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Career Are You In The Right Seat

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We all have a chair that designates a position in our career. For most of us the position, the responsibilities, the growth prospects and many such factors decide if we are happy in our seat? Sometimes, we may be unaware that another seat may send us much higher in the hierarchy and satisfaction level. Sometimes we are frustrated with our job for no easily identifiable reason. There are many such factors that determine if we are on the right seat. Let us examine some of them.


How involved we are with what we do? Are we so engrossed with our job, that we have no time to think of anything else? Or we are so less connected with our job that having it or not makes no difference to us? Albert Einstein, the great scientist was so involved with his job of thinking and finding solutions to mysteries of physics and cosmos that he had no time left for anything else. His involvement was total. Do you have such an involvement?


Do we feel joy in what we do? I have taken this right near the top, because if we are dissatisfied for any reason, we will never get joy. If we get joy then most of things are going in the right direction. So think if you are getting joy in your job?


If you are working with the right people and doing the right job, you will always get the respect of your colleagues. If the respect is missing, please take that as a red signal telling you that something might be amiss.


Do you find your skills and aptitude matching the job requirements? You might be made for greater things in life. Please get your skills assessed and find out if you are wasting time with a low skilled job, when you should have been working with something requiring great skills and abilities.

There are other factors such as vision for the job, future growth potential, learning opportunities and such other factors that decide if you are on the right seat. The right person for the right job - are you the right person for your job and more importantly, is the job right for you?

I have given some pointers for thought. Ultimately, it is your life goals and values that will always decide if the job fits you. That can be done only by you. What is most important is that you review your job and your satisfaction level at frequent intervals and bring changes to create a more meaningful life. So find out today if you are in the right seat in your career.

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Advance Your Career By Selling Yourself

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Often when it comes to our career we are some of the worst salesman of our abilities and skills. We sell ourselves short in our abilities come review time, or accept less than we are worth out of fear that they will find someone else. Instead of building ourselves up and selling ourselves for maximum value we accept what is given to us and end up doing twice the work for half the pay.

One of the most important places you can ever sell yourself is during the interview process for a new job. It is during this process that you should make an effort to build up yourself and sell your skills to the potential employer by making them feel that if they hire anyone else but you they are going to be losing out on an amazing talent. Here are a few tips you can use during your next interview to make the interviewer think WOW!

Dress for success. Clothes make the man (or woman) and you should dress as if you were interviewing for the CEO position.

Research the company and know the background of it. During the interview show that you have done your homework by asking questions or making comments about a recent press release or company announcement.

Ask questions. Most interviewees just answer the questions they are presented and never speak up. Show the interviewer you are truly interested in the company and the job by asking questions relating to the company, your potential job and company culture.

Bring samples of your work. Whether you are an artist or a computer programmer bring a sample portfolio of your past work and share it with the interviewer. Remember, a picture (or document) can speak a million words.

Be ahead of schedule. Remember the golden rule; it is better to be 3 hours early than 3 minutes late. No one is going to hire someone who can't make it to the interview on time.

Follow-up. Don't sit around waiting for a letter or a call. Send a follow-up letter immediately expressing your interest in the job and if you haven't heard back within a week pick up the phone and call. What do you have to lose?

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Break Out Of The Teaching Rut And Teach English In Hong Kong

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Speaking English is a major priority for the people of Hong Kong. The business world is always moving quickly, and global communication is vitally important. In order to compete effectively, Hong Kong emphasizes English education for everyone from childhood on up.

Combine those factors with the fact that there's currently a shortage of native English speaking teachers in the country, and it seems Hong Kong might be the ideal location if you're considering teaching abroad.


If you've chosen to teach English in Hong Kong, there are a few basic requirements that you absolutely must have. In some countries, you can get away with some form of college degree and not much else. Hong Kong, however, has high expectations for their foreign teachers.

First of all, in order to teach English in Hong Kong you must apply for an employment visa. The only exceptions to this rule are Australian and New Zealand citizens, who can technically teach in Hong Kong under the "Working Holiday Scheme." All others must have a visa in hand. Getting a visa to teach in Hong Kong may be a bit of a struggle, because there is a great deal of paperwork involved, so you'll want to start early. The Internet can be extremely helpful if you're at this point. Check out Hong Kong's government websites for more information.

Before you begin applying for jobs, it's best to have TEFL certification under your belt. While not strictly a requirement, TEFL will open the doors to the best schools and give you a much wider range of job options- as well as a higher pay rate at the job you eventually take. TEFL certification is easy. Many colleges and learning centers offer a month-long certification program that teaches you how to handle yourself in a classroom setting. Aside from the job advantages, TEFL gives you confidence that can be invaluable, especially if you've never taught before.

