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How To Use Rss To Make Money Online

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Most of you have seen those little buttons on websites labeled RSS or XML. If you are wondering what they are, RSS means Really Simple Syndication. Really simple because when you subscribe to a site that has this aspect, you keep up-to-date alongside new data without having to check the site every day. This is actually acceptable news because you can use it to get newsfeeds from major news networks, news on new movies, even your favorite musician's trip dates or CD releases.

This new weave to the Internet is extremely valuable to you as a Internet marketer too. Imagine replacing email marketing next to RSS marketing. People actually subscribe meaning they crave your report updates, similar to opt-in newsletters. With newsletters you have to write them and your site content. With RSS, when you update your content, all subscribers are notified by their newsreaders.

Newsreaders are special software that review RSS feeds. To get started, download a free RSS reader.

If you use a Windows PC, go to

For Mac users, see

Before you are set up, here's all you or your customers have to do...

See how much you can learn about money when you take a little time to read a well-researched article? Don't miss out on the rest of this great information.

Right-click (control-click for Mac users) on any RSS button on a site, blog or news source that interests you. Select Copy Shortcut ("Copy Link to Clipboard" for Mac, "Copy Link Location" for Firefox browsers), and paste that URL into your RSS Reader. And that is it, you are subscribed. Once you get started, your favorite parts of the Web come to you. No need to go out and check for updates all the time. If you do not want to download software, subscribe to your favorite feeds through My Yahoo or My MSN.

So how does any of this create you money?

More traffic means extra cash. By placing RSS on your website or your blog, anyone can subscribe automatically and understand when a new product or service is available. This new breed of Internet shopper is not to be rejected. To take advantage of the traffic you have to set up your RSS feed available to website visitors and submit your feed message to RSS, blog and XML kind directories.

Here's how you get RSS for your site!

Go to for the finest source of RSS and Blog information. There are several file types for RSS and here you find out which is best and why.

There is no need to become a techie to use RSS and XML. You just need to know enough about this newest technology to use it. Once you do, it comes simple to see how you make money online with RSS. In the same way newsletters and opt-in email are used for successful marketing, RSS is much easier, faster, and a much less intrusive way to communicate with potential or existing clients and customers.

It's very critical to provide exactly what individuals want to make money online. How can there be a better way to do that than to allow people to subscribe to their wants and wishes? Start using RSS and XML technologies now to make money online. To add fuel to your marketing fire, use RSS to optimize content and add constant updates to your web pages.

Take time to consider the points presented above. What you learn may help you overcome your hesitation to take action.

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Cashing In With Rss Feeds

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You may already know that RSS stands for Remote Site Syndication, but what does that mean to you and more importantly, how can you use RSS to help you make more money?

Simply put, RSS feeds are written in a computer language called XML, a special mark up language much like HTML. This means that they have mechanisms included that identify structures in a document. The structures define the content and how that content will be displayed within that document. RSS is what makes big news websites possible: RSS files are used to create a data feed which will deliver headlines, links or virtually any other piece of information to a channel viewer application, commonly called a news reader.

These readers are subscribed to certain RSS feed URL's and constantly monitor them over the Internet, alerting the user when ever any new information has been added to the feed. So, how can you use this to your advantage as an internet marketer?

Here are the most popular ways to integrate RSS feeds into your marketing effort:

You can use RSS to supplement any email marketing you are currently doing, take advantage of RSS feeds to drive traffic to your blog or sales site or create your own RSS feeds so your messages and information show up on thousands of websites, blogs and desktops online.

Although many marketing gurus will claim that email marketing isn't dead, with the advent of increasing spam complaints and filters coupled with the threat of viruses originating from an email, more and more people are leery of even opening your email. So even if you have a large email list, the likelihood of your emails being opened is becoming increasingly slim.

With RSS, your messages won't ever get filtered and they will have a much higher chance of actually being read vs. email. Your marketing results can only be better when people actually read your message. You can even incorporate autoresponders in conjunction with RSS.

Including RSS feeds on your content site or blog allows you to add fully dynamic theme-related content to your web pages making your site or blog very popular with the search engines. The constantly updated content is exactly what the search engines crave and helps increase your search engine ranking, driving more traffic to your page.

