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The Most Essential Techniques Of Shaolin Kung Fu

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Shaolin Kung Fu is one of the most popular and respected martial arts because of its history and realistic applications. However, Shaolin Kung Fu is very complicated and has a lot of moves to learn. Using a Shaolin training DVD can help a practicing martial artist learn the moves and techniques in their own home and have the movements captured on video to be seen again and again. It is hard to pick up moves from only a few demonstrations, and a teacher rarely has enough free time to live with you and show you techniques any time you wish. With a Shaolin training DVD you can review techniques and movements until you have them down.

Shaolin Kung Fu is an External form of Chinese Kung Fu. This means that it deals with the hands, the feet, the body, the eyes, and the stances. It is practical, and physical. The Internal forms of Chinese Kung Fu deal with the mind, heart, and spirit. Shaolin Kung Fu pays special attention to stretching and using stretching to develop speed, range of motion, and defensive tactics. The different advantages of each stance are also very important. Using a Shaolin training DVD you can review the different stances, pause the DVD, and make sure you have the stance in your muscle memory like it is second nature.

Different forms can be used in different situations and used to react to the movements of the opponent or attacker. With so many difference stances and forms, many students find that there is a lot to remember mentally, and a lot for the muscles to have to remember as well. This is why a Shaolin training DVD can be such a big help. It allows you to go back and review any stances or information that your body has trouble remembering, or your mind has trouble recalling quickly.

There are many slight variations of Shaolin Kung Fu and they can contain everything from punching, kicking, throws, joint locks, grappling, and weapons training. Having a teacher to go over the moves with you is a huge help. Sometimes it is impossible for a student to know if they are doing a motion correctly without a teacher to help them and explain what they are doing wrong. But when your teacher is not there, a Shaolin training DVD can be the next best thing and can allow you to review movements as much as you want.

I really like the Kung Fu: Shaolin Kung Fu Foundation Form DVD because it breaks the moves down so they are easy to understand and replicate. The DVD explains the reasoning behind the movements so that I can make sure I am doing a move functionally correct. The Kung Fu: Shaolin Kung Fu Foundation Form DVD can help a beginner, or an experienced martial artist.

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Sports Bags Are Evolving To Meet The Demands Of Today S Active Families

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Sports bags come in all shapes and sizes these days and are as versatile as they are different. If you are an average soccer mom there is a bag for you, just as there are sports bags that are specifically designed with figure skaters, swimmers, softball players, and football players in mind. Gone are the days of one-size fits all sports bags. Today there are sports bags that are made for everything from overnight sleepovers to weeklong treks into the wilderness and all things in between.

From the rugged to the down right fancy there are sports bags not only to suit every need, but also every taste. Sports today are almost as much of a social event as they are a competitive undertaking and it shows. You have girls going from the soccer field to beauty pageant rehearsals and everywhere in between. Sports equipments, specifically bags are more and more often designed to reflect the evolving nature of sports today and the many facets of those playing these sports.

We want our children to be happy and be busy, too busy to try things like alcohol, drugs, and many of the other things that children can get into. So we turn to sports as a great way for them to stay clean, sober, and safe. As such, we find that we are quite busy keeping our children busy and we need sports bags that assist us keeping our sports equipment separate and organized. Sports bag makers have seen the need and are stepping up to the plate and addressing the need.

Keep your needs and your families' needs in mind when buying a sports bag so that you buy the best bag for you. Also allow your children, who are actually playing the sports to have a voice in the selection of their sports bags. They are much more likely to take care of their bag, if they actually care for their bag.

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Golf Instruction Recommendations

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Are your golf skills up to par? If not, golf instruction can help improve your swing, and your status on the links.

With the exception of those natural born Sultans of Swat, every golfer can benefit from golf instruction. Consulting with a professional golf pro can diagnose your hooks target the weaknesses in your swing. Proper golf instruction also provides secret tricks of the game and simple mind tricks to help you better focus before and after every shot on the course.

All of the best amateur golfers on the circuit take golf instruction from the pros. You can bet that all pro golfers also received golf instruction along the way to the top. Natural born athletes like the Michael Schmidts and Michael Jordans of the world turn to pros from time to time, to point out faults like hitches in the back swing, or how they tend to look up in their short game. Even professional golfers seek out golf instruction from the gurus of the game when they're in a slump or losing distance on their drives.

