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Skin Care And Anti Aging Treatments Three Of The Best

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As we grow older and older, the skin losses its elasticity, causing wrinkles to appear. This happens because along with the age comes losing the Elastin and Collagen, the main "ingredients" for an elastic, unwrinkled skin. However, this is just half the problem, because these two natural elements stop reproducing as well. This has been a problem ever since the humankind started to put value on the looks.

The ancient Egyptians were the first to use skin makeup, but the ingredients they used only covered the imperfections that the age brought and did not prevent them. The modern history of anti-aging products started with the Josiah Macy Foundation, in the late 1930's, when they released "Problems of Aging: Biological and Medical Aspects." This represents the foundation of anti-aging products and medicine. Cynthia Kenyon made another breakthrough, almost sixty years later, in 1993, when she was able to prolong the lifespan of a certain type of skin-helping worms. After that, a boom was registered in anti-aging products. But as the manufacturers started to grow in numbers, so did the fake products, which not only didn't help the user, but also could threaten his/hers health. Thus, in late 2001, the U.S.'s Senate came to an agreement: there would be laws to protect the public from fake anti-aging products.

These being said, it's time to present some of the most respected anti-aging products.


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Is Your Diet Giving You Bad Breath

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More than 37 percent of the U.S. population is dieting at any given time. Some of the most popular diet programs in existence today rely on restricting or nearly eliminating the amount of carbohydrates in your diet. Unfortu-nately, the high-protein, low-carb diet craze has brought with it a side effect-really bad breath, or as it is known in the scientific community, low-carb oral malodor, or LCOM.

"This potentially embarrassing condition may be experienced sporadically or chronically and at different degrees depending on how strictly the diet is followed, previous disposition for the condition and oral hygiene," explained Sushma Nachnani, Ph.D. of the University Health Resources Group, Inc. "High-protein diets break down into this bouquet of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which are then expelled through the breath, which produces an offensive odor."

The good news is that recent studies have shown that LCOM can be effectively treated through a good oral health routine that includes the active antimicrobial components found in products such as BreathRx

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Beauty Essentials And Useful Tips For Facial Therapy

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Know Your Skin Type

First of all it's important to know you're skin type so that you can select skin care products to suit you. Do you have normal skin, dry skin, dehydrated skin, oily skin, mature skin, or sensitive skin?

Dry or Very Dry Skin

Products with a high cream and oil content are beneficial. Avoid using soap and detergent based products on the face and neck as these can be drying. Oil-based face masks are soothing and hydrating fro dry skin.

Dehydrated Skin

Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated, aim for 2 litres per day.

Oily Skin

Cleansing and moisturising milks or lotions have a higher water content and a lighter consistency and are less likely to cause congestion. Be careful not to over exfoliate the skin as this can stimulate increased production of oil.

Combination Skin

Treat the different areas of the face with products specific to their needs. For example light formulation in the oilier T Zone area and richer creamier products in the dry areas. The skin will benefit from a hydrating mask on the cheeks and a deep cleansing mask on the forehead, nose and chin.

Mature Skin Care

As with dry skin choose richer creamier oil based products. Skin may be thin or have broken capillaries so it should always be treated with great care and very little pressure. Firming and anti ageing products are highly beneficial, as are specific neck and eye care products.

Sensitive Skin Tips

Not only is sensitive skin more likely to react to product ingredients, but also the damaging effects of the sun can be felt more easily. It is advisable to use an SPF of 50. A gentle peeling product that doesn't contain granules is gentler on the skin than an exfoliating scrub.

Now that we've looked at different skin types, what kind of facial therapy products are out there and what can they do for your skin?

Facial Cleanser

These remove make up leaving skin clean and free from impurities. Some cleansers are gentle enough to be used on the eye area but if you wear waterproof mascara you will require a specific eye makeup remover.

Toning Lotion

These remove traces of cleanser, refreshes the skin and has a temporary tightening effect upon the pores. Refreshes the skin and helps to restore the skin's PH.


Often described as day creams or hydrating lotions, they nourish the skin to leave it soft and smooth. Oil and water emulsions attract water to the skin and prevent moisture loss by evaporation. Moisturiser should be applied to the skin after cleansing and toning. Some moisturising creams and lotions contain SPF and help protect the skin against environmental damage. Not only do moisturisers hydrate and condition the skin, they provide an excellent base for makeup application.

Eye creams

Eye Creams are specially designed to moisturise and protect the delicate skin around the eye. They often contain collagen, oils and vitamins and some contain light diffusing particles to help draw attention away from dark circles beneath the eyes.

Neck Creams

Neck moisturising and firming creams are more hydrating than ordinary moisturisers. In our 20s and 30s our usual moisturiser is usually sufficient to nourish the neck and d

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Liposuction For The Reduction Of Breasts

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While people tend to focus on breast implants, breast reduction is a very common procedure for both men and women. Few people realize there may be a liposuction element.