Probably the best way to use RSS to help your online marketing efforts is to create your own RSS feed. This way your information will be published on any website that is using the RSS feed you are supplying that information to. There's even automated software to submit your RSS feeds to the various directories that supply the feeds to marketers using them on their websites as described above.

RSS is still a relatively unknown method of driving traffic to websites, but is becoming more popular every day. As an internet marketer, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of this new technology before the rest of the online community jumps on the bandwagon.

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Rss And Why Its Being Considered The Newest Player In The Viral Marketing Game

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I have a quick question to ask you... "Are you sick and tired of hearing about RSS(Real Simple Syndication) and how it can take your online business to New levels with VERY little effort on your part?"

If you answered 'YES' to the question above then stop reading this article Right Now!

If you answered 'NO' then your going to love what I'm about to reveal to you about RSS and WHY its being consider the newest player in the VIRAL marketing game.

But before I do I think its important you understand the mechanics of each(RSS and VIRAL marketing) and what there role is so there's no confusion.

RSS by definition - RSS stands for 'Real Simple syndication or Rich Site Summary' and is used to syndicate news or information and is usually associated with Blogs because blogs use an RSS feed to distribute their content.


VIRAL Marketing by definition - is any form of advertising and/or marketing techniques that "spread" like a virus without you having to do anything.

Now that you have an idea what the two mean and the roles they each play it's now time to tie it all together.

I have another quick question...(As you can see I like to ask questions.) "What do all website owners and portal sites need on a 24/7 basis to keep their visitors/readers coming back day after day?

If you answered 'Content' then give yourself a pat on the back because your absolutely Right!

And what do RSS feeds contain that update on a 24/7 basis?

CONTENT! Whether its News related or Articles.

And where do website owners and portal webmasters go to find these much needed RSS feeds?

You guessed it... 'RSS Directories' where hopefully You submitted your RSS feed(s) to.

The great thing about 'RSS Directories' is they are all categorized making it easy for whomever is looking.

And if your RSS feed catches their eye, guess what? They'll add your feed to there website where You'll gain all that FREE exposure at their expense.

Now, just imagine if 100 or 1000 website owners picked up your RSS feed.

Your traffic to your website would start to Explode effortlessly without you lifting a finger.

And the cool thing is all you had to do was set it up once.

The more 'Quality' RSS feeds you have out there the more opportunities you have of getting picked up by webmasters.

Do you see Now how RSS is being considered VIRAL? And this all happens while your sleeping.

It gets better So hold on.

Do you publish your own Content/Articles?

If you do you are also in for a real treat because guess what other directories are starting to incorporate RSS into their directories?

That's right, 'Article Directories'.

By submitting your articles to the TOP 'Article Directories' the same effect will happen as I outlined with 'RSS Directories'.

Remember this, people come online primarily for Information that will help solve a particular problem they are dealing with.

Websites contain 'Information'.

Website owners need Fresh 'Information' on a 24/7 basis to feed their readers needs.

RSS feeds deliver content, whether its News related or Articles, on a 24/7 basis or whatever frequency the website owner chooses.

How can you take advantage of this Right Now if you haven't already?

Simply set up a Blog at - - and start posting to it on a Daily basis with your Articles, Product Reviews or News related postings related to your target audience.

Then go submit your Blogs RSS feed to all the top 'RSS Directories'.

Here's a link to a list of Top RSS Directories that you can submit your feed(s) to.

Go to:

Once you've done that you'll want to Ping your Blog to get the Search Engines to come visit and start indexing your Blogs pages.

You can do this by using this Free service called Ping-O-Matic.

Go to:

Well there you have it in a nutshell.

I hope you see the true Power of RSS and more importantly... "WHY Its Being Considered The Newest Player In The VIRAL Marketing Game".

The only thing left for you to do is... Take Action!

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Advertising In Rss Feeds

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As publishers have moved towards monetizing RSS feeds, their have been vibrant discussions as to whether advertisements in feeds are viable or whether they will drive subscribers away. At the end of the day while it appears that many are discussing the philosophical approaches to ads in RSS feeds few are taking the time to examine the options available for inserting advertisements in feeds.