In other words, don't feel ashamed if you think you need golf lessons. That's why clubs keep golf pros on staff. If there wasn't a need for golf pros, these talented individuals wouldn't be professionally trained and PGA certified. Reaching this degree of certification is no easy feat. It takes years of hard work, study and intense training to be certified by the PGA. The pros are there to give golf instruction and to plan club tournaments, run the pro shop and interact with club members. Even after they earn their stripes, golf pros keep ahead of the game by attending seminars and workshops to brush up on new training techniques.

The very pros that provide golf instruction took lessons from the pros before them. In the beginning of the 20th century, serious golfers from Scotland and England traveled to America for professional training. The PGA was established at that time, to teach Americans to play and spread the gospel of golf. Several decades later, golf is taught and played worldwide. Early golfers from the United Kingdom created some stiff competition.

Golf instruction can help your technique and bring your game up to par. Who knows, with a few lessons you could be on you're way to becoming the next PGA certified pro golfer.

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Boston Red Sox Tickets

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The arrival of the spring awakes the citizens of the red nation of Sox and annual research for a victory of series of the world by the nine buildings. They started in 1901 like the pelerines of Boston of the lately formed American league. They gained the first series of the world in surplus 1903 that Pittsburgh pirate. In 1908 they changed their name into red Sox. 1912 they entered the new park of Fenway, where they play always today. In 1918, red Sox gained their fifth series of the world, thank you partly in a jug gauchist to hold the first role called Babe Ruth, which could also strike ' know you what ' out of the ball.

After the season 1919, the owner Harry Frazee de Sox sold Ruth in New York Yankees. During the 86 years to come in spite from durable fidelity by nation from Red Sox the team suffered a variety from tearing off disappointments of intestine and aucunes victories of series of the world. After the exile of the baby towards New York, thirteen years futile followed including/understanding nine last place campaigns. Reappearance started in 1933 when the millionaire Tom Yawkee bought the team, transformed the park of Fenway, and the money exhausted for large named players.

By the Forties and the Fifties, the team continuously competed with for the flag but they were thwarted several times, often by the Yankees. In 1946 they gained their first flag since 1918 but were beaten by the cardinals of St Louis of the series of the world. They passed by another dull period of the end of the years ' 50 until "to the r

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The Amazing British Museum

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Among the countless tourist attractions in contemporary London, such as the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace, the one that can easily be considered the unforgettable "Queen" amongst them all, is the British Museum. Britain's national museum of archaeology and antiquities was established by an act of Parliament in 1753, when the government purchased three large private collections consisting of books, manuscripts, prints, drawings, paintings, medals, coins, seals, cameos, and natural curiosities. Today, home of approximately seven million objects from all continents, the British museum is considered to be the most popular and famous museum in the world.

Located in the Bloomsbury district of London, the British museum's collections in archaeology and ethnography are particularly outstanding. Being one of London's principal tourist attractions, the visitor can admire its famous holdings, like the Elgin Marbles, carvings from the Athenian Parthenon, the Rosetta Stone, the Portland Vase, the Benin Bronzes, Egyptian Mummies, and the Chinese ceramics. Its drawings collection holds more than 2,000 drawings constituting the world's largest and most comprehensive collections.

Since it first opened its doors to the public, on January 15, 1759 the museum has been illustrating and documenting the story of human development and culture from its early years to the present day. Because the British Museum does not charge any admission fees, the exception being some temporary special exhibitions, interested publics from around the globe line up outside its doors waiting to enter its amazing gallery showrooms and admire the plethora of human creations kept in there.

But some of its most prestigious holdings, like the Parthenon Marbles and the Benin Bronzes are among its most disputed collections. These collections are the subject of great controversy and political debates since various organizations lobby in favor of their return to their native countries of Greece and Nigeria respectively. But regardless of the harsh criticism, the British Museum has refused to return either collection, arguing that if the British Museum was to return to their original geographical location any of its current possessions that would mean empty rooms for a great many museums around the world. Although critics argue that these artifacts, among others, should now return to their home countries, the British Museum continues to support that it is an appropriate custodian and has the inalienable right over these disputed creations under British law. Nevertheless, the fact still remains that the British Museum is one of the most important London destinations one should not miss visiting when circumstances allow a ride to one of the most famous and interesting capitals in the world.

