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Time Management For First Year University Students

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Ever run out of time for something that needed to be done?

If you answered yes, perhaps you had trouble managing your time properly. Time management can teach you how to make the most of your time.

Time management is one of the most important skills for university students. You should be very busy with your studies while, at the same time, balancing it with an on-campus social life.

You have been admitted to the school of your choice, with hopes of meeting new friends and finding success in your classes.

Getting into college is the easy part, but the hard part would be finishing it in one piece. College can be fun but at the same time frustrating, especially if your professors are being difficult or too strict. You may have thought some of these things when you first visited your university's campus:

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Easy Spanish Memorization Tips

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Are you interested to learn Spanish or other language other than English? If you are, all you need to do is to learn how to use memory techniques. Learning another language for most people is hard, but this is just what you'll hear from those people who haven't tried learning yet. Instead, try asking those who were able to learn and successfully apply their second language to their normal daily lives.

The truth is, learning a foreign language is not difficult as how you thought it is; instead, learning strengthens your memorization skills. So, if you want to have your brain cells to function to its optimum level, start learning new Spanish words or other foreign language to say the least...Vamo nos!

However, before you go into the battlefield of strange words and completely bizarre world of language, arm yourself with patience, high interest and willingness plus, the positive attitude to accomplish your purpose. We already mentioned from the beginning of this article that learning a foreign language associates to the wellness of a person's memory skills.

There is in fact ways on how to learn a foreign language easily and it's by using the Link-Word Technique. To use this technique, one word from the Spanish language for example is associated or linked to an image and to another word in English. Let's use the word Mantequilla in Spanish as an example. In English, mantequilla means butter. How is a beginner able to remember this word easily?

You guessed it; by using the Link-Word Technique we can construct a scenario to interpret it in English in the most literal and outrageous way possible. Picture a 'man' entering a bar with a wide sombrero and a big stomach, he then orders 20 glasses of tequila and drinks it one at a time - straight. But, for this Se

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After School Programs

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Government funding cutbacks have left some school boards strapped for cash. Unfortunately, when budgets are gone, so are vital school programs like extra-curricular activities. It's a fact of life that could leave you worrying whether your child is getting enough activity outside of school hours.

After school programs do not necessarily have to be taught by professional teachers in a school environment. There are so many ways that parents can take up where school boards have left off. Don't worry about structure or formality; most kids are over-scheduled as it is. The key is to enhance your child's physical, academic and social development, and a relaxed home-based environment is the perfect place to do it.

School should be top priority for every child and every parent. Children need to attend school regularly, and then fulfill their homework, reading and writing obligations. This may take about 30-60 minutes. After these obligations are met, it's fun time. The trick is to find interesting and fulfilling programs or activities for your child to take part in, whether inside or outside the home.

If your child develops certain academic, physical or artistic preferences and interests, try to find a program in a college or a community center that's interesting, helpful and encouraging. Piano instruction, athletic teams or even pottery lessons can offer fun and enrichment to your child.

The Internet is a wonderful resource of good information. Encourage your child to search online and learn more about the things he or she enjoys. Whether it's a love of animals or an interest in space exploration, children can research independently and gain more knowledge than any formal after-school programs could offer.

If you are concerned that your child needs more peer interaction, look for groups or clubs. Active kids do well with scouting or 4-H clubs. Reading clubs are another possible. Take your child to visit the public library or local theater. Parent-child book clubs are also interesting options. Ask around to see if like-minded parents and their children are interesting in starting a community after-school reading program.

After-school programs can be expensive, and additional academics can often overwhelm children. If your child is not interested in academics, sports or music, turn to your community. Children of all ages love to help in any way they can, and every community is in need of volunteers. Take your child to join in community clean-up projects, to help out at a homeless shelter, or visit the elderly. Choose activities that are suitable to the age and emotional level of your child. He or she can gain invaluable experience and learn lessons they'd never receive in a conventional classroom.

Childhood obesity is a plague to North American children. If a lack of physical activity presents a problem in your household, it would be wise to enroll your child in a group sport. Baseball, soccer, hockey, dance lessons, gymnastics.. there are countless fun ways for your child to get fit. Better yet, have your child choose an activity that you can enjoy together, such as swimming, cycling or tennis. Join the local Y and attend a family gym. Or just go to the park and play a game of tag. You'll both feel better for it.

