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Breakdown Cover A Day Trip Gone Wrong

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Just imagine... you've been out on a 'day trip', with the family, to the coast and had an amazing day. However, you lost track of time and leave the coast a little later than expected. Not long after leaving, it starts to get dark.

You wouldn't normally be too worried about this but it's the first time you been to this particular coastal town and on your way back home you end up taking a wrong turn. A few miles later you realise what you've done but you think that there's sure to be a town or village just around the next corner with a signpost to point you in the right direction. You keep going.

Before you know it, you've gone another ten miles or so, but you think it might be better to carry on rather than go back. There's bound to be some directions you'll recognise sooner or later.

The fuel gauge is starting to get a bit low. Now you're starting to worry, especially as you didn't fill up with petrol before the journey home - you went past a garage but thought about getting onto the motorway first, and a few miles under your belt. Now you're feeling a bit anxious and getting more concerned about finding a filling station than directions for home!

You can't turn back and find that original filling station because you know the fuel would run out before you got back there. So you keep going. Until now, you've managed to keep your concern under your hat but your partner's noticed you feeling uncomfortable and she asks you what's wrong. You tell her as quietly as possible so the kids don't hear, but her reaction renders that action pointless! Now the whole family are getting worried.

Thankfully you come to a crossroads and a signpost which points you to a village only a mile away. The family feel somewhat relieved, but when you get there, there's no filling station! Next stop 15 miles! Well, what can you do? You head for the town but the gauge is now in the red. You take it steady but as the miles go by, the inevitable happens... the engine starts mis-firing. You struggle on for another couple of miles then the engine cuts out.

This is possibly your worse nightmare. You're in the dark, on a lonely country road, about 4 miles from town, with no fuel. Your partner is worried sick and one of the kids is crying. You go outside to think for a minute, wondering how you got caught out like this and trying to think what to do next. Then, you remember a few weeks earlier talking to a friendly Face to Face RAC agent and taking out some breakdown cover!

'What did he say?' you think to yourself. 'If you run out of petrol or lock your keys in the car, we'll come out to help'. After taking your mobile phone out of your pocket you realise that at least something is going right for you: there's a decent signal on the mobile and you call RAC rescue. 'Where are you sir?' the friendly voice asks at the other end of the line. 'I've no idea' you say as you begin to panic again. 'That's okay sir, we've got your location from the mobile phone signal - we'll have someone with you in around 30 minutes". 'It was unleaded petrol you need wasn't it'.

A few minutes later a text message comes over to your mobile saying a patrol car will be there in about twenty five minutes and sure enough an RAC van arrives bang on time. After putting petrol into your car, the Rescue Patrol follows you to the town and waits while you fill up. They then point you in the right direction for home.

Wow, what a service! And boy aren't you glad you joined the RAC for your breakdown cover!

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Lexus Hybrid Cars

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As the world begins to embrace hybrid technology, more automakers are moving into the new technology. However, one of the initial manufacturers of hybrid vehicles has recognized the need to meet the public demand for a better quality, more powerful hybrid. In 2007, Lexus hybrid cars hit the showrooms combining power, hybrid fuel economy and luxury, all rolled up in one attractive package.

The RX Luxury hybrid sport utility vehicle, unveiled in 2007, offers an impressive 3.3L V-6 engine with an output of a combined 268 horsepower taking it from zero to 60 in 6.9 seconds. As a sport utility vehicle, it is equipped with front wheel drive and part-time all wheel drive making it one of the Lexus hybrid cars that doubles as a true sport vehicle. With 37 miles per gallon in the city and 27 on the highway, it is very conservative when compared to similar vehicles.

The 340 horsepower, V-6 GS performance luxury sedan gets a respectful 25 miles in the city and 23 on the highway out of its 340 horsepower power plant. This rear wheel drive is th quickest of the Lexus hybrid cars going from zero to 60 in just 5.2 short seconds. Coming in 2008 is the LS Prestige hybrid luxury sedan than boasts acceleration of zero to 60 miles per hour in 5.5 seconds. Its 5.oL V-8 engine produces a powerful 438 horsepower will achieving 20 miles per gallon in the city and 22 on the highway.

