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Women S Handbags Handbags That Flatter Your Body Shape And Size

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Handbags, next to diamonds and maybe shoes, are a woman's best friend. Not only are they used to hold everything that we hold dear, from our cellular phones to our credit cards, our palm pilots to the papers that will spell the difference between promotion and demotion. Let's face it, can you imagine a world without the women's handbag as we know it?

Today, women handbags are not only "receptacles" of your prized possessions but also fashion statements. Handbags are often used to express moods, individuality, style and status. And even though, it is not really worn so close to the body like bloused, skirts and jeans, there are still shapes and styles of women's handbags that may be flattering and unflattering to a person. Believe it or not, the handbag that you carry can actually add on or lessen the weight that you appear to carry.

Read on and find out just how to choose the perfect shape, size and style of women handbag that will fit your body type and personal style.

Look at the shape.

Choose the shape that is opposite your body type. For instance, if you are tall and thin, look for bags that are more on the rounded side like the hobo or those that are a bit unstructured. This will complement your figure as it would provide a sharp contrast to your body. If on the other hand, you are on the short and heavy side, it is good to carry women handbags that are tall, rectangular or those with really defined shapes. Long and sleek designs will help counterbalance your more rounded figure. Of course, there is no need to buy women handbags that are absolutely reed thin or those with really sharp edges. Silhouettes in soft fabrics and leathers can do the trick. Just remember to stay away from women handbags with rounded designs.

Think of the size

The size of your bag should complement your size. While the shape should be contrasting and complementing, the size should be in proportion. If for example you are quite tall and big for your age, it would be really awkward for you to carry this really small handbag. The same goes with a really petite person while carrying this really big bag. Awkward. Awkward. Awkward.

Closefitting women handbags or those that can be fit right under the arm at breast level can only look great with women who are slim and those who want to emphasize their cleavage. Using these kinds of women handbags are discouraged for people who have big arms and big busts as the short handles tend to emphasize the large sizes. Remember that the length of the handbag or shoulder bag will always accentuate the part it comes near with. If, for instance, the bag hits your bottom half or hip area, then that area of your body will become more focused as the eyes are naturally drawn to it.

Most women look great with handbags and shoulder bags that end in mid-torso as it flatters the waist. To determine if the length of the strap fits you, try it out. If your arm feels cramped, then it is too short. Try out the bag in the mirror and see for yourself if the bag is flattering to you.

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Japanese And Korean Fashion

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Asian culture is very old. It is the Asian people's belief and way of thinking that make their style so different which effects the type of Japan and Korea Fashion.

First of all, right around one of the early centuries. Most of Asian peoples clothing was made out of silk. It started in China and then spread through out the rest of the Asian nations.

Now, you say that the Japanese people expose too much. Well, in Japan the people at a young age were taught not to be ashamed of their bodies. Male and female took baths together to save water. That is why in Japan today they have what is called bath houses.

In history, most of Asian people had clothing that would cover them from head to toe. A couple of years after WWII, westerners was finally aloud to enter Japan. What you see today is the exposure of western culture mixed in with Asian culture.

The Korean culture is rather conservative whereas the Japanese culture is rather open and exhibitionist...They are far from the same. Koreans tend to be closer to the Chinese than the Japanese in culture.

Surprisingly Chinese are very interested in Japanese and Korean fashion from tv shows and music, so in the future more focus will be on Japanese and Korean fashion.

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Flowers And Fashion What S Vogue

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Long a symbol of love and beauty, flowers have never gone out of style. Yet, some flower colors, varieties and designs are especially popular among more tasteful gift-givers and decorators. So, while the best advice may be to follow your own taste and sensibility, here's what experts predict will be cutting edge this year for fashion conscious flower lovers everywhere.

Seasonal Statements

Summer looks bright, with flashy colors, especially greens, oranges and yellows, dominating the scene. Gerber daisies, sunflowers, lilies and a spectacular array of colored roses are the mainstay. Designs are casual, contemporary, dramatic, or even outrageous. Blazing tropicals are growing in popularity, too.