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Belarus Casinos

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Belarus was a part of the former USSR until 1990 when most of Eastern Europe experienced the downfall of communism. Belarus casinos still have a Russian atmosphere, which adds to the experience. There are a total of 25 casinos in Belarus today for the entertainment of tourists and locals alike. Minsk, the capital city, hosts 19 of them, and the others are in the following cities: Brest one, Gomel one, Grodno two, and Vitebsk one.

Belarus casinos practice legal gambling approved by the government under strict laws and regulations. While most of Minsk casinos are open 24 hours a day due to the fact that they are either situated in a hotel resort or a club, the casinos in other cities have fixed schedules, which may vary from casino to casino.

Belarus casinos' laws require one to be at least 18 years of age or more in order to participate in any form of gambling or consume alcoholic beverages. While they may not be as strict on checking one's age with a drink order, a photo identification proving your age will be absolutely necessary in order to enter a casino. Some casinos also have an entrance fee, which is usually under the form of a coupon that you can use later in the casino. Most Belarus casinos entertain their players with free drinks and snacks if you are playing a game.

Even though most Belarus casinos are not large, they practice all international games such as poker, roulette, blackjack, Caribbean stud poker, and many more. Slot machines are present in all Belarus casinos and are usually available to players 24 hours a day, even if the casino tables are not. If you are new to any of the casino games, experienced dealers are available to teach and assist you.

The official language in Belarus is Russian and Belarusian; however, in the casinos most dealers speak English fluently in order to entertain and assist the international tourists. Belarus is starting to experience a flow of tourists, mostly from its neighboring countries: Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, and Russia, but also from around the world. Its hospitable people make the trip pleasant and enjoyable.

To check on available vacation packages to Belarus, you can log online or seek the advice of your travel agent. You will be able to find Belarus casinos online, as well.

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Baseball Tickets

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The choicest seats to the best baseball games in the sporting calendar are available on the Internet, at authorized ticket outlets as well as independent ticket brokers. Here are a few pointers to find the best baseball tickets online.

First, decide which event you want to witness your favorite baseball team in. Confirm availability in the tickets section of the team's website. Find a team-sponsored online ticket box office. Some teams offer this service so their season ticket holders can sell tickets to games they cannot attend, which makes it the best place to find a choice seat at a reasonable price. You can also visit an independent online ticket broker like and browse through the wide range of tickets available for purchase. These sites offer tickets that are put up for sale by season ticket holders who cannot attend the game. For great deals and bargains, also visit ticket marketplaces like eBay.

Make sure though that you know in advance how and when you will get your tickets before sending your money to any of these sites.

It is important, as in the case of any online transaction, to ensure the website where you buy tickets from is secure and reputable. Secure websites will have a seal of approval from the Better Business Bureau, Verisign or other such organizations. You must always ensure before the actual purchase that you have a good seat, by checking a map of the ballpark, a facility available at

With a ticket broker there is a wider range of seating options to choose from. However, there are often several additional fees that apply, like facility charges convenience charges, order processing fees and the delivery price. These fees often jack up the overall price per ticket.

The other option, purchasing tickets from an authorized ticket outlet like Ticketmaster or, can involve visiting their centers "no more than one hour in advance of the event on sale time", after which you will be part of a lottery-like random number distribution (RND) procedure. Post-lottery, you can tell the ticket agent what price range of seats you would like (the day tickets go on sale you may only select tickets by price, you will not have the option to choose any particular seating area), view the seating chart, and then the tickets will be printed and paid for.

Buying tickets from a popular and reputable ticket broker might cost a little extra, but you can pick and choose from great seats that are best suited to your budget.

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Learn How To Apply Wing Chun As An Effective Form Of Self Defense

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One of the ongoing things we're trying at the dojo is broadening our student base. Lots of students get a little upset at punches flying at them, and the like, so we're evaluating some of the softer styles for an introductory class. I'm looking at turning Wing Chun forms into the basis for a practical martial arts style, and helping with the instructions with it.

First, I learned Wing Chun as a "recuperative" style - I needed some time off to let my feet heal from doing stupid things with a wooden sparring dummy and inadequate footwear. My Dad had taken to Wing Chun for joint ailments as he's gotten older, and had showed me some of the basics, and I asked permission of his teacher, Greg Pool, if I could record his opening lecture for his introductory class. This is what I got.