Many of the same luxury options Lexus owners have come to expect from this luxury vehicle company are also available on the Lexus hybrid cars, including the rear camera and automatic parking system. Safety features are built into every vehicle made by Lexus and now with its greener drive train, it not only saves fuel when compared to similarly equipped vehicles, it remains in a luxury class of it own.

Being competitive in the automotive market is important to maintain market share in any auto class. However, with Lexus hybrid cars people are finding the luxury they demand as well as the lower pollution, environmentally friendly vehicles they want to drive.Many luxury car owners are willing to sacrifice slightly for a vehicle that will help protect the air they breath, but may not be willing to give up the luxury they believe they deserve. With the new line of Lexus hybrid cars, they can now have both.

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Rifle Makers Then Brilliant Automakers Now

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Mazda is an automobile name that originated from Jujiro Matsuda's company that was founded in 1920 in the historic City of Hiroshima in Japan. Although many believed that 'Mazda' is basically an Anglicized pronunciation of the founder's name 'Matsuda', the name is officially associated with Ahura Mazda, a god worshipped by early civilizations in West Asia.

In Mazda's company website, Ahura Mazda is interpreted to be the god of wisdom, intelligence and harmony and a symbol of 'automobile culture'. The desire for World Peace and the development of the automobile manufacturing industry is upheld to be the company's vision.

Mazda descended from the original company Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd. that was renamed Toyo Kogyo Co. Ltd. in 1927. This company originally manufactured machine tools and gradually moved to automobiles by the introduction of Mazda Go in 1931.

During the Second World War, Toyo Kogyo produced Type 99 rifles, particularly the series starting from 30 to 35 which was heavily used by the Japanese Imperial Army. But the defeat of the Japanese in the Second World War failed to bring down the company, and instead, it was soaring high a decade later. Mazda R360 went out in 1960, and in 1962, the notable Mazda Carol followed.

It was only in 1984 that the company officially adopted the Mazda name, although all cars sold since the company began production and selling were named 'Mazda'. Ford Motor Company owned only 15% of stakes in Mazda before it increased its controlling interest to 33.4% on March 31, 1999 when the Asian Financial Crisis plagued Southeast Asia.

Many of Ford's models were based from Mazda, such as the Mark Fields, Probe, Escort and the Mercury Tracer. The Escape is co-developed by Ford and Mazda, which the later named as the Tribute. Mazda helped Ford develop the Explorer in 1991; the same model was sold as the Navajo by Mazda. Although Mazda was not successful with the Navajo, the Explorer was a best selling SUV under the Ford badge - the success of which is kept for more than a decade.

In 1979, Ford was successful with the Laser and the Telstar, two of the best-selling Mazda-based cars. In return, Mazda used the Ford Ranger's pickup as the basis of its North American B-series trucks since 1994. Later, ford replaced Laser with its own Focus, and Telstar with the Mondeo. In Europe, the Mazda 121 which is based on the Ford Fiesta gained high selling performance. Platform sharing proved to be mutually beneficial to the partnership between the two automakers.

Hizakasu Imaki, Mazda's current President attributed his company's commitment to technological advancement, citing their achievement in continuous development of the rotary engine. He also reiterated Mazda's investment in green technology with the upcoming hydrogen-fueled models.

Get on board Mazda's rich and historic heritage now. Let your key wear Mazda Keychains, the best trinket that perfectly matches your Mazda key. Flawless metal designs called 'teardrop' and 'valet' keychains are masterfully engraved with the stylized 'M' logo and the official font rendition of the brand name "Mazda" in text.

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Five Steps To Beating Rising Car Insurance Premiums

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Following announcements from leading motor insurers in 2007, premiums for UK car insurance are expected to rise by 10-20% in 2008.

A range of causes have been quoted from a rise in claims due to unforeseen events such as the recent floods to premiums already being artificially low for some years. Whatever the reason, a further hike in motoring costs coupled with increases in other non-discretionary costs of living mean that 2008 could be an expensive year for millions of UK residents.

Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to counter these inflation busting increases on your motor insurance.