Fall color palettes will be more refined, with a variety of rich textures gaining in importance. Look for dried grasses and berries accenting mini callas, Leonidas roses, and Asiatic lilies. Color selections are graced by rust, bronze, amber or copper hues. Centerpieces will be natural yet elegant with deeper color accents.

Traditional red will dominate the Christmas season again this year, but watch for a greater variety of fresh evergreens, berries, roes and accents. Other popular color schemes include darker reds and crimson shades, as well as non-traditional palettes such as purple and turquoise. Textures will continue to play an important role, with flower arrangements featuring everything from pinecones and cedar to intricate handmade ornaments. Expect to see more glass bowls, cubes and vases of every size, especially in colors. With an emphasis on home and hearth, decorator cachepots and family heirloom containers will also play a part.

Spring will burst forth with a flurry of color and all the variety of an English garden. Tulips, iris, hyacinth, freesia, lisianthus, ranunculus and asters are just some of the season's best. Fashionable designs may include simple clusters with just one type of bloom, compact nosegays with an abundance of varied blossoms and tall vased bouquets with stylish blooming branches. Traditional pastels will be back, with a decidedly feminine flair, but don't be surprised by occasional accents in bright fashion colors.

Wedding Flowers

Simple. Elegant. Unique. Those three words are the key to planning a stylish wedding this year. While traditional tones and flowers are still popular, trends are moving toward bouquets with only one type of flower for a clean, contemporary look. Roses are particularly popular, with orchids, Calla lilies, cymbidiums and hydrangea making frequent appearances.

Colors are leaning toward monochromatic, for strong identity and style. Red and white are popular all year. Bright colors, like greens and oranges, will flow in the summer months. The Bohemian look, consisting of metals, browns, oranges and greens will emerge in the Fall. Combinations like "Khaki and Cream" are a good example of this Autumn vogue. Whites, creams, peaches and soft pinks remain, but bolder colors will come shining through. So, don't be afraid to try something different, just remember to keep it simple, elegant and unique.

Flower Design Trends

From apple and lime to sage and celery, greens are definitely hot. Watch for cymbidiums, hydrangea, Kermit button poms, and roses in a variety of gorgeous green shades all year. In warmer months, look for hot pinks, bright oranges, and sunny yellows in the mix. In the cooler months, expect richer tones and deeper hues. The emphasis on design is texture and detail, with the best floral artists not only featuring unusual flower varieties but also other materials in their designs, such as grasses, berries, branches, and even metals. Design styles may vary from the streamlined elegance of just a few unusual blooms to the lush opulence of many different flowers combined, but regardless of style, it will be the small details and unusual accents that make all the difference this year.

Timeless Beauty

Flowers are timeless. Their popularity dates back ages. Yet, like anything else, flowers are subject to the ebb and flow of fashion trends. For the hottest colors, textures and design styles, keep an eye on your favorite decorating magazines, and clip a few of your favorite pictures. Then, consult your local florist. No matter what you have in mind, a professional florist can bring it to life. With an eye on design and a great florist partner, you'll find it's easy to make your floral gift-giving and home decorating more beautiful than ever and fashionably fresh all year.


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Are You In The Market For A Pair Of Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

(category: Fashion, Word count: 429)
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If you like water sports, then you should consider buying a pair of Costa del Mar sunglasses. These designer sunglasses are specially designed for extreme water conditions. The technology behind the design of the Costa del Mar sunglasses is about letting you see better with the patented Wave 400 and 500 sunglasses.

It doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg to get Costa del Mar sunglasses. When you shop at an authorized online dealer, you will get the lowest price Costa del Mar sunglasses. In the Costa del Mar line of sun glasses, you have a choice of three different lens materials. The designers know that one type of lens does not suit everyone, so they have a choice available so that you get the right Costa del Mar sun glasses for you.

Even though all the lenses in the Costa del Mar sunglasses are polarized and contain 100% UV protection, you still have choices. The first type of lens you can choose when buying Costa del Mar sun glasses is polarized glass and polarized mirror glass. Both of these feature the patented Costa del Mar wave technology for reducing the glare. The lenses in these sunglasses are optically correct and are made of ground and polished glass. Even when you search online for the lowest price Costa del Mar sunglasses, you can get this lens material.

