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Sanford And Son Season 5 Dvd Review

(category: Movie-Reviews, Word count: 454)
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Winner of widespread critical and audience acclaim, Sanford And Son remained a mainstay of the Nielsen Top Ten from its inception into its final season on the air. Centered around the life of Fred Sanford, a sixty-year-old junkyard owner who lives with his son Lamont, Sanford And Son brought Redd Foxx from the dark backrooms of comedy halls to the forefront of American pop culture, making certain his talent didn't go unnoticed. With numerous brilliant jabs, sarcastic comments, fake heart attacks, and other such shennanigans, Fred Sanford earned his place in the hallowed halls of TV history...

The Sanford & Son (Season 5) DVD features a number of hilarious episodes including the season premiere "Earthquake II" in which Fred wakes up believing the house was robbed only to find out that a small earthquake hit in the middle of the night. When Grady tells him that a "big one" is coming soon, Fred gets fed up and vows to sell the house. He travels to Las Vegas to avoid the earthquake, where he runs into Merv Griffin... Other notable episodes from Season 5 include "Donna Pops the Question" in which Donna receives a marriage proposal from another man, but wants to know first if Fred will marry her, and "Can You Chop This?" in which Fred invests all of his and Lamont's money in a get rich quick scheme involving the sale of choppers...

Below is a list of episodes included on the Sanford & Son (Season 5) DVD:

Episode 88 (Earthquake II) Air Date: 09-12-1975

Episode 89 (Divorce, Sanford Style) Air Date: 09-19-1975

Episode 90 (Bank on This) Air Date: 09-26-1975

Episode 91 (The Sanford Arms) Air Date: 10-03-1975

Episode 92 (Steinberg and Son) Air Date: 10-10-1975

Episode 93 (Brother, Can You Spare an Act?) Air Date: 10-17-1975

Episode 94 (Della, Della, Della) Air Date: 10-31-1975

Episode 95 (Donna Pops the Question) Air Date: 11-07-1975

Episode 96 (My Fair Esther) Air Date: 11-14-1975

Episode 97 (Sanford and Rising Son) Air Date: 11-21-1975

Episode 98 (The Olympics) Air Date: 12-05-1975

Episode 99 (Ebenezer Sanford) Air Date: 12-12-1975

Episode 100 (The Oddfather) Air Date: 01-02-1976

Episode 101 (Can You Chop This?) Air Date: 01-09-1976

Episode 102 (Greatest Show in Watts) Air Date: 01-16-1976

Episode 103 (Fred Sanford Has a Baby) Air Date: 01-23-1976

Episode 104 (The TV Addict) Air Date: 01-30-1976

Episode 105 (Lamont in Love) Air Date: 02-06-1976

Episode 106 (The Escorts) Air Date: 02-13-1976

Episode 107 (The Engagement Man Always Rings Twice) Air Date: 02-20-1976

Episode 108 (The Director) Air Date: 02-27-1976

Episode 109 (A Pain in the Neck) Air Date: 03-05-1976

Episode 100 (Sergeant Gork) Air Date: 03-12-1976

Episode 111 (Camping Trip) Air Date: 03-19-1976

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The Shawshank Redemption Dvd Review

(category: Movie-Reviews, Word count: 478)
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Nominated for seven Academy Awards including Best Picture, The Shawshank Redemption amazingly failed to win a single Oscar. It's amazing because it's probably one of the top ten best films ever produced. Based on Stephen King's short story 'Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption,' the film transcends the typical intellectually and spiritually bankrupt Hollywood entertainment of the modern era with an onscreen artistry that is the closest we'll probably ever see to poetry in moving pictures. With masterful performances by Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins, audience members will find themselves engrossed in a tragic story wrought with suspense at every turn...

The Shawshank Redemption focuses on the life of Andy Dufresne (Robbins), a prominent banker convicted of murdering his wife and her lover. Sent to Shawshank prison in the summer of 1947, the inmates bet on which of the new arrivals will be the first to crack. Ellis "Red" Redding (Freeman), an institutional fixture and the man who can provide anything for a price, puts his money on Andy. But much to his surprise, Andy doesn't make a sound...