STEP 1 - Don't believe the hype

In spite of what the adverts tell you, there's far more to finding the cheapest cover than simply comparing the quoted rates. It's a complex, multi-variable product, and deserves your attention because of this. Have a good think about how and when you use your car and what type of cover and options you do and don't need. Many of us continue to renew policies with options we don't need and are unlikely to use.

STEP 2 - Search online for the right cover and the lowest price

The primary benefit of searching online is that you can compare cover and premiums from several dozens of companies using the same information. Price comparison sites will give you a baseline to work from, but be aware that not all comparison sites are equal. Some make assumptions about your needs and get quotes that may be higher or lower than you will be offered. Look for comparison sites that guarantee the accuracy of the premiums quoted.

STEP 3 - Look to non-traditional and newer insurers for the best prices

A surprising study run by a consumer advocacy group ran profiles through 33 insurance companies via multiple price comparison sites, and checking a number of risk profiles. The end result was that newer insurers, and insurers not known for doing motor cover consistently came out with the cheapest premiums. Don't close your eyes to a good price just because the company isn't "known" for car insurance.

STEP 4 - Get cover that matches your driving needs and habits

Many of us just buy a standard car insurance policy with cover options that we are unlikely to need or use. If you're a low mileage driver with a standard policy you could be wasting hundreds every year. There is even a new 'pay as you drive' policy that uses a GPS device installed in your car so that your premiums are linked to your personal driving habits including mileage, the roads you use and time of day you use them.

STEP 5 - Reduce the risk and make the most of discounts

Premiums for any insurance are based upon risk, so to reduce your premiums try and reduce the risk of needing to claim on your policy. Factors such as where your car is parked, how it is used and how secure it is are all factored into premiums. A little known trick that can work with some insurers is to add a low risk named driver to your policy. A female over the age of thirty with a clean driving record can cut your premiums by 5-10%.

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How Can Truck Bed Covers Help Save Gas And Transform Your Truck

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Truck bed covers are attachments to the pickup truck bed and serve as protection against all weathers and of course from theft. Such protection allows you to store items in the bed away from the damage of weather and from the prying eyes of thieves. Unlike truck attachments such as camper shells, bed covers do not provide additional vertical cargo space.

Bed covers are most useful when you want your truck to maintain a low profile or when you wish for your truck to have be able to move the cover for its beds easily.

Truck bed cover helps save gas! As air flows over the front end of your vehicle, it careens into the hollow bowl of your bed and produces opposite force to your truck moving direction. This could easily save several miles from your gas mileage every time you use your truck. These types of covers also provide extra gas mileage by reducing the air drag that is exacerbated by the truck bed - an aerodynamic nightmare. You could easily save about 10% on your gas with a good truck cover!

There are many types of bed covers - Strong, rigid canopy covers. These type of cover protect your transport items. Where some are detachable. Such cover is easy to install.

So who invented truck bed covers? Well, no one can really claim to because it has evolved from a number of versions that was designed for different uses. Soft covers gained popularity on major speedways. Sport truck racers used soft truck covers to improve aerodynamics and reduce drag to increase speed. Hard top truck covers rose in prominence as an alternative to the traditional camper shells. These highly-customized truck bed lids has evolved to suit the various needs of the truck drivers.

When you need to transport items ranging from groceries, to some heavy furniture, the truck cover can help. The cover shields your items from view of public, from the weather and from damage. In some instances, truck covers employ strategically-placed weather seals that can channel the moisture away from the covers. With such equipment, truck owners have a greater peace of mind when transporting items that is sensitive to such moisture. With most models currently, installation requires no drilling into the truck bed. Black is the standard color offered by most manufacturers, but many do offer a variety of other more exotic colors.

When purchasing a truck bed cover, you need to decide whether a hard cover (solid fiberglass) or a soft cover (vinyl) is the more appropriate one. The differences between the two are that the hard covers are firmly attached, they do not get blow off even at highway speeds. They are available with hinge systems to allow an easier lifting of cover to put or get the cargo. It is also secure and lockable. These hard covers weigh about 100 lbs. Hard covers are also much more expensive, durable and weatherproof than vinyl covers. The soft covers on the other hand, are easy to remove and install. They often just snap on to the truck rails and are ready to go immediately. Although they may not be as tough as the hard covers, they are still strong enough to provide protection for 1 to 2 people. If you are hauling large cargo, these covers come off easily to accommodate the extra space needed.