The second choice in Costa del Mar sunglasses is a lens made from hard resin. This material is lighter and stronger than glass and is extremely durable making it one of the most popular types of Costa del Mar sun glasses. These lowest price Costa del Mar sunglasses are also coated so that they are scratch resistant. You don't have to worry about ruining your sun glasses by laying them on the sand.

The lightest weight of all in Costa del Mar sunglasses is the lens types made from polarized polycarbonate. These are also optically correct and come in some of the same colors as the other Costa del Mar sun glasses. If you want more of a variety in the colors with the Costa del Mar line of sunglasses, your best choice is the glass lenses. This style has 7 different colors to choose from while the others only have 4 or 5. Either way, you can choose fashionable designer sun glasses and only you will know that they are the lowest price Costa del Mar sunglasses.

Love water? Get some Costa del Mar sunglasses

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Hairstyle Fads How Much Attention Should You Pay To Them

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Doesn't it always seem that once a fad has caught the eye of the fashion-conscious, you see the same hairstyle everywhere on everyone of every walk of life? I mean, think about the "bowl" cut of the 90s. Everyone had that cut including men, women and children. I kid you not when I say that while working at the salon I did 20 of these haircuts in one day. I thought I was going to be sick. And that fad hung around for years until everyone was sick.

Granted, it is very tempting to go out and get the latest hairstyle fad. In some cases, doing so can make you look like you are on the cutting edge of fashion. In other cases, getting a fad cut can make you look like a copycat with no fashion sense of your own. So, how do you know if it is okay to follow a particular fad?

First, you should think about the reasons you want a particular cut. Is it because you really like the style and think it would blend well with and compliment your style of dress or do you simply want the cut because so and so has it? When it comes to style and hairstyles in particular, what you wear is an expression of who you are. You should never get a style because someone else wears it and it works well for them. Instead, choose styles that are true to your character even if no one else has them.

Next, you should consider how many other people are wearing the style. If there are only a few and the style is relegated to certain social circles that you are a part of, it might be a good idea to get the cut especially if it is an expression of your style of dress. But if everyone is getting the cut, you would look like you were trying to copy off of everyone else instead of being yourself.

If there are relatively few people that you have seen wearing the cut and none in the area where you live, a fad cut that suits your personality could be a great way to set you apart from the others. For example: You see a great hairstyle on a movie that you think is perfect for you. Go ahead, get the cut, but be sure to change your style once everyone else has caught onto the idea. Doing so will make you a fad setter instead of a fad follower.

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Choosing The Right Pandora Bracelet

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Pandora Jewelry gives you the perfect opportunity to design your very own combination that expresses your personal style and image. The interesting part of the Pandora idea is that you can have the choice from more than 100 different beads, necklaces and bracelets. It is hope and opportunity that are the inspirations behind Pandora Jewelry design.

This means that you can create a bracelet or necklace that reflects everything about you, and shows your personality. Pandora jewelry offers you unique one of a kind jewelry at fabulously low prices, so you get more for less. Pandora is also the name of a new bead bracelet which is now available online.

To start, purchase a Pandora bracelet on which you attach different Pandora beads. Hence the expression "Pandora's Box" and the name of the bracelet with the many opportunities from Pandora Jewelry, which right now is available at the jeweller.

The beads move freely and rotate slightly with your wrists' movement, creating an eye catching and stunning effect. Make your personal choice from more than 350 different beads, necklaces, and bracelets. Use the beads on bracelets or necklaces which are available in various precious metals and lengths. With a Pandora charm bracelet a bead is bought to mark special occasions and so as the bracelet evolves it evokes a sentimental record of your life.

With a Pandora charm bracelet a bead is bought to mark special occasions and so as the bracelet evolves it evokes a sentimental record of your life. Pandora beads are actually made under licence in Thailand however not actually sold in Thailand which was really disappointing. The normal price of Pandora small attachments cost $10 and the clips and beads range from $17 to over $600. To view all the latest Pandor Fashions please click here .

Central to the nature of Pandora jewelry is the contemporary charm bracelet, and all the amazing beads you can find now a days. From a wedding cake, a baby carriage, even a handbag, might say something about who you are. Each bead is designed to reflect an unforgettable moment such as a birthstone bead for birthdays and a friendship bead for that special person. No two bracelets will ever be the same.