Over time, Andy and Red develop a close friendship, and Red procures a small rock hammer for Andy. As the years go by, he procures other items as well, the most interesting being Rita Hayworth. Red acquires a poster of the screen siren for Andy, and business continues as usual in Shawshank. Along the way, Andy ingratiates himself with the notorious prison guard Byron Hadley (Clancy Brown) and Warden Samuel Norton (Bob Gunton). Putting his outside skills to good use, Andy provides tax advice and tax preparation services to guards not just at Shawshank, but other prisons as well.

Eventually, in exchange for a comprehensive prison library, he ends up running a massive money laundering operation for Norton leveraging prison labor in exchange for lucrative kickbacks. But all goes awry when Shawshank's newest prisoner, a young punk named Tommy (Gil Bellows) comes forward with shocking information. Andy, who's spent twenty years in Shawshank prison, might be innocent after all... The revelation ruins lives and destroys Andy's prison sanctuary, but it's Warden Norton and his associates who are ruined when the beautiful pin-up Raquel Welch reveals her hidden secret...

Directed by Frank Darabont, producer of such hit films as The Green Mile (1999) and The Majestic (2001), The Shawshank Redemption is a film of absolute breathtaking perfection that ranks near the top of most lists of the best films ever produced. Thomas Newman's musical score, reused in countless films in the years since its release, blends together with brilliant casting, memorable screen performance, and masterful set design to create an unmatched and timeless epic. If you haven't seen The Shawshank Redemption, you aren't just missing out on a great film, but a great life experience as well. Do yourself a favor and see this movie...

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The Chronicles Of Narnia The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe Dvd Review

(category: Movie-Reviews, Word count: 679)
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Nominated for three Academy Awards, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe follows on the heels of recent successful big screen adaptations of other childrens' fantasy novels such as The Lord of the Rings books and the Harry Potter series. But while each of these series feature underlying tones of Christian symbolism, The Chronicles of Narnia is overtly intended as a Christian allegory. Written by the brilliant 20th Century Oxford and Cambridge literature professor C.S. Lewis, the Narnia stories were a tribute to his deep Christian faith. And this big screen transition is something of which he can be proud. Directed by Andrew Adamson, veteran director of the Shrek franchise, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe is a master blend of traditional human acting and computer generated imagery.

The film follows the exploits of the four Pevensie children, two brothers and two sisters. Set during the early years of World War II, their mother sends them away to the countryside in order to escape the relentless Nazi bombing raids on London. Left to their own devices in the cavernous mansion of Professor Kirke (Jim Broadbent), they engage in a traditional game of hide-and-seek, whereupon the youngest of children, Lucy (Georgie Henley) crawls into a lone wardrobe stationed in an otherwise empty room. Backing her way through the garments, she stumbles into a wintry wonderland where she encounters a faun named Mr. Tumnus (James McAvoy).

Initially, Mr. Tumnus tries to kidnap the young girl, but he experiences a change of heart due to the kindness of her spirit. As a result, he reveals to her the truth about the land into which she stumbled. Narnia is dominated by the evil White Witch who claims to be ruler of the forest, but the true ruler is a lion named Aslan who prophesied long ago that two "sons of Adam" and "daughters of Eve" would usher in the end of the one hundred year darkness administered by the White Witch. Knowing the prophecy, the witch intends to murder the children upon their arrival. But when Lucy relays the facts of the adventure to her family, they don't believe her.

Despite their initial reservations, her older siblings - Edmund (Skandar Keynes), Susan (Anna Popplewell), and Peter (William Moseley) - all find their way into the magical land of Narnia. With talking trees, a forest filled with danger, and an evil witch in hot pursuit, the Pevensie kids must navigate their way through the treacherous land in order to find Aslan (Liam Neeson), the Messianic lion king who can help them to fulfill their rightful destiny as heirs to the thrones of Narnia...