Liposuction For The Reduction of Breasts

There are many cosmetic procedures that can be done regarding a woman's breast size. Many women opt for implants, feeling that their breasts are too small. Others want a breast lift, where the breasts are operated on, tissue is removed and muscles are "lifted", so that the breast has a younger and perkier appearance. Finally, some women need to have breast reduction because they feel that the size of their breasts is too large.

Traditional breast reduction requires a doctor to make large incisions, or cuts, underneath the breast and then remove fatty tissue. Many women who need breast reductions do not want to have to deal with the large scars and long recovery time. If you fall into this category, you should be aware that reduction by liposuction is an option.

Liposuction, of any area, requires only small cuts in the skin to insert the tubing and other equipment needed to vacuum out the relevant fatty cells. In breast reduction, a small cut is made in the crease of the breast. It is so small that it is very difficult to see with the naked eye. The plastic surgeon then will remove fatty material in the breasts to obtain the desired result. You might be surprised to learn that very large quantities of breast tissue, up to 1000 cc of fluid, can be removed in many cases. This equates to over two and a half bra cup sizes. This removal of tissue also allows the "breast envelope" to contract, which makes the breasts elevate. The result is a perkier look and a rise in the breasts of up to two inches.

There are many advantages to having reduction by liposuction. If you are a younger patient, having your breast size reduced in this way allows you to retain the ability to breast feed later on as the milk ducts are not damaged. The recovery time from liposuction is shorter than that from traditional breast reduction. Additionally, there will be less scarring and potentially fewer side effects such as swelling and pain because this method is less invasive. Also, since less damage will be done to the nerves in the breast area, you may retain better sensation in the breast.

Breast reduction should be considered major surgery. This means you should discuss the best medical options with your plastic surgeon and gain an understanding of the results you can reasonably expect. Some reductions are covered by insurance if there is a medical reason for the surgery, so make sure to explore this issue with your health insurance carrier and surgeon.

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Wrinkles Stop Them And Look Young For A Longtime

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A small wrinkle on the young face creates fear of aging. As we grow we get wrinkles. Most of us get wrinkles first and then rush to get costly and painful treatments done to remove them. How about preventing them? I agree that all of them cannot be probably stopped, but some can be for sure. Let me tell you how?

Wrinkles On Skin- How Do They Form?

Sleep on one side for many years and your face on that side will develop wrinkles. Can we not change our sleeping position after every few days? Do that and find out.

Smoke and you pull your muscles near the mouth. You will develop the typical wrinkles of a smoker called smoker lines soon. Stop smoking and stop that. Moreover smoking also forms more free radicals that damage the healthy collagen in the skin and make your skin sag with typical signs under the eyes, cheeks etc.

Go out in the sun and let the UV strike your face. It will damage the skin immediately. Your upper skin will become thin and the lower supporting skin will become thin. This causes more wrinkles as the support goes away from below and the skin sags. Protect yourself from sun. Wear wide brimmed hats, sunglasses and apply a sunscreen of SPF 15 regularly.

Make more gestures with your face and you will get the lines that will become permanent forever after sometime. Make less gestures and expressions with face and stop those wrinkles.

Use antioxidant creams. Use moisturizers-stop skin from drying. Eat healthy food full of Vitamins and antioxidants. Use formulations prepared for boosting collagen production as you age. Take these preventive steps in your youth and the old age may never come to show on your face. Avoid the costly and painful procedures for getting the youth.

This article is only for informative purposes. This article is not intended to be a medical advise and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor for your medical concerns. Please follow any tip given in this article only after consulting your doctor. The author is not liable for any outcome or damage resulting from information obtained from this article.

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History Of Perfume

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What is Perfume?

People have been using perfumes for pretty much all of recorded history. While hygiene standards have varied over the centuries (Queen Isabella of Spain, the 1400s, boasts that she'd only had 2 baths in her entire life), people have always wanted to smell good. And they've turned to perfume.

So what exactly is perfume? Have people always understood it to be scented liquids in little glass bottles, as we know it today? Well, oddly enough, some of the earliest perfumes were kept in little glass bottles.... As the French say, the more things change, the more things stay the same. So let's look at perfume through the ages, and see what we find.

We see perfume now as liquids, which we can dab or mist on ourselves to give a pleasant scent. The word modern word perfume, however, comes from the Latin phrase per fumus, meaning "through smoke," and that gives a hint to the origin of perfume. The earliest perfumes were the smokes given off by burning incense.

Incense and Ancient History

Incense is one of humanities oldest inventions; records of it go back to ancient Egypt, more than 3500 years ago. It was used to scent the air, and was mainly a "luxury" product: the wealthy used it in their homes, and the priests used it in religious rituals. Ordinary folks had to deal with smells of ordinary life.