Use the beads on bracelets or necklaces which are available in various precious metals and lengths. You can design unique pieces of jewelry for any occation by choosing from the many options. With a Pandora charm bracelet a bead is bought to mark special occasions and so as the bracelet evolves it evokes a sentimental record of your life. Each bead is designed to reflect an unforgettable moment such as a birthstone bead for birthdays and a friendship bead for that special person. No two bracelets will ever be the same.

The Pandora bracelet looks great worn with every style-from jeans to formal attire.

Each bracelet is as unique as the woman who wears it!

For sure you can find any range of jewelry that includes pandora jewelry. That's why is now so famous and it is the favorite of man and women around the world.

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Emerging Trends In Ladies Handbags And Purses

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Bags can either make or break an outfit. Gals who are into bags know this fact and are very much careful in picking up the bag that could suit their outfits. If you are someone who is greatly into fashion, you probably have the feeling of lusting over gorgeous trends of bags. People, particularly women, always look for something fresh that will complete their wardrobe. It's a constantly emerging trend each year. And this is what women look forward to. As the year starts, new designs of handbags and purses will definitely entice the craving eyes of fashionistas.

Like other kinds of fashion, footwear and clothing, the trend of bags is another work of history. It comes and it goes and it comes back. What makes it fresh is the color and outfit it perfectly goes with.

To make your whole year fashionably perfect, get to know the emerging trends of handbags and purses for this year.

Clutch Handbag

It's the hottest shape of the year. Grab one for your own. With this vintage and retro-looking handbag, you will definitely sport a flair for an antique style. A cluth handbag is perfect for ladies on the go. Many businesswomen like it because they can just take it anywhere they go. This small cute thing is actually big enough to hold your things.

Patent Handbag

It's a chic handbag for everyday use. Whether you would like to go on a formal meeting or spend a night out with your friends, this patent handbag goes perfectly with any occasion; smooth or funk.

Mini Handbag

You were drowned by last year's huge bags. Now is the time to go mini. Get the basics, put them inside your mini handbag and you are ready to go!

Metallic Handbag

With its luster, no wonder it's been coming back the trend. Just pick some fabulous color and have a refreshing look on the metallic trend that's been a part of the past.

Convertible Handbag

Hang it across your body or over your shoulder or use it in a handbag mode, it doesn't matter. This gives the lady the always prepared effect. Convert it, pull the strap longer and you are on the go mode. Convert it and pull the straps shorter and you are now in the chic mode.

Pocket Handbag

Women are fond of small things in nature; wallet, coin purse, key chain, mobile phone, organizer and others. But the thing is women are also forgetful in nature. Thus a pocket handbag is perfect for these women. With lots of pockets in it, all your small things have a space without giving you the hardship of looking for them inside your bag.

White Handbag

With all the different colors that go along with the trend, white stands out. Nothing feels fresher than carrying with you a clean white handbag. It's trendy and refreshing.

Oversized bags

The trend changes very often. However, there are always some that do not go with the change. Still, some shapes and size remain every season and oversized handbags are one of them. Nothing beats a bag that carries everything you need. It is perfect for those who love to work and those who are always on the go. Put some pieces of your shirt, towel, personal hygiene necessities, cosmetics and even one extra pair of shoes and you are ready to go.

Remember that a handbag is a big part of one's outfit. It should fit your body type. Being in the trend is a plus but check if it's right for you. Don't be shy to try on these handbags at the store. Check if it looks good on you and if it feels comfortable wearing it. If not, don't hesitate to try another one. Do not forget that bags can actually flatter your looks as much as a pair of jeans does. Moreover, bags do not ruin your looks. So put some sense of style and taste when picking a bag of your choice.

You already know the hottest handbags of the year, now is the time to check your wardrobe. Do you have them? If you do, check if the color goes with the trend, take them out and give some refreshing look on them. But of course, fresh is fresh and fresh is new and be fresh by checking out some of the hottest bags this year. You worked hard last year and it wouldn't harm you to reward yourself at the start of the year with some of what a woman like you fancy most - and if you know someone who is a bag lady, perhaps your mother, sister, wife or girlfriend, make her happy by giving her one the hottest bags this year. It will surely paint a smile on her face.