Ultimately the advertisements served are going to determine the success of RSS as an advertising medium. The ads served must be related to the content contained in the feed. If the RSS feed contains quality content, the ads are relevant, and the volume of ads is in balance with the volume of content served, advertising in RSS feeds will succeed.

Take a closer look at some of the ad serving options currently available for RSS feeds.

Review of Current Options

Google AdSense for Feeds

Google's AdSense for Feeds offers contextually targeted advertisements, with a wide selection of advertisers. Google chooses not to divulge the percentage of revenue that is shared with the publisher, so it is difficult if not impossible to predict monthly revenue. The current Google AdSense system for feeds is tied to blogs and does not appear to be overly flexible.

Pheedo displays categorized advertisements rather than contextual advertisements. The upside to this is that Pheedo's advertisements can be used in conjunction with Google AdSense or AdSense for feeds without violating Google's contract. Pheedo works with the publisher to serve advertisements from similar or related categories associated with the feeds contents.

Pheedo's system allows for advanced ad filtering, giving publishers control over keyword ad filtering, specific ad filtering or url filtering. Pheedo's system also allows publishers to sell ads to existing advertisers whom they already have a relationship. The revenue split is 50% and feeds can be a sponsored flat rate advertisement or a pay-per-click advertisement, where the publisher is only paid if the advertisement is clicked.http://www.pheedo.comKanoodle for Feeds

Kanoodles systems for providing advertisements for feeds is similar to Google's but they do not have the breadth of advertisers that Google boasts. Advertisements are served based on topics, not to keywords. Kanoodle shares 50% of the revenue generated from the advertisements with the publisher serving the ad.http://www.kanoodle.comEvaluating Options

When evaluating feed ad serving solutions consider the following:

1. Ad Relevance

In order to generate revenue from RSS advertisements or for an advertising campaign to succeed using RSS as a channel. It is absolutely critical that the advertisements served in the feed contain related content, the more related the content the higher the likelihood that the advertisements will be of interest to the reader and clicked. Also the closer the content relates to the feeds theme the higher the likelihood the reader will have genuine interest in the product or service being advertised.

2. Ad Ratio

Publishers need to retain control over the frequency of advertisements. Readers will become frustrated with feeds that are heavily laden with advertisements and genuine content.

The advertiser is happy as they are reaching a targeted audience the publisher is happy because their advertisement is being clicked and generating revenue.

3. Clearly Denoted as Ads

The debate over editorial control and advertisements rage on. It is generally considered proper net etiquette for publishers to clearly mark advertisements to distinguish them from editorial web content. When selecting a RSS advertising partner consider the context in which the advertisements are displayed. Does it blend with the feed or site, while still being clearly marked sponsored material? Or does the content blend so well that it appear as a product or service endorsement from the publisher? Credibility and reputation online matter, and the segregation of advertisements and ensuring they are properly denoted as such will go a long way to enhance credibility with readers.

Clearly as RSS increases in popularity publishers are looking for ways to monetize their content. RSS in advertising is a logical step, and striking a balance between quality, consistent content and occasional related advertisements will lead to the success of advertising in RSS feeds. If the balance is not found, publishers may be forced to move to a subscription RSS feed model.

Permissions and notification of use not required.

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Rss And The 10 Most Powerful Reasons Why You Should Be Using It

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RSS(Real Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) is widely becoming a VERY powerful marketing tool on the NET and for Internet marketers around the world, the question is...

... "Are you using RSS to syndicate your content?"

When I first stumbled across RSS syndication while surfing the net, it piqued my curiosity to the point where I couldn't help myself, but, to look into this new form of site promotion further.

What I found out about this new technology will absolutely change the way you keep in touch with your subscribers and/or readers, in many ways, for years to come.

Just to keep up with the times I recently built a webpage for my website specifically to promote my RSS feed in order to take on new subscribers, and... most important of all, to put this new technology to the test.

Here's what my webpage looks like if you decide to build your own dedicated webpage for your RSS feed. I highly recommend you do, but, that's just me.

If you do decide to build one, make sure you give your subscribers and/or readers options., for those of you who aren't quite up to speed on what RSS is, here's a quick definition for you:

RSS is an acronym for "Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary", and the XML extension is the format used for distributing your news headlines via the Web, which is known as Syndication.