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Can I Rely On The Rental Car Insurance Supplied By Golden Platinum Cards

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Thousands of individuals obtain cars from car rental agencies each year, but when it comes to protecting themselves financially while in possession of the car, many individuals have questions about the best way to protect themselves. One of the biggest questions that may be on their mind is whether the rental car insurance supplied by their golden or platinum credit cards is adequate protection against damage or theft of the rental car. Many individuals decline the rental car insurance offered by the rental car company because they believe that the insurance offered by their credit card is enough to handle any issue that may arise. So are they correct?

The short answer is that it depends on the specifics of the insurance offered by the credit card company. There are many credit card companies that claim that if you rent a car using their credit card, they will provide insurance coverage for you for as long as you have the car. For many individuals, this seems like adequate protection for any instances where they need to rent a car. The problem occurs when the individuals fail to read the fine print of their credit card disclosures. Although many credit card companies offer rental car insurance, the actual items covered may vary from company to company.

Reading the disclosures for the rental car insurance portion of the credit card terms and conditions can save an individual a great deal of hassle in the long run. For instance, while some credit card companies claim to offer full coverage insurance for the rental car, it is only valid if the car is rented from a certain car rental agency. The coverage may also be limited to a certain type or class of car, meaning that if any other type or class of car is rented, the coverage will not be valid. Other credit card companies limit their liability to the amount of the deductible of your personal car insurance policy and will not pay above this amount to have the car repaired or replaced, leaving the card owner responsible for the rest of the costs.

Even the credit card companies that offer extensive insurance coverage for rental cars will typically only provide collision and comprehensive coverage for the car, leaving the card holder responsible for any property damage or personal injury costs that may be incurred. Credit card companies also do not typically provide reimbursement for any personal belongings that may be lost if the car is stolen while in the card holder's possession. It's a good idea to take any valuables you may have in the car with you. Although the credit card rental car insurance may help the card owner a great deal when an issue arises, a card holder that depends on this insurance alone may find themselves in a tight spot if the insurance does not cover what they think it does. Make sure that you read the fine print and are aware of the coverage that it provides before your next car rental.

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A Quick Car Buying Survivors Guide

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Car dealerships are just like any other business in that they are responsible for generating an operating profit. And like any other businesses there are those that attempt to do so upfront and straight forward and... those that are... well... less than straightforward.

Without a doubt the best chance that you have to avoid contributing exorbitant amounts to a car dealer's gross profit is for you to get your research and financing in line prior to ever setting foot on the dealership. And quite frankly, for the vast majority who has some sort of access to the World Wide Web, there is no excuse not to get yourself up to speed.

Once you are ready to go... go slowly. When it comes to putting together your deal at the car dealership, speed is not your ally. Car dealers and sales people are in-depth at putting deals together at a rapid pace... and ringing up big profit numbers... stay calm, deliberate, and focused.

Don't crank up the negotiations on your first trip to a dealership. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the people and the surroundings. Get a feel for what type of person your potential sales person is. Remember, this is about your comfort level... not theirs.

Don't go for the 'Spot Delivery'. A spot delivery is when the dealer allows you to take the car 'as yours' before they have definitively procured your financing. This can be exceptionally devastating if you have traded in your car to them only to find out a couple days later that the dealer either hasn't been able to get you financed or can only get you financed at a very high interest rate. Don't put yourself in this position.

Know your budget before you go shopping... and stick to it. Don't tell or otherwise give the sales person any idea of what your budget is. They don't need to know this. And never shop and buy your car by negotiating a monthly payment; you'll pay more than you needed.

Don't proceed if you are not comfortable with any of the proceedings. Without you, there is no deal. You have the ultimate VETO power, so use it if you feel hurried, confused, or otherwise uncomfortable at all.

And finally, and this is a very important point to remember, the selling price of the new car isn't where the dealer makes the most profit.