Your child does not necessarily have to be a part of an organized group, or be under an instructor's watch, to benefit from after-school activities. There are many ways to keep a child physically, mentally and emotionally active, even after the school bell rings. Having fun and learning after school can be as simple as helping Dad make dinner, or giving Mom a hand in the garden. Involving the kids in daily activities can provide them with a refreshing extracurricular experience, and improve your family ties.

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What To Expect From Bartending School

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When attending bar tending school, a student must learn a wide variety of things in order to become a good bartender. In addition to learning how to make drinks, there are several other areas of bar tending that often go unnoticed.

Of course, drink making is of the top priority. After all, people are quite picky about their drinks. And, since purchasing alcohol from a tavern or other venue is generally somewhat expensive, people expect to get quality. In addition, a bar tender that serves great drinks will make more money in the form of tips.

As such, the primary focus of bartending school is to teach how to accurately mix and create a number of different drinks. In order to pass the examinations of bartending school, students have to be able to create a number of different drinks upon request and without referring back to a book or to notes.

Flair is also an important component of bartending. Therefore, some bartending schools will actually teach the students how to tend bar with style and with pizzazz.

Bartenders are also responsible for keeping everything behind the bar neat and orderly. Therefore, bartending school teaches students how to set up the bar, how to keep the alcohol fresh, and how to make sure everything else is neat and sanitary.

Customer relations is another important aspect of bartending. Therefore, students are taught customer skill. In addition, they are taught how to recognize when someone has had too much to drink or when someone might need to be removed from the bar.

Since bartenders are responsible for taking money from customers and providing them with correct change, cash handling is also covered in bartending school. The faster the student is able to complete transactions, the happier his or her patrons will be! Customers don't want to have to wait anymore than they have to.

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Learning Styles The All Essential Guide

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People have different learning styles, and it sure can be very helpful to identify your own. Although a number of people can use enough learning styles to be able to fare pretty well in school, there are some people who have different strengths and weaknesses in different area.

For instance, a person with a visual learning style is likely to do very well when looking at diagrams, pictures, or text in a book. Visual learning styles might even have a photographic memory in some cases, which will allow them to remember practically anything at all that they have seen even once. Although all of the different learning styles have their advantages and disadvantages, visual learners are perhaps best adapted to a standard education environment.

For sure, the auditory learning style is also relatively essential for classroom achievement, and students who can not learn auditorily are very often at quite a disadvantage when in the traditional classroom setting. The fact is auditory learners do their best work when either listening to instruction, or taking in information through their ears. Of all of the learning styles, auditory learners tend to order things most sequentially, their memories having the habit of cuing themselves up to the sequence of sounds.

If you are a kinesthetic learner, you may be in for trouble when you are dealing with the public school system, as you will not be able to grasp through visual and auditory learning styles - the two most important styles in modern education. In the case of kinesthetic learners, a person would preferably like to get things through touch and texture, through actually moving and doing something rather than absorbing it passively. Those who have this learning style in fact do quite well as mechanics, construction workers, or artists, as they are so thoroughly cued in to issues of touch. Of all of the learning styles, they have the best grasp of the physical world - it just simply comes intuitively for them.

If you are thinking about your learning style, or perhaps of your child who might be holding him or her, or you back, it is surely best to get them evaluated by a competent education consultant. There are several people who are skilled at testing learning styles, and might be able to help you find more effective ways to learn your lessons, which in turn will greatly improve your educational opportunities. The educational system is taught as if there were only one way to learn, but in reality it is much different than that. There are a number of learning styles, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

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Transforming Ohio Schools

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Ohio Public Schools have undergone significant changes since 2004 due to the Ohio High School Transformation Initiative (OHSTI). This is a plan that replaced the Ohio Schools' massive and ineffective high schools with almost 60 smaller schools. The funding for this effort came from a number of both government and private sponsors.

The Problems with Ohio Schools

Ohio Schools are not in good shape. According to information from one of the supporting partners, Knowledge Works, only 32% of graduates from the Ohio Schools are ready for college after graduation, only 70% graduate, and only 30% will receive a bachelor's degree within ten years. In addition, the racial gap is alarming. Only 12% of African-American and Hispanic students are considered college ready. This ranks Ohio Schools as the second lowest in the nation for this measurement.