Syndication is where the TRUE power of RSS is unleashed, getting your message across the web in an Instant to your subscribers and/or readers.

That's the basics of RSS(Real Simple Syndication).

Now, for the rest of this article I want to focus on the "10 MOST Powerful Reasons WHY You Should Be Using It".

So, with that said, let's go to reason #1.

Reason #1. RSS Streamlines communication.

RSS streamlines communication between the publishers and readers making it easier for the subscriber to receive your content.

Reason #2. Readers can Opt-In to feeds.

RSS gives the subscriber the ability to Opt-In to the feeds they are interested in and the ability to Opt-Out if they wish through there RSS reader just like an auto-responder.

Reason #3. You don't have to maintain an RSS feed.

This is a great time saver for the busy marketer because RSS is a great communication supplement that doesn't burden the publisher with having to maintain a "List" or having to follow strict privacy rules.

Reason #4. You have the ability to Syndicate your content.

This is where the TRUE power of RSS comes into play because RSS gives you the ability to Syndicate your content to your subscribers and website owners in an INSTANT giving your content the exposure it deserves.

Reason #5. Broadcasts your Sales and Specials.

RSS gives you the ability to broadcast your Sales message and Specials to a wider audience in less time it would take to set-up an email broadcast.

Reason #6. No filters to worry about.

This is the next best feature to RSS feeds because you don't have to worry about your message being passed through some email filter.

By using RSS, your message gets delivered to 100% of your subscribers.

This is a very powerful feature.

Reason #7. No more "Spam" complaints.

This is yet another great benefit to RSS because you never have to worry about "Spam" complaints or "Privacy Policies" again because they have to add your feed to there reader, not the other way around with email.

Reason #8. You get INSTANT credibility.

By publishing your own RSS feed your establishing yourself as an expert in the eyes of your readers as someone who knows his/her industry which will build "Trust".

Reason #9. Multiple ways to read your feed.

RSS is very versatile because it allows you to view the feed in many different media platforms.

Some examples are, Browser Based readers, Software Based readers, and the ability to view feeds on different operating systems like windows and mac.

Reason #10. Free and Easy site promotion.

I like to save the best for last because RSS is a great way to get free traffic to your website without the need of spending money on advertising.

This benefit alone will save you hundreds, if not, thousands in advertising expenses a year in costs to advertise your online business.

Well... are those enough reasons for you to get started with RSS?

I certainly hope so because they sure get me excited everytime I read through them.

Just imagine for a minute your same message you worked so hard on that you were going to send via email getting to 100% of your subscribers INSTANTLY - On-Demand - via your own RSS feed without ever having to worry about email filters.

Your response rates would Double, if not, Triple, meaning MORE $$Profits$$ in your pocket with less work.

Internet technology at its Best.

As I mentioned early in my article, the best way to take advantage of RSS... Starting TODAY! ... is to set-up your own dedicated RSS webpage on your website.

If you don't have time to set-up your own webpage I recommend you set-up an account with - - and then head over to - - and set-up an account there. will auto-generate you a RSS subscription page with whatever RSS feed URL you choose.

Well... there you have it, "RSS... And The 10 MOST Powerful Reasons WHY You Should Be Using It" and more.

In conclusion, publishers using RSS as a communication vehicle for their business are able to create keyword-rich, themed content, establishing Trust, Credibility, and ongoing communication with current and prospective subscribers and/or customers without the worry of email filters getting in the way and GUARANTEE's 100% delivery.

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Feed The World S Press With Rss

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Microsoft stands accused of usurping an emerging web application, and information professionals are advised to sit up and take notice. Not so much of the non-story itself, but the underlying trends which spell fundamental change to their industry.

To put things in perspective, here's a tech flashback: At the height of the dot-com bubble, when billions of venture capital dollars were being blown on one 15-minute cyberfad after the next - and Netscape and Microsoft were at each other's throats in the vicious Browser Wars - the industry media caught wind of a new buzzword: 'Push'.

Push technology was going to redefine the web. Why should we spend hours just surfing (I mean, how much fun does that sound?) when we could spell out our requirements and allow content providers to 'push' what we were looking for to our desktop?