Incense was a luxury item because of the tremendous effort that went into producing it. Then, as now, the more difficult it is to make something, the more it will cost. To get an idea of ancient incense preparation, just try to powder various barks, twigs, leaves, and flowers with a mortar and pestle. Now do it enough to make a barrel of incense.

And this brings us to another point: just where to perfumes come from? For the most part, perfumes and incenses are made from plant products. Many woods, such as cedar or mesquite, are quite aromatic, and we all know that flowers give off scent, as to many leaves. Other substances, such as oils and wines, can be added to these in various combinations, to create the desired scent. Generally, in today's terminology, if the source of the scent is a solid, than it's an incense; if the source is a liquid, it's a perfume.

The ancient Egyptians knew about liquid scents, as well. They used various oils and flower extracts on themselves, and the use of scents spread through their entire society. Perfuming was part of bathing, and bathing was frequent. As a side note, the public baths of Greece and Rome probably owe something of their nature to Egyptian precursors.

The Egyptians also paid attention to the bottles and jars the used to keep perfumes. For the most part, these were ceramic or pottery, but they also used glass, just as we do today.

Bringing Perfume to the West

Egyptian culture may have disappeared, but the practice of perfuming lived on. The Greeks and Romans did not use incense as extensively, but they did take up the practice of using scented oils as part of bathing. Olive oil was frequently used a base for men's fragrances. These perfumed oils actually served a dual purpose. They smelled good, of course, but in the hot Mediterranean climate they also protected the skin from the sun.

So, for much of history, perfumes were made by crushing flowers, barks, woods, or leaves, and then infusing them into various oils or burning them as incense. Things began to change in the Middle Ages, when Arab chemists developed a process to extract oils from flowers. Today we call these oils essential oils, not because they are essential to the perfume industry (they are), but because they are the "essence" of the scent.

Perfume Enters Modern History

Arab traders introduced essential oils to Europe in the Renaissance period, and perfume makers quickly recognized them as superior for the production of scented perfumes, especially liquid ones.

Perfume, as a way of masking the unpleasant odors of life, quickly became popular throughout Europe. In France it became particularly popular, in part by royal imprimatur... The court of Louis XV was called the "perfumed court" because of the prevalence of scent. It was in France that the practice of daubing women's perfume on the wrists originated.

It wasn't just the royal courtiers who were perfumed, though. The gloves and wigs that were the style of the day were frequently perfumed. If you've ever seen portraits from colonial America, notice the wigs that Washington and the other gentlemen are wearing; they're white, not from age, but from the perfumed powder that was applied to them.

Heading Toward the 20th Century

The practice of making perfumes from essential oils, primarily from floral sources, remains with us today. The biggest difference between women's fragrances now, and the women's fragrances available in the 1700s, is the bottles.

Modern glass perfume bottles, as small bits of artwork, were the brainchild of Francois Coty, the French-Corsican perfume maker, who, in the 1890s and 1900s, developed a fabulous reputation as parfumier, or perfume maker. He also had an eye for marketing, and recognized that not everyone had the 'nose of Coty.' His insight was to sell his perfumes in small, attractive glass bottles. He partnered with a glass maker, and the rest is history....

Sometimes, the array of perfumes, with their scents and their bottles, can be intimidating, and that can keep people from buying perfume. You can avoid those problems at We've got hundreds of perfumes available for sale on our site, at great prices. You can browse them all, at your leisure, and read through the descriptions before you buy. You won't find pushy salespeople, and there are no obligations.

What you will find are the best perfumes for women and men, at the best prices available, with delivery directly to you. So check us out, and see how easy it is to find the right perfume.

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How Contact Lenses Can Treat Myopia

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Myopia is a vision problem that effects a large number of people, especially children. There has been debate in the medical community about whether of not the growth of myopia can be slowed. Research has demonstrated that rigid gas permeable contacts were able to slow down the development of myopia in over 25% of children wearing them. There are a number of signals a child will give to show that they are suffering from this condition.

Children who are suffering from myopia may complain of headaches on a regular basis. They may also suffer from eyestrain when they are trying to look at objects just a few feet away from them. The vast majority of children who have myopia are not able to clearly see distant objects. If you notice that your child is consistently moving close to objects in order to see them, this is a bad sign. If you notice any of the things mentioned above, you should consult with your doctor or pediatrician immediately.

Even though RGP contacts are not capable of stopping this disease, they have been shown to slow down its growth. Research has shown that myopia did not spread rapidly in children who wore RGP contacts, while children who wore glasses or soft contacts did not see an improvement. The effects of the RGP lenses are not constant, and they do not have a permanent effect on the shape of the cornea. Studies have also shown that those with myopia tend to have a cornea which has an oval shape.

