to go. There are thousands of sites offering them for sale for very low prices. Why waste your time when you can use a template to get off to a quick, professional start?

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Website Redesign For Existing Websites

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1) Is your website fresh - Having a website fresh helps your visitors to stay on your website rather than skipping your website? When I mean fresh, fresh with content, Every website owner should have their website updated with latest content, Search engine spiders index new content and in turn your website will rank high on search engines.

2) Create a professional image for your website. Out dated graphics and look of the website can turn away your visitors to your competitor's website which is Eye-catching and easy to use and functional website. A clean looking website gives a professional image to your business and it creates leads and sales.

3) Forbidden code which can lead to be banned by search engines also outdated codes of your website is pretty hard for search engines spiders to read your website. As technology changes it is a must for website owners to get updated with the latest technology on your website other you business will be left out in the competition.

4) Design flaws which is difficult in getting listed in search engines and directories.

5) Updating your keyword which is a key to your success of your website, Identify new keywords and increase your keyword density for effective placement for your website optimization

6) Replace your outdated and flashy images with fast and furious loading images which is quick to upload and you can keep your visitors in your website. Even though internet has come out of age still there is a large amount of user who still uses dialup connection for using internet.

7) Check your website is compatible with your all browsers. If you browse the web you see numerous websites that are non compatible to different browsers.

8)There are out sites on the internet where you would be searching for links and it is pretty hard and frustrates the visitors so having a easy to locate links on your website will help visitors to find information which they are looking for this in turn will increase sales and leads.

9) The other reasons are your website just needs an update.

Yes website re-design is a must for all website, if your website is out of date and the website is not working as it you need to be Website redesign is the answer.

Every website needs revamping and improvement in design and look of the website.

Many factors go into making an effective web site.

You need to look at the usability of the site to make a site effective. Navigation, colors, fonts and download time are just some of the main aspects.

The key is to understand the basics and then looking at adding specific features that apply to your web sites niche. A poorly designed and unattractive website will not do your company justice. A simple change of image can dramatically increase sales.

Redesigning a website is not a costly procedure, but can be a very effective way of enhancing your company's image and boosting business sales.

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Get Infinite Selection For Web Design

(category: Web-Design, Word count: 330)
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In Web Design Delhi company e-fuzion provides add up to lots of designer's team who offer you an enormous conniving objective. Which not only encourage your location but also create a huge standing among other? Scheming the web is a sculpture and every one is not a superior stylish. But Web Design Delhi Company e-Fuzion includes some piercing designers which are actually built your designs overwhelming. Web Design Delhi Company e-Fuzion makes the web sites existence recovered and bliss packed because it creates a vast representation and invites more guests towards it. In favor of better result in current day's natives of India particularly discontinue at Web Design Delhi services. A design needs creativity, inspiration and good sense of humor. In e-fuzion organization the designer plays a vital role for creating its image. After all better design gets better response. Every one needs something difference and e-fuzion is the only who solves your explanation and provides you a better consequence. In web design the truly the services are vary from one corporation to another companionship. Several are describe in reasonable way and some are define in communal method. All intend is based on marketable means. To obtain recovered proceeds the web designs expand effortlessly. It gives additional smirk on the features of customers and both on guests.

Essentially the web sites design for embellish the website. In web design you discover that every ting managed in neat and appropriate. The stuffing is managed in correct place, the pictures, the designs one and all every thing was only managed through web design. Web design is a procedure and in other words it's another pathway by which you make your web site more fashionable. It makes your web sites existence approach easier and relaxed but by occasion the design wants modify. And it necessity be on time base because if the designs not vary sensible then its precedence may revolutionize and it will move after towards.

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Let The Logo Do The Talking For Your Business

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Among all the significant areas in graphic design, logo design is considered to be the most crucial, thus making it one of the most challenging jobs to attain perfection. A good logo is unique, functional, follows basic design principles and represents the brand or company. One should always endeavor to get a good logo design that is simple, effective and unlittered. After all a logo is designed with some goal and targeting specific section of the audience. An effective logo should always create an impact on its targeted audience and be able to deliver the intended message instantaneously. A logo that usually does all the talking for a business is considered as an identity representing a company or its products.

An abbreviation of the word logogram, a logo generally is a phrase, word, or an idea. In today's fast-paced world, the logo serves as a symbol; a representation for your business and it helps you get noticed. It is considered as the visual presentation of words, symbols, colors, and shapes. It is very much essential for a logo to have a meaning so that it remains in the subconscious mind of the people and gives a message about the company and creates its brand identity.

Whether it's a text based logo design or a brand mark based symbol, every strong graphical illustration accord the facet of a business or a company. A logo with a slogan can also be created to substantiate a brand equity, which ultimately becomes a trademark of a company or an organization. A particular logotype is chosen depending on the approach that best fits your company.

A logo is a reflection of brand identity, used to create an unforgettable impression. It becomes ineffective if the targeted audience and the focus of the business are not defined clearly in it. In today's Internet space, logo branding is very potent and weighs a lot because a logo can both lift and drown a business. Choosing the right logo is, therefore, important. If you start thinking about a logo right now, you can very easily recall some of the reputed logos like Nike, Microsoft, Adidas or Sony - this is because these logos have a deep impact and have successfully established brand recognition for the respective companies.

A logo represents the type of business and the product it offers. A logo can effectively communicate what a company does as well as reflect the company personality. A superior logo design gives a business the prestige and fame it deserves. If your business deals with construction, then it's always better to have a construction-oriented logo, which will reflect your company's identity in the market.

Although the whole logo creation process is incomparable, the right logo takes care of everything. An unparalleled logo is always defined or explained as that which people easily recognize and identifies with the company name on seeing it. Color combination used in logo creation should have some feelings or emotion that give some idea about the company and which in return create an emotional bondage.

Cost and figures for a logo design always vary dramatically from designer to designer and from one Logo-design Company to another. It's always advisable to get your logo created by the company having loads of fine experience to their credit. There are numerous logo design firms or organizations in the web world that can create an identity for your company with a professional logo design. A distinctive corporate logo design creates and captures business values in a competitive business environment.

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Want Your Website Visitors To Return

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If your like me you have searched on every search engine any possible way to advertise your website. I have filled out submission forms till my fingers have cramped up. I have looked at link farms, long boring articles on SEO, I even have articles sent to my inbox everyday in hopes of finding the next "new" way to attract visitors.

So now you have designed your site and your thinking it looks great. "Who wouldn't want to visit my site?" You have all your affiliates set up, you have your ads (by Yahoo, Google,...) and your ready to start making some money. You have your exchange links set up, you listed on every toplist you can think of and you even paid money on some Pay Per Click program in hopes of visitors. And you even have your tracking program in place so you can tell who is hitting your site and where they are hitting from. You even know what pages on your site are popular.

So why are you only getting first time visitors? Why do they only visit one page? Why are they not returning?

One answer - pop ups.

If you belong to one of those exchange link programs that provides pop up, pop unders,(pop up under the main page) or exit pops (as I call them, when you close your site this page appears) then you could be chasing away your visitors.

I consider my self to be an above normal Internet user. I have several websites that I have created and between them I have thousands of pages in cyber world. I know when I click on a ad or link and all of a sudden pop ups appear out of now where I slightly freak "like whoa!" and once I clear my screen I make a mental note not to click that button again. Imagine how a novice surfer is going to feel. They may never click on an ad again. That kinda defeats all of us using ads. You will get hits added to your counter but they wont be return hits.

In no way am I bashing these programs. But like any good web designer, know what tools are in your toolbox and know how and when to use them.

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