For a while there, push looked like the answer to all our web needs and in 1997, push player PointCast appeared to be actually worth the $450 million bid made by News Corp. Two years later, PointCast went for just $7 million after running into the kind of revenue problems that would burst the global dot-com bubble.

Push became synonymous with dot-com failure. Wanted to sound a bum note at a Silicon Valley party in 2001? Just slip "", "Irrational exuberance" or "push" into the conversation. Then sit back and watch them choke on their frappuccinos.

While push may be dead and buried, it lives on - in spirit, at least - in a technology that has been quietly taking the web by stealth. Where push tried the direct approach and failed, the new contender - RSS - has crept in through the backdoor.

Here's the tech stuff in a nutshell: RSS (which stands for Rich Site Summary, RDF Site Summary, or Really Simple Syndication; take your pick) has emerged as the dominant delivery method for news websites and weblogs.

RSS is, in turn, a file format of XML (no choice with this one, it's Extensible Markup Language), and, frankly, even information professionals can end the tricky part of their RSS education here.

What matters now is this: RSS is everywhere. And it's not just the 800lb gorilla sites like Google News ( and Yahoo! News ( making use of RSS - want to keep track of the 25 hottest urban legends?'s feed is here: Or why not subscribe to The Mead Feed( and receive "random maunderings [sic] on the mead-making industry".

For public relations professional, gaining comprehensive knowledge of RSS and how to use it is an absolute no brainer - major news aggregators are waiting for press releases right now, as long as they are provided in RSS format. And RSS feeds of search engine results can automate daily press clipping chores.

Even the lowliest news and information sites are offering full RSS compliance. Which is why many developers and other early adopters were outraged by Microsoft's perceived highjacking of RSS last month.

Word hit the street that Big Bill was planning to refer to RSS feeds as "web feeds" in a future version of Internet Explorer. Foul, cried the geeks. Microsoft was simply renaming an existing technology and shouldn't be allowed to pass this technology off as its own innovation.

But the furore was short lived when the same geeks realised the vast majority of computer users didn't have a clue what RSS was in the first place, never mind how to put it to good use. And when it was also pointed out that Google and the open-source web browser Firefox also gave RSS feeds more user-friendly names, the Microsoft bashing died down to the usual background noise.

In fact, most commentators skimmed over the key element of the Microsoft scare: the Internet Explorer integration. It doesn't matter what it's called, just as long as the main players see enough potential in it to maintain and expand their support for it.

Like it or not, Microsoft still holds the lion's share of the browser market and if RSS is to continue its conquest of the web, then a little help from Bill could be just the ticket.

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Problems Adding Rss Feeds To My Yahoo Feedburner Solution

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In the last few weeks, adding feeds to My Yahoo has been next to impossible. Here's a solution that worked for me with a feedburner feed.

Why Won't It Add My Feed

If you have a blog, adding it to My Yahoo via a feed is a fairly standard option. To do this, you simply accessed your My Yahoo page, clicked "add content", click "add RSS by url" and then entered your feed. At least it used to be that way.

For the last few weeks, the add content provision for My Yahoo has developed a glitch. Following the above steps simply no longer works. Instead, My Yahoo will show you a preview of your feed, but refuses to actually add it to the My Yahoo page. Why is it My Yahoo will show you a preview, but not add the feed? This realization is followed by an combination of the following: banging head on the desk...rebooting computer...throwing computer...

Feedburner Solution for My Yahoo

Last night, I was able to add to My Yahoo through Here's how I did it.

First, log into and pull up a My Yahoo page. Next, pull up in a second window. Log in to your account. In the resulting page, you should see a clickable title for your feed. To the immediate left of the title is an "xml" link in light grey. Click it to open a new window.

In the resulting window, you will see a light blue box followed by your feed. In the blue box near the bottom, you should see a "My Yahoo" button. Click it.

At this point, your My Yahoo add content page should appear with a preview of how the page will look in My Yahoo. This will be the same preview you were shown when trying to add the feed the traditional way. Go ahead and click the "add content" button on the top right of the page. You should see a page showing the preview and a message that it has been added.

Once you've done this, it takes up to 10 minutes for the feeds to appear on My Yahoo. I can't promise this will work for everyone, but I was able to add three feeds last night.