The financing and the trade-in (when they resell your old car) are two additional profit departments for the dealership. Also, all those add-on's and warranties that the dealership will offer you the opportunity to purchase also include a rather large profit margin for the dealer.

Car dealerships are sales centers. They are in business to not only sell you a car but anything else they can possibly offer and entice you with as well. Do your research on the car you are thinking about, the financing options available to you outside the dealership, and know the market value of your trade (if applicable)... then take your time to find the best deal you can putting all these together.

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Land Leveler Buying Tips And Pointers

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Potholes in your farm field areas can cause harm not only for your very own safety but for your crops as well. Yet, with land levelers around, you don't have to worry of such problems. So what is a land leveler anyway?

Well, a land leveler is actually a machine or equipment used to smoothen out and level your farm fields to free it from potholes and other land surface irregularities that can otherwise endanger your growing crops and your safety as well. Through land levelers, the clods, stones and other stuff and particles that can negatively affect the smoothness of your farm field area can be broken up and pulverized. Thus your seed bed can indeed be a good location for a healthy growing plant. You can also plant the seed with uniform depth to improve the possible end products.

Land levelers are widely available in the market not only in your local farm equipment stores but in the net as well. Instead of hopping from one store to the other that will best fit the features of your land and your budget as well, online stores can give you much comfort simply by browsing the net anytime you want or wherever you may be. Placement of your orders can be done in several ways. You can browse the store's online catalog for the specific type of land leveler that you want. Then fill up their online forms with the needed information. Or, you can also send your emails.

You can have a custom made land leveler to imbibe the features that you specifically want. Another option is to call the hotline usually tied up with the store. Some online sources have their own customer service staff to help them in choosing the best and the right land leveler type. Such feature is a great help especially if it is your first time to purchase a land leveler.

Together with the varied land leveler brands are the different leveler features and styles. Some leveler comes with added blades to cut the hindrances that may affect the smoothing process of your land field. If you desire for better balancing one you start the smoothing out process, then a land leveler with hardened steel strip on the bottom area of the blades is a good choice. The strip can also help for better positioning and handling.

The blades, strips, tubings and bracings of the land leveler are just few of the factors that you must thoroughly check in buying a new product. The blades must be strong enough to go through rocks and other hard stuff that can hinder the smoothing process. It must also be easily removed for easier cleaning, repair or replacement. The same is true with the strips. Make sure that it is made from tough durable materials to ensure long lasting use.

Nowadays, there are also land levelers made from lasers for easier use. It is actually the product of latest technological advancements that can take away the usual hassles of traditional land leveling process. Laser land levelers are equipped with laser rays to even out rugged surfaces. You may have to spend an extra amount to purchase such type of land leveler but it's actually worth it. Using a laser land leveler can help you maximize the productivity of your farm land and thus, maximize its use and profit. It can also help a lot to save water so it can cut the high cost of utilizing tube wells.

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Can You Beat The Speed Cameras

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Love them or hate them, there is no getting around it the fact that speed cameras are here to stay. Some love the fact that they cut speeding down while others say they are nothing but a way of invading your privacy.

Regardless of the fact, if you are caught speeding then the simple answer is there isn't much you can do about it. You could of course go to Court and argue the fact, but if they caught you on film, then generally the camera doesn't lie. This of course means that in addition to the fine you originally got, you now have to pay Court costs too.

While speed cameras are undoubtedly put there to safeguard the driver and the public by cutting down and clamping down on those who habitually speed, we all speed at sometime or another even if this is as little as going just a few miles over the limit. These are the people who generally get the letter through their letterbox, the one timers, not that there is an excuse for any speeding no matter how small.

However the average person can receive between 3 and 6 points on their licence from speeding and when it comes to renewing their car insurance, this can make a huge difference to the amount they have to pay. Whether speeding is on the increase or not, one fact remains, that by April this year it was estimated that around 1.3 million drivers had on average around 9 points on their licence.

Points on your licence do make a difference to the premium that you pay and in order to get the cheapest insurance your licence should be clean.

In order to get the best possible deal on car insurance, drive safely, keep within the speed limits and shop around for the right deal.

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