Aided by an outstanding soundtrack which perfectly compliments each sequence of events, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe is an inspiring film of epic proportions. For Christians, it will have significant meaning far in excess of a traditional film. For instance, the climatic scene of the film in which Aslan provides the ultimate sacrifice will evoke images of Roman soldiers beating and mocking Jesus in the hours leading up to his crucifixion. It's undeniably the most powerful scene of the film. Meanwhile, Georgie Henley turns in an unforgettable performance as the innocent and playful Lucy. Her charisma exudes from the screen in a manner rarely common to child actors. This performance is complimented by Tilda Swinton who is magnificently cast in the role of the White Witch. She simultaneously displays the satanic traits of seductive beauty and ruthless cunning with heavenly perfection. Add a final battle sequence reminiscent of Braveheart, and you've got a blockbuster movie the whole family can enjoy. Although parents of small children who scare easily should take note that some of the scenes can be frightening, but probably no more frightening than Darth Vader and the aliens from Star Wars. Nevertheless, parents should preview the film before introducing it to young children. Overall, this first film in The Chronicles of Narnia series is well worth any movie-goer's attention...

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Alias Season 2 Dvd Review

(category: Movie-Reviews, Word count: 358)
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Making its debut in September 2001, Alias immediately struck a chord among interested television viewers. The series combines the conspiracy and intrigue of The X-Files with the action and adventure of a Hollywood blockbuster. It also helps that the central character of the show is a mysterious and beautiful woman played by Jennifer Garner. But it's the unique plots and creative dialogue of writers which makes Alias one of the highest rated shows of its era...

The Alias (Season 2) DVD features a number of exciting episodes including the season premiere "The Enemy Walks In" in which, following a long search (most of Season 1), Sydney finds her mother. Meanwhile, Michael has been swept away by a tsunami in the Pacific, and it remains up in the air as to whether or not he's still alive... Other notable episodes from Season 2 include "Cipher" in which Sydney is forced to match wits with Khasinau's front man, Sark, while Jack meets with Sydney's mother (whom he once believed to be dead), and "Phase One" in which SD-6 gets a new director to replace Sloane...

Below is a list of episodes included on the Alias (Season 2) DVD:

Episode 23 (The Enemy Walks In) Air Date: 09-29-2002

Episode 24 (Trust Me) Air Date: 10-06-2002

Episode 25 (Cipher) Air Date: 10-13-2002

Episode 26 (Dead Drop) Air Date: 10-20-2002

Episode 27 (The Indicator) Air Date: 11-03-2002

Episode 28 (Salvation) Air Date: 11-10-2002

Episode 29 (The Counteragent) Air Date: 11-17-2002

Episode 30 (Passage: Part 1) Air Date: 12-01-2002

Episode 31 (Passage: Part 2) Air Date: 12-08-2002

Episode 32 (The Abduction) Air Date: 12-15-2002

Episode 33 (The Higher Echelon) Air Date: 01-05-2003

Episode 34 (The Getaway) Air Date: 01-12-2003

Episode 35 (Phase One) Air Date: 01-26-2003

Episode 36 (Double Agent) Air Date: 02-02-2003

Episode 37 (A Free Agent) Air Date: 02-09-2003

Episode 38 (Firebomb) Air Date: 02-23-2003

Episode 39 (A Dark Turn) Air Date: 03-02-2003

Episode 40 (Truth Takes Time) Air Date: 03-16-2003

Episode 41 (Endgame) Air Date: 03-30-2003

Episode 42 (Countdown) Air Date: 04-27-2003

Episode 43 (Second Double) Air Date: 05-04-2003

Episode 44 (The Telling) Air Date: 05-04-2003

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Northern Exposure Season 2 Dvd Review

(category: Movie-Reviews, Word count: 343)
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The recipient of 39 Emmy nominations, including four for Outstanding Drama Series in just a short six season stint, Northern Exposure is one of the more interesting television shows of its decade. The offspring of St. Elsewhere creators Joshua Brand and John Falsey, Northern Exposure originally aired in July of 1990, but only lasted five years because critics loved the show more than audiences...