But the problems within the Ohio Schools don't stop there. In the large Ohio Schools attendance was poor, high school students were not engaged in learning, and the expectations were low.

A Possible Solution for Ohio Schools

The OHSTI has been described as "one of the nation's most aggressive school improvement efforts." It doesn't hurt that the initiative has the backing of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In fact, the initiative was largely spurred by Bill Gates' assertion that American schools are in a crisis state, and that smaller schools have more to offer. In June of 2007 the Ohio Schools received $7.4 million to strengthen the OHSTI. Here's why.

Numerous studies over the past 3 decades have found that students in smaller schools exhibit better grades, increased college enrollment, better attendance, and a better sense of belonging, safety, and security. All were missing factors for a large number of students in the larger Ohio Schools.

The smaller sized Ohio Schools are showing success with the new high school model by doing a number of things differently. Ohio Schools can now focus on individual learning styles and multiple intelligences; both pedagogical methods proven to increase student achievement. Students in small Ohio Schools also focus on a specific major, like business or languages, which makes learning more relevant. Finally, students participate in real world activities that require teamwork and higher level thinking skills, rather than the traditional "lecture and regurgitation" method.

Funding for Ohio Schools

Since 2004 the Knowledge Works Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation, along with the Ohio and US Departments of Education, and local organizations have funded 58 small Ohio Schools. The small schools are showing improvements. But the nation will watch Ohio Schools closely to see if funding, improvements, and government support for the program continues. Private funding for public schools has become a national trend that many think may be the solution to public school woes.

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Preschool Teaching

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The Mother Is Crucial In Preschool Teaching

Preschool teaching is as important as a classroom. Any one who teaches is a teacher and anyone who learns is a learner. It is a fact that we learn throughout our life and so it is not just the classroom where we get knowledge. We learn something at office, from special situations in life such as a birth or a death, and even from a tribe's way of life in an exotic locale. And what we learn has a deep impact on us, and goes a long way to shape our thoughts and our personality. How we react to situations also depends on what we learn in our life.

Mother Is The Most Important Teacher And A Role Model For A Child

The Mother interacts with the child the most and can have an impact on the child's character from the birth itself. Initially, the child sees the world through his or her mother's eyes, and perceives dangers and pleasures the way the mother sees them. The bond that the mother establishes right from the first time the baby is breastfed is later translated into a teacher-pupil relationship where the child copies everything the mother does and learns through the process.

The mother can influence the child to question, experience, investigate and to learn. The mother of a Nobel laureate said that she asked her son... "What good question have you asked in school today", instead of just enquiring what he learned, and this obviously kindled curiosity. This thirst for knowledge will come from the preschool teaching the child experiences at home, and at his or her school. It is not essential that the kid has to go through formal pen-and-paper activities. Just doing day-to-day chores can impart equal knowledge and become an effective preschool teaching activity.

This preschool teaching need not be formalized into lessons and pen-and-paper things. The child can learn a wealth of knowledge just by participating in the day-to-day chores.

Preschool teaching can include many things such as fixing small things, putting toys in the right place, filling water in a glass properly, folding a tissue and others. That is the real life things. All children - each love to "help" their mother around the house. But you will see that mothers are discouraging this because they feel that they have to do it all over again. On the other hand, if mothers are encouraging the children, then this can become an effective preschool teaching. Yes "helping" around the house should be encouraged as much as possible.

Good parents encourage their children to become curious and ask questions to get answers to their queries. They never get irritated even when the kids ask too many. Children learn and conclude quickly and so when their natural curiosity is limited or disciplined, they use this limit in their studies as well. And so they limit their knowledge to class only.

Kids who are more active children who take part in daily chores learn faster, are independent and also become more observant. So this is excellent preschool teaching that also prepares them for the classrooms of the future. Giving birth to a child is just the first step - now you have to give birth to curiosity within him. As the mother, you have this big responsibility in preschool teaching.

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Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci Announces The New Last Minute Special Offers For Summer 2007

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Florence, Italy July 13, 2007 - Don't you have a plan for this summer? Are you looking for a different holiday? Once again, Scuola Leonardo da Vinci, one of Italy's largest provider of in-country Italian language schools in Italy, is announcing new special offers for the summer 2007 presenting innovative plans to promote the learning of the Italian language.