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Rss Why You Want It

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There seem to be several theories as to what RSS stands for so I will go with the most popular, Real Simple Syndication.

OK, enough geek speak, you want to know what it can do for you, right?

I imagine your car radio has several stations programmed in. These will be the stations that best fit your tastes. There may be a few featuring your favourite music and perhaps a traffic report station. Having them programmed into your radio means you can access them with one push of the button instead of searching everytime you want to tune in.

RSS can do the same for your web browsing. Rather than opening endless emails or trawling through websites hoping to find a nugget of useful information you can subscribe to RSS feeds from the people that have something interesting to say.

Your RSS reader will give you a headline and perhaps a line or two from the latest update and you can then decide whether to read on or not in much the same way as you scan the headlines in a newspaper until you see a story of interest.

There are RSS feeds available on just about every topic you can imagine. Whether you want to keep up on world news or the latest trivia you will find many feeds of interest. If your tastes change or the quality of the content drops off then you can just delete the RSS feed from your reader. No more opting out of email lists, putting up with 'follow up' autoresponder messages, just instant on/off access to information that deserves your attention.

This has to be good news as with the rise in popularity of RSS feeds the publishers of feeds have to stay on top of their game. They know that it is very easy for you to wander off elsewhere. You wouldn't continue to buy a newspaper or a magazine that bores you would you? This means that the quality of a feed is generally vey high which is certainly a positive step in the development of the internet.

Finding feeds is very easy - when you find a site or blog that you like just look for an XML or RSS button, usually orange or blue. If you click the button however the page you are taken to is just a bunch of HTML so you need a RSS reader to make sense of it. Just take a note of the url in the browser window at the top of your screen.

If you are a Yahoo subscriber you can simply add the url of the feed into your My Yahoo page. Google also now offers this service through Google Reader. Some browsers, such as Firefox also have RSS readers built in (just choose the add live feed option in the bookmark manager). Other services such as Quikonnex also offer a messaging service too which means you can completely bypass the whole spam ridden, over filtered ISP email system.

With RSS feeds available from broad subjects to narrow niche topics the internet now provides what it was originally supposed to do - share the best quality, most relevant information immediately.

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How Can You Explode Your Website Visitors Overnight Using Rss

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Imagine a tool that would:

1. Simply allow you to add all of your RSS feeds into a list.

2. Select which RSS feed directories you would like to submit your feeds to

3. And with the push of a button blast your feed instantly to all of them

4. Possibly double or triple your income, with the extra traffic almost overnight.

RSS Announcer Is Easy To Use-

RSS announcer is so easy to use, that even a child could figure it out. When we were having the software developed my nine-year-old son did most of the testing.

He had a ball watching all the content we created showing up immediately in the major RSS directories and knowing that he and put it there all on his own what this simple to use the software.

If only he knew the value these RSS feeds can bring, we would probably have never been able to get him away from the computer

It's all been automated for you-

When you open RSS Announcer's interface you will be prompted to enter in some basic information such as the title and description of your web site, plus the actual link to your RSS feed, the category of which your RSS feed falls under, and a few other small things.

It will then save this information for future use so as you build more and more RSS feeds up, RSS Announcer will remember them for the next time you use the software.

I absolutely guarantee you will be amazed when you see the amount of time that you can save, the amount of content, you can spread all over the Internet, and the amount of extra money that content can be bringing in immediately.

If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following:

Bonus #1:

Reply Email Automator -

Full MASTER Reprint Rights

We have only sold MASTER RIGHTS to REA to a handful of people before so you will be one of the first to have master rights to this great product. This is a $197 value

Bonus #2:'s Amazing Popups -

Three Months Free

We have arranged a special deal for you to be able to get three months free to the new amazing way to make sure your web site visitors "Can't Miss" any message you wish to place in from of them! Get your 3 months free membership now before it's too late! This is a $14.95 per month value and you get 3 months FREE!

Together these 2 free bonuses are worth more than double your investment in "RSS Announcer"- but they're all yours absolutely free when you order by midnight today!

Click Here To Download RSS Announcer:

RSS Announcer

Click Here To Download RSS Feeds Creator:

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