Northern Exposure centers around the life of a recent medical school graduate named Joel Fleishman (Rob Morrow) who, not reading the fine print in his student loans, realizes he must practice medicine in the frozen tundra of Alaska. Even worse, he'll be the only doctor in the tiny town of Cicely, a place populated by oddball characters of every sort such as ex-NASA astronaut Maurice Minnifield, bush pilot Maggie O'Connell (Janine Turner), KBHR radio deejay Chris Stevens (John Corbett), aspiring filmmaker Ed Chigliak (Darren E. Burrows), and bartending couple Holling (John Cullum) and Shelly Vincoeur (Cynthia Geary). It's a fine recipe for some hilarious situations.

The Northern Exposure (Season 2) DVD features a number of hilarious episodes including the season premiere "Goodbye to All That" in which Joel learns that Elaine has left to marry a judge several years her elder. Meanwhile, Holling buys a satellite dish but regrets it when Shelly becomes addicted to international TV... Other notable episodes from Season 2 include "All is Vanity" in which Maggie persuades Joel to pose as her boyfriend in order to trick her father, and "Slow Dance" in which Shelly becomes jealous when Holling enjoys a reunion with a woman from his past...

Below is a list of episodes included on the Northern Exposure (Season 2) DVD:

Episode 9 (Goodbye to All That) Air Date: 04-08-1991

Episode 10 (The Big Kiss) Air Date: 04-15-1991

Episode 11 (All is Vanity) Air Date: 04-22-1991

Episode 12 (What I Did For Love) Air Date: 04-29-1991

Episode 13 (Spring Break) Air Date: 05-06-1991

Episode 14 (War and Peace) Air Date: 05-13-1991

Episode 15 (Slow Dance) Air Date: 05-20-1991

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The Dukes Of Hazzard Dvd Review

(category: Movie-Reviews, Word count: 445)
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In the late 70's and early 80's, television viewers fell in love with The Dukes of Hazzard, a weekly foray into the fictional setting of Hazzard County, Georgia. Cousins Bo and Luke Duke (John Schneider and Tom Wopat) spent each episode trying to do good, while the loveable "Boss" Hogg (Sorrell Booke) concocted various schemes for making money and having the Duke boys, who always foiled his plans, thrown in jail for violating their probation (the result of a deal with the federal government to end the centuries-old Duke family tradition of bootlegging).

Joining Bo and Luke are their Uncle Jesse (Denver Pyle), a grandfatherly figure who owns the family farm, and Cousin Daisy (Catherine Bach), whose skimpy shorts coined the cultural term "daisy dukes". Along with "Crazy" Cooter (Ben Jones), the local mechanic, they create a formidable threat to the money-making shenanigans of Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane (James Best) and the owner of seemingly every business entity in Hazzard County, J.D. "Boss" Hogg. But critics will argue that the true star of the show was the General Lee, Bo and Luke's bright orange Dodge race car with the Confederate flag pasted on its roof...

The Dukes of Hazzard DVD offers a number of famous episodes, including the series premiere "One-Armed Bandits," source of the video clips that would appear in the opening sequence of the show for much of its duration. Other notable episodes include "High Octane" in which Jesse Duke outsmarts Boss and Roscoe in his quest to win the government's alternative fuel contest, and "Route 7-11? in which Bo and Luke unwittingly become part of an illegal gambling ring until Jesse comes to save the day. Also included on the first season Dukes of Hazzard DVD are The 20th Anniversary Hazzard County Barbecue documentary including John Schneider and Catherine Bach, Dukes Driving 101: A High-Octane Salute including interviews with professional racecar drivers, and The Dukes of Hazzard: Return of the General Lee video game preview...