This year following the great success of the last Special Offers in 2006, Scuola Leonardo da Vinci will feature new last minute language travel packages in Italy in all its Italian language school centers (Florence, Milan. Rome and Siena).

The "last minute language travel package" is an offer comprehensive of a 2 week language and culture course and an accomodation in shared apartment, for students who wish to experience living and studying in Italy.

For the morning you can study Italian, while for the afternoon you can visit the city, with the free guided tours, or partecipate to the many cultural activities organized by the school. For the night you can have an aperitivo, a dinner in a typical restaurant, a disco night with the new friends you'll meet at the school and with the school staff, who usually partecipates and organizes the nightlife. Then, during the week-ends, the Italian school organizes daily excursions and tours around the Region, to visit the best places in the country, the lakes or some wonderful typical Italian towns.

Created to provide an opportunity for motivated and deserving students to experience the magic of study abroad at an Italian language school, the "last minute language travel package" aims to:

- progress from your language level to the upper stages;

- develop speaking and listening skills through daily conversation classes;

- give an introduction to the everlasting beauty and charm of Italian art;

- allow you to understand the mixture of tradition and change which characterizes contemporary Italy.

When asked about her experience, Sanda S., who studied in Milan with Scuola Leonardo da Vinci last year, commented: "I was delighted at the chance to travel to Italy and attend Scuola Leonardo da Vinci. I believe the programme helped me to improve my Italian in a friendly and supportive environment. I really enjoyed meeting people from around the world. Being able to study in Italy also helped me gain an understanding of the Italian culture. It was certainly an experience I will never forget and intend to repeat in the future."

Program details and supporting information, including students opinions and histories on the Language Course Experience in Italy, may be found on the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Web site at Next Starting dates, as written on the Web Site, are 30 July, and 08 August 2007.

For 30 years, Scuola Leonardo da Vinci, the market leader in in-country Italian language courses, has been exclusively dedicated to the teaching of Italian to foreigners. Each year the company welcomes students from 60 countries to its Italian language schools in Florence, Milan, Rome and Siena. The company's Web site,, an Italian language portal offering information and pages of Italian language courses, culture and resources on 12 languages, receives more than 3,000 visits daily.

For general questions, contact the Marketing Office of Scuola Leonardo da Vinci.

Information and Registration Center (Florence, Italy)

Tel.: +39-055-29.03.05

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Learn From A Good Preschool Lesson Plan

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Putting together your own preschool lesson plan day after day for a whole school year can be very tiring because you always have to be thinking not only about the educational aspects of the plans, but also the age of the students. Young children are fun to teach, but your lessons have to be very flexible because no day is exactly like the one before it. Children of this age have very short attention spans and can be easily bored. Lessons have to be the perfect mixture between fun and education. If you are a teacher that is looking for some help writing lessons for your young students, you are not alone. Nothing can prepare you for how unpredictable young children can be and how soon your lessons can be forgotten!

Luckily, there are a lot of tools that will help you put together a preschool lesson plan that will not only be educational and fun but can actually mix the two together a bit! Anytime a teacher can find a way to mix fun and education together, he or she is making the educational process a lot more enriching for the students. Young children respond well to just about anything, so you are free to do just about anything as long as you approach it through organized and thoughtful lessons.

One really great way to teach young children is through the use of computers. You can implement this by providing them with computerized lessons or at least lessons that have been well organized for you, as the teacher, on a computer. Any time children see how useful a computer can be in any classroom environment you are actually teaching them important lessons about how the world works. If the children get to interact with the computer at all that is even better. The point is that computers can make the lessons easier for a teacher to teach and more meaningful for the students as well.

There are many different computer programs out there that teachers can use to help prepare their lessons. Some of the programs are basically a blank form or program that will allow you to put all your information into the program and then the lessons are created for you in an easy to read format. Other preschool lesson plan programs offer fully prepared lessons for the students. These are great programs because the teacher basically needs to turn on the computer and guide his or her students along, all the hard work has been done and the teachers can enjoy teaching again. Other programs are a combination of the two, with fully prepared lesson plans as well as tools that will enable you to use them as you see fit.

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