Finding a Job

Hong Kong is one of several countries that have excellent online resources when it comes to finding jobs teaching English. Many positions are available through various online job boards which list the teaching positions by country, as well as through the Hong Kong government's website. With a little searching, you should be able to find numerous jobs for which to apply. Ask your school or TEFL certification program for job hunting assistance.

Finding a Home

One of the main drawbacks when you choose to teach English in Hong Kong is the fact that it may be difficult to find affordable housing. In many countries, the school that hires you will supply you with free teacher's housing; however, in Hong Kong this is not necessarily the case. Luckily, most teaching jobs in Hong Kong do include a "housing allowance" along with your regular paycheck, which is designed to help cover rent.

Again, there are many online resources available to help. Check out Hong Kong housing websites for an idea of price ranges and areas available to you. If you've been hired, your school should be able to point you in the right direction as well.

If you've decided to teach English in Hong Kong, you should prepare yourself for a challenging and completely new experience. The ability to spend large amounts of time away from your home country, as well as a sense of adventure and adaptability to new surroundings, will help make the experience a pleasurable and enlightening one.

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How To Help Your Child Find A 21st Century Career

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Most of us were brought up to study hard, get good grades, choose a "practical" college major, and strive for a "good job."

Talk to a stranded midlife career-changer and you realize the game has changed. Yesterday's rules prepared us to be passengers on a large ocean liner that promised a smooth voyage. Today we realize that ocean liner turned out to be the Titanic and we need to keep ourselves afloat on a small life raft if we want to survive.

Here are some tips to help your child learn not only to survive, but to thrive and grow in a chaotic world.

1. From the first day of kindergarten, encourage your child to build on strengths rather than focus on limitations.

Does she spend hours studying models of cars for the last twenty years? Maybe she'll become an auto mechanic - or maybe she'll parlay her ability to classify detailed information into a career as a biologist or pharmacist.

2. Encourage your child to choose a field of study based on his or her natural abilities and passions, not "what will get me a job."

Claudia Kennedy, the Army's first female three-star General, majored in philosophy. In her book Generally Speaking, she claims philosophy prepared her to become a top-level intelligence officer. Carly Fiorino, famed CEO of Hewlett-Packard, studied medieval history. And Michael Lewis, financial writer and best-selling author of Liars Poker, was an art history major.

3. Assure your children that few mistakes are fatal.

Did your child fail a course? Face rejection from a first-choice college? Most of us can't avoid an occasional failure, but we can learn bounce-back attitudes as soon as we can talk.

Yolanda Griffith, WNBA basketball star, dropped out of a premier program due to pregnancy. She returned to a lower-ranked college program, baby in tow, and now plays for the Sacramento Monarchs.

I once taught a student who had flunked out of junior college following a close call with the legal system. After a four-year stint in the US Navy, she returned to college, maintained a dean's list grade point average, and went on to a top law school.

4. Encourage your child to experience success in any area of her life.

Did she make the honor roll? Get selected for a play, a club, or athletic team? Win an election for competitive office? Survive a strenuous application process for a summer job? Once your child has tasted success, he will know how it feels and will act like a winner when he enters the job market.

Cecilia, a shy twelve-year-old, blossomed when she won the lead in a school play. "We want you to improve your grades, not spend time in rehearsal!" fumed her worried mother.

To everyone's surprise, Cecilia's grades improved and she made new friends with the "good kids" who were also achievers. Most important, no matter what happens, Cecilia can return to that feeling of success whenever she gets discouraged.

5. Getting into a top university - or any university - will not guarantee success.

I've met Ivy Leaguers who have experienced unemployment, bankruptcy and even homelessness. I've met high school drop outs who flourished on their own initiative.

In my own small town, a couple with graduate degrees dropped out to pursue artistic careers - and they clean houses to pay the bills. Recently a minimum wage job was posted by a nonprofit - and several unemployed lawyers applied.

Career-changers who face the future with an attitude of "I can handle anything" are the ones who win today. Tossed into the ocean, they'll improvise a set of oars and keep up their spirits till they figure out what to do next. Those who feel betrayed ("I thought I was set for life") flounder around for weeks, months, even years.

Entitlement is over Those who have a positive outlook, who can seize the unexpected opportunity, can count on reaching the shore. And they realize that only they can transform a resting place into a safe harbor.