Below is a list of episodes included on The Dukes Of Hazzard (Season 1) DVD:

Episode 1 (One-Armed Bandits) Air Date: 01-26-1979

Episode 2 (Daisy's Song) Air Date: 02-02-1979

Episode 3 (Mary Kaye's Baby) Air Date: 02-09-1979

Episode 4 (Repo Men) Air Date: 02-16-1979

Episode 5 (High-Octane) Air Date: 02-23-1979

Episode 6 (Swamp Molly) Air Date: 03-09-1979

Episode 7 (Luke's Love Story) Air Date: 03-16-1979

Episode 8 (The Big Heist) Air Date: 03-30-1979

Episode 9 (Limo One Is Missing) Air Date: 04-06-1979

Episode 10 (Deputy Dukes) Air Date: 04-13-1979

Episode 11 (Money To Burn) Air Date: 04-20-1979

Episode 12 (Route 7-11) Air Date: 05-04-1979

Episode 13 (Double Sting) Air Date: 05-11-1979

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Gladiator Dvd Review

(category: Movie-Reviews, Word count: 544)
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Winner of five Academy Awards including Best Picture, and nominated for an additional seven, Gladiator is one of the best produced and directed films of its time. Reminiscent of Mel Gibson's Braveheart, it creates a world so seemingly realistic, you find yourself drawn backward in time to the glory days of Rome. The musical score, colorful costumes, and intricate sets combine to create the illusion that one is actually witnessing the trials and travails of human existence in early millennial Rome.

The film opens with a sobering display of ancient warfare's equivalent of "shock and awe" as the Roman legions advance on a band of rebels resisting the empire from the outskirts of Gaul. From the moment the legion commanders signal attack, the fury of hell is unleashed as flaming arrows and iron bars batter a unified front of rebel fighters. The scene is more comparable to Desert Storm than an ancient battlefield, and it visually illustrates the overwhelming power once embodied in the Roman legions.

The central figure of the film and leader of the opening battle is Maximus (Russell Crowe), a Roman general adored by his men and admired throughout the empire for his impeccable character. While visiting the battlefield, the aging Emperor Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris) reveals to Maximus his secret plan to appoint the general caretaker of Rome upon his death, with the understanding he will restore the Senate and eliminate the dictatorial rule of the Caesars. But unbeknownst to both men, the emperor's overly ambitious son Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) learns of the plan. He murders his father and demands the allegiance of Maximus. When the general refuses, the new emperor calls for his execution, seeking to eliminate all who stand in his way. But the plan goes awry when Maximus escapes, setting the stage for the central conflict of the film as Maximus the gladiator grows in legend and Maximus the slave challenges the authority of a Roman emperor...

Crowe is cast well in the roll of the classic hero, but it's the supporting cast which puts Gladiator in another dimension of cinematic excellence. Joaquin Phoenix dominates the screen with his impassioned portrayal of the darkly ambitious Commodus, providing film lovers with an early glimpse of his now apparent acting genius. Richard Harris is his usual charismatic onscreen presence, while Connie Nielsen, Oliver Reed, and Derek Jacobi lend excellent complimentary support to the role of Maximus as their characters unveil the driving life force and internal motivations of the larger than life Roman hero. To this end, the strength of the cast creates a synergy reflected in the overall quality of this memorable film.

As a work of entertainment, Gladiator is second to none. The gladiatorial battle scenes provide endless thrills, and the dialogue between the characters is wrought with political intrigue, lust for power, and conflicting realities. Russell Crowe is superb in his role as the hero Maximus. Noble in his intentions and powerful as a leader, Maximus represents the ideal of honor and chivalry. One of those rare films which offers its audience a true emotional stake in the outcome, Gladiator is fraught with high-octane suspense and thrilling action sequences. If you liked Mel Gibson's Braveheart or The Patriot, then you'll simply love Gladiator...