"Wing Chun is a balanced style, and I'm planning on doing the following forms with it: The open stance, which is fairly high, keeps the elbows close to the body, and keeps the balance over the knees, is a good one for getting pupils into, particularly if they don't have a lot of martial arts training. The initial lessons will focus on relaxation techniques, and fluid movements. Wing Chun is a style that emphasizes relaxed motions - extra muscle tension slows down the speed of reactions, and builds up fatigue. While we're going to focus on Wing Chun as, in some ways, an animated relaxation technique, this will be giving you the baseline for learning other martial arts, going to whatever styles you prefer."

"The basic stance will have your feet at slightly less than shoulder width part, with your knees bent at about a 20 degree angle, and your toes pointed in. From this stance, breath in through the nose, and out through the mouth, and try to relax - you'll feel a sense of dynamic tension in your hamstrings and quadriceps when you're done."

"For motions, we'll start with the circular blocks from the left side going to the right. Again, redirection and smooth flow is the key to this. Watch what I do...breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth."

Now, my experiences with Wing Chun are that it's more like the Northern Chinese styles I'm familiar with - it's a whole body style, emphasizing economy of motion and blocks. It's got a lot of good footwork in its basic forms, and it's used a lot in martial arts movies, most notably those starring Jet Li.

One of the oddities of the Wing Chun forms is that it really de-emphasizes kicks and throws and power moves. This is ultimately because it's meant to be a defensive style first. Breaking the lines of the basic form for more power gives your opponent defensive opportunities. However, just because it's a softer style, don't think it's a snap. Like all of the opening martial arts forms, it'll leave you with a healthy sweat before you're done, and your knees and hips will absolutely feel it.

The upper body workout focuses on delivering power through the sternum to the shoulder - you try to keep your arms relaxed before throwing a block or a strike, because relaxed muscles respond faster, and get more speed. Trying to power through a block or a punch is almost always slower.

Because the Wing Chun stance is higher than I'm used to, it takes some adjustment for me, not to sink too low. Fortunately, for most beginning students, a higher stance is more familiar to them from every day life. Very few people walk around in the Tiger Crouch when going to the super market, while Wing Chun isn't too far off from a standard "walking posture".

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Profile Of A Skydiving Accident

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Many misconceptions surround the skydiving accident. Causes, the people who are most likely to experience them, and the likelihood of being killed while skydiving are often wrongly perceived.

A skydiving accident can be caused by a variety of factors, but some more common causes include collisions between jumpers, difficulty during landing, and malfunctioning equipment. Despite the prevalent myth that equipment problems are the biggest culprits for causing accidents, operator error is actually the root cause the majority of the time.

Collisions are often the result of parachute canopies deploying too close together. Many landing difficulties are attributable to skydivers overestimating how much time they have to complete turns and other maneuvers, or landing near obstacles. A few landing fatalities involve drowning related to landing in water. Equipment malfunctions rarely involve failure of the parachute or reserve to deploy, as may be a common belief, but more often involve lines that become entangled.

Another misconception about a skydiving accident may be that novices are most often the victims of accidents, but students are actually rarely involved in accidents. More experienced jumpers who try maneuvers requiring a high level of skill are more likely to experience a parachuting accident. Accidents took the lives of 21 people in 2004, down from 25 in 2003, 33 in 2002, and 35 in 2001, some of which may have did a jump without parachute.

A comparison of the statistics regarding skydiving fatalities with fatality statistics from sports that may be considered less risky, such as scuba diving, shows that parachuting actually poses less of a risk than most people perceive. For example, according to reports, approximately 30 out of 100,000 skydiving participants are killed in the United States each year. This rate compares to 47 out of 100,000 for scuba diving, 50 out 100,000 for mountain climbing, and 67 out of 100,000 for hot air ballooning. So don't let safety fears scare you from making that first skydive.

On an interesting note, history includes a few cases of people who have survived a jump without parachute from very high altitudes. Some notable survivors of these jumps were airmen from World War II. One fighter pilot was forced to jump from his bomber plane when it came under enemy fire in France. He fell 20,000 feet, crashed through a skylight on the roof of a train station, sustained severe injuries, and eventually recovered. Other scenarios involved airmen leaving their planes for the same reason and falling anywhere from 18,000 to 22,000 feet and surviving because their fall was broken by trees and snow drifts.

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