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The Concept Of Virtual Assistance

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A virtual assistant works independently for a period of time to cater to the needs of his clients, working from home at his own pace and ease. Virtual assistants are normally experts in their fields of work. A Virtual assistant can be a freelance administrator, freelance programmer, freelance web designer, organizer, researcher, typist, editor, co-coordinator, secretary and so on. Clients too enjoy the flexibility of working with virtual assistants as they can capitalize on the services offered by the online workers without having to pay them regular wages and other fringe benefits, besides saving on rentals and transport of staff.

Choosing the best virtual assistant:

Outsourcing work to virtual assistants is very common these days, but it is essential to know if the virtual assistants are skilled and qualified to do the job. Below given are the practical points, which need to be considered while choosing the virtual assistants:

Methods of checking the professionalism and competence:

Since almost all the virtual assistants work from a distance, they need to have an online presence in the form of website which provides the necessary information. The websites provide clues on their professionalism and competence as it can be checked for its content, presentation, explanation of concept, navigation if easy or organized, well written without any spelling and grammar mistakes etc. A website with improper structure and misspelling lets the client know the proficiency in language, the way the concept is explained and whether the virtual assistant is serious about her business or not.

Methods of checking the skills, attitude and expertise of the virtual assistant:

Once the web presence is checked and satisfied, the attitude, skills and expertise can be checked by calling the virtual assistant over phone or by meeting in person. The response is checked for how well he responds to the enquiries, if timely or not, is he professional over the phone, how good he is in picking a call etc.

Checking for professionalism and finesse: The virtual assistant chosen should not only deliver services on time with expertise, but should also be in a position to exhibit business sense. The client should know the modality of work, processes involved, services provided, values and expectations etc for working together.

Checking for personality and professional traits: If a virtual assistant has to be relied on business activities, he should be good enough to handle the business and hence he needs to be checked for confidence, articulation and trustworthiness and to see how well the client can connect with him, if he listens carefully and exhibits interest and curiosity, if he is smart and if he asks purposeful questions etc.

Experience in the particular field, testimonials which are presented in the website and pricing - if it is competitive or not, are all-important constraints in the selection process of virtual assistants.

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Virtual Jobs Work At Home

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Virtual Jobs. The future is here. With more companies downsizing, the need for a virtual employee or contractor, is increasing daily. Have you ever called a company and the customer service agent was in another country? That's because big corporations, like major toy stores, may get 100,000 incoming calls or more a day! To staff enough people taking those calls, would require a bigger call center building, agents, electricity, phones, computers, more fuel used for travel to and from the job site.

Therefore, the need is apparent. But where do you find a good job, working at home? Search the internet for "work at home" and over 1.8 billion results are returned. Wow! That's a lot to sift through. That's exactly what I did. Day after day, searching for "work at home virtual jobs". I searched for months, till I found them. I applied, my son applied, and then my girlfriend applied. Took a bit more time than a regular out in the world application. But we were all hired. Great companies that hired work at home agents. We take inbound customer service calls for really big companies. Paid by the minute, we average $8-$18 per hour, depending on peak call times.

Working at home is very rewarding from my side of the fence. I make my own schedule. I take off when I need, and I don't have to ask anybody. I will say, it does take a lot of discipline. So easy to take too much time off, you really have to treat it like any other job. Except for the drive to work. We have to be on time for the schedule we make. But the pro's far out weigh the con's.

By now you are asking where do "I" find a job like that?

I sincerely hope this information gets out to a lot of people in search of working at home. A lot of the 1.8 billion sites out there, charge for this kind of information. I give it away to help others help themselves.

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Starting Profiting From Your Own Tutoring Business Has Never Been Easier

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How To Go From A Dead End Job To Being A High Paid Tutor!

Tutoring and the supplemental education market has exploded throughout the US and Europe in the last 5 years and Newsweek Magazine hailed tutoring services as "an exploding market!"

The best part is you don't have to have a teaching degree to be a private tutor! In fact, many tutors find opportunities to teach what they enjoy and love. They now can earn an amazing income from their new career simply by having the right personality, attitude and sufficient knowledge of their subject.

Starting your own tutoring business allows you to grow at your own pace, work when you want, and work with whom you choose. Getting started is easy and has very low start up costs. Having a proven outline to follow helps new tutors get started on their way to a successful money making business.

A tutoring business is ideal for moms, students, entrepreneurs or just about anyone who wants to own their own business and make the difference in a student's learning career. Depending on the region, most tutors find they make anywhere from $40 - $70 dollars per hour. Tutoring can be done from your own home, at a local coffee house, at the student's house or at a public library.