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Lingerie S Coming Out Party

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Undergarments have gone over the top. The latest trend in lingerie is to pair favorite pieces with a ready-to-wear garment, allowing women to show off certain types of lingerie that they couldn't-or wouldn't-show in the past.

You probably don't need to be a fashion historian to know that this trend marks a change in fashion rules dating back for decades. Yet stylists say it's an idea whose time has come-and one that's truly taking off.

For instance, Spiegel Brands Inc. recently launched Cami Intimate

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Sleekhair Offering The Best In Hair Care Products

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We are living in a purely cosmetic world where looks and appearances matter a lot. People are ready to spend a fortune to improve the way they look. This has been hugely contributing to the growth of beauty, hair and skin care products in the market.

The beauty product industry is witnessing a phenomenal growth and scores of new cosmetic products manufacturing companies are invading the market every single day. This is not all - due to the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery, quite a few people are willing to go under the surgeon's scalpel to own a great body shape that they can flaunt.

Though there are many beauty and skincare products that you can use and surgeries you can undergo, they can be extremely expensive and usually, not recommended if you are not willing to make a hole in your wallet. However, we at believe in offering a wide range of beauty and skincare products to you that are not only affordable but also offer lasting and effective results. We carry an enormous selection of the world's finest beauty products from renowned companies such as Murad, Aminogenesis, Dermalogica, Farouk Biosilk Chi, Abba Hair, Schwarzkopf, Goldwell, Graham Webb, Hempz, Kms California, Joico, Tigi, Iso Hair, Pureology, Rusk, Sebastian, Nioxin, T3. Our products have been manufactured by utilizing extensive experience and in-depth research which offer excellent and enduring quality to our customers.

As a leading name in the skincare and beauty products industry, we offer the best to our valued customers. Check out our wide range of products:

Murad skin care:

Murad skin care is counted among the distinguished line of beauty and heath care products around the world. Besides being formulated and developed from the finest quality of ingredients and with the use of the latest technologies, Murad skin care is a highly sought-after in the skin care products industry. We offer you a magnificent range of Murad skin care products to choose from.

Kiss Me Mascara:

Kiss Me Mascara is an advanced incarnation of traditional mascara which was prone to run, smudge, clump, or flake due to accidental finger touch and wiping or rubbing of eyes. Once applied it binds and holds the lashes together firmly ensuring long lasting. Kiss Me Mascara offer both volume and length which gives a radiant natural look that lasts throughout the day. It also slides off easily with a use of warm waster and a gentle pressure of your fingers when you want to remove it at the end of the day. It has been tested as clinically safe product even for the most sensitive eyes and contact lens users. At Sleekhair, we are proud to offer you these high-end, chic and affordable beauty products.

Phyto organics:

Phyto Organics is an outstanding new line of natural hair care products that uses the renewing and curative properties of plants. It offers you unique combination of pure, natural ingredients that help to renovate and revitalize hair: protein from organic Quinoa plants, organically grown herbs from America's heartland, rare botanicals and invigorating potions native to exotic corners of the globe, aromatherapy essences from pure plant and flower essential oils. Experience the beauty of lustrous, healthy hair with this amazing assortment of natural, plant-based hair care formulations. At, we have a great range of Phyto Organics hair care products for our customers from all over the world to choose from.


Scruples is looked upon as a great source of the most advanced and innovative hair care products. Formulated and developed from the purest ingredients chosen from the exotic parts of the world, Scruples offers the finest hair care products. believes in offering the best in the hair care products to its customers and hence, has a large stock of hair care products from Scruples.

Sebastian Hair Product:

Sebastian Hair Product is a leading name in artistic hair fashion and it offers a creative and pioneering approach on hair care and styling. Sebastian is a design house, envisaging the most modern trends, cuts & customer requirements and it offers a simple but complete blend of high performing hair care. At Sleekhair, we bring a great range of Sebastian Hair Product to our valued customers to suit their lifestyle.

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