It is likely the RGP contacts offer health benefits which are not found in glasses or other types of contact lenses. These contacts are much harder, and effectively allow oxygen to reach the eyes. In addition to myopia, they are also effective in fighting against astigmatism. All of these combined features make RGP contacts worth wearing despite the fact they are can be uncomfortable to wear. When a child first begins wearing RGP contacts, it will take them a few weeks to get used to them.

It is best to allow children to wear these contacts when they are responsible enough to handle them. It is important for parents to teach them the importance of caring for their lenses, cleaning them as scheduled. While it is not possible with current technology to cure myopia, RGP contacts are efficient in slowing down the growth of this disease.

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Epilady Hair Removal Innovator

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People with unwanted hair have sought miracle hair removal techniques since ancient times. The appearance of Epilady epilators in 1996 ended the hair removal controversy for ever. Epilady introduced the first consumer electric hair remover and changed forever the hair removal field. Epilady has distributed some 30 million products... try to imagine all that hair!

Epilady products include dual head epilators that offer easy switch functions. Their wide epilating head shaves any angle of the skin. The dual sided shaving heads is especially helpful when shaving delicate areas .Epilady epilators have comfortable non-slip epilation at two operating speeds and are versatile products.

Another Epilady product is a two speed epilator featuring a wide epilating head for fast, nick free depilation from any angle. The shaving head is dual sided with one foil for a beautiful, close and gentle shave of sensitive areas. This epilator has rubber gripping points for a firm, non-slip hold. This product recommended for silky, soft smooth legs. It's a quick, gentle and comfortable way to remove unwanted hair safely by the root. Epilady shavers also slows hair growth so legs and arms stay satiny soft for weeks between shaves. This epilator includes an adapter and cool travel pouch.

A popular Epilady shaver uses two 24-carat gold-plated replaceable heads to handle for all areas of body hair. This Epilady shaver offers skin-friendly epilation for sensitive areas and under-arms, sold with a n adapter and travel pouch. Epilady epilators are a simply perfect hair removal solution. They are compact in size, easy to use and remove hair by the root almost with little pain. Compared to electrolysis and waxing, epilators are a breeze. In minutes, a woman may have

smooth skin that lasts for weeks because the epilator slows hair growth. Compared to epilators, other hair removal techniques are jilted lovers. Nothing compares with the convenience of Epilady.

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Can Eating Salmon Really Give You A Flawless Face

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By Faye Spencer

For years doctors have been telling us that eating junk food doesn't cause acne, and you probably know at least one person who eats candy and chocolate non-stop and still has lovely skin. But recently the medical establishment has begun to give serious consideration to how what we eat impacts our health, and our appearance.

One of the most prominent spokespeople for this cause is Dr. Nicholas Perricone, whose "Wrinkle Cure" system touts salmon as a skin-saving miracle food. What started as a fringe trend-eating fish to get a smoother face-has now blossomed into a popular diet plan, and millions of men and women have given it a go. Even Oprah has sung the praises of this pink-orange fish on her talk show. What's the reason for the popularity of the so-called salmon diet? Simple: it works.

Why Salmon?

Salmon, along with tilapia, trout, herring and sardines, are rich in a substance called omega-3 fatty acids. Don't balk at that term-these fats are terrific for you. In fact, they are crucial to the growth and functioning of our organs, and they supposedly help to diminish dangerous inflammation within the body. (It's that inflammation that can trigger a host of conditions we'd rather avoid, like acne, obesity, diabetes and heart disease.) Among the different types of fish, salmon is one of the richest, chockfull of good-for-you fats and other healthful substances that keep your body functioning like a well-oiled machine.

Did you know that humans are not able to produce omega-3s? That's why it's so important that we obtain them from the foods we eat on a daily basis. When you eat plenty of salmon and stick to a healthy overall diet and lifestyle, you will begin to see dramatic changes in your skin's appearance and texture. Your skin will become smoother, plumper and more moisture-rich. Blemishes will fade and you'll regain the glow you may have had when you were a teenager. Your eyes will likely become brighter, your hair shinier and stronger, and even your mood cheerier!

How Much Should You Eat?

Make salmon (or other fatty fish) a regular part of your meal plan. Aim to have fish about 10 times per week, whether in the form of a morning omelet, a lunchtime salad, or a dinnertime fish filet. Top your whole wheat bagel with lox for a delicious and healthy "booster shot" for your skin. Grill salmon plain and top with a mango relish. There is virtually no limit to what you can do with this delicious and versatile ingredient!

Round out your nutritious lifestyle with plenty of leafy greens and antioxidant-rich fruits, such as berries. A handful of nuts is also a great addition to your daily diet plan. And don't forget to keep the water bottle on hand-drinking plenty of water helps to flush the body of toxins and get your skin looking gorgeous.

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