Detailed lesson plans are not necessary as a tutor because a tutor's role is just simply to explain and reinforce the lesson plans already outlined by the teacher. Another bonus is that tutors typically get to work with the students who truly wish to improve and are motivated to do better.

Advertising costs are very minimal and include small newspaper ads, flyers, paying for a directory listing on the internet or on your city or county's website. Some tutors choose to take it one step further and get their own website where they list their prices and give background information about themselves on their website.

Teachers and schools are a great source of referrals and once they get to know you will easily give out your name to potential customers. As challenges continue to grow in education, the need for a personalized tutor continues to grow. With many households having two working parents and the stress of day to day life, parents are happily paying tutors to work one on one with their children to ensure success in their academic studies.

Tutors who are enthusiastic about the subject they are tutoring will find they will succeed and have parents and teachers begging them to work with their students!

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Get Creative With Jobs At Home

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If you're looking for a way to make some extra money by doing jobs at home, then learn to think outside the box about the possibilities. There are many creative ways to spend a few hours each day doing jobs at home.

Perhaps you are looking to work for an outside company that gives people jobs at home. You may be able to get paid to do research for a professor at a local university or to grade papers for a local teacher. Before getting jobs at home you should think about things you are good at and things that interest you. There is nothing worse than having jobs at home that don't hold your attention. Look for a local business that allows people to do bookkeeping or payroll jobs at home. Try looking through the classified ads for jobs that can be done at home. It never hurts to give a few companies and try and suggest to them that you perform the duties they require while at home.

Consider other jobs at home that you can gather by assisting your neighbors or friends. Babysitting or nannying for the children of your friends or neighbors can be a great job do to from the comfort of your own home. Especially if you are raising your own kids at home, day care is a great job at home. Do you have neighbors that work full-time and leave their pets behind? If so, consider starting a small business to walk, feed and play with dogs during the day. What a great and fun way to increase jobs at home.

We all know that women who work all day are often too tired or too busy to cook a nice, healthy meal for their family. Why not start a job at home cooking meals for different neighbor families each night? For a small price you cook spend some hours each day making gourmet meals that will keep your neighbors healthy and satisfied after a long day of work.

For those to whom creativity and artistry comes naturally, put an add in the paper to create custom made invitations for weddings, bridal showers, or birthday parties. Get paid to do fun jobs at home that you enjoy. Meet with clients and then take their ideas back to your home. Think of the fun you could have spending a few hours each day creating beautiful and unique invitations to some of life's most special events.

There are endless ways to get jobs at home. You simply have to know what you are good at and then market those skills to the people around you. In no time you can be doing jobs at home

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Consider Early Retirement Carefully

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Most people, even if they love their jobs, perk up at the thought of early retirement. They can quickly come up with a list of many reasons why they would be crazy not to take an early retirement if it was offered to them. There are many great things about taking an early retirement, that is for sure, but there are some things you should consider carefully before you decide to end your working career.

The benefits of early retirement seem obvious. Not having to work full-time means having more time to do things you enjoy more than work. The thought of spending everyday doing things you love sounds too good to be true, right? Who would not love hour after hour to garden, read, get in touch with friends or join clubs in your community? Taking an early retirement means having more time to travel and spend with family and close friends.

You must take time to consider with caution all of the ways your life will change because of taking early retirement. Think beyond all of the pleasures and freedoms you will enjoy and consider your financial situation for a moment. Do you have funds in place that will be able to support you if you take early retirement? How will you pay for your home, cars, insurances, and desires to travel? It is much easier to dream about the kind of life early retirement would allow than it is to pay for that kind of life. If you have a family, you must also consider the responsibilities you have to provide for and support them. Are all of your children through college? Are there significant events like weddings that are yet to be paid for? All of these questions must be answered honestly before you decide that early retirement is right for you.

Another thing to carefully question before you decide on early retirement is how your life will really look without a full-time job in the picture. Sure, having no job sounds great now, but are you really prepared to break away from all that your job has required of you? Many people that have chosen an early retirement end up regretting the decision when they start to actually miss work and interaction with co-workers. Chances are strong that your job has played a bigger role in your life and happiness than you realize, so be careful to weigh carefully the pros and cons of leaving your job for an early retirement.

The main thing in deciding about early retirement is not to rush the decision. Take your time, consider all of your options and know yourself well before making a huge life change. If it is right for you, early retirement can be full of joy and blessing. If, however, you jump into early retirement prematurely, you may be sorry for the rest of your

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