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Will Grace Season 3 Dvd Review

(category: Movie-Reviews, Word count: 206)
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Will & Grace premiered in late 1998 to widespread commercial success. Debra Messing plays the role of Grace Adler, a heterosexual interior designer who shares an apartment with her gay best friend Will (Eric McCormack). Friends since college, Will is a successful lawyer and Grace's closet confidant. Having dated Will before he came out of the closet, Will and Grace maintain a more intimate relationship than most casual friends, and Grace often expresses her wish that Will were not gay. The numerous comic sequences involving the two are supplimented by Will's flamboyantly gay friend Jack McFarland (Sean Hayes) and Grace's sassy, eccentric assistant Karen Walker (Megan Mullally)...

The Will & Grace (Season 3) DVD features a number of hilarious episodes including the season premiere "New Will City" in which Will returns home following a three month trip to the Virgin Islands only to learn that Grace and Jack have created a close bond of their own. Grace struggles with her decision between Josh and Ben, while Karen attempts to smuggle pearls into the US only to get busted (pinning the rap on Rosario)... Other notable episodes from Season 3 include "Love Plus One" in which Grace seriously considers a m

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Smallville Season 4 Dvd Review

(category: Movie-Reviews, Word count: 420)
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A superb cast and original writing make Smallville one of today's more popular television shows (especially in international marketplace, where Smallville is enormous). Tom Welling plays the role of Clark Kent, a teenage refugee from the dead planet of Krypton. When his crashed spacecraft wrecks in the backyard of rural farming town Smallville, the young boy is taken in by locals Martha (Annette O'Toole) and Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) who raise him as their own son. Additionally, the series provides an early glimpse into the fabled friendship between Clark Kent and Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum), Superman's avowed life-long enemy. It also sheds some light on Clark's romance with high school classmates Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) and Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack). A dramatic television series with a science-fiction twist, Smallville is a series any Superman fan will love...

The Smallville (Season 4) DVD features a number of exciting episodes including the season premiere "Crusade" in which Jonathan remains in a coma following last season's final episode. Meanwhile, Clark returns to Smallville as Kal-El and Lois Lane arrives in the town to investigate the death of Chloe, who was her cousin. Also, Lana returns from Europe with a new boyfriend and Lionel must deal with his new life in prison... Other notable episodes from Season 4 include "Devoted" in which Lois & Clark discover that the cheerleaders are spiking the football team's water with kryptonite in a conspiracy to turn them into mindless "yes" men, and "Lucy" in which Lois Lane's little sister Lucy arrives in Smallville, but Clark catches her stealing money in an effort to pay off some shady characters...

Below is a list of episodes included on the Smallville (Season 4) DVD:

Episode 67 (Crusade) Air Date: 09-22-2004

Episode 68 (Gone) Air Date: 09-29-2004

Episode 69 (Facade) Air Date: 10-06-2004

Episode 70 (Devoted) Air Date: 10-13-2004

Episode 71 (Run) Air Date: 10-20-2004

Episode 72 (Transference) Air Date: 10-27-2004

Episode 73 (Jinx) Air Date: 11-03-2004

Episode 74 (Spell) Air Date: 11-10-2004

Episode 75 (Bound) Air Date: 11-17-2004

Episode 76 (Scare) Air Date: 12-01-2004

Episode 77 (Unsafe) Air Date: 01-26-2005

Episode 78 (Pariah) Air Date: 02-02-2005

Episode 79 (Recruit) Air Date: 02-09-2005

Episode 80 (Krypto) Air Date: 02-16-2005

Episode 81 (Sacred) Air Date: 02-23-2005

Episode 82 (Lucy) Air Date: 03-02-2005

Episode 83 (Onyx) Air Date: 04-13-2005

Episode 84 (Spirit) Air Date: 04-20-2005

Episode 85 (Blank) Air Date: 04-27-2005

Episode 86 (Ageless) Air Date: 05-04-2005

Episode 87 (Forever) Air Date: 05-11-2005

Episode 88 (Commencement) Air Date: 